Scam letter(s) from Charity Takyiwaa to Jack (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Am very sorry for what has happened to and I hope your really doing good now and am not on Facebook because I just want to stay away from bad people and I really want to know if we could get some time and talk to know about each other more so that I could have even visit you one day and do all your housework’s and chores honey
Letter 2
Am in Berekum and am currently in school and unemployed and am majoring Business Administration my dear and am really obidient and submissive woman forever....
Letter 3
I am 26 years of age and I live with my mom and I have access to my laptop that I use to do my project works at school always and yes am ready to order to follow the Dutch integration course and I wish to have airtime for that too so help me with that okay my love
Letter 4
don’t have a passport yet and am looking for meaningful relationship and it doesn’t matter the age difference
Letter 5
No is not because of money that I want to live with you and you already know that I have fallen in love with you and am ready to come any day you will send for me to come my love because I don’t have any bad mindset about this relationship between me and you I promise my love
Letter 6
I will be waiting to hear from you and I’ve texted you on Skype and I just wanted to ask if you could help me with 100? to pay off my internet bills as they have sent me a message this morning saying my internet will be disconnected in the next few hours and I wish you can help me solve that my love please your the only man in my life now and I look up to you always honey and just forget about anything bad that has happened between the previous days
Letter 7
Okay my love so how are going to send me the money to take care of all the things I had to take care off my love
Letter 8
I’m also hoping to be with you soon and i am not on Facebook anymore because it was because of you I created that page and you left me.School is cool but I’m not in a good mood in writing of my exams
Letter 9
I understand and I really would love you to be patient with me because am not a scammer and am sorry for all that happened and I will be completing my degree soon and when I get a work I can afford that passport and laptop your talking about okay
Letter 10
Yes am going to my family for this Christmas and I will pass on Next year not this year and I wished you could get me something for this Christmas and I really thank you a lot for the Airtime you sent me last time which really helped me in doing my research during my Exmas Week.
I love you and don’t ever think am going to be bad or hurt you okay, Am for real and for good.
Love you
Letter 11
don’t use Facebook anymore
And what your saying about my tattoo is wrong and is because of how I took the pictures dear
Letter 12
I know my love and that’s how I took this picture and that’s how the size was because I don’t have a perfect phone that could take perfect pictures sizes dear and I’m also getting ready to join you soon
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