Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Polushina to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello Richard:)
Richard, it is very pleasant to me to receive your letter. I am good. How you?
It is pleasant to me to get acquainted with you:).
I think it very good possibility to learn each other better.
I with pleasure to it will take advantage.
I hope, you too are glad to acquaintance and dialogue.
Thanks, that you have tried to tell the intentions and have told about yourself.
With easure has read your letter.
Excuse, that so late I answer. The matter is that I was in other city on work. I went to improve the skill on work.
It is very pleasant to me to receive your photo. You look very attractively. You have very much liked me.
I understand, that you are more senior me and is more skilled. It is always welcomed. Probably your experience can be sometime useful to me. I agree with you.
I like your thoughts. The happiness consists in that to do the partner happy.
I the interesting and lovely girl. You will not miss with me:). I promise to you.
I understand, that between us such big distance.
I wish to learn you better and more, I hope you trust me:).
I seriously hope to find the sincere partner. After all my soul such lonely.
It would be desirable warm and mutual love.
I will try to write to you of the letter and to speak more about myself.
The Most important thing that you have estimated it and reciprocated.
I already enough adult. 33 years. My mum speaks to me, Oksana it is time to have a family and children.
After all the family is continuation of our sort and our future.
In a word: children life flowers. I very much love children.
In it all essence of the woman in our world consists.
I hope, that sometime my dream becomes a reality.
You believe, what in the Internet it is possible to find second half? I trust in it.
It is very romantic. To like me romanticism.
I wish to tell to you little bit my character.
I the cheerful, vigorous and cheerful girl, with good sense of humour and romantic character.
To me it is always pleasant when I can cheer up to the close people and friends.
I live in city Belebey. It is a small city. In (Republic of Bashkortostan).
The population of my city approximately 61000 persons.
I was born in capital of Estonia, on April, 29th, 1986. In city Tallin. In 15 years it has been compelled to move to Russia. On family circumstances.
Here in Russia I had a grandmother. It was hard sick.
My mum has made decision to sell apartment and to carry out moving to the grandmother.
Leaving was necessary to my grandmother. We have sold apartment and have bought here the small house.
In which now there lives my mum.
Now our grandmother already is not present:(. Now she would be 93 years old.
We will not be about sad.
I live independently. In small apartment. In 5 floor house.
For a life too I try to earn by own strength.
Probably you have noticed. I work in a beauty salon.
To me to like to direct to people beauty
And pleasant appearance.
To like people my work and they leave with the big smile:). I rejoice for them.
To like me my work. It gives to me pleasure.
As whom do you work? With whom you live? To like you your work?
I never was married. Children are not present. You have children?
Whether there was you in marriage?
I hope, that you do not become angry about my questions. I set them very little:).
Please be not angry:). I very curious.
Ohh, very many I wish to tell about myself. You probably will get tired to read my letter.
I think, that it is necessary to leave the positive emotions for other letter.
You agree with me?
Simply already there is no time to continue my letter.
I hope for your understanding and you with pleasure will read it.
After all I tried to write and a little to tell to you about my life.
With this letter you will already have what that representation about me. I hope the pleasant:).
I will wait your letter. I wish to keep in contact with you. You will answer my questions? I will be very glad.
I wish you good mood.
Yours Oksana.
Letter 2
Hello Richard,
How are you?
I apologise to you for my later the letter.
I hope, that you do not become angry about me. As well as I promised I write you the letter.
I have read attentively your letter.
Thanks you for your understanding. I hope, that we will continue to communicate.
I like your sincerity!!!
Thanks for your photo. Know we exchange a photo and we learn more each other. I very much like your photos and I want that you continued to send them to me.
I am very glad to receive your photo and thanks for a flower. To me it is very pleasant. I understand you and have understood, that you are ready to use the best efforts that the woman could feel well. I am very glad, that you have started to trust in love after our acquaintance. It is very a pity to me, that sometimes your work gives you stress. I ask that you did not worry all well. We should not be upset and from all should take only the positive moments.
It is a collection of cups of my beauty salon. I have won all some pieces.
My favourite colour is dark blue. I like white and red roses.
What quality in relations are important for me? For me the respect trust and *** is very important.
Today at me last day off. Tomorrow it is necessary to go for work.
My operating schedule not the constant. I try to work every day. It is very heavy.
In it there is a necessity.
Because has bought 1 room apartment in the hypothecary credit and I need to pay for my habitation.
I work from 09-00 o'clock till.
Here per day a birth I have asked some days for rest. Ohh, put a birth has passed perfectly well.
It was very healthy and cheerful. Than you were engaged?
I did not spend for a long time already time thus.
Has written you the letter and has gone to choose a gift. I have decided to choose female perfume.
Very much it was pleasant to it. I have bought to it aroma from collection Dolce Gabana.
We sat in cafe and have ***** a little the sparkling. After cafe I have gone home.
On dances we have not gone to club. Have decided to go next time.
It would be very healthy if you could keep our the company:).
You would like it? I am assured, that you too would like to celebrate with us put a birth.
Richard, I ask that you did not think badly of me. I drink alcohol very seldom.
I presume it to drink only for holidays. In small quantity.
I do not smoke and I do not use drugs. I for a healthy image in a life:).
I always tried to be the approximate daughter for mum. I do not have brothers and sisters.
The unique daughter in a family. I do not remember the father.
My mum says, that it has left when my mum have informed on pregnancy to it.
It was not ready to children. I do not condemn it for it. It is its choice.
My mum has brought up me and has grown up. I am grateful to it. It good mum.
Here and I wish to become good mum for children in the future:).
To us it was heavy in the childhood. But my grandmother always tried to help us.
Unfortunately now the grandmother already is not present. There are we with mum only.
To my mum now 65 years. She has retired and lives in other city in the private house.
It is not far from me. When I have time I always try to visit her.
Happens, that it comes to me. In the summer I constantly go to mum.
Because at it it is a lot of work in a garden. It at me the small farmer:).
She tries to grow up all. She says, that house products of the first-rate quality and are more tasty.
I am compelled to agree with it. After all house products really very tasty.
To me to like to work in a garden and to help mum.
It would be interesting to me to learn more about your family? I hope, that you will tell to me:).
I am possible I will transfer to mum your greetings? Probably soon I will go to it on a visit.
She will be very glad to learn, that I have a dialogue with the man:).
Because she speaks for a long time to me Oksana to you the real man is necessary.
Which will respect and love me!!!
I hope, what your intentions are really fair and is sincere??? I do not wish to be deceived.
Because in a life I was deceived many times by men. I had many disappointments.
Now I wish to see warm light in my life and I wish to be happy.
We at all have a right fortunately. You agree with me!
It is time to me to finish my letter.
In the following letter I will try to tell to you more information on me. Well?
My letter is already enough big. Suddenly you will get tired it to read:).
Mine it is sincere also warm greetings for you Richard!
Yours Oksana.
Letter 3
Hey my dear Richard:).
how are you?
I am very glad, that you do not forget about me. I hope, you are perfectly in order.
Thanks for your letter:).
It has brought to me good mood and a smile on my person. It is the truth.
To like me your sincerity and your intelligence involves me.
I hope, what you are fair with me and you are adjusted seriously on our dialogue?
You differ from Russian men. You present and good Richard:).
I think that you the good person openheartedly.
You like a photo which I send to you?
I would like that you too sent me the new photos. They are very important for me.
I very much regret, that I write so late. I had problems about the Internet connection. Now I have changed the Internet of the provider and all is good.
Excuse me, that has not answered you earlier.
You already probably have started to communicate with other woman?
I would like that our dialogue has proceeded.
You the good fellow that you try to visit mum and help it in all. It really has very well brought up you.
It is very a pity, that you have lost the father in 2003. I ask that you have accepted my condolences. It is very sad.
I with pleasure will continue to communicate with you and I will speak more about me.
My growth approximately 173 centimetres. My weight of 59 kg.
You are engaged in any sports?
In a life I like to go in for sports, very much to like me productive leisure.
In the summer evenings I went for a drive on a bicycle. To me to like to walk on the nature.
There very pure air and me to like singing of birds:). It so is healthy.
Now I have not enough time to go in for sports.
It is a lot of work also there were many clients. Our beauty salon began to develop.
We have started to participate for a long time in competitions to other salons.
It so is fascinating when the best masters can compete among themselves.
We have many awards. I sent you a photo. These are achievements of our salon.
After the heavy working day. I am old to spend time of the house.
Probably I have started to grow old already:). My age in Russia is considered already average.
By this time many women have already families and children.
My life has developed a little on another. Because a lot of time to raise the master a class on work was necessary to study in me.
Now I have my favourite work. And here the man and families is not present.
Very much it would be desirable to become the beloved for the future man.
I feel lonely in a current of many time.
My last relations were a floor of year back. I had relations.
But there there were no prospects on the future. Because it had other sights.
He did not wish to have a family and children. He liked to have a good time and in the evenings he spent all free time with the friends and went on night clubs.
I have got tired it to wait all time and to ask its attention. He did not wish to hear me.
It liked such life. I have decided to leave from it.
Because in a life I wish to have the constant and true man. Which will appreciate and respect me.
Which will care of me and will give the attention and care.
I hope my dream it becomes fast a reality:). I am very glad, that is familiar with you Richard.
When there is a free time I look some sports channels.
To me very much to like to look: football, hockey, figure skating and it is very interesting to look biathlon. You look something?
Films I too like to look. Comedies, horrors, a fantasy, romantic and documentary films. I was not for a long time already at a cinema. When you last time looked a film at a cinema?
If we live in one city. It would be possible to organise a meeting and to descend on what-nibul film at a cinema. To take it is a lot of popcorn and to look a film:). Agree it would be very class? I hope you would invite me to a film.
On arrival to Russia I went to school till 17 years. Has then entered the institute. My faculty at institute was "Social technologies". It was fine student's time. You remember student's time? My study has ended 11 years ago.
Ohhh, time so quickly flies. I already became adult enough and independent woman. The life has learnt me to much. I appreciate every minute and I wish to live so that about what not to regret in an old age:).
Here such period in a life has now come, that my second half is necessary to me.
I want serious relations. I hope, it is not boring to you to read my letters.
I write them independently. I try to tell more about myself in each letter.
I hope to you interestingly to read and our acquaintance to proceed.
Excuse if my letter seems to you big:). Richard, Read it only! Well?
I will wait yours the answer.
Your darling Oksana.
Letter 4
Hello Richard:).
How are you?
I hope, that you wait my letters:). I cannot know your mood.
Certainly I wish that it always was top-level.
My mood became better. Because I have received your answer. It very much pleases me.
I rejoice to your letter as the little girl:). I hope you understand my sense of humour:).
I am very happy to see your nice photos. You look courageously, you kind and good.
I am very glad, that my letter causes in you a smile. You can be assured of my words.
You can trust me. I am fair with you. I am really guilty to you. I could not write you the letter.
Because there was no possibility. I hope, that you are not angry with me.
I hope you have transferred my greetings to the mum from me. I wish it a sound health.
my dear Richard. I would like to name you thus. You after all will resolve?
To me very much to like to use such words and to do to the man the pleasant.
After all at our life always there should be a harmony and positive emotions.
Though it is very difficult to me to transfer all emotions through words.
Richard, I try to do it with each my letter. I hope, that you appreciate my relation to you.
I really seriously concern our dialogue. I am fair and sincere with you.
If I manage to meet the man. I will try to be for it the best woman.
My most important quality. It is my fidelity and fidelity. I am always true to the man.
To construct good and strong relations. It is necessary to work always assiduously by common efforts.
You agree with me? Only so it is possible to achieve good result.
I as realise and I understand, that in relations *** is very important!!!
To *** at me quite the good relation. After all by means of *** it is possible to express many feelings.
The love, passion, desire, full confidence and simply to enjoy the friend the friend:).
You agree with me? I admit to you fairly. I already long enough did not have a ***.
About a floor of year:). Ohhh, it very long... I have forces to suffer.
I the patient girl. Then I can show very hot passion. I have many preferences in ***.
I ask that you did not become angry.
I cannot describe it words. It is necessary to show it in a real life:).
my dear Richard, excuse, I cannot speak more about it:).
Because I can be very strongly raised. I hope for your understanding.
From the moment of our acquaintance there has passed already some time. What you see me?
Tell to me please. What impression at you is about me?
It is very interesting to me. I ask that you were fair!!!
This night I slept not enough time. Because I was unwell a little. At me a stuffy nose.
Because of it I had a bad dream. How you slept at night? I hope, that you had enough time for a dream and you feel yourself well. I have started to drink medicines already.
I so regret, that there is no man nearby which could take care of me.
It so is pleasant when about you care, interested, and look after. It is simply wonderful. In a word this happiness!
I very much miss on these moments.
my dear Richard, you saw, what occurs to China? There many people were ill what that with a virus.
Many people are ill already. Is even a victim. Very sadly to speak about it.
I very much worry and I worry for the health. I hope, that this virus will not reach our countries.
It is necessary to be cautious and to observe hygiene.
I ask that you observed the hygiene and I ask that you watched over the health. Well?
Thus to me will be quieter. I wish to care of you:). I hope to you pleasantly?
Today my letter will be short. It is very difficult to me to write the big letter.
Because to me very much to pant and eat some headaches. It because of a cold.
I promise, that I will be treated. All will be good.
I hope, that after perusal of my letter. Your mood will be good.
Sincerely yours Oksana!!!
Letter 5
Hello my dear Richard:).
how are you?
All is good? Today my condition became little bit better. The cold starts to pass.
I hope what be fast I can completely it is healthy.
It is really surprising to receive your letter. Thanks for your answer.
How you spend time? Than you are engaged?
I am completely included in working process. It is not enough time for rest.
My clients always wish to look well:).
Today in the street it became very cold. The temperature has quickly fallen to - 22.
What weather in your country :)?.
Thanks for your photos. It is very pleasant to me to receive them from you. I like your sight. I have a big liking to you.
It is very a pity to me, that you cannot believe in my words. How you think? I am really real. I read your letters and I try to answer your questions. Because they are very important for me. I understand, that your trust would be more. If you could hear my voice. I agree with you what to look each other in the face and to transfer emotions it very fine.
My dear Richard, for me it is very important that you read my letters attentively.
Because I put all soul. They are written sincerely.
I am valid with each letter I try is opened to you and to tell more about me.
Certainly I would like that you loved me:).
Only thus we can develop relations and dialogue.
Richard, you agree with me?
You do not represent. I so strongly get tired on work. So it would be desirable to leave on a vacation:).
In the first days of a vacation first of all I would try to sleep...
All my colleagues on work. Every year go abroad. Basically to Turkey.
They very well spend time and come from there suntanned and had a rest.
I am direct I start to envy them. I understand, that it is impossible to envy. At me white envy.
I am sincerely glad for them!!! Probably once I too manage to visit abroad:).
When last time you had vacation? Where you spent them?
How you like them to spend? All is interesting to me. I very curious:).
I had a rest in 2019 in the summer. I was on a visit at mum and there spent time.
I helped it with housekeeping. It is a lot of work in a kitchen garden in the summer.
There is no man's force.
I went to the free time on a beach and sunbathed. Went to bathe on lakes.
To me very much to like at mum. Soon mum herself should arrive to me on a visit.
To its arrival I always try to make any especial supper.
To me very much to like to prepare. This talent has got from my grandmother. It was the magnificent cook.
At once I start to recollect taste of the childhood:). It was healthy.
I tried the Italian cuisine, the Japanese cuisine, the French cuisine.
All the same the preference I give to a Russian cuisine. It very rich tasty and simple.
It is not boring to you to read my letter?????
I with pleasure would prepare Russian cuisine dishes. I hope, that it would be pleasant to you.
By the way, you well prepare? To me to like when men prepare. I consider, that the man can prepare any dish is better.
I hope once you you can prepare the national dishes. It will be tasty:). Mmm. I love is tasty to eat...
I am really very glad, that our acquaintance promptly grows.
Tell to me please, what you think of me? What you think of our dialogue?
You believe, that we with you can have a joint future
These questions are very important for me!!!! To them special attention.
I think, that you very good, fair, kind, decent, careful and romantic man. I feel your sincerity and it pleases me.
We with you have general character traits. It is very good.
I think, that we have put very good beginning in our dialogue. I believe, that we could become very good pair!!!
I hope, that you will read my letter attentively and will try to answer my questions. I will wait your answer.
My warm embraces.
Yours Oksana.
Letter 6
Hello my pleasure Richard,
how are you?
Your photo very attractive. It very much was pleasant to me. Thank for mutual liking. I hope, that you will continue to send them to me.
It is very a pity to me, that I write the letter so late. At me was a lot of work.
I at all did not have time to answer you.
Ohhh, what pleasure to receive your letter. You the present gentleman.
Even through such big distance you are able to please me:).
It is very interesting to me, I will test what emotions if I will see you!!!
I would like to look at it:).
What will you feel if see me? You will embrace me?
You will present the kiss in a cheek? Or you wish to kiss me on the mouth.
Hmm, to me it will be certainly pleasant...
What new at you my dear Richard? How you spend the days?
All my days pass on work. Sometimes I think, that I live very boringly:). It because of work.
I hope, that I can shortly have a rest.
Excuse, today my letter will be short. To me there has arrived my mum.
I am very glad to its arrival. I went on station to meet her.
Today especial day for me. At me double pleasure. It thanks to you and my mum.
You have made to me good mood. You with your letter. Mum the arrival.
My cold passes. I can feel better. How you feel yourself?
It is very a pity to me, that has not answered your questions. I will make it in the following letter. Ok?
You after all do not become angry about me? It is time to me to go to mum.
I have transferred from you to it greetings. It was glad!!!
I wish to tell to it about our acquaintance. I hope, what you not against?
I wish you fine mood and my passionate kisses.
I hope for your understanding.
Your **** Oksana.
Letter 7
Hello my sun Richard,
How are you?
With me everything is all right. I hope, that you feel yourself well.
Thanks, that you find time for the answer. It is pleasant to me to receive your letter:).
I smile, I am happy, that is familiar with you Richard.
You have started to bring bright paints and positive emotions in my life.
It that? I had butterflies in my stomach and this such pleasant feeling.
I really very much missed on such moments. You are glad to our acquaintance?
I am fair with you and is sincere. You can trust me and open the heart.
The truth the truth. Here you will see to you it will be very cheerful with me:).
My heart is opened for you...
I hope you will not cause me a pain and disappointment...
How your day has begun? Than you are engaged?
Thanks that you have sent for me the photo. It very much was pleasant to me. I am happy.
It is pleasant to me to know, that you would like to give me the care and the love. To me the dish of your country will be very pleasant to try and is assured that it will be very tasty.
I agree with you, that people which love each other always should help and support.
I have looked in google a place where you spent time. It really is very beautiful also to me it would be desirable to visit there.
My pleasure Richard, today I has woken up early in the morning. Has made a breakfast and has woken mum.
We had breakfast and have gone on station. My mum has left home.
Much to our regret it cannot remain for long time. Mum has house affairs. I was very glad to its arrival.
We have very well spent our time:).
We were at home. We had together supper. For a supper I have made its favourite dish.
Stuffed duck with apples. It has turned out it is very tasty. Mmm.
We have ***** a few red wine. At supper I have transferred it your greetings.
She was delighted, that in my life there was a man. It is really sincerely glad for me.
I to it have told about you. Has told, that you the clever, fair, decent and romantic man.
Has explained to it, that at us is much in common.
She has asked to transfer you warm greetings. She says, that would like that you were present once during our family supper and she with pleasure would get acquainted with you more close. My mum the good and fair woman. I am assured, that you will find common language and acquaintance will pass top-level. You wish to get acquainted with my mum? I hope, that you not against have told to my mum about our acquaintance.
My dear Richard, I have noticed, that ours with you relations promptly grow.
For relations there should be a good soil and the further development.
I hope, what you will agree with me? I will ask the God that we were healthy and happy.
My heart starts to fight more often when I think of you. Yes yes, I very often think of you.
I would like you to take for a hand and to take a walk together with you.
I do not have not enough man's attention and warmth. I do not have no strong man's shoulder.
I the strong and independent girl. Even such girls would like love and heat.
It would be desirable that the man supported. I myself feel houses lonely and to me it is boring.
I am assured, that we could spend with you very well our time and the most important thing,
that we would have a possibility to learn each other better.
Conversation face to face is super:). You want it? I wish to look in your eyes.
To sit and talk hours or to look any film.
For me it would be simple to be happiness near to you in your embraces. Ohhh:).
I have a desire to meet you. This desire huge.
Here only between us such big distance. It is very a pity!!!
Why you live in other country? Why before us such big distance?
How to us to be? How it to overcome? Tell to me please.
I have feelings to you!!! They are real. What you with me have made :)?.
You have learnt me to rejoice to each day and have again let know, that such happiness:).
I am very glad and grateful to you Richard.
I hope, that you will answer my questions. They are very important for me.
Now it is time to me to finish my letter. I will wait your answer.
I wish you good mood. I embrace and kiss you gently and passionately:*
Your lonely Oksana.
Letter 8
Hello my pleasure Richard.
how are you?
I am ready to shout with happiness. Uraaa. These are my present emotions.
Really it is very pleasant to me to receive your letter. Thanks my dear Richard!!!
How your mood? I hope my letters give you positive emotions.
My mood really good. My colleague from a vacation today has returned.
The director has approached to me and has told, that I can write the statement on a vacation.
Ohhh, I so waited for this moment. I have got tired to work every day.
It is necessary for me to have a rest and be restored after heavy days:).
I wait your offers:). I wish to be with you my dear Richard.
Tell to me please something. Please **** Oksana...
You after all are able to do it. You are able to bring happiness to the girl.
I your girl????
I have seen your photo in a mirror. It is very a pity, that it very badly it is visible. But all the same it is pleasant to me to receive your photo. To me it is very pleasant when you speak my princess. I will be very glad if you prepare for me something tasty. I am assured, that every day ours with you relations become stronger. Ohh thanks you for a poem. It was pleasant to me to read it. Nobody spoke to me so much many beautiful and nice words.
my dear Richard, I have got tired of loneliness. I have got tired to work every day.
All my days pass very tiresomely. Arrival of mum has given to me of a few forces!!
We have well spent time with it. Now it again at home...
I as the robot:). I rise in the morning. I wash, I have breakfast and I go for work.
For work I go by public transport. I have a dream.
I very much want the car. At first it is necessary to be disaccustomed on a driving licence.
It is my purpose on the future. Probably I will go in the summer to study. Wish my of good luck!!!
You have any dream??? Tell to me please.
In a life always it is necessary to put the purpose and to move to it very persistently. You agree with me I am glad, that we managed with you to get acquainted. Now I have one more purpose.
Yes yes I speak the truth. I wish to meet you. I trust and I hope, that it in our forces.
The most important thing that there was a desire. You have such desire?
Every day my feelings start to grow to you. It is valid so.
I want, that you were fair and frank with me. Ok?
At me never such was. You have lighted my heart again and my eyes burn from passion.
What you with me have made? My God. My God help me to learn, that for us with you waits in the future.
I very much want, That you were gentle and felt me, I knew about what I think, that I want.
On it I tell all in my letter.
Only so we can learn each other better. You agree with me?
You can trust me. I represent and I think, that we could become good pair.
We have a mutual liking. Understanding, respect, and passion.
I try to bring pleasure during your life and I want that you always smiled when read my letter.
I never met such men as you. You for me especial.
You wise, clever, you are able to speak pleasant words and are able to do compliments.
With the gentle words you touch my heart and it fights more strongly. At me a smile on my person.
This such fine feeling.
You differ from Russian men. You especial and romantic.
You know, that to me not to like in men from my country, they are not able to care at all and they still the rough.
Probably the such came across to me only.
The most important thing, that all it remains in the past.
I often notice in some families as the man offends the wife. It should not be.
I hear abuse, some times saw as the man lifts a hand on the wife.
It is terrible to present it. So should not be.
The man should preserve the family and care of the woman.
We should respect the choice. Correctly?
Answer me one question - you could strike the woman? You raise the voice?
I see, that you very kind and sensitive man, but suddenly happens something, and you cannot supervise yourself.
Excuse, that I write about sad, but I need to know your opinion.
I thought today of you much. I would like to appear now near to you.
I would like to learn better you, to take a walk with you.
To me it will be pleasant if you present to me a bunch of flowers. I like roses.
To me for a long time did not give flowers.
I am absolutely opened with you and I say, that I think. I hope, that you will understand me.
I very much would like that you have loved me.
I very much am afraid of a deceit, I do not want that you deceived me.
I hope you will be fair with me and will speak only the truth.
Probably we could meet you sometime and spend the best time and the most important thing it is the big possibility to learn each other. It is very good idea.
Promise to me, what you will necessarily think of it at leisure? Also write me the opinion.
Thanks, that you have appeared in my life. I was long lonely!!!
Now I have you Richard. I am grateful to destiny for you.
It is time to me to finish my letter. I hope, that you will read it on one breath:).
I miss on you. I wait your letter and answers to my questions.
Your **** Oksana.
Letter 9
Hey my dear Richard:)
how are you?
I feel well. It is pleasant to me to receive your letter. I missed on you...
For me you became very important man in my life.
I hope, that you well spend the days and there is time to think of me:).
Here you always in my thoughts. I all time think, than I is engaged Richard.
I am very glad, that you have appeared in my life. You have turned for me my world...
I am happy, I wish to feel your heat and your kisses.
These are my desires and I want that you knew about them. What we will do further???
Me this question very strongly interests.
I have understood, that it is a photo you have made specially for me. I am very grateful to you.
I liked your photo everything is all right.
In the letter you ask the necessary moment for a meeting. When this
necessary moment will come tell to me please? I will be very glad if
you present to me the big bunch of flowers.
I with pleasure will try your dishes. I am assured, that they will be very tasty.
my dear Richard, I so dream to spend with you the time.
I at all do not notice distance between us. As if it does not exist.
I am assured, that it is a barrier before people at which there will be no overall aims.
We after all have overall aims and we pursue them together???
Both of us wish to find second half. I believe, that it you Richard.
We adult and independent people and all in our strong hands.
I consider, that both of us should struggle for this happiness. For the future and mutual love.
You agree with me? I speak you real things. I well thought over it.
Today I was on work and talked to the executive director concerning holiday.
He has allowed it to take to me. These are very good news to me.
Richard, I have a good idea. I hope, that it to like you.
I very much would wish to meet you. I can take holiday on the work!!!
And the most important thing, that we can organise our meeting...
I hope you do not frighten my thoughts on it? You will be glad to see me?
Under my schedule my work will occupy approximately 10 days.
After that we could meet.
What do you think of personal meeting? Probably first meeting at least for 1-2 weeks?
It is all it is possible to organise. All depends on us with you.
Probably destiny has given us with you this possibility for acquaintance.
Can us with you very good future waits and we will be happy pair.
You too so consider?
I wish that our relations had the further development. The meeting is necessary for us.
We live one life. I wish to live its happy.
I wish to take a pleasure maximum since a life.
As you I had a new life!!! I can inhale a full ******:).
It is very good, that we have got acquainted. In my heart there is a spark.
It is a spark can give you the best and happiest time.
I hope, that to like you my idea and you will reciprocate.
In my last letter, I have written little bit sad things. Excuse Richard.
It really happens in many families. Thanks for your understanding.
I am assured, that you never will offend the woman. You absolutely another.
You had very good education.
You have entered into my life, and I will always remember you.
I am assured that in a reality we can spend our time very cheerfully.
Our dreams and desires too can be carried out.
Ohhh, I promise to you, that to me will be to talk about what and how to spend time.
I finish my letter. I hope, that you will think over my offer...
Understand, that it is very important for us with you. We should take advantage of this chance.
We will not be more lonely. We deserve happiness.
Always it is necessary to trust only in the best. Kindly necessarily on sew to the party.
I am absolutely fair with you. I am sincere. I do not have bad intentions.
It is necessary to be able to trust people and to trust the heart.
I wish to present to you one million kisses. I will miss on you.
Sincerely Oksana.
Letter 10
Hey my best man Richard,
how are you?
It is a pity to me, that I write so late. I had problems with Internet. I hope, that you are not angry with me. Excuse me my dear.
It is very pleasant to me to receive your answer. Wow my best wishes for you.
My most passionate and hot kisses for you...
If was near to me. I would nestle on you and have embraced to you strong.
For me your strong man's shoulder is necessary.
I very much missed on you. I am glad, that again I can write to you.
How your mood? I hope, that all well and everything is all right.
I'm fine. Every day approaches my vacation. I very much wait for this moment.
I wish to spend him together with you. You too want it?
Very much to like me your photo. Thanks that you have sent it to me. You like me.
I understand, that you begin miss on me. Ohh I am very glad, that you would like to prepare for me any dish.
To me like when men are able to prepare.
My dear Richard, today on work at me conversation with my colleagues has taken place.
Which often go abroad on rest. I have learnt from them all necessary procedure.
They advised to me to address in agency of travel...
To me have told, that the agency of travel prosecutes all subjects on a trip abroad.
Now I need to find a free time and to descend in some agencies and to learn about all.
I hope to learn the information in the near future.
Or I should be called in embassy and to talk to them?
My dear, you that you will advise to me? Tell to me please.
I am resolutely adjusted on a meeting with you. I wish to be a number.
You will take care of me? You my man. I wish to care of you.
I would like that you have felt my present feelings and my care.
I do not want that we were lonely. Our loneliness has ended.
We should take the best from a life. Ohhh, I have huge ambitions.
I want that all our dreams became a reality. I hope, that you will approve my decision.
You after all are glad? I have many positive emotions and all of them are intended you.
I feel, that between us there is a mutual liking. I am confident with you.
You the best, you the strongest, you the kindest.
I know that you always will help me and will protect me:). I am right???
Our acquaintance has changed my life, my thinking. We never saw you.
I already miss on you. I have butterflies in a stomach. You represent? It is possible.
This night the dream has dreamt me, about you as we talked confidentially.
I saw happiness in our eyes and to me it was very pleasant.
To me has dreamt, that we go together, keeping for hands on quay.
We were absolutely one... We were happy during this moment.
You spoke to me about something, I do not remember, it was pleasant to me. I was at pleasure top.
Then I have woken up:(. I had a smile on my person.
It would be fine if this dream lasted eternally. You agree with me?
I feel, that we will perfectly spend our time when we will meet.
We will have a fine possibility to learn the friend the friend more close.
It is very good possibility and we necessarily should it take advantage.
I think, that the destiny gives us chance. I wish to touch to you.
Understand me please. I want that you knew. I am fair and sincere with you.
From my first letter I am in earnest about our acquaintance!!!
My dear Richard, on it I will finish my letter. I wait your answer.
I hope, that you will answer my questions.
Your girl Oksana.
Letter 11
Hello my man Richard,
how are you?
I thank destiny, that it has given us chance for acquaintance and dialogue.
Thanks for your letter. For me it as a drink of fresh air:). My God.
You see how your woman Oksana when sees your answer rejoices:).
I am sincere and fair with you. I am opened for you. My heart trusts you...
Richard, you will make me the happy girl? I believe, that our dreams become a reality.
I want that we trusted each other. It is a basis of long relations.
You already sent me such photo. I would like that you have made a new photo for me.
It is pleasant to me how you dream and I hope, that your and my dreams soon become a reality.
It is very a pity to me, that sometimes you wait my letters. I ask that you have excused me for it.
I a lot of time work. Besides still there are problems about the Internet.
My morning has begun with a cup of hot coffee. I have woken up and have started to gather for work.
Every day my holiday comes nearer. I simply dream to spend it together with you.
It is very good possibility to get acquainted better.
You present only for a minute:). How we can spend our time?
We will have a possibility for real dialogue, we can contact every minute.
You can touch me and at last present the caress and man's heat.
I am on the top of the world with happiness. We will walk together. I will hold you for a hand.
Evenings we will look different films and we will enjoy each moment.
Let's make together a supper. I will suit for you a romantic supper.
I with pleasure will get acquainted with your culture. With your city.
All will be interesting to me. The most important thing, that we can carry out all desires.
We can satisfy the ****** requirements. We will have a mad passion.
We will spend the most unforgettable time together with you.
I am very glad, that have got acquainted with you Richard.
This morning I contacted embassy of your country. I had a short conversation.
Mr. Andrew has explained to me, that I need to address in agency of travel.
I have asked more reliable and cheaper agency the colleagues.
They to me have advised to address in agency "Indigo".
I have found a free time descended and have learnt all necessary procedure from the manager on travel.
The manager has given me the full list of documents which it is necessary to bring personally in agency of travel.
The most important and the very first I need to be made an application on registrations of the passport for travel abroad and the visa.
It is necessary to do the passport for travel abroad in UFMC or in passport to a table.
With it there are no problems. I have already made an application.
The visa already will be the agency of travel through embassy is engaged.
The visa can be received very quickly. It has very much pleased me.
I will start to collect all other documents already tomorrow.
I am very glad, that have started to do serious actions for a meeting...
The manager has explained to me how many money it is required for a trip to your country.
He has counted and has told, that it is necessary to have approximately: 55 000 RUB.
I will have a tourist visa. For 60-90 days.
Now it is necessary to solve. Where we will live. I hope, what in your house?
After all for hotel additional money is necessary still.
At present I do not know, that to me to do. I do not have full sum of money.
On mine to the account is available only 20 000 RUB. It is not enough of it.
It is necessary for a trip to your country 35 000 more RUB.
I do not know where to me to take them. You know, that I need to pay for the mortgage every month.
I and so work to consult every day with all.
I am certainly upset by that I do not have not enough financial possibility for a trip to you.
This really full disappointment for me.
After all every day I live our meeting and dream to be together. I so wait for this moment.
I all heart want our meeting, I do not know as me to carry out a trip to you.
At present I do not have any decisions.
My dear Richard, it is possible at you there are any decisions? Write to me.
We a single whole also would be healthy to carry out a meeting by common efforts.
I think to me it is time to finish my letter. I have already written so much.
Probably you will get tired to read:).
I will wait your letter. I hope, that you will answer in the near future.
Yours Oksana.
Letter 12
Hello my dear man Richard,
how are you?
Ohh, at last I have found time to write you the letter. With me all is good.
I hope, that your affairs too are perfectly in order also you will be glad to my answer.
You miss under my letters? And on me?
I here very much missed under your answer and is final on you Richard.
Tell to me fairly. You trust in our future and in our meeting?
I trust and I hope, that we can spend our planned time.
It will be very healthy. Here you will see, our eyes will be filled by the pleasant moments:).
Thanks, that you have made for me a photo. Why you do not smile? Tell to me please.
I am assured, that your smile very nice. I think, that much could understand having looked in your eyes and I wish that this moment has come as soon as possible.
I can arrive to you only on tourist to the visa. I have understood, that you wish to make to me the invitation.
But after all I all the same need to have the visa.
It is very good variant and has understood, that you could arrive to Russia. When you wish to make it?
I live in Russia, in city Belebey, Republic Bashkortostan. Street - Lenina 31, the house 8, apartment 13.
At present I cannot send you a copy of the passport. Because it is in the passport a table.
Within the next few days they should me give out it.
You have told, that can support me. How you wish to support to me? Explain to me please.
Every day my holiday comes nearer. I so am glad to this moment.
I never waited the holiday so strongly, as now. You know why?
Because I wish to spend time together with you Richard. It is my dream.
I ask that you have embodied my dream. I wish that we went to our purpose.
After all our relations and our meeting in ours with you hands....
We should appreciate each moments and every day our acquaintance. You agree?
I am in earnest about all. In my words only the truth and honesty.
I am really ready to meet you and to be together. We should find the decision...
Certainly I from you as from the man wait for the decision. After all in a family and in relations.
Main always the man... My man it you Richard.
Today on work, through the working computer I have sent some demands in bank.
I wished to receive the credit. After all I do not have no financial possibility for a trip to you.
I have received the answer and it was negative. I very strongly was upset.
I do not know, that to me to do and what decision to find. At present it is very difficult to me to think up any decision.
I would like that we have together thought over it. Well?
I the strong and independent woman. Always tried to take all in hand.
Here that moment has come when I can not find the decision. Really there is no man's shoulder.
I do not have not enough my significant other. After all together and together it is easier to solve a problem.
Ohhh, my eyes burn also my heart demands a meeting.
Thoughts I understand, that I can make nothing. Very sadly to realise it.
I do not wish to transfer you my bad mood in the letter. Excuse me Richard.
I the truth do not know, that to me to do.
I very much would like to see you now. I wish to embrace you and passionately to kiss.
I wish to feel your present and man's shoulder. I all time think of you.
I did not think, that through Internet it is possible to have real feelings.
Now with me all it happens. It the pleasure on my heart is sincere.
I wish to share the pleasure and to give you happiness. You deserve it.
We together deserve happiness and to be together. We should not be lonely.
Both of us understand, that we can develop our relations only at a meeting.
Why all so is difficult and why before us such distance???
I wish to be with you and to enjoy each moment.
I have belief and hope. We should trust in the best and do for this purpose all...
I will miss again under your letter. I hope, that you will read my letter.
My most passionate both strong kisses and wishes for you Richard.
Yours Oksana.
Letter 13
Hello my darling Richard,
how are you?
To me to like to name you such pleasant words. I hope to you to like:).
Thanks for your letter. It is always pleasant to me to receive it.
It now at me such positive emotions. It is interesting, that will be at a meeting:).
Hmm, very interesting question and me was it to be learnt... I will be happy!!!
The most important thing at me is hope and belief in the good future.
I congratulate you on the Valentine's day. A holiday of the enamoured. Mine kisss for you I here see, that you can have a pleasant smile and on it want that you smiled is more often.
Thanks for your photo. It is very pleasant to me to receive it.
You can trust me. I will never deceive you. Never. Remember it.
I have a patience and has understood, that you too have a patience.
I wish to remind you, that after February, 20th I will have vacation.
We need to hurry up a little to find the decision.
My full address: I live in Russia, in city Belebey, Republic Bashkortostan. Street - Lenina 31, the house 8, apartment 13.
I have understood, that you wish to make for me the invitation. It sounds fine.
You should know, that I all the same need to legalise papers. The visa, the passport for travel abroad.
Many other documents. Still it is necessary for me to get tickets.
You say, that can buy for me tickets. I appreciate your support.
I will make out a trip to you through agency of travel.
Tickets and documents should issue personally. They will not co-operate with the third parties.
I cannot simply come and show them a copy of tickets which you will order for me.
You understand?
On it to me all is necessary most for registering.
We really did not hear each other. Write me the phone number.
I will call you within the next few days.
Today to me have given the day off. I could relax a little.
In the morning I have woken up with thoughts on you. I do not need to go for work.
Has slowly made to itself coffee. Has ***** it with croissants. It was tasty:).
I with pleasure would make to you a breakfast and would wake you the kisses.
But alas... At present we are divided by distance. Which needs to be overcome.
Houses I have made an order and have guided cleanliness. Have constructed the things.
Was engaged in house affairs. Still it is necessary to leave in shop and to buy products and fruit.
My refrigerator absolutely empty:). To me urgently necessary your help in a supermarket:).
It will be heavy to me to bear packages of products:). Well anything I will consult...
After shop I would like to watch TV.
I wish to look any romantic film. For a long time did not watch TV:).
Because it is very occupied on work... It will be fast holiday and I can relax.
Here very much would like to spend these days together with you. Uhhh, what chance for us has dropped out.
You agree with me? We should execute ours with you dreams.
Before us there is a door and we need to find a key that it to open.
You have key Richard? I because of all forces try to find the decision for a meeting.
Much to our regret there is no success. To me the necessary your help and your clever brain:).
I tried to address in bank. It has given up to me. I tried to borrow money at my colleagues...
They cannot help anything. It so is sad for me...
After all before my holiday there were few days.
I would like to find the concrete decision by this time.
I wish to build with you general plans on my vacation. You understand me road?
We can overcome it. Together we force:). At us with you is much in common.
I have entrusted you the heart. I have to you sincerely feelings. I am very glad to it.
I am assured that you will well concern me and will show the care.
After all you the real man and you mine...
I all time will repeat, that the meeting is necessary for us.
Ours with you feelings grow every day and at a meeting there will be a full harmony.
There will be dizzy emotions and can enjoy it together.
We will be the most enamoured pair. It will be romantic. Believe to me:).
Now I will finish the letter. I will go to shop behind products.
I very much miss on you. I wait your letter. I whole also embrace you.
my dear Richard, kisss you
Your **** Oksana.
Letter 14
Good night my love Richard,
Thanks for your prompt reply. It is pleasant to me to receive your letter.
I am glad to receive your congratulations:).
I attentively have read it...
Ohh, my God. You have completely not correctly understood my letter my dear.
Now I will try to answer your questions.
I not against your arrival to Russia. I thought, that we will meet in your country.
I did not say to you, that I do not want that you have bought tickets for me.
In my last letter it has been written so:
I am civil Russian Federations.
In agency which I will address for the help with documents.
Will bear for me full responsibility.
On it they take from me full official registration of papers and tickets.
The ticket at me will be in your country and that I could return to Russia.
It is obligatory point in the contract.
You understand me?
On it I personally should make all papers.
And to get tickets only through agency. You understand me now?
I have written to you the data and the address that you could send the invitation.
I want that you have made for me the invitation.
Why you have thought all on another? Tell to me please.
We always had an understanding and always you read my letters attentively.
I have asked that you have written the phone number.
You have not made it. It is very a pity...
At present I cannot send you a passport copy.
Because it is at me in a passport office. I spoke already about it.
As soon as it will be is available for me. I will send at once to you.
Now I will go to sleep. Time already late.
I wish you pleasant dreams.
Yours Oksana.
Letter 15
Hello my dear Richard,
how are you?
I hope, that at you all is good. How you spend the days off?
Than you are engaged?
Today I am on work. Now at me a lunch break.
Has decided to write you the letter.
I hope, that you have read my last letter.
Yesterday I have written to you before a dream and have in detail explained to you about all.
I miss on you and I wait for your answer.
Yours Oksana.
Letter 16
Hello my dear Richard,
how are you?
I have received your letter. Thanks, that you have found time and have written the answer:).
I very much miss on you.
To me really it is very lonely one. I wish to be near to you.
To be in your embraces and together to spend our time. You want it?
A little it is difficult to probably you to present my feelings through such distance.
You can be assured, in a reality I really would show you the love.
I am able to care and I am able to do the man happy.
I thank you for your photo. You are able to do a photo.
To you has a little smiled:). It to like me.
I understand, that you miss on me. These are quite normal feelings for loving people.
Thanks that you have attentively read my letter.
The agency of travel takes a full guarantee for me and all will make out.
The visa, the passport, the ticket, the medical insurance and other documents.
I do not need to go to Moscow to make an application for visa reception.
They will send my statement in electronic form in embassy.
Here anything is not present the strange. For a long time already thus register documents.
My fellow workers. Which went abroad did so.
It is the best decision. Believe to me... We should not waste time.
After all it will be especially fast my holiday and I would like to begin official registration of papers already.
I trust you and I dream, that you that man which are necessary to me.
Your love is necessary to me and your care is necessary to me. It is necessary for me.
You after all know, that I will care too of you.
We become the best pair and we will work together over our relations.
This fine feeling. I will wait for you at home and I will make for you a supper.
What to you to like to eat? I will prepare for you any Russian dish.
It will be very interesting to me to speak on the phone with you. You understand?
Skype this very good offer. It is on my phone.
At present my phone is in Apple the centre on diagnostics.
Several months ago has bought new phone iPhone. It worked for me well.
Then after a while there were technical errors.
On it I have addressed in Apple the centre. They have taken away my phone on diagnostics.
Promised to make in the near future or to give me new phone.
Call I can to you from a workplace... There are no problems.
You will write number? I wish to hear your voice.
You can present as we could spend our time together?
It after all fine feeling. To enjoy each minute spent together.
We need to appreciate each moment and to do all for a meeting.
I am really seriously adjusted on the general future. I want that we struggled for it...
It is not enough words. Real actions are necessary. You understand me?
The initiative should proceed from both of us. I here try to think up every day that-niubd.
I would like to learn! By what really you do for a meeting?
To like me our dialogue and would like to have real chance to meet.
The meeting is necessary for us. We can communicate for years.
Unfortunately thus there will be no developments in relations.
I wish that they developed.
I am assured that we can construct strong and serious relations.
I want that you knew. I really live only idea concerning you.
All my head is filled only with ideas concerning you my man Richard.
I understand, that every day I love you more and more.
Every day for me is especial. It you have made me such happy.
Because every minute I recollect you. I want that you were near to me.
I many times represented us together, it is fine:).
I am very glad that you have got acquainted with you, really good man of my life.
You the best and finest person, you are necessary to me. You understand?
It is time to me to finish my letter. I hope to receive your following letter soon.
My warmest wishes for you. I hope, that you think of me though a little:).
I will miss again on you.
Yours Oksana.
Letter 17
Hello my love Richard,
how are you?
I regret, that I write so late. Yesterday after work I have come late.
Has taken a bath, has made a supper and has laid down to sleep...
Before a dream I thought of you and about our meeting. I very much wish to be with you.
It is very pleasant to me to receive your letter. Thanks, that you have found time for the answer.
I hope, that you will receive my letter in the near future and will write the answer.
I am very glad, that you liked my photos. Thanks for your compliments.
You do me by the present woman and you always speak me pleasant words.
I am assured that near to you I will be very happy.
Here so I represent our future. I it see and I see, that we will be good pair.
How you spend time? Than you are engaged today?
Today I again was on work and have come home earlier.
I have had time to make all house affairs and now I write to you. I missed on you.
Now I will try to answer your questions.
To begin registration of a trip to your country. It is necessary for me about 600 dollars.
Near to my house there is branch MoneyGram. It is engaged in remittances.
By means of this bank you can make remittance.
You need to know my data. Now I will write them:
Name: Oksana
Surname: Lazareva
City: Belebey
Country: Russia
Republic Bashkortostan
Post code: 452000
I have written the data. Them will be to send money enough.
Very much an important point! To receive money. I need to know your full data.
From which you will make this your full name, a city transfer, the exact sum of money and a transfer code.
It will give you in bank. It will be better if you send a form copy.
With this copy I can go to bank and receive money.
I have made to you a copy of the passport. As you asked...
Into the phone number account. I wish to call you from a workplace.
But I need to make it very accurately.
Because I cannot make private calls.
I cannot name this phone number.
We are not authorised to use it for the personal purposes.
If the main manager learns, that you have called to me. To me can make strict reprimand.
On it it will be better if you write the phone number.
I will call to you at the first possibility. Ok?
I hope, that we with you have agreed. To me it is pleasant, that you show the gentleman of quality.
It is pleasant to me to know, that you at me such man.
I am able to prepare borsch. I with pleasure will prepare it for you. What will you prepare for me?
I very much would like to try dishes of your country.
I very much miss on you and I will wait your prompt reply.
Yours Oksana.
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