Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Buster (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello again, it's Ekaterina, I hope you remember me. I wrote you the letter a few days ago, but have not received your answer.
Probably my letter has not reached you, therefore I again send this letter, I hope you receive it this time. Hello dear stranger How are you? My parents gave me a name Ekaterina,
Me 32 years old.
First of all I want to explain where did I find your e-mail address. I went to agency of acquaintance and said that I want to find a serious man through the Internet. I want to destroy the loneliness and to find the good person who, as well as me will want to share all pleasure of life. In our country many lonely people use such services. So they gave me your e-mail address and said that you are also trying to find a good and serious partner in life.
I hope they did not deceive me, since they received monetary compensation from me. If it so inform me and I will not disturb more you.
I think you would like to know who I am? And I would like to tell you. I am from a country called Russia,
in the southern part of this country. My house is located in Yastrebovka - small beatifull village.
I am happy to live here, unfortunately there is a problem. Although my country big enough, but there are no decent men for serious-relationship. I am a single wonderful girl try to find pleasant man for real love and relationship, who can really love and appreciate own woman.
Before I start telling you my story let me inform you about a very important fact. I hope you're not disappointed that I don't live in your state (I think you've already guessed).
I sincerely hope it doesn't frighten you. I'm the same as ladies living in different country. I'm just a human being with a heart and soul. I suppose my nationality and location don't disappoint you and you will answer my answer. I think the nationality and cultural difference are not the most important things in a woman for you. By the way in the nearest future I'm going to travel. Maybe I visit your country and who knows we are possibly become friends or maybe even more… and if your interest isn't limited only by distance and boundaries I'll be really happy.
Now let me tell you a few words about myself. I live in Russia. The village I live in is called “Yastrebovka”. It's a small village where just 1500 people live. Maybe you'll try to find my place on the map. It's not far from Saratov (a large city in the south- west of my country).
In my childhood I dreamed of becoming an interpreter of the English language and I wanted to work with our President to know state and international secrets.(smile).
But the fortune disposed in a different way. I started my education in a medical school.
After finishing school I entered Medical University. Now I work at hospital. I'm a gynecologist.
Jim I promised to send you my pic and now I keep my promise.
I hope you like them. In addition I want to say that my hair is light though I change it sometimes. My height is 5 feet 6 inches. My weight is 125 pounds. As you know I'm 32 years old.
I was born on December 19 in 1987. Of course tastes differ but maybe you'll like my pic and my appearance. In other case if you don't like my appearance please let me know, I won't disturb you any longer.
I should say I'm an optimist in the depth of my heart and it helps me in my life. I'm not a little girl and I see my life from a philosophical point of view. I can't make myself an solutely happy ladies. I've got a wonderful job and good house. But there are things that make people happy. They are not material things, they are more than that. I was the first who wrote that. It means I'm ready to share my thoughts with you. I'm very glad and grateful you've written me. In any case I hope you are interested in our dialog and I'll be looking forward to getting an email from you. At the end of the letter I want to ask you simple questions. What is your profession? Do you like your job? Have you got an experience in communicating with people from other countries? Maybe you're more qualified in it than me. If you don't want to answer the questions please don't do it. It's just my woman's curiosity. I'll be extremely grateful if send me your photos. I'm sure to save them in my computer.
Best regards.
Ekaterina. P.S. Your email went to my spam folder so I did not see it immediately.
I was interested why. To me have recommended to place you in a "favorite list".
Maybe my answer to you too get in spam? Place me in a "favorite list".
Letter 2
Hi My friend Jim! I dont mean to sound impatient but I was just wondering why you have not responded. Have you changed your mind about wanting to write to me? I hope that you have received my letter where I have told about me, about my hobbies, about my character?
Did you get such a letter? I sent you my pictures.
You did not react in any way to this letter as if you have not received it.
Please, tell me, and if you did not receive I can send it again!
There can be I something have offended you in my previous letter?
Maybe my letters are not reaching you for some reason. I am very interested in getting to know you, I think it will be very intersting to trade stories being we are from two different end of the world.
Please let me know if you are getting them even if you have changed your mind I will understand. I are simply having a hard time getting use of a computer.I hope, what with you everything is all right?
Sincerely. Ekaterina. P.S.Please check your spam mail, probably there is my letter.
I added you to my favorite list to receive your letters.
Letter 3
Hi, my dear friend Jim! Day by day I feel more need in getting your letter.
My mood has become better again when I have got your letter. I should say that when I have good mood I hear gratitude from my patients much more often (smile).
Therefore, now the health of a Russian people depend on your letters (smile again).
I very much like your pictures. I very much like to look at you. I really enjoy. I'm sure you are using a very popularity among the ladies of your country.
What a cute dog, just so all tender it! The dog is very beautiful!
Your house is very beautiful. Very picturesque place. It so beautiful.
Likely there very silent and quiet place. I can imagine as far as air is fine and clean. The place seems magic. There are no a lot of cars, not smog, only the nature. Pacifying.
Unfortunately I have no an opportunity to use internet at any moment.
I use computer, when I am allowed to do it by a lady who works on this computer. Therefore I have no opportunity to use the Internet
We have the Internet only some times in day – for receiving and sending mail.
To my regret I could not visit an exhibition. Last days was a lot of work and I could not go to Saratov. But it not death (smile). By the way, when I came to work today, my mood was bad, because my friend Elena fell ill and now she is in the hospital. The saddest thing is that she has birthday today. She is 32 years old today. Unfortunately she will spend her birthday in the hospital. But I have already talked with a doctor and I will be allowed to spend evening in her chamber. In the evening I will bake a cake, I will buy balloons and go to the hospital. I hope very much that she will have good mood on her birthday. She is my best friend. By the way, she works with me in the clinic. Elena the doctor the otolaryngologist in our clinic. As a matter of fact I have only two real friends - Elena and Nadezhda. Elena is a lady who is in the hospital. Nadezhda is our friend already for several years. Elena and I are like sisters. We like to take a walk. Usually we walk in the park. But also we like to spend time in Elena vegetable garden. She lives in an old wooden house.
I don't know if you have seen such houses. It is the houses which were built before the Second World War, in the fortieth years. These are very old houses which don't have bath and running water. So people have to take water outside in the well. In modern world such conditions seem very terrible, but this is really so. We like to spend time in Elena vegetable garden. There she grows the potato, tomatoes and cucumbers not to buy them in the market. Every winter Elena, Nadezhda and I together build a big Snowman in her vegetable garden, using a big snow spheres. We put carrot instead of nose, and potatoes instead of eyes.
It is very funny. All neighbor's children came to see it. By the way, if we want to fool about, we put carrots not only instead of a nose but also below..... (hint and smile) First time we made such Snowman 10 years ago. Since that time we do it every year. It is a tradition for us. We poured it with water to cover with ice. So it could stand for the whole winter. I like Yastrebovka. Almost all people in our village know each other. Elena says that she wants to live in a big city. I don't know where is better. Big city is a big traffic, fast rhythm of life, garlands of fires, lightning's of shop windows, high buildings, fountains, cinemas, parks, attractions, theatres. It is wonderful, of course I like it. But our village is a fresh air, a lot of trees and birds, silent and comfortable, cozy, quiet place, no hubris and vanity inherent for big cities. We have a lot of small and large lakes and rivers. The places are very beautiful. If there was no criminality, it would be paradise.
But alas, the criminal in small cities, as well as in the big cities is an integral part our life. Unfortunately the crime in Russia is on a very high level. But I don't want to tell about sad things. Several times, Elena, Nadezhda and I went to the festival of bard song. This is a place on the coast of the river where a lot of people come from all country. At night the coast is covered with thousand fires lights. The scene is a huge raft having the form of a guitar and established right on water and everybody who wants to sing together with famous bard singers, goes on this raft and starts to sing. And all thousands people become silent and listen to this singer even if he is absolutely unknown. It is the unique festival. I have to finish my letter. I don't want but I have to do it. Today when I will come to Elena we will talk about you. She likes to ask about you and I like to tell her. I wanted to ask you what makes you happy Jim? What was the best gift from a woman you got?
Sincerely your, and with best wishes.
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