Scam letter(s) from Victoria to Dale (USA)

Letter 1
copy of my yesterday letter to you my love. Please read and answer me. I miss you. I love you so much! Hello my love Dale! I am happy to read your news. Strange my love that I did not receive all your letters. Now I have received your 4 letters. For September, 28th, 2 letters for September, 29th. And one letter for September, 30th. To me my darling is a pity to hear about your bad breath. I hope that to you will help with hospital. I start to understand that my life is not meaningful without you. I think that during time. That we with you write each other. We have much worried together. And between us there was a big feeling. I think that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you Dale. I said with parents that I want to arrive to you. They only were glad for me. Mum thinks that it and is my happiness. Mum knows that near to you I will be in safety. Today I weigh day thought only of you. How we will meet you. I to imagine, as you meet me at the airport with a bouquet of roses. As we look around each other. We find, and we fall arms each other. I want, that it has occurred soon. Dale, I talked to my boss on work. I want to receive holiday for a period of a month or two. My boss has been surprised. But I have explained. That I am going to go to my beloved abroad. For this reason I want to take vacation now. My boss answered me that can give me holiday for a month. But if I want to take 2 months. I should find to myself replacement by the second month of absence. I know, why my boss so has told. I the good expert in this sphere. I work responsibly very much. I have found to myself replacement by the second month of absence by work. But after my returning I should work overtime. I have agreed with it. Now I can have holiday almost 2 months. To go to you my love. And to spend time with you. I learnt about travel to you Dale. I can address in agency travel. I have learnt the concrete prices for all necessary documents to drive to your country. Dale, I should receive the international passport (90 usd), the visa (270 usd), the health certificate and Nonrecoverable consular gathering (100 usd). These are obligatory requirements already directly in embassy. Total all my documents together with Nonrecoverable consular gathering = 460 usd. Agency of travel can organise my travel. They will be engaged registration of all necessary papers. Will ask the visa in embassy. To do all necessary documents for me. But for registration of all these things they take a payment from me not small. I have thought Dale. What for I will pay to agency of travel if I can make all it independently. Besides, I not so trust all these agencies of travel. I heard many stories and saw on the TV. As many agencies are a deceit. Young girls who addressed in such agencies. Come abroad. And there at them select passports. Also force to work as prostitutes. These girls are in ****** slavery. I do not want, that to me there was something similar. Therefore I have decided to be engaged in registration of all documents independently. For this purpose it will be necessary for me to go to Moscow for 2-4 days to begin there process of registration of my documents. It will be necessary for me to take tickets for a train, from Perm to Moscow (there and back). In Moscow I to reserve inexpensive hotel for some days. That to me was where to live and eat this time. Dale, I have counted. The trip to Moscow and stay there, in hotel within 3 days will manage to me still in 300 usd. Together for a trip to Moscow also it will start registration of all documents to be required to me 760 usd. I think, you understand it. These are the big money for me. At present I have only 100 usd in my accumulation. Which I have postponed to pay accounts. But I use it for needs of a trip to Moscow. Because for me it is more important my love. Me does not suffice now 660 usd. To go to Moscow and to begin official registration of papers in embassy. And I do not know what to do now. 660 usd it is a lot of for me. And I cannot save it. I do not earn much if you to remember. I cannot consult without your help. My dream only about you. I want to be with you and only with you! I want to begin new life with you. Dale, We should meet as soon as possible. To use our chance to be happy. I know that I will be happy with you. You very lovely and clever. Your words warm and kind. I feel good which proceeds from you. Therefore I want to be with you. I believe that we will be happy together. I do not need other. Except you. I hope that the destiny has given the chance to us not only to get acquainted through letters. But also to meet and be together happy. I want it. I want to go only forward. To achieve you. I will wait your letter my love! Your beloved Vika P.S. I send you a photo from pool. I try to visit pool of times in a week. And to float, to be in shape.
Letter 2
My darling love Dale, I very much want to be with you as soon as possible. I cannot wait to arrive to you and to see you own eyes. I want to touch you, to embrace you, to kiss you. To whisper on your ear gentle words of love and tenderness. I want to get acquainted with your family. My love, I to understand that you on hospital system now. I hope that you soon will leave hospital. I very much to worry about your health my love. Today I have received your 4 letters my darling. I very much hope that you will cure from pnuemonia. And you will be as it should be. I would like to be now already with you together. To care of you my darling. Because I very much love you. Also I want to be with you. My last two letters were about that. That I to want to arrive to you. As soon as possible. At the moment of my holiday. But you have written nothing to me about it. There can be you did not receive my last two letters? I do not know. But I hope that you will receive this letter. Also you will read it attentively. I will pray for your health. I want, that you were healthy completely. Dale, I unfortunately not to have any possibility to find 760 usd. Even my parents have no possibility to help me. I asked my friends. And even the boss on work. But nobody can gain me with this sum. Therefore I very much hope of your help. I will be very grateful to you. If you help right now. Because I should leave to Moscow for registration of the visa and documents in a current of 2 next weeks. Not later. Otherwise, I simply will not have time to make my papers. Prior to the beginning of my holiday. Then I cannot arrive to you. The following my holiday will be only in a year. I cannot wait as early as a year, to our meeting. I hope, you to understand me my love. Also you will help me as soon as possible. I will go at once to Moscow to embassy. Also I will begin registration of all documents of the visa. If you to send to me 760 usd now. Dale, I will hold you completely informed concerning all process of preparation of my documents. I will write you the letter from Moscow. When I will arrive there. Also I will write at once when I visit embassy and I will begin registration. Only, please, the help to me now, I should go to Moscow as soon as possible my darling. I very much love you my darling. I want to be near to you and to be happy. I will wait your prompt reply my darling. I send you kisses and embraces. Yours for ever Vika
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