Scam letter(s) from Irina to Eddy (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Eddy! How are you today?
I thought that you would send your photo, but you did not do it, I wonder why? :)
I hope in the next letter I can see your photos, okay?
Nevertheless, I am very glad that you decided to continue our communication.
Eddy I am now sitting and thinking what else to write about me. That is, I know that much has not written about myself.
But I think you are interested in learning about my family, or at least about the people with whom I care.
I was born and raised in the city of Kirov. Where now I live to this day.
I do not know where to start this part of my life. I find it very difficult to find the words I need.
and if I take into account that I am writing now not in my native language, I hope you will understand most of what I write.
My parents died when I was 7 years old. According to the official version, it was a car accident.
Since I was too small, I didn’t know everything then and I’d hardly know now.
Many years later, I didn’t have less questions about what happened in that accident. And was it an accident?
Maybe I thought of everything to myself, but I have no one to talk about with this and my whole family was left in the past.
I grew up in an orphanage. from the age of 8, I was forced to give care there. There was an option to find a new family.
But in those days it was difficult in my country. I, like many, grew up in an orphanage.
I think that I had a happy childhood. I remember my parents.
Mom is from Ukraine USSR. But when she was born, the country was one. So, both my parents and I myself were born in the USSR.
But as you know, the country has collapsed and we have remained to live in Russia.
Dad from here, from Russia. I have no relatives here. Only in line with my mother in Ukraine is there an aunt, my mother's sister.
Lately, we have had little contact with her, because of the situation between our countries, everything has become very difficult.
There are no relatives on the father’s side.
He himself grew up in an orphanage. About his childhood, he did not like to talk. Maybe because I was still too small to understand ...
Unfortunately he did not have time to see how I grow up: (I was the only child in the family.
But I remember that my mom and dad often asked me if I wanted a brother or sister? And I think they wanted to make our family even ******.
Line of fate does not change. and instead of a big family I got loneliness and fear.
But now I grew up, got up on my feet, if we speak figuratively.
Now I am fine and I am glad that I was able to get out and become the one I am to this day.
My parents loved each other very much. Since childhood, I believe in love, big and bright. because she saw such love between my parents.
At least I remembered them very loving each other.
And for myself I decided that I would live with a man whom I would love with all my heart.
I do not want other options, I do not want to live life next to not loved ones.
And I still feel lonely, because it turns out that I have not yet met someone with whom I would be happy.
Of course, I have many acquaintances and friends. But there are almost no truly close friends.
My colleague Lena, one of these friends. She's little older than me.
She is like an older sister to me, which will always help in a difficult moment. Do you have such friends? :)
share with me all that you would like to say in the next letter.
I would be very happy if we become closer and communicate better. Tell me about your family, if you do not mind?
I do not want to climb into your life if you do not want this.
But I only hope for reciprocity and that we will be open with each other in our communication.
Feel free to ask me any questions that you consider important. I will be glad to answer.
Eddy I want to know you much better, because you attract me with what you write :)
How long have you been searching for a woman?
What do you think about my character, if we talk about the first impression?
What don't you like about me already or what do you like? :)
I am waiting for a letter from you and I hope you will not keep you waiting long.
Your Irina
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