Romance scam letter(s) from Maria Iamshchikova to Radley (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my loved Bradley.
I am very glad to see your letters, pictures and videos. And again, warmth appeared in my heart, from which my body warms up. But I ask you not to send me more videos of how you masturbate. Do you understand what I'm writing to you from my work? And many other people can see it. I tried to call you 2 times yesterday. And both times there was an answering machine. I hope you could at least hear my message. My name is spelled Mariia. My love, I think that your idea of moving to Russia is not very good. Because you do not know the language, you cannot find a decent job here. It will be better if I come to you. Because I at least speak English. And we can become husband and wife, and we will have our family. As for social networks, I don’t have that either.
My angel, sometimes complex situations arise in life. It doesn't matter which ones. Anything can happen in life. And the main thing is that we always overcome some difficulties together. Together we can overcome everything. Next to you I will be happy. Every minute you spend will be precious to me I love you very much.
What have you been doing today? I hope your day was good. Nothing special happens to me. There is only your letter, which I read with great pleasure. Yesterday I watched the show on TV. In this show, participants always discuss relevant topics with real heroes. Today's topic was about children who have no parents. These children live in special state institutions. Orphanage. Is there something similar in the US? My loved Bradley, when I looked at all this, tears appeared in my eyes. I was very sorry for these young children who do not feel parental love and care. But in this world there are so many good people who adopt these children. It is good that people with a good heart still remain in this world. This means that love really exists in this world.
I miss you so much. Your love Mariia.
Letter 2
Hello my loved Bradley.
I am glad to see your letter, cute pictures and a new video. And at the moment this is the only thing that gives me the strength to overcome loneliness. And although I miss you very much. But I do not try to think constantly about loneliness or the distance between us. Probably if I constantly think about it, then I just go crazy. I think about our future. I dream of how we spend our free time together. Together we watch movies at home, walk in the park, go to the cinema or in the cafe, have a picnic in nature. I have many thoughts on how I and you spend time together. The main thing is that all this become a reality. After all, you can correspond until the end of your life on the Internet, but you can’t meet. This is not for me. I want to be with you in real life. I want to give you warmth and joy. I want to see you happy. I love you very much. In that picture was my colleague. Yes, everyone tells us that we are very similar. Well, I think that I could rewrite your letter in Russian for my parents. And my address is Russia, 162560 Sheksna, Zheleznodorozhnaya 8. I completely agree with you about the upbringing of our children.
I hope you have a good day today. What did you do? How do you feel? Today I decided to consult with my boss about how I could go to the US to you. My boss said she is poorly versed in all of this. And she advised me to go to a consultation with a migration lawyer to find out about options for coming to the US. So, I am going to go to this consultation. Now I need to finish this letter. I send you a million sweet kisses. Your love Mariia
Letter 3
I do not understand you. What exactly interests? We Are engaged official registration of papers and trips to any country. Cost depends on presence of documents and rules of visiting. It is necessary to approach in office. All will be precisely calculated. The credit can issue through bank. Leila Shakhazamarova
Travel Agency "PEQAS"
phone : +7 968 111 1177
Letter 4
Hello my loved Bradley.
I am glad to see your letters, pictures and a film about us that you created. Almost all of my paintings are new. Anna and I could not go to the movies. Anna began to feel bad. In addition, there were no interesting films in the cinema. Therefore, last night I went to visit my grandmother. She lives 10 kilometers from my city, so this would not be a long trip. Grandma feels good. When she saw that I had come to her, she immediately began to cook my favorite pancakes with strawberry jam. Although I am already an adult woman, but I remain for her beloved granddaughter. My loved ones, whenever possible I always try to visit my grandmother. She is a very important person in my life. I told her that I and you really love each other and want to be together. Grandmother wished us good luck and said that for lovers, distance would not be a problem. He wished us to be together soon. My angel, she is a sweet and a little funny old woman. Lol! This morning I came home. How was your day? How are you today, my dear? I hope you feel better and the medicine has helped you.
I love you very much, Bradley. I miss you so much. My feelings for you are getting bigger every day. Today I love you more than yesterday. And tomorrow I will love you more than today.
My angel, I will think of you when I go to bed in the evening. I hope you feel it. I feel what you think of me. I almost always feel it. I want you to have the sweetest dreams today. I would like to be with you now.
Letter 5
Hello my angel Bradley.
I am very glad to see your letter. Yes, I accept your apologies. I slept like a baby last night. And today, all day I feel very good. Although I had nothing special. It was an ordinary day. How do you feel today? How is your day going? I hope you are doing well. When will you send the rest of the money so that I can begin the process with the documents?
My sweet, today I miss you very much. I often think about you. I often dream of how we spend time together. I really want to be with you soon. I want to kiss you and give you the sweetest kisses. I want every night to be filled with passion for us. I know that you also really want this. I know that our feelings are mutual. I always think of you only. I’m only worried about you, while I’m not by your side. I want the distance between us to disappear soon. And I know that we will be together. Our dream will come true. Our love will live forever.
My loved Bradley, I feel lonely without you. I really want to cuddle up to your chest so that you hug me tightly. It will be the happiest moment for me. I love you very much. Your love Mariia.
Letter 6
Hello my sweet Bradley.
I am glad to see your answer. And it again gives me a lot of positive emotions. I hope your day goes well today. What do you do? How do you feel? I feel myself good. But my stomach hurt a little during the day. In the morning I ate a salad. And it seems that it was not of very good quality. But now I'm fine. I ate chicken stock and some vegetable stew for lunch. What did you eat today, my love? I hope you eat well while I'm away from you. When we are together, you will always have tasty and healthy food. I consider it my duty to feed you delicious dishes. It's just that in Russia we have such traditions that a woman should always feed a man with delicious food. And a woman should be affectionate and passionate with her man in bed. It seems that this is a strategy that was invented by Russian women for many centuries. Lol! In any case, I will do all this just to see your happy eyes every day. I love you very much. And I know that soon our dream will come true.
Bradley, I'm a little sad right now because I want to sleep with you tonight in your arms. But I will not succumb to these sad thoughts. Nothing will prevent us from being together. I kiss you and wait for your letter. Your love Mariia.
Letter 7
Hello my angel Bradley.
I don’t want to wait until you get the money so we can travel. I do not understand you. Is this the main thing? The main thing is that we were together soon. I want it now. Because I do not want to wait any longer. So let's start this process. I hope you are doing well today. How do you feel? What do you do during the day? For me, this is a normal day of the week, and there is nothing special today. Our weather is not cold, for several days the weather has remained at -1 degrees. So, there is no winter weather. We have almost no snow in the city. Snow is only outside the city, but there is also very little. Perhaps this is the first winter we have here. In general, winter in Russia this year is only on the calendar. My love, despite the weather, the time of year or other factors, I love you very much. I will love you ever. And I only need you in this world. I do not see life without you nearby. Because you have complete control over my heart. And no one can possess my heart like you. I will always be yours, my sweet. And until we are together, I will dream of you and our life together. Now only these dreams are the source of my life. And so your letters give me strength. I hope you understand this. I love you with all my heart.
Your love Mariia.
Letter 8
Bradley, I always spoke you the truth. I ask you to help from 300 dollars and I can arrive to you. You can make it? Nothing is necessary more.
You will help me with 300. I shall arrive. What doubts can be still? Why you to speak that my passport wrong? If you to send me the .
I too can tell that it is a deceit. How you to prove to me that it correct?
Same delirium. To help. I shall arrive. No. I shall return for work under the contract. To suffice me to offend from for 300 dollars.
I have spent a heap of money to arrive to you. Never to reproach you. But you constantly to reproach me. To not help? Tell to me the truth.
You to not have money? Or you play with me in what that game? You to communicate with other girls and to wait when they to arrive?
What for and why you with me so to act?
Letter 9
You what to not read my letters?
I too wish to be with you.
All rest at me available. I need 300 dollars and I can arrive to you.
You as though to not read or do not understand my letters.
I have sent all to you.
I called to you
Why you so to speak me?
If you want that I have arrived. To help with 300 and I shall arrive in current of 7 days.
To suffice me to reproach and speak mucks and doubts. Or I shall cease to answer.
I to not make anything to you bad that you so of me to think.
Letter 10
Can you explain to me normally why you do not keep your promises? Why can't you even find the courage to write to me about everything. All that I have seen from you all this time is just promises that you did not fulfill. And I do not understand how you can relate so irresponsibly to our relationship. I think that you do not want anything, neither a meeting, nor me. You just write to me in order to write, in order to spend time. But I do not want to live in a fantasy world. I want a real relationship. If you can’t give me this, then we have no reason to continue all this. But I want to hear all this from you, if that is true.
Letter 11
Not all that you wrote is true. And you do not want to be with me. And the story of your accident is a lie. I do not believe in that. You should have sent money to start organizing our meeting. And you disappeared right away at that moment. And you did not write until I wrote you this letter. I do not believe you. You say you wanted to be with me from the moment you met me. But you did nothing to be with me. I was hoping that at least now you would be truthful. I know that you do not send me money for documents because you do not trust me. Well, this is your decision.
Letter 12
Well, everything is clear, in that case, good luck.
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