Scam letter(s) from Radmila Nikolaeva to Buster (Canada)

Letter 1
Nice to meet you. I’ll talk a little about myself.
My name is Elena. I live in Russia in the city of Nizhnevartovsk.
I am 32 years old, I have not been married and I have no children.
I want to meet a man for serious relationship and creating a family. I will be glad to get to know you closer.
I will wait for your answer
Sincerely, Elena
Letter 2
Hi Jim
I'm glad to get your answer.
I think that when we get to know each other, we will see that we have common interests.
You already know that I'm looking for a serious relationship, so I really hope you're a serious man. I hope that we will write letters to each other every day.
I'll tell you a little more about me. I come from an ordinary Christian family. My height is 160, weight 49. The zodiac sign Pisces.
What about you?
I hope that you will tell me about yourself, I am very interested in reading.
I wish you a good evening.
Sincerely Elena
Letter 3
Good day Jim
How are you? How is the weather in London today? In my city -7 degrees, in the morning it snowed.
I'm sorry that you lost ****** :( Sad that our Pets leave before us.
I have never been to Canada, but I am sure that there is a slight difference in the mentality and culture of our countries. But I don't think that will be a barrier to our acquaintance.
Do you agree? Our countries have many beautiful places and are rich in attractions.
I hope that one day I will see your country with my own eyes.
Jim, I'd love to hear more about you and your work.
My work takes up a lot of time. I will tell you about my work in the next letter. Okay?
I hope you will find it interesting with me. if you have any questions, ask me, and I'll tell you.
You are an interesting man for me, and it will be very nice to see new photos of you!
Have a nice day Jim!
Letter 4

Good day Jim
I had a great weekend! My mother and I went to another city to buy clothes. It was not very cold, about -15 degrees.
How old are you now?
I want to tell you about my work today. I think you'll be interested.
I work from Monday to Saturday. I arrive at work at 12: 00, and the working day ends at 20: 00.
I take the bus to work. I work for a private construction company.
I am a lawyer. I work with documents and papers. It's a chore, but I'm used to it.
Before this job, I worked as a sales Manager.
Jim, what was your childhood dream?
What did you want to be? When I was little, I wanted to be a flight attendant. But this work is not suitable for all girls.
This is the end of my letter. I hope to read a lot about you in the next letter. This is very interesting for me.
I wish you a beautiful day Jim!
Letter 5
Hello Jim
How are you today?
Thank you for your photos.
I think it's time to talk about my family. I have a mother, her name is Anna. We live together in an apartment. She's a doctor at the city hospital. My father lives in another city. He has a different family.
I have a favorite grandmother, we are very good friends, we always help each other.
My grandmother lives in a village near the city.
Some weekends I go to my grandmother's house. I really like it in the village, it's quiet, always fresh air, a break from the city bustle.
As you can see now, my family is small. I try myself for my future life.
Jim, I'd be very interested in listening to you, too.
Tell me who you live with.
Any brothers or sisters? Do you have a large family? If possible, send me photos. I'll be happy to see some photos
It will be very nice. I am happy that we develop our interest and write to each other every day.
I'm sending you 2 photos. The first photo is of my mother.
I wish you a beautiful day Jim!
Letter 6
Good evening Jim
How are you feeling?" I woke up in a great mood.
I was beginning to notice how our relationship to each other was changing.
It brings warmth and joy to my heart. And I am very grateful to you for this moment.
I would be interested to know, have you been using the Internet to meet a girl for a long time?
I've never tried it before to get acquainted over the Internet. But now I see how it all works between us.
As for my relationship, my last relationship ended a year ago. Ended badly...
And since then, I haven't had any relationships. I'm alone.
And it just so happens that I don't have enough time for my personal life.
Since I work every day.
I am very glad that our acquaintance continues well.
I think it was fate that gave us this opportunity to get to know each other. Jim, do you believe in fate?
I am very interested in getting to know you, so I would like to continue to ask you some questions about your life.
What genres of movies do you like? Do you go to the cinema?
I like to watch comedies, sometimes I can watch documentaries and horror movies. I also like some melodramas.
I don't go to the cinema very often, because sometimes I just don't have anyone to go with.
And one is also boring to go! What music do you prefer to listen to?
I like almost all types of music. I often listen to Russian and foreign performers.
I'm sending you 2 more photos of me. Jim, I'd like your opinion. What do you think of my hair in these photos?
I wish you a beautiful day.
Letter 7
Good day Jim
I am infinitely happy that our acquaintance continues.
Today is a beautiful Valentine's Day! I'm in a great mood today. I want to congratulate you on this beautiful day and wish you all the best. Maybe next Valentine's Day we will meet together.
I woke up early this morning to make Breakfast. I made an omelet with ham and tomatoes.
What did you have for Breakfast today, Jim? Are you familiar with Russian cuisine?
What's your favorite dish? Do you like to cook your own food?
My mother usually cooks, but I also like to cook when I have time. I like Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, because it is familiar to me since childhood.
I also love Italian food, I love pasta.
Can you tell us about your national cuisine? I'm very interested in learning about your food preferences.
I want to cook chicken with potatoes and mushrooms for dinner. I'm sorry you won't be around. I like to cook for someone. I believe that a man should always be fed. In relationships, I choose the role of housewife and hearth Keeper.
I'm so glad we're paying attention to each other. What do you think of my photos?
Happy Valentine's Day Jim!
Letter 8
Hello. My name is Olga. I am from the city of Rostov-on-Don, which is located in Russia.
I am 29 years old. My height is small, only 170 cm. Weight 55 kg. I work as a beautician in a beauty salon.
I have a medical degree.
I have no bad habits)) Unless I love to laugh and sing in the shower!
I have never been officially married and have no children. I hope this is not a problem for you.
I am looking for a beloved future husband. Hope it will be you.
What do you think about this? I'm too fast))?
Waiting for a response from you. Tell me what you are looking for and what you do in life ...
You are very curious to me!
Letter 9
Hello Jim! Thank you for answering.
We met you long ago. But I didn't have time to write to you. But then I remembered about you and decided to write.
I will immediately answer some points. I use email because this is not my first online dating experience.
I think it would be foolish to say in the 21st century that no one has ever met on the Internet. Or did it for the first time.
Yes, I have a phone and it works. As you can imagine, I have often heard such questions.
As for the phone number. I won't give it to you right now.
I want to understand what kind of person you are. As I told you, this is not your first acquaintance.
I tried twice to meet men from your country. But I came across some strange people.
I also gave my phone number and after that my phone was torn from calls, messages, some kind of spam.
I almost lost my mind. I didn't think this would be possible. The second man asked me for ***** photographs.
Or he will send my email and photos (3 in total) to some forum. I didn't understand what he meant.
As you understand, trust in people has disappeared, but the desire to find your only man remains.
As for the age. Age is not important to me. Even if you are 30 years older than me.
I understand that with such a difference in age, there can be problems in ***.
In today's world, I think almost any problem can be solved.
With regard to ***. It is naturally an integral part of a relationship.
I will not try to write you long letters so that you do not get bored.
As for messengers. I do not mind communicating in the telegram application.
Do you have such an application? There we can send videos, talk or just write to each other.
But I want a few days of email communication.
I hope you understand the reason. And if you are interested in me, then I will be glad to know more about you and your country.
I want to move to your country for permanent residence.
Here I have no friends or girlfriends. I don't know my parents. They just sent me to an orphanage when I was only a year old.
My character is a little tough. Perhaps because I have no one around.
I have a good education. I want to find a job in your country and stay alive.
Thanks for the photo.
I would be glad to receive your letter again.
By the way, I will be glad to receive your photos every day. They help me write you a letter.
I will wait for an answer. Olga.
Letter 10
Hello Jim! To be honest, I am glad that our communication continues.
You have no idea how I miss the usual communication with an intelligent person.
Thanks for the photo.
Today I have had a very difficult day. There are a lot of clients.
As I told you, I'm a beautician. I make people more beautiful.
I will not go into details of my work. I don't think you will be interested.
But I love my job. Perhaps this is exactly what I wanted to do my whole life.
Do you like your job?
Unfortunately, I work in a beauty salon as an ordinary worker. And I really want to open my own beauty salon in the future.
I have a lot of thoughts about this. But I know that nothing will work in my city.
The owner of the salon where I work has a huge network in our city. Because her husband is a deputy in our city.
And how do you know that Russia is a very corrupt country.
And here, without a lot of money, nothing can be done. Before corruption in Russia was a problem, now it is a system.
The poor get poorer and the rich get richer.
And it is true. On TV they always say what people need to know. Not really what's going on.
But let's not talk about the bad. Tell me how was your day ??
I hope it's good. By the way, to be honest, I forgot to ask you. Have you installed the telegram app?
I will leave you the site of this application.
I can't install Viber or Whatsapp.
My phone is old, but it works. Unfortunately, my new phone crashed.
But I made insurance for him. And I have to wait 2 weeks when I can get a new phone.
Therefore, the quality of photos may not be the best. I'm sorry about that.
Tell me honestly, how many girls from Russia wrote to you ??
I'm sure I'm not the first girl to talk to you.
And why didn't you continue to chat with other girls?
I'm just really interested to know about this.
Unfortunately, I don't have much time. I work from 9:00 to 20:00.
I hope you understand that I'm just physically very tired.
But your letters give me a boost of energy.
Thank you for answering my letters. So you are really interested in me.
I'll send you some of my photos. Hope you like it.
Bye. Olga.
Letter 11
Hello Jim! I am very glad that you wrote to me. And I was really looking forward to your letter.
Thanks for the telegram number.
Thanks for the photo, I'm very glad.
In my opinion, you are a very interesting man. Perhaps I was lucky to have you.
As I told you, before you I came across just inadequate people. Because of which I changed my phone number 2 times.
Today is my day off. And I did a great house cleaning.
And in the evening a neighbor came to me. This is probably the only person with whom I have a warm relationship.
Perhaps she even replaces my mother in some way. I constantly ask her for advice.
And she always helps me free of charge. But I also try to help her if she asks me for something.
I'll send you a photo. I want to ask you one thing, but you don't have to answer if you don't want to.
Tell me, do you have enough money for a good life? Are you satisfied with your standard of living?
If I move to your country, will I be able to get a job as a beautician or dentist?
I just want to know the standard of living in your country. And this is just curious to me.
I'm sorry if I offended you with such a question. I repeat, you don't have to answer it.
I told you that I have a medical degree.
I originally studied to be a dentist. And after that I completed the courses of a cosmetologist.
Because I couldn't get a job as a dentist without work experience.
It’s a paradox, but it’s true. How can I gain experience as a dentist if they are hired only if I have work experience.
It's funny and silly at the same time. But unfortunately this is the case.
Today, in addition to cleaning, I went shopping in the store. And walked in the park.
Some inadequate man tried to get to know me again.
I didn't understand what state he was in. Perhaps he was *****, or perhaps he was using drugs.
And this is a very big problem in our city.
We had a very tragic incident. A little girl was playing in the sandbox in the yard.
She found the package in the foil. She thought it was candy and ate it.
Unfortunately, she died on the spot. The concentration of drugs in the blood exceeded 100 times.
But drugs are a very big business. I think it will never end in Russia.
Tomorrow I want to inquire about a work visa to your country. I applied a few weeks ago.
An answer should be given soon.
Now I have to go. I'll send you my photos again.
Hope you like it.
Letter 12
Hello my dear Jim!!
I am so happy that you answered my letter. Every day I am waiting for your new letter, in which I learn something new about you.
I wanted to say that I am in a great mood now, because I can sit down and calmly write you a letter.
I got this tattoo when I was young and ******.
It doesn't mean anything. A fleur-de-lis is painted there.
Thanks for the photo, I am very pleased.
Today I learned about a work visa. I decided to apply for a work visa a few weeks ago.
I was told, with my package of documents, I can get it approved as soon as possible.
And the most important advantage of a work visa is that I can cross the border without any problems.
After all, tourism now has huge problems due to COVID-19.
By the way, have you been sick with COVID-19? I was lucky. I'm not sick.
Now in Russia there is a vaccine against COVID-19.
And I am glad that finally this chaos due to this disease ends.
I told you that I would be happy to talk to you on the phone.
I think now that moment has come.
I only have 2 requests for you. Write me your phone number and install the telegram app.
And I will find you there. Good? I really want to communicate more with you.
You really interested me. And changed something in me.
Every morning I wake up smiling and thinking about you.
It's even a little strange to me. After all, we only communicate by email.
Perhaps you are my destiny. Do you believe in destiny?
This concludes my letter. I hope that you will write to me soon.
I will be very happy to talk to you online. Good? Kisses. Olga.
Letter 13
Hello my dear Jim!
How do you? How was your day? Today the weather is very bad. But your letter lifts my spirits.
My respect, you are indeed very smart and mature for your age.
You deserve my highest respect for your open, responsive and honest journey.
Yes, believe me, my dear, I am just like you, I think and do just that.
I've been thinking about you all day, when we meet and where. I dont know.
But I would like to embrace you!
I believe that I have finally found my destiny.
I assure you, I will not lie, deceive or even burn you.
You will not often meet such a great person like you in your life.
Yes, you are really attractive and I also think I am falling in love with you. But I'm afraid too.
Because I also had relationships with men. Unfortunately, he lied to me.
This is why I value you so much more. Since I really miss you, I sincerely ask you.
But every day, every hour, every minute, even every second, not hearing anything from you is unbearable for me.
I hope it's not too early to say all that open-ended things.
I'm sorry, but I just can only tell the truth!
It's not about whether I like to cook or not, I just had no choice :)
I think I'm a good cook.
Thanks for the photo.
Unfortunately, I could not access telegram, my phone does not hold up. It discharges very often. And I have to constantly charge it.
But you still register, I need your number so that I can add you when telegram starts working.
As for the call. I can't talk to you on the phone at work.
Because I just don't have free time.
But I'll try to make a call. Good? And I can write to you during the day.
I hope you don’t get upset about this. Good?
Now it's time for me to finish my letter.
I hope you won't be very surprised.
Now I am very worried. Because I don't know how you will react to my letter.
But I only want to tell the truth.
I will be waiting for your answer. Kisses. Olga
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