Scam letter(s) from Irina to Buster (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi, my name Irina! I'm from Azerbaijan.
I very interesting, soft and tender girl. But I'm very lonely in my life. I want to find good man for serious relations.
I'm ready to spend all my life with such man! I hope you like my picture, I send you with this letter.
And if you still free from serious relations, just let me know and send the answer, may be it's our chance to escape from loneliness.
I would like to see yours picture also, and find out more about you.
Looking forward for your answer.
Letter 2
I'm glad that you showed interest in me and answered my first short letter Jim. I confess that I expected that you would write me! And it's good to see your answer, and your interest to continue our acquaintance. I am writing you letters from the Internet cafe, since I do not have a computer at home. And today, when I received your answer, I found it in the SPAM folder. I do not know how it happened. The manager of the Internet cafe told me that this is a problem in your mailbox, and maybe my letter also came to you in the Spam folder, so I ask you to check it either. I want we have communication without problems. I want you to add my email to your address book so that we never have problems in getting emails to each other. As you understand, I do not want to play with feelings, and waste your and my time in vain. And I hope that you will agree with me. In the same time do not run forward too fast. We must first know each other better! And let me start it. I was born and lived till 5 years old in Bulgaria. But then, my parents divorced, and my mother took me to her homeland, the country where she was born, and lived until she met my father, in Azerbaijan. You can make a request about the country Azerbaijan in internet, there is some few information. And you can read it yourself and learn more. You can see that Azerbaijan is not Russia, and it is an absolutely different, independent country. As you may understand, the country of Azerbaijan is not so far gone in the progress of electronics, as the countries of Europe. And we do not have free Internet access. Few people have computers at home. Only those, who live in the capital, in city Baku. And that's why I'm writing you with from internet cafe. The development of the Internet is very limited in my country. Few people use various social networks, such as Face Book, and do not use Skype. The reason for this, low speed of Internet access and the religion of my country. This is Islam. But I have another religion- I’m Christian. Because I was not born here. And my father was a Christian. He insisted that I be baptized in Christianity. And that's why I can write letters to you. But this does not mean that I can write only letters and nothing more! Also I would like to tell you more about my phone. Some time ago, I had a good, expensive smart phone. Because usual cell phones do not work well here, because of the mountainous terrain. But a week ago I dropped it and smashed the screen. I already carried it to repair. But since the accessories to this phone will be sent from China, I was told that it will take 1-2 months before it is repaired. So now I was left without a cellular connection (smile). I would like to tell you more in detail how I received your e-mail. For this, I addressed to new dating agency, which opened in my town have just. I really don’t know how they got your e-mail and some info. They had promo action because of opening. And they gave 3 e-mail addresses and said that they are single men and I can write them. And of 3 people, I received only yours answer. As you already know, my name is Irina, but my friends call me Ira or Irisha, I live in the small town of Agsu. It's a very small town. The population of my city is about 20,000 people. I also have a job, and it's the administrator in the beauty salon. I graduated from the university as a sales manager. But you see that I am not working by profession, since it is difficult to find a good job in my country. And I'm glad that I can provide for myself. And depend on anybody. I also studied well, and for this it I not bad to speak other languages, such as English, German. But I'll warn you right away that I often use an interpreter! Speaking and understanding is much easier than reading and writing words. And I hope that you will be able to understand all that I'm trying to say. (Smile) My birthday is on March 16, 1988. And as you already understood that I’m 31 years old now, but will be 32 soon. You know, for me age, it's just years, digitals. And I'm very worried that for you this can be a problem in our communication. But I rush to reassure you. Let us have the age difference! But believe me, years do not mean anything for me, and no matter how old you are. The main thing that you be a good person, with a good heart. And now I'm alone. Yes, I am lonely, and I believe it is very difficult to find a person for whom I will not just be loved, but also a loyal friend. From which I will not have secrets. And you will always appreciate him not for his beauty, but for his heart. But at me all is different. God and parents gave me an attractive appearance, but could not find me a person, who could be with me. And to love not only my face and body, but me totally! My soul, my heart. And so, in the last hope, I decided to write you, a person whom I did not even see. And maybe I'll find the one I need. And let you are not from my country. The main thing is that both of us may be happy. On this I think that finish this letter. I hope that you see my photos in the previous letter. I will send you new photos in my next letters. And I'll be waiting for yours photos also with great joy!
I also hope that you will write me more. Not just two, three lines. And of course to tell me what you do, where you live and much more of you.
Letter 3
I have really pleasant day Jim, good mood, and I think, that it happened because of the fact, that you wrote me new letter. Your answered and this is already a pleasant continuation of this day. I would like to know, how are you today? What’s new in your life? And also to ask one important question! What do you think of starting our dialogue?! I understand that we should learn much more about each other and the main thing to understand, whether it is necessary to communicate further? Believe, I wish to learn about you more and more every time, to learn you as a person. It is very interesting to me, and it is curious. I really have nobody very close to me now, and for me it is difficultly a lot. And on it, I wrote you the first short letter, because.... Because for me it is just not to whom to do it. And so it would be desirable to talk, learn you. Man, who is not next to me, not in my life, not in my country. And to share that things, that I so long held in myself. With the person as you, from other country, which I at all do not know. And it make me really much easier.
At me the same I have a family… or I had family. I have mum, whom I love and father who left in another country. But I can not forgive his betrayal. That he has thrown us, and has left to other woman. And because of what we have returned to a native land of my mum, to Azerbaijan.
Maybe it will be too personal question, but did you feel serious betrayal in your life before? But I left from my mum because of other reason. I studied, and could not live in this family. My mum has married for other man, and he has been brought up by old traditions of religion of this country. Which I never accept. And that you could understand it better, I will tell more to you, that I could make, and that I was forbidden to do! I could not look films, which I wanted, some TV programs. To dress how I wanted, and most important thing to be on friendly terms with boys, and as a final to fall in love with them. I couldn’t do all what can do usual kids in another countries. I think I can say, that I had no normal childhood. So, if it’s not hard for you, then I hope you tell me few things about yours childhood.
And while I lived in the house of my mum, all that time I wanted to live how I really wish, to dress on, and to communicate with that, whom I like, with whom it was good for me to communicate with. And for me it was really difficult, and my mum saw it. But I did not want, that the stepfather has made me such, as many Muslim girls.
I wanted acquaintance and the relations. So I read books much, and I represent love differently. Not as a sale or the preliminary arrangement!
Love, it when you understand it without words, when you feel it. You wake up earlier to make a tasty supper, and have all time care of your loved one. And looking to his eyes, to speak how much he is dear for you and how strong is your love. Certainly there will be quarrels, but also there will be a happy. I really want that could learn more and more about each other from each new day. And the most important thing, the person whom I will love, will have not only my body. He will have my heart near to his, my soul and all my feelings. And I will be true him till the end of my days. It is a love in my opinion! These are true feelings!

But I understand sad true, that young men in my country want only one thing. Some ****** fun. And they do not know words, such as honor, fidelity, love. Sincere love. And I’m sure that an adult person, who has life experience, knows the price of each moment of a life, such person will be always near to you. Also will not betray you ever! And for this reason I do not see, and I do not worry about age difference. The main thing is that the person has opened his heart, if I open it to him. That first of all he must understand also that I’m the girl who is not afraid neither works, nor difficulties, but is afraid to be lonely till the end of her days! I wanted to tell you, that after I return in childhood from Bulgaria, I never been abroad again. But I’m sure that life there should be better than here. And most of all relations between people much better, I think. So, I have nothing to tell you about my family. You likely could tell much more about your family. And here now, I have made one step, a step which will allow to me to learn a lot of the new things. To be on friendly terms with you. And who knows, that waits for us ahead... ? On this question I am afraid that I do not have answer yet. Only time will show it.
On it I will finish my letter. I will wait to see your letter, and I will write the answer. Certainly if you still answer me. (Smile)
And again I will enclose in my letter the photo! I hope, that they very much like you. And you as will please, send me your pictures. In my next letters I will tell you more about my interests, hobby, work and some other things. Sorry I didn’t do it in this my letter. I thought that first of all you need to know the things, that I wrote you in this my letter. Maybe all further communication will be not interesting for you… Any way I still hope to get your new letter soon. Pleasant day. While.
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