Scam letter(s) from Anna Maria to Buster (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello there. Were you surprised get my message? I do not advocate the use of modern means of communication, and I think that letter can better show the inner world and of human thought. I just want to say that I am not here for games, for me, are not interested in ****** correspondence, and I hope that you read with attention my thoughts and desires in this letter.
I have no bad habits, I am an ordinary girl. I am 28 years old, my name is Anna. I think you have noticed that I do not have model looks, but I am serious woman and I can cook very tasty. I have long been ready for a serious relationship and creating a strong family in the foreseeable future. I hope that I can find my happiness.
I want to meet simple, not pompous man who can accept me as I am in reality. A man who understands that I am not perfect and can accept me with all my drawbacks what I have. A man who will respect and without jealousy refer to my way of life and my work.
I work as a massagist, and at every opportunity trying to improve their skills. I'm visiting refresher course and trainings not only in Ukraine but all over the world. In recent years, thanks to my work, I had time to visit Germany, France, Thailand. During my business trips, I realized that the world is very diverse and people's mentality is very different. But, unfortunately, in most cases, men are looking for just a quick *** and are not configured for a serious relationship. Perhaps this is what was the main reason for me to start find a life partner through the Internet.
If you are lonely too and don't burdened relations, I'll be glad to get your answer. Tell me who you work for? What is your hobby? Do you have any bad habits? I'll send you some pictures of me and I hope that you will answer me in return. Have a nice day. Anna
Letter 2
Thank you for taking the time to answer. Thank you for make my great mood now. I am very glad to see your reply. How is your mood?It's finally Monday and I can write to you. I've had a lot of work these last few days. I've been working all weekend and I haven't had time to answer you. I beg you to send me your photo in the following letter.So, I think I should tell you more about me. I hope you find this interesting.
As I told you in my last letter my name is Anna, but my friends call me Annet. I think you guessed that Annet is derived from my name. It would be nice if you addressed me like that. My height is 169 cm, my weight is 52 kilograms. I was born and live all my life in Berdyansk, Ukraine.
When I was a little girl, I was a very curious and active child. As a child, I studied ballet and went to the swimming section in the pool. Sport has become an integral part of my life for me. Now I regularly visit the gym to maintain my figure in good shape. I like to feel a little tired in my body after a good workout. I've always been interested in how the human body works. Perhaps this is what influenced my choice of future profession.
I can boast that I am fluent in English and Italian, I got this knowledge at University. I am a chiropractor by education. I graduated from the state medical University of Ukraine. After graduating from University, I could not find a job in my specialty in public hospitals in my city and worked for a long time as a nurse in a private clinic. Unfortunately, this is not possible to earn good money working as a nurse and so I decided that I should work in my specialty. Now I work as a masseuse and my main income is a therapeutic massage not only for adults but also for children.
In my last relationship, my man was jealous of my job and so we had frequent fights. I understood and respected his displeasure when I massaged my clients at our home and couldn't contain my jealousy. Over time, his jealousy turned into frequent scandals and because of this, we had to break up. Unfortunately, he could not take my work calmly and often the reason for the scandal was his inventions about what happens when I am alone with my clients. I never allowed myself to touch clients with ****** overtones, and I never allowed them to touch me. For me, it was always just a job. It's a pity that he never realized that I was raised as a lady and I can't accept casual Affairs when I'm in a relationship with a man.
I'm a grown woman, and I know exactly what I want out of life. I know what kind of relationship I want and what is the most important thing for me in life together with a man. I think you should know what I'm looking for in a man to understand what our future together can be. Personally, I am looking for a person to share a normal life and live a life full of love and understanding. I want ordinary women's happiness. Life with a person who will be calm about my work and will always be happy to spend free time together. I am not jealous and loyal to any meetings with my man's friends and his Hobbies. I think you will agree with me that everyone has the right to personal space in a relationship. Everyone has the right to spend time without their second half with their friends if they need it. Of course, it's great when Hobbies coincide and give you the opportunity to spend time together, but I'm convinced that sometimes you need to take a break from each other to feel how you miss and want your soul mate. It is impossible to tell my whole life in one letter, it will take a lot of time, but you can always ask me any question and I will try to answer it to you. Today is a rare day for me, I have a day off. I have a lot of homework and I plan to do it now. I'll wait for your answer.
Your new friend Annet.
Letter 3
How are you? I'm in a very good mood. I am very glad to see again your answer and I am pleased that we continue our acquaintance.Thank you for sending me the pics. I want to keep getting to know you, is it mutual?
Only now I was able to find the time to write you a letter. Now I can relax, gather your thoughts and tell you about my day. It's nice that I can do it in a warm home environment, enjoying the taste of warm tea, with the scent of wild berries. Frankly, our communication an entirely new way for me to start dating, but I feel that there is a special art and romance. Do you agree with me? I do not know why, but I feel any wish to tell you more about me and my past.
When my mother was pregnant with me, a terrible tragedy happened in her life. My dad was killed walking home from work. My mother told me that he was brave and began to defend himself from the criminal who attacked him. The robber stabbed my dad in the heart, and my dad died before he could see me. I can not imagine how my mother felt at that moment, She loved her father very much and remained faithful to him for the rest of her days despite the fact that many men tried to look after her.
Unfortunately my mom passed away in 2010, she lost her battle with cancer. My mother hid from me for a long time that she was sick, and only after the start of chemotherapy she told me about her sentence. I wanted to drop out of school so I could spend more time with her, but she wouldn't let me. It pains me to remember how she suffered from pain, being delirious her last days. Not even an enemy would want to experience such a thing. I try not to think about it and remember her happy and in good health.
I am immensely grateful to my mother for the upbringing she gave me. She taught me how to be a good hostess and has always been for me the standard of love and loyalty to the chosen man. I don't just share with you the story of my parents. but I think I can trust you and you should know about my family. Now I have from relatives there is only grandmother which lives in village not far from my cities. I go to her periodically, but unfortunately because of my work I can not do it as often as I would like.
I think it would be great if you and me could to know each other better. Maybe I should tell you, I want to be happy with my chosen man. I want my man to understand me in everything, and was always there. I will never look at other men if I am with a man who will perceive me as I am, with all my advantages and disadvantages. After all, there are no perfect people in the world.
Now, many people's priorities have changed and become more material. People often pay attention to social status and external data. But I think this is not the right way. Personally, for me, external factors, social status or economic status of a man are not important. After all, there is nothing permanent in this, beauty is not eternal, and money is limitless. It is much more important that the man was kind, honest, faithful and understanding. Of course it is not bad when a man is well enough off not to do physical work, but I think that a man should be able to hold a tool in his hands to fix an outlet or a leaking faucet at home making it safer.
If we talk about the relationship, you can not leave aside the issue of ****** compatibility. Of course, the ****** component is also a very important aspect in a relationship. I understand the importance of *** in relationships, for me it is not only a way to meet physical needs but also a reflection of feelings between partners. I cannot have *** without emotions and feelings, for me it is unacceptable and to some extent even immoral, but this does not mean that we can not discuss these topics. We are adults and can share our desires and fantasies, but I don't want to rush things and I want to get to know you better before we talk about such sensitive topics.
I think that we should discuss these topics in person, and even better at the meeting, besides very soon I will be much closer to you. Soon I'm going to fly to Ottawa to get accreditation and receive all the necessary documents for employment. I will have a few days off after that. How do you like to meet with me, if I stay in the Canada?
I would like it if we could spend my birthday together. I was born February 19, 1991 (Aquarius) I think that on my birthday I'll be in Ottawa. Would you like that? I have no close friends in Canada and I would be pleased if you enlightened me in some nuances so I did not iron out ****** because of ignorance of culture or customs. I hope that very soon my documents will be ready and I have been change my life for the better.
I do not want to bore you with my thoughts, I will finish my letter. Hope that you was interestingly to read all that I wrote for you and your the answer not will force me wait.
Your friend Annet.
P.S. I'm sending you my photos again. I hope you reciprocate.
Letter 4

Hello my love
I was very glad to see your letter and I hasten to write my answer to you now.It's nice to see the pictures with your letter again.
I hope that my story about my parents in my last letter did not make you sad, and did not spoil your mood. I thought I should tell you about my personal experiences. I am sorry that because of the criminal I've never seen my dad. This person was punished with imprisonment for the rest of his days, but I do not think that my mother emotion better after learning of his punishment. I want to believe that my parents are watching me from heaven, and I dream to dream in which they come to me one day. Let's not talk about sad things, I do not want to speak about the bad moments of my life. As I said, I will soon be flying to Ottawa. Maybe I should tell you more about it. I decided a long time ago that I want to move to live in Canada. I don't want to live in Ukraine with its unstable situation now. I started to find out how much chiropractors earn in Canada and was pleasantly surprised, this is a very decent income, and started planning my move. Of course, I faced many difficulties. I learned that you need a lot of documents just to visit Canada, not to mention work permits.
I studied the Internet for a long time and came to the conclusion that the best way is to fly in the direction of the Ministry of health of Ukraine. I submitted the documents for consideration and was called for an interview in Kiev. There I met my curator Andrey Borisovich. Andrey Borisovich turned out to be a nice man and explained everything to me in detail. In order for me to be able to officially work in Canada, I must pass accreditation and practice in Ottawa. Andrey Borisovich said that accreditation will take about 10 days, but I will be provided with housing and will pay about 3790$ cad for this time.
Two weeks ago, he called me and told me that most of my documents are ready and all I need to wait for is the readiness of my work visa. He said that he would call me soon and I would need to come to Kiev to get all my documents and a ticket to Ottawa. Since then, I live on bags, I have been collected for a long time and all I'm waiting for is a call that I should go to Kiev.
I do not know if I'd have to move from Ukraine before my birthday, but hope so. When I will pass the accreditation in Ottawa we will be much closer to each other. If we understand that we must be together in the future, I can see an option to change the location of my futere work on any other more convenient for our relationship.
You know, many men have tried to take care of me and gave me signs of attention here, but for me is not important external data or the amount of money in his purse. For me, more important who man in his thoughts and actions. It is this criterion for me is the most important when choosing a partner in a relationship.
I am convinced that only when people are close to each other in heart and soul, they can build a strong and lasting relationships. I like to get unexpected surprises and I love to make surprises itself. I've never done this before, but I would dream to make a private dance for my lovely man. I always thought leadership that is necessary to treat others the way you want them to treat you, you also think so? I would like to have a relationship with you, and not just ***, but first and foremost a relationship based on mutual love, sincerity, romance and passion.
I know that *** is an important part of the relationship, but I can not have *** with a man to whom I do not have feelings. Making love is an integral part of the relationship, it should be sufficient for both partners. I love to make love, but I do not need it on a daily basis, besides I quickly wet, and the man does not take much effort to please me. I have not had *** for about a year, and I think I can reach ****** even with a light touch to my flower.
Frankly, I'm starting to get excited by thoughts about ***, and I think that I must be cool. I will finish my letter and go to take a cool shower. I'll wait for your answer;)
P.S. I want to share some of my personal photos with you. I hope these photos are only for your eyes.
I kiss you on the cheek, your Annet.
Letter 5
I would not want our communication to stop because you are not only a good conversationalist, but also a very pleasant man. Until recently, I doubted and feared my imminent move and a terminal change in my life, but now I have much less fears because I have you in my new life in Canada and I feel better now.
I think it would be great to spend time together when I will complete my accreditation and get the documents after the practice in Ottawa. I understand that it may not be easy to find the time and release the schedules for this meeting. But I promise I'll you know in advance so you can plan our meeting if you want. I would be very pleased and much more comfortable start a new life nearby with a person with whom I already know. We will be able to understand what our relationship can lead to. Who knows, maybe fate will turn out so that we will be together forever. Of course and me the most will require a few time to enter in a new regime and get used to a new place for life. I'll need to find a job and a place to live. Maybe I should look for a job and a place closer to you? Can I ask you write me your home address? I will try to search the work on my speciality on the Internet close to your home. Do you like this idea? We could see each other more often, and you could come to my house for dinner.
I'm sure we'd always find something to do about, and I like you, and you're a very interesting man. Why don't we talk about personal? It's can serve as an impulse next stage of our relationship, and start sharing more personal information? Personally, I want to share with you a little frankness and tell you about some features of my character. When I'm home alone I usually go in a light negligee, but sometimes I have an inexplicable desire for me to be completely *****. For someone this may not be understandable and not naturally, but I believe that this normally that I do so, such is my character. I am always very tired after my work and my body requires me to relax in everything. Also, I can not sleep if I have something other than a Thong, I like the feeling of comfort and freedom of the body at all. I hope you don't mind getting to know each other from all sides, because I'm ready to move on to the next stage of our communication and I think it's time to discuss more personal topics.
Recently, I often withdraw ****** dreams, I associate it with a long absence of making love. I like to make love because I get excited very quickly. I always tried to give myself completely to my partner and be for him as a toy with which you can do whatever he wants. I support all kinds of ****** diversity as long as it's not beyond reason and doesn't hurt me. I think I am very romantic and passionate in bed and I like to discover new sensations for myself in ***. I sometimes watch **** in order to emphasize something new for myself and take on arms. I would like my partner to be as open to discussing the topic of making love. I think mine Jim understands my desires and fantasies and I hope I will not shock you with my revelation.
Tell me what you think. What are your desires and priorities in making love? I will wait for your letter and hope that you will send me some interesting photos.
Kisses! Your Annet.
Letter 6
Hello dear
It's nice to see you've attached pictures to your letter again. Your letters always make me feel good. I am serious about our communication and always in a hurry to write you all the thoughts that excite me now. I have my plans long time ago and I will go to my goal and new life in Canada any case. I always try to plan my future and I am very pleased that we have found each other in this huge world. I am very glad that we communicate and get to know each other, you are very pleasant to me as a person and I like our communication. I think the idea of meeting in person is wonderful. We will be able to talk on all topics looking into each other's eyes, all we can do now is continue to get to know each other through letters.
Of course I have were some fears and I as any sensible girl she feared that I have can be complexity with moving, but I always approached the to everything responsibly and with details. In addition, I will be obliged to visit the Consulate of Ukraine in Ottawa and leave all the necessary data after passing the accreditation and getting a work permit. I try not to bother my head with paperwork and trust the case to Ministry of health of Ukraine. Yesterday Andrey Borisovich informed me that my documents will be ready in the next few days. Most of my stuff is already Packed. At any time I can call and tell that I have to fly to Kiev to obtain all the documents necessary and tickets from Kiev to Ottawa.
I realized that it would not be easy to do all paper work myself. It's good that my handler Andrey Borisovich dealt with all these issues, so I could fly to Canada without fear that any papers are not ready. In addition, when will I do my internship at Ottawa I have wonderful conditions waiting for me. I will be given a place to live, and well paid for my practice. I will have free three meals a day, and even spending on travel from the apartment to the hospital. For me it is very convenient and I do not have to deal with these issues personally. My handler at Ottawa will have to meet me and place me in my apartment. In General, all my plans for the near future are painted. You'll be the first person I tell when my journey to Canada starts, I promise. I want you to know in advance so that you can plan our meeting if you want it as much as I do.
One thing I know for sure, Canada has a better life waiting for me than here. I never earned soo much and I can not imagine how it is, for me it's a lot of money. When I realized that I will receive this money on hand after deducting all taxes, insurance and fees. And I do not have to pay for living expenses, I decided that I need to think about how to dispose of this money. I think that thanks to the free apartment Ottawa I will be able to afford to save money to start a new life closer to you. I hope that I will succeed looking for a job next to you, I want to earn my own money and I don't want being a burden to my soulmate in the future. I do not want to get ahead of myself, but I would very much like to have a reliable man who would not only be a partner in family life and a passionate lover and a possible mentor or even a business partner if I decide to open a massage parlor.
I reasoned about the topic of *** in our communication, and I'm sure that there is no correct formula or sequence in making love. It comes automatically and you can never know for sure what caresses can expect each other, it always depends on the mood. I have a little thing on this score and for me any experiments are welcome. I like to watch different **** and choose a type that I would like to play for my man, I like to try to get used to different roles and I hope that you are not afraid of this thing in me. I bought some clothes for myself, tell me, do you like it?
I think it's time to stop the development of the theme of *** in my writing. I'm sorry to tell you this, but I'd like to talk about other things. The long absence of *** in my life should not be a reason to think about fast ***. We can talk about it but like I said I don't want to turn our conversations into *** correspondence. We are not small children, and it is much better to it do than to talk about it. I hope you understand me and will be a gentleman with me in your wishes and thoughts towards me. It's more important for me to discuss the possible prospects for our future as a couple. I want to tell you what is very important to me in a relationship. For me, the main thing is mutual understanding in everything, and respect for each other. I do not believe in equality in relationships as it is accepted in the General understanding. A girl should not hammer a nail at home and a man should not cook food. Equality in my understanding is participation in each other's lives in everything. For me, it is also important to discuss exciting topics looking into each other's eyes. Oh, I almost forgot. I bought a little gift for you, you should get a notification on your mail. I wish you a good day and good luck.
Kiss your lips. Annet.
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