Scam letter(s) from Oleysa Vizunchik to Richard (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Richard. I was very glad to get a letter from you. Thanks a lot you are interested in me. It's so kind of you. i think you also are in search of your second half? thank you for telling me about your life. i too want to have a daughter.i will try to give you an idea about myself. i am a normal person, and i will tell you everything in details in later.i am 29 and i am a student of the last year, i will be a hairdresser. and now i would like to explain you my choice. I haven't used the Internet to get acquainted of somebody. So it's something new for me. I want to have serious relations with a serious person looking for serious intentions. First of all I want a life companion. A person that I can share my future with. A future of joy and happiness, but also a person that I can share the pain and sorrows that I know there will be. I want the best friend in all the way, a friend that I can share my dreams and thoughts with. A friend that can give new directions to my life when I need that. I think we all need that from time to time. It doesn't matter what he looks like. The main things for me is what he has inside his heart. I think I'm lucky and I always go for it. That sounds maybe a little bit to sweet - and I made some experiences in the last years, not just good-ones - but anyway, I believe in true love and I'm sure that I will find the one. I like people with character, strong spiritually, who can get everything they want. I'm sure good luck doesn't just fall into our lap, but we have to make it happen. what can i say about myself? I don't like ****** or rude people. I'm a little bit impatient. I don't like people they always talking about money and what they have. I don't like people for which money is very important. Sure, it's nice to have some money, but it makes not happy.
Not what we have is important, what we are is important. I don't like a mess or dirtiness and I don't like lies. So - I think that's it - more or less. Otherwise I'm "normal crazy" like everybody. I enjoy to meet cheerful people, to find out something new for me. I'm very energetic and never idle. I like fun and merriment. But the most important things for me are a family and wonderful family atmosphere.
Nothing can be compared with them. I'm able to give anything my darling people want to get from me. There is no more happiness for me than to be surrounded by the happy people of mine. I was born to be happy and to make happy the people closed to me. My house will be full of joy, happiness and children's laugh. I hope to hear from you soon. Best wishes,
Letter 2
Hello my dear Richard, Thank you so much for your warm letter! I really want to take that first step toward, maybe our happiness:) It's been a struggle to find some leisure time these past few days, due to an intensive construction project at my university. But maybe I can give you a smile with this warm greeting, just for you:)) I'd like to tell you about myself.i was born April,4. I live in a nice city named Lugansk.
It's neither small nor big. It's situated in the eastern part of Ukraine. I like my native city because I was born here and my parents live here. My father and mother are the best parents in the world. We always enjoy to be together, support and give much of inspiration to each other. My father is a driver. My mother works in a cafe as a backer. Both of them are very good specialists. Their colleagues respect my parents for their professionalism, friendliness and sincerity. My mother's a very tender, quiet and charming woman. They say I took after her in my character. I have never met so noble, strong spiritually, honest, reliable and careful man, but my father. I'd like to find a man who has such qualities and who's able to care of his family. Besides, I have my elder sister. She's a nice and cute lady and a very good friend of mine. I love my family very much. your letter give me a feeling like i am dreaming. When i close my eyes i see all the thinks you write me. I can't believe. But when i open my eyes i see the distance between us. You are so far away, so many different miles. I look into your eyes, and butterflies are in my soul. In my deep brown eyes is a sparkle, but in the next moment the reality is around me. Cars driving across the road, children are laughing and peoples walk through the streets. So I will close my eyes again, and let us dream the same dream. Sunset on the ocean, gently kisses, and owr souls turned to one big energy. Is there a chance to let turn this dreams into reality? It's a pity I can't speak any other languages apart from Russian. So I have to use translator and computer services in order to write and send you my letters. I hope you don't mind, do you? I'll be looking forward to your next letter. It would be wonderful to know you better. Bye for now,
Olesya. p.s. here is the photo with my dog, her name is Penny, but now she lives with my grandmother
Letter 3
Hello my dear Richard! I am very pleased to receive such a nice and open letter from you.i hope your visit to the sons was great. i wish i were with you. i am glad that i can be your angel. none ever called me like this. I've been keeping you on my mind all the time. I have a nice impression about your personality. It seems to me, there is a link between us so my hope is flying high when I'm thinking about you. do you like my pictures? here is me with my sister on the beach on the Azov sea last summer.what did you do today? my day was quite usual, i got up early and rushed to the university, as today we had a test, you can be proud of me, i was successful in it!:) and now i am here to write you a letter. I must confess I often find my thoughts going towards you. I am wondering where you are, what you are doing at the moments, what your thoughts are about? I like colorful things and favorite color is blue. My favorite smells and aromas are fruits and flowers and fresh bread and cookies baking in the oven. I enjoy all sorts of activities such as watching movies or television, or watching sporting events. I enjoy going out to restaurants for dinner. i don't have any special hobbies. I enjoy reading books very much, but I enjoy reading such kind of books that can help to change something in my life, that have a deep idea...I like some interesting irregular things, beautiful places, sun set. I value individuality in people. I like when a person can be independent from the thoughts of others. I greatly appreciate truth, tenderness, care and an ability to show love. I have plenty of tenderness and warmness inside my heart. It would be my pleasure to share it with someone special. I feel it's a time for me to create my own family. I'd like to devote my life to a caring man who won't be able to live without me. I have many questions to ask you. Hope it won't make you bother to answer them. What do you think about Ukrainian women? Do you want your woman to be a housewife or to be independent and earn money herself? I just like to know all about you, your dreams, your secrets. :-) I think there is a chance for us to become great friends with a possibility of something much greater. Internet helps us to communicate and, maybe, one day some travel agency will help us to meat each other in person. I'm going to dream about it and hope my dreams will come true one beautiful day. I'm excited about the opportunity to know you better I do believe our first personal meeting will look as a meeting of two loving hearts. What do you think of this? I'll be looking forward to your letter.
Take care,
Letter 4
Dear Sir. as a request of your lady Olesya we would like to announce you that she is not able to reply to your last letter as at the moment she doesn't have any possibility to pay for translation and Internet services, provided by our translation firm. She is sorry about it.
Olesya believes she won't lose You as she is interested in You a lot.
If You feel like to help Olesya to pay for the correspondence, please, let us know we'll be glad to assist You and Olesya to keep in touch. all the questions you have towards our services you can ask calling 13158492835.Please call from 9.00 to 16.00 (Ukrainian time) as we need to be in contact with our companions in Ukrainian. or you can send the inquiry to the e-mail address of your lady. You can also contact us with the Ukrainian number 3 8 095 388 03 51.
we will be glad to answer all your questions. We hope for our future cooperation. Yours Faithfully,
Executive Director,
Alexandra Babochkina
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