Scam letter(s) from Natalia Semenova to Georg (Switzerland)

Letter 1
Dear Georg!
Thank you for your e-mail and nice photos,I was pleased to receive it .It was a wonderful surprise to me!
How are you ?I hope,you are fine and this will find you in good health.
You are very interesting and nice person.
I know it is not so easy to describe oneself.But it is very important to do the first steps towards to each other,in getting to know each other.
People who know me for a long time that of me as modest,honest,faithful, gentle, loyal, elegant, sensitive,touching, quite optimistic and very romantic person with a high family values.
I am not married and I have no children.
I live in East of Russia.I live in centre of Khabarovsk,it is the city with 800.000 people.
O am from very educated family.My parents are scientists.My mother work in a research institute of biology.My father is professor of mathematician.My parents are divorced.I live with my mum and with her husband now.I have a good relations with him.My dad live in another city,in Vladivostok.I see him some time.I have one brother,older then me,he live in Vladivostok also.We have very warm family relationship!My family is agree,if I?ll meet my beloved abroad.I have never been in Europe.I was in China and Japan for practice for my studies.In what countries have you been?
I finished my studies just now!I submitted my diploma to the committee.My future profession is tourism and tourist service.I can work in tourist company or agency.So,I am free now!
I have a lot of hobby and interests:sport,nature,animals,cooking,travelling,art,music, concerts,theatre and so on.I would like to have a lot of interests together with my future man. As I am a very active person who likes to lead the healthy style of life, I go to the gym and in the siiming-pool regularly after my studies, and I also like active kind of rest ? camping, hiking or just enjoying the nature somewhere near the forest.This helps me to be good condition and in good health .At evening I am usialy at home making my homework for the lesson,reading an interesting book or waching TV.But I also enjoy social gathering some time.
I like music very much, but the choice of it mostly depends on my mood.I do not have any bad habits.I don?t drink and don?t smoke.I have only good habits. I enjoy arranging comfort in my home and I dream of spending in family circle many wonderful evenings.I like to tidy up our flat,to wash dishes.I like an order at home. I adore flowers, I have many of them in my home and sometimes I have too many that I have to present them to my friends and relatives.I like to cook very much!I collect different recepes of different food.I can cook all.I general I eat all also,but I try to eat the healthy food,like salad ,vegetable ,fish.
I think the dream and goal of everyone is to be happy.It is simple and difficult in the same way.Another thing is for everyone idea of the happiness is different.As for me it is very simply to be happy.Is to be together with my beloved man.Also I have a quite common human dreams about the family ,love,healh and wonderful relationship,to help to persons ,if I can.
The main thing for me in my life is to create a relationship,based on true love, harmonious,warm and sincere relations.I would like to meet such a man with whom we would have mutual understanding,concord and harmony ,also mutual liking and respect .I would like to meet a reliable man,delicate,faithful and understanding,with whom we?ll have a warm and kind relationship,understanding,love and kindness.Age and financial status of my beloved man are not important for me.The human qualities are important and relationship between two persons!Do you agree with me,my dear? The main human qualities for me are respect,faithfulness,spiritual warmth,romance and love.I am very familyoriented and feminine.I want to be with my beloved man all my life!
I see an ideal future for me in devoting myself to my beloved man and to the family.I think ,that a woman was set up for love,for beauty ,feelings and family. I am a girl serious in my search my true love!
I am sure, that we 'll find lots in common with you!
My phone number is: 7-904-229-80-10 (7 is Russia).Please,keep in mind that Khabarovsk is 7 hours ahead of Moscow.You can call me in any day between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m.
I think,we have about 8-9 hours of difference.
I?ll be very happy to hear you.
I am sending my another photo.
Write me about you news.
With love,Natalia
Letter 2
Dear Georg!
How are you?I hope,fine.
I finished my studies at university.I submited my diploma work to the committee and I got a degree.My future profetional line is tourism and tourist service.So.I am free now!I don't belive that it is truth!Here in Russia we have 5 years for high education.
It is long period enough. I have a lot of friends in university.I am very sociable and open-minded person.And all hwo around me they like to associate with me.I am optimist in my outlook on life. I see life as a glass "half full",not "half empty". I have the strong love of life.
I seek balance in all relations. I try to enjoy every moment of life,to support and bring joy and good mood. I like a lot of things:to be with my family,nice persons,beautiful nature,music.
Good sense of humor and optimistic life attitude help me not to surrender in any life situation. I try to create harmony and nice atmosphere around myself and I love beauty in everything.
In my free time I like reading books especially classics and novels, the latest news I am finding out from the newspapers.I have Internet at home.
I like pop,disco music. I love to go to concerts and to cinema
in a while, but in general I prefer calm and quiet evenings at home.What do you like to do most of all in your free time,my dear?
I know what I want in my life, I know for shure what are my goals, what are my plans for future and what way of life I would like to have: I am thinking a lot about serious relationship, I want to find serious, open-minded and loving person with whom we could be happy, who I could trust,love and understand and who will accompany me during all my life. Who will be with me in trouble and in happiness, who will be my "half.My goals have no a conection with material things,like money ,material status and so on. I have a quite common human dreams about the family ,love,healh and wonderful eelationship,I would like to help to persons ,if I can. I am dreaming about warm family,where everyone is feeling important and needed. I would like to meet the one" to whom I could devote all my life,love and to share the best moments of our life, to be best friends and lovers.
There is nothing more beautiful than two hearts in love with one another, feeling the same feelings and beating as one!
I would like to be with a man who is older, more mature and more experienced than me, it will always keep my feelings like love and passion to you with a strong respect.
I hope very much that my beloved man will be you!
I am interested in you a lot!
Have a good time and good trip.
With love,Natalia
Letter 3
Dear Georg!
How are you?I hope,fine.
I am happy to hear you again.
Thank you for such a nice letter.I love to get your letters very much!
I am very happy that you have chosen me to write to. I appreciate your compliments and your feelings towards me. I was hoping that my honesty and sincerity would come through to you. Sometimes it is difficult to get feelings across in letters. I am glad that we are getting closer to each other. This is what I was hoping for. I am starting to feel what you are feeling. This is a good sign. I like the feeling very much.I think that we are going to be very compatible.I am a believer in "destiny". Do you believe in destiny?
I think that things happen for a reason. I feel lucky to have met you and I thank destiny for that. I am beginning to see that our hearts, our minds and our souls match quite well. I have never thought that I could to feel this comfortable talking to a man that I have never met face to face. Yet, I feel so at ease with you. I can hardly wait to feel your heart beating next to not only dream as one but to dream together as one.
I finished my studies at university.The subgect of my diploma work was "The organization of tourist trips,management of the tourist service and work with clients.I would like to open you my thoughts and dream!Of course,the education and profession is important in life.But I for me the main thing in my life is to meet my beloved man with whom we'll build up long-lasting relationship,full of spiritual warmth,love,feeling,understanding and support and to whom I can give all my feelinfs snd love.I think it is very important to meet someone closest in our life.Most of all I praise love and deep feeling to each other.I believe in honesty and opennes.I think is very nice and important when two persons are a passionate lovers,best friends,they support each other and they are very honest and sincere with each other . I love home and family, yet am totally faithful to my beloved. My dream is to have a"warm" home . I hope that my and my future husband's home would be a place of respite; a safe place where each could feel at ease and at peace. The world is hectic and crazy enough without bringing it all home! What do you think?I would like to share with you my ideas about family life. I think that family makes the highest priority for a woman,an not her career ,even she have a job.I am very familyoriented ,domestic and feminine.I see an ideal future for me in devoting myself to the family.The role of woman is to create a warm relationship,to devote the life to her man ,family, and support the warm of home hearth. I think woman created for love,feeling and family. I believe the man is the head of the home, but the woman is the life and warmth and joy of the home.
She brings in the comfort and energy of the home. The man provides the strength as well as the tenderness; the loving assistance; the goals and future direction for the family. Together they build their home, family,and future. Do you agree?
The main thing for me in my life is to create such relationship.I dream that we'll create this relationship with you,my dear!
Let me know about your news.
I'll be happy to hear you by phone!This time and late till 11 p.m it is OK for me.
You are everything that I have been dreaming for all of my life.
Have a good time.
With love,Natalia
Letter 4
Dear Georg!
How are you?I hope,fine.
It is very nice to talk with you by phone!
I am so happy that you came in to my life!I feel that you are big part of my life now, I always open my computer to look at your photograph and to read your letters,you make my life comlete!You are man of my dream! I am sure you are very kind,delicate,sincere,faithful,understanding and nice man
You are man ,with whom I have always wanted to meet and to devote all my life ,love and feelings.I hope,we'll become a very close persons for each other.I dream to meet a man like you and build up a wonderfull loving relationship,give to each other all our feelings,love,devotion,support and understanding.
I want my man to be my lover and also my best friend,loving and caring companion. I will openly admit that I am a very romantic girl. I ant to be able to tell what he wants just by looking into his eyes, and the same for me.
I dream about wonderful relations,simply and nice.I want to be together with you for ever! !
I hope,we will have a family that will be our pride and joy for the future.Just imagine what wonderful life wait us!
I want to wake up in the morning in your embrace, and look at your smiling face and say, "good morning my love". I want to love and take care of you! I want to wake up early and cook nice breakfast for you and then serve it to you in bed .I imagine how I see you off in to your work and I give your a tender kiss befor your living.
Evening I am going to meet you at our warm home with kisses and nice dinner.May be then we are going to take a walk hand by hand.
I want to feel the same thrill and taste of the kiss at home as I do on the dance floor, slow dancing by candlelight to a romantic love song.
I want to see you,to touch you,the man who I hope will be my side,my soulmate and my life companion.
This is can not be through e-mail,we have to meet.Do you agree,my dear?
Monday I'll tell exactly information about the trip to Switzerland.It is no problem to get a visa in any country of Europe.It will take some time,because it will need to do everything through Moscow.
I am sure we'll very happy together ,we'll find lots in common with you and we'll build up a wonderful everlasting relationship,full of love and harmony. I have a good feeling that we are on the way to discovering the "BIG", TRUE LOVE that will change our lives for the better......FOREVER!
I believe in our happy future .
I dream about this!
You have touched my heart. You are in my heart. You occupy a space there and I like the feeling. You have successfully made me a very happy girl. I cannot wait to be nearer to you.
Remember, my thoughts and my dreams are with you and about you!
Have a good time.
With love and kiss,Natalia
Letter 5
Dear Georg!
How are you?I hope,fine.
How was your week-end?
I passed my diploma work. I miss my studies some times,my friends and teachers.
I am very sociable and open-minded person.I like to have a friendship with persons.
I am glad,that we have the same ideas about life,relationship between man and woman and family values.
I think the dream and goal of everyone is to be happy.It is simple and difficult in the same way.Another thing is for everyone idea of the happiness is different.As for me It is very simple to be happy,it is to be together with you and to love you,my dear!I would like to have a very warm and beatiful relationship with you forever!
I dream to have a person near, who will accompany me during all my life. Who will be with me in trouble and in happiness, I would like to be with "one" all my life, who will show me the world. Who will show me real life and will teach how to survive in it, we will love each other, and we'll teach each other how to be loved, real passion, and we'll teach how to restrain it, and real beauty.
I found information about visa and ticket .The geting visa will take about 3-4 days.The way to get it is through a tourist agency.Visa and full ticket cost 1450 $. I would be very happy to meet with you!You are man of my dream!You are man with whom I have always wanted to meet and dreamed about!I am sure we'll spend a wonderful time together!
I can prepare all for my trip and for getting visa.It is no problem for me,because my future line is tourism and tourist service. I hope,our relationship will be more and more nice and wonderfull evey day!
I have great hopes about our meeting. A long lasting, loving relationship is what we are both looking for. I am sure that once we meet, we will both find in each other what we are looking for.
You can be certain that I am thinking about you. You are the first thing on my mind when I wake in the mornings and the last thing on my mind when I fall alseep. On a lucky night...I even get to see you in my dreams while I am sleeping. I hope that you are also thinking of me.
I believe that you are my second half and the best man I can have in this world!
I miss you and I tender kiss you,
Have a good time.
With love and kiss,Natalia
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