Scam letter(s) from Hillary Collings to Frank (USA)

Letter 1
Oh recently I used my round trip flight to visit my sick granny here , I can get prepare and come to meet you anytime you want.
When do you want me to come ?
She is doing good now, but because of her hospital bills I paid, I have short money here , yes I would love to come on next week, but if you can assist me enough for cab fare to the airport , it’s 2 hours drive
I work for Delta
Can I send you the link so you can open it?
$200 so I can use enough to pay luggage fee at the airport and food
Oh I’m not a scammer , if you got hangout we can see each other live there if you don’t mine
I need more from u them to see u
If u want my money send me a copy of ur passport and u driver license u can. Lock out address on lic
I got passport but I don’t have driving license
That is ok u have ur delta Id that and u passport will be. Sufficient
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