Name: Tatyana Semenova
Age: 37
Name: Evgenia Novikova
Age: 28
Name: Julia Smirnova
Age: 23
Name: Alena Savochkina
Age: 28
Name: Julia Mahalkina
Age: 25
Name: Angela Hassan
Age: 24
Name: Julia Hurenk
Age: 29
Name: Emilly Page
Age: 27
Name: Ksenia
Age: 20
Name: Jenny
Age: 30
Name: Marina Ribalko
Age: 36
Name: Alena Ostapyuk
Age: 28
Name: Maribel
Age: 33
Name: Lubov Chikmeneva
Age: 27
Name: Lanne Allego
Age: 23

Scam letter(s) from Olga Nikolaevna Zinenko to Henrik (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello! How are you? We met on the site - single-russian-woman. My name is Olga. You remember me?
I decided to write to you today. Since I want to meet you. If you do not mind?
I will wait for a quick response from you ...
Letter 2
Hello! Olga writes this again. I wrote you a letter yesterday. But no answer. Did you receive my letter yesterday? I'm still waiting for your reply. And the big hope is that we can get to know each other better. I really want to chat with you! And really looking forward to your reply.
Letter 3
Hello, is Olga. Yesterday I sent you the letter. The answer is not present from you. I hope, what you received my letter yesterday? Or not? Perhaps I offended you than that? Or told, something not so?
I look forward to hearing from you. I hope that we will continue our communication!
Yours faithfully.
Letter 4
Hello! Olga is here. Thanks for your letter. Very pleased to receive a response from you. This makes me realize that we began a correspondence and acquaintance.
Unfortunately, I am very busy for work today. And so I can not write a great letter for you. It takes time to read your letter. And write your letter for you.
I'll do it tomorrow. Good?
Tomorrow I will write more ...
Letter 5
Hello, Henrik! Thanks for your letter, I am very grateful to you that you continue to write me! It is really very interesting to open your mail! And to realize that we started correspondence!
Right at the beginning, I will tell. My home computer is broken unfortunately. And I cannot, see your letter quickly. I use the working computer, at the office. At work. And not always there is an opportunity to write you the big letter. And to write quickly.
Therefore I can answer not immediately. With a delay. Please, do not lose me. Well?! I anyway will answer you. Also I will try to do it as soon as possible.
Henrik, may I ask you some questions which interest me very much?! Your private life is very interesting to me. About love of children? About your relations with women? Why you are lonely now? How long you look for the woman, in the Internet? You look for only the woman of Slavic appearance? Women of your country, do not interest you?
In real life I was never married. I have no children. You already know about it. But I very much and very much love children! I dream of that day when I could have the family! I always wanted the strong and loving family. And of course all life I aspired to it! But the relations at me did not develop. Recently, I lived with the man. Long enough we were together. I thought that at us everything is serious, and we had to marry. At me was of course many plans, but my further life. But these relations ended for me very sadly. After I learned about other woman. As it appeared, it had other woman on the party. And it was already present long ago. It was change! And I stopped these relations. As I cannot forgive change and treachery.
To learn about it, very painfully! I would wish nobody, to have such feelings. I consider it ***** and meanly. I do not love treachery and I will be able never to forgive change! Therefore I finished these relations with it. My village very small, and remote. And in the region. I still could not find the man! As population, my city, very small. And the man, for itself. I did not meet.
Really I want to change the life! Speak that, men from the abroad are more gentle and tender in relation to women. Whether so it? Now I got acquainted with you. And I hope, what your intentions are serious to me? I really very much hope for your gravity! As I do not want to play games. I on it simply have no time.
And very much I hope that at us the friendship with you will develop!
I will finish this letter. I send a photo me and my friends.
I wait for the letter from you! And photo!
Yours faithfully!
Letter 6
Hi, this is Olga. How are you? Is everything ok with you? No letter from you. Are you going to answer? I'm really looking forward to...
Letter 7
Hi! I will look forward to hearing from you! Have good week-end!
Letter 8
Hello, Henrik! Thank you for your letter. And I am very glad that you continue to write. How your affairs today?
I at work and again I read your letter. I am very happy! And very much I hope, what my letters also bring you positive emotions?! In the last relations I was hurt very much. But it is life, in it there is a take-off and falling. It is necessary to try to live further. And to try to forget about the old relations and to leave them in the past. Though I remember how it was difficult for me then. If not parents and friends I do not know, whether I could be restored and live further.
Henrik, I did not speak. But I now live with parents. When I left the man, I moved to live to parents. I needed society and support. For you it is probably a little strange, what the woman in 36 years lives with parents?
But it is so convenient to us. I in parallel care of the parents. And they about me. Such mutual love at us in a family. For me in general always life of my parents was an example on life! And I want to carry by love with the future husband through all life. And I think that I have a good education which parents gave me. And my mother enclosed in me all female qualities which the woman has to have. I am very grateful to it for it! I am accustomed to everything. I am not afraid, house cleaning, washings, cookings. I do not want to brag. But I well cook food.
We also have a country house in the village. These are about 50 kilometers from our city. There lives my grandmother. We often go to it. And constantly we try to help it as it is already difficult for it to cope with economy. In summertime we go to the village nearly an every week. We plant potatoes, vegetables and fruit. At the expense of it we can live in the winter with the vegetables which are grown up. In the village the grandmother has still a cattle. There was a cow earlier. But now it was sold as it is difficult for my grandmother to cope with it. Now there were geese and chickens. They do not demand a lot of attention to themselves. Also give always fresh meat and eggs.
I do not know, whether will interestingly read you this letter? But in my country, people like to be engaged in farming. How at you?
Perhaps, I write all this in vain? But about what, we have to talk. Right? I write, about the life. That you could understand what I live.
I consider that I have to give a picture for you about the life. Let so far our communication completely virtual, but even through letters me want to give an overall picture about myself, the family and life. And I want to devote you most in detail in my life and life of my family. I hope that you also. As I want to learn about you more and more.
That concerning my parents. That I already told that it is an example of family life for me. They are not so rich people. At the father never was expensive car. And at mother of a fur coat and expensive jewelry. But they love and respect each other without wealth.
Henrik, tell me that be about the family? About parents? About sisters or brothers? Tell me about life in your country? How there live your people and families? Whether they are engaged in cultivation of vegetables and cultivation of cattle? It is very interesting to me to study your culture. Always interested as there live people in various countries. Our country big. But our life is various in each region. Of course in the Central Russia, in the large cities, such as Moscow or St. Petersburg, etc. There of course career or money is more important for people. But if to go to provinces of our country, people are more keen on rural life, farmer life. So, for example, in my city. People very peace are also quiet. Also did not get used to rich life.
That. What still to tell you? Probably, I will finish. Not to seem to you, too talkative. I send a photo, my family. Mother, father and elder sister.
I hope that to be pleasant to you the photo. And of course I will wait very much for your following answer!
Yours faithfully.
Letter 9
Hi Henrik! You do not want to communicate with me any more???
Letter 10
Hello dear! Henrik, I am happy to receive the letter from you again. And I have today opportunity to write to you. I very much like to read that you write! I feel that we become more and more close each other. Now I cannot tell any more that you the stranger. I gradually recognize you. I write only that really occurs in my life. I do not want anything to hide, and to try to be pleasant to you "violently". I speak to you directly and honestly always! I want to remain by itself, and to try to construct the future with the man who will respect, and to appreciate me. Henrik, Whether you ask I can arrive, to your country? I will tell so. I am not frightened by distance! And yes. I could visit you once. In the future. I even have money, what to arrive. At own expense. Not a problem. But not now! As I do not know you absolutely. And you do not know me. I think that it is unreasonable, to go somewhere. You do not know the person, rather well yet! Unless you disagree? We have to try to chat. To exchange letters. To exchange a photo. Whether to understand we approach each other. And only then to make plans for a meeting. And on the future. I think, what you agree with me?! Henrik, this morning I woke up with good mood and slept well. I woke up, made to myself coffee and a light breakfast. Also went for work. On the way I had only one thoughts, what it is to open rather the mail and to see your letter!
By the way, what you, usually, like to eat for breakfast? I very much like to eat in the morning oat or wheat porridge and to drink a cup of fragrant coffee. Sometimes to eat butter sandwich, with cheese. In general I try to watch food. And to eat healthy food. Houses I constantly cook various soups and salads. From foreign kitchens, most of all always inclined to Japanese cuisine. Very much I love fish and different the sea products. I eat meat and a bird seldom. I try not to eat anything fried and ***. Also I love, it is more than vegetables and fruit. But sometimes I like to come with friends to the nature and to fry meat on coals. Fried meat not useful, but sometimes I am able to afford it. Therefore such I eat seldom. What tastes at you in food? I have to know it! What you usually prefer for breakfast, a lunch? How people in your country begin day?
Perhaps my questions a little silly. But from simple things, sometimes it is possible to understand much more. I was always interested as there live other people on the planet. In other countries, others of the city. As they I begin day and as finish. This my mere curiosity. What to study you, your country. Your city. And as people live in your city and the country, in general. Perhaps, there are some features and habits?
I for example the am more senior, the more often I try to hold a diet. Over the years, it is difficult to be in good shape and to hold a figure. Gradually to have to limit itself in food and to give more and more time to sport. In off-duty time I try not to sit in place and constantly to be in the movement. Often I swim. In general I love everything that is connected with water procedures. I try to visit gyms and training. Aerobics, racetrack, a little heavy. In the summer respectively I run often in park down the street. Or I ride the bicycle.
Several times went astride a horse. I liked it very much.. Also I love tennis and skis, skates. We have a winter, there are nearly six months and snow it is a lot of. So that the love to winter sports, appears since the childhood. Such as skis, skates, etc sledge. Henrik, I love music. But the most important my passion is dances! I love music, dances and everything that with them is connected. But without dances I cannot live. Dance is everything for me. As long as I could remember. I dance probably, since that moment as started going. Still child. One of loved the directions it is Salsa. What I still love? I love animals! In particular cats and dogs. Henrik, what about the car? and driver's license? no, unfortunately. I do not have ti that, another. Henrik, I will finish. So already wrote much. I always with impatience, wait for your letters and your photos! I very much hope that I will receive your letter soon!
I embrace you!
Letter 11
Hello! This is Olga. There are no letters from you. How are you doing? Everything is all right???
Letter 12
Hello, dear!!! Henrik, I am very glad to receive your letter. With me everything is good, mood at me good.
Henrik, about your questions. I work generally from 8th morning, to the 6th evening. Monday through Friday. BUT! Happens very often so that I am late at work and till 9th evening. And also I work often on Saturdays. This overtime. When there is a lot of work. Also there is an additional payment. What concerning music? I love all music. It depends on mood. I can listen to classical music. Or pop music. even I also love rap or electronic music! That I do not recognize the only thing. It is hard rock. It is not pleasant to me.
Henrik, now I at work and at me am a little free time, what to read and write you the letter! Having seen your letter, my mood became even better! In general I cannot believe that I found you in this world and we write each other letters now. And it very much pleases me! I hope that at us the relations will develop further. Whether I do not know to be pleasant to you my letters? Whether also correct I ask questions to you. I do not know. I write that I think. As it is sure, what even from small things, it is possible to understand about each other.
Henrik, how your weather? At us the bright sun shines today. Also heats strongly!
Our city very small. Also it is not rich. I even would tell that it not so rich! My city, it is more correct to call - the village. Small population. But than people in the city every year, it is less and less. Now young people seek to go to big cities. Where there are more than opportunities to promote. It is more than money more entertainments. Thereby there are only people adults and old people. It is a pity that the city does not develop. As at us few modern things. There are no big shops. There are no restaurants. From cultural places, there is only one movie theater. And one children's puppet theater. The population at us, hardly totals 38 000 people. Despite all it. I very much love the city! It to me native, I was born here and grew up here. There are a lot of native to me people. Actually clubs and restaurants for me not the main thing in life. We have a city very beautiful the nature!!! It is a lot of woods, it is a lot of parks. It is a lot of water, the river and the lake. There are many beautiful reserves. And the sea is close. White Sea. Except the beautiful nature, there is nothing interesting. Small city and very remote. Summer short. Winter long.
Henrik, I am 36 years old already! I start worrying because of it! To you it can seem to the strange. But here in Russia, it is valid much for the woman! Therefore to decide on a family, this the most important, for me now. In a family it is very important to create a cosiness. I am not afraid of any work. I know how to cook well. And I very much love an order in the house. And always I watch that would be pure! I am completely ready to family and serious life. Also I want to change the life, once and for all!
I am very happy that we write each other. And I call it already as the electronic novel! I know that on other party there is a man who also writes me letters! And this very joyful feeling! I am not lonely any more! I to feeling of not the free woman. Though it is strange, but quite so I am arranged. I always belong only to one person. And I really very much hope that our friendship and our relations will develop!!! I very much hope for it. And I hope, what it is mutual?
Sometimes my letters, can seem the long. But I write while there is a thought to the head. I do not know, whether I have to speak about all this? And whether it is interesting to you, to read my mind and stories? But I am such person, and I so arranged. I try to open. And I would like the same from you. Though I not always well understand, your letters. But always I try to read everything attentively.
I will finish now. Very much I hope for your early reply!
I embrace!
Letter 13
Hello, my dear! Henrik, today I again tell you thanks for your letter! It is really very pleasant to open the mail and to see news from you! How are you? As there is your day, than are engaged today? How your mood? I hope that at you everything is good, and you often think of me!!!??? It is a lot of questions for a start, but I am actually very glad that we write each other. Even in breaks, between work, I remember you!
Always to me to become is more warmish at heart when you write me! Even from one thought that I am not lonely now, I have YOU! We are seemingly familiar a little, but I already very strongly got used to you. Got used to your letters. Every time when I am in front of the computer. I know that I have to read your mail! It at the same time frightens me, and at the same time very much pleases me. Frightens me because I very strongly am afraid to fall in love with you, and my love will be not divided. I cannot sometimes understand you up to the end. I cannot understand your feelings which you have to me. I ask you to be completely open to me, and to say only that you actually feel to me. You, probably, already noticed that I am very sentimental person. And constantly I open for you, the soul, the problems. I hope, what it is not too boring to read my letters? Perhaps, there is a lot of superfluous I speak in the letters? But I speak as I feel. I same, as well as all women, write that collected on heart.
In the last letter I said that I want to connect life with the man from other country. And very much I hope that YOU will be that man! Really so it developed that many Russian women look for men from other countries. As the Russian men cold and rough in love. Not for nothing, many girls from my country already went abroad. And many found happiness in others country! It is strange, but it is the truth. At us say on the TV, that the Russian girls find happiness behind mountains much. Also often show telecasts that many couples were created, thanks to the Internet. I do not know, whether the truth it or not. But there is so, and a reverse of the medal. Many girls who left, get to various problems. Therefore others country, it as well as is beautiful. And it is dangerous! Therefore, I want to study you completely. Whatever to make the wrong choice.
Henrik, I am very glad that I have you! You are very close to me spiritually. I want to continue with you! Also I hope that at us all it to develop! It is very easy for me to communicate with you. I tell the truth. When I come to work, I look for free time, what to write you the letter. I do not know why, but it is very easy for me to write you letters! I can long sit and compose the next letter for you! I often peer into a window in the office and I dream of us with you much! Yes, many thoughts in the head of you are valid at me now! About us! About our possible future together! You dream of us? Of what you think when you remember me? I feel happy when I realize that I have a man. Let it far now. But I feel how it to become to me everything closer and more native. I very much hope, that our relations will develop. And of course I want to keep in touch with you. Perhaps, we have a future together. I very much hope. Let's look ….
I will finish, what the letter seemed too big. I send a photo, with my pets. The cat lives with us in the apartment. And the dog, lives in the village, in a country house. Also I send a photo with girlfriends and the sister.
I wait for your answer and your photos!
I embrace you!
Letter 14
Hello my dear! I at work now yes. And about Putin? I know. that it was in France recently. And about Finland I do not know. I do not watch often TV. And not especially I am interested in policy. You are interested in policy??? my policy now. It - YOU!
Henrik, it is always very glad when I open the mailbox and I see the letter from you! I can tell that for me it already became a certain meaning of life. My dear, I want that you would know. That now you is constant in my head. And day and night. And I always try to write you the letter. As soon as I have an opportunity, to make it!!! I am very glad that I have you! That I found you. You are very close to me spiritually. It is very easy for me to communicate with you. At me, everything is good. And even during week-end I thought of you. In these days off, I met the girlfriends and told them that decided to get acquainted on the Internet with the man. Also told that met you there, and you strongly were pleasant to me! Now we are on friendly terms and we correspond, and I have very big sympathy for you! My friends, are very glad for me and wish me great female happiness. Told that at us everything is obligatory to turn out! I am very grateful to destiny, that I have good and loyal friends. At us it is not accepted to envy each other! And we always with friends wish each other only that would wish themselves!
And this time I saw pleasure in the opinion of the girlfriends. They really are also sincerely happy for me. Told that I began to smile more often! Probably, it is really visible from outside when the person is happy! How you think? I told the girlfriends about us with you because could not keep it in itself more. I always share the feelings and emotions, with my friends! It overflows me, and I had to share with the friends. I told them what you. And as you look. That we write each other. And we have feelings! My dear! I want to ask you, and you spoke to the friends about me??? Whether know, your relatives, about ours with you the novel? It is very interesting to me to know it??? You know, I also considered a duty to tell the parents about us. We always conducted confidential and confidential conversations. I told it what you are the remarkable man. Also told that you are the kind and pleasant person! I told them that our sympathy to each other the very big! Also there are very warm and tender feelings!
However, my parents treated carefully my love... I can understand them that they are people of old generation. And badly understand that such the Internet. And that such acquaintance Internet. Probably, it is difficult to them to understand that now there are a lot of people who get acquainted in the Internet. Earlier people got acquainted in cinema, library, theater, on dances. And it is difficult to parents to understand that life changed. And now it is possible will get acquainted on the Internet. For this reason they were strongly surprised when I told them that got acquainted with you, on the Internet! But, despite it. My parents are happy for me. Told that I am adult and I have the right to solve itself! They will respect my choice! My mother and my father, kind people. And of course wish me only good luck! They have no prejudices, in an age difference. In religion. In culture. Mother and father very tolerant people! And for them the most important. That I would be happy! If I am happy. My parents, too will be happy. Henrik, I will finish the letter! By tradition, as always. I looked for what photos to send you, with this letter. Watched the album. Also found video where I am the little girl. These are initial classes of school. Where I tell the poem. Great Russian poet Pushkin. School program. I do not know, whether it will be interesting to you to watch it? But it is always amusing. When the old video shot on an old video camera. Many years later. It is big memory! Well and of course, photos with my beloved friends. And most it is better the sister! Olga
Letter 15
Hi my dear! Thanks for your letter! I constantly thank you, for your letters and me really very much it to be pleasant to read! I am glad that our relations move ahead further. I very much hope that so will be further!
Henrik, recently I often remember you! I do not know, how are you? But I very much would like that us everything would turn out in the future!
Henrik, in this letter I will have one very important question. I want that you would think over it, very well!
I had an idea? Perhaps mad!? And perhaps hasty?!
What if to us with you to plan a meeting????? At least for some days, what to get acquainted in reality?
To see each other, in eyes. So, what to understand, whether really we approach for each other. What you will tell?
Henrik, at me according to the schedule. There will be a holiday in October.
My holiday, only once a year. And this year, it drops out for this time. Any other time I will not be able to receive holiday.
I could try to prepare all documents, during this time? I have a passport. It is necessary to make only the visa.
Perhaps, can seem to you, what I hurry with a meeting? And I if honestly too so consider!
But if not now. I will not have that other opportunity, what to arrive. As my holiday once a year! And therefore I think, to use this time. For a meeting with you.
Also would be silly not to use the holiday, what to see you! At least for some days. To arrive. What to get acquainted in reality. It would be useful for us. What to understand about each other, in real life. What you will tell?
Henrik, I understand that it is expenses. I have money. Also there will be still additional money, from holiday. Thereby I can pay everything independently. Not a problem.
What to receive the visa, to collect documents. And to be prepared for a trip. Time is necessary. Perhaps month! What to be prepared for a trip. Therefore I speak about a meeting in advance.
Here such idea at me. Perhaps, I advance events and I run quickly forward. Of course distance not small, what to overcome it. Also it is necessary to be mad or completely mad.
But I everything, am ready to risk! What to meet you. I know that it can change my and your life! Anyway, to see you in reality. It is better, than 1000 letters!
To meet, at least for some days. For the first acquaintance. Therefore I am ready on such responsible step. But it would be very useful for our relations. Really to check and recognize each other personally!
I write quickly today. Think, please, over my offer. I with excitement will wait for your, affirmative answer! I send a photo with where we with the sister, later time...
Your Olga
Letter 16
My dear, Henrik! Hello! After my last letter. I long thought. Once you spoke about it or not? Thought that is possible to you it will be unpleasant. Anyway, I want to forget all past! Your and my. And to live now. And to try to construct the relations with you. Not to remember any more that was before. And to try to construct the future, where we with you! And it is a pity to me to hear your history! Really, on the Internet it is necessary to be very careful! I 165 centimeters in height, you asked. We almost identical. And it not a problem for me. And what about alcohol? You told, what I drink a lot of alcohol? It is strange... As I do not drink alcohol absolutely! In rare instances, I am able to afford a glass of red wine or champagne, on holidays. You know that I wait and very strongly I like to receive your letters! Perhaps, sometimes, I answer not so quickly. Because of employment at work. Sorry. But know always that I think of you! And I sure that your feeling is similar to my feeling! Your letters, give me confidence about development of our relations. And I want to write you more and more. With each letter, we become slightly closer, to each other! But most of all I wait for our meeting when I am able to see!!! It will be disturbing, but pleasant time. By the way you never thought how there will be our meeting? What will be when we see each other face to face? What will we do? At once we will run towards to each other? Let's embrace? Or we will simply tell "hi" and we will hesitate? It is very interesting to me as it will be, sometimes even simply I dream in mind and I represent, us together! I think that we will worry it precisely, and I, probably, even will forget all words! As you think how it will be? You represented that disturbing moment when we meet face to face? If everything goes as it is planned, we will be together soon!!! It is my dream now which I want to embody!!! It will be the best time in my life, and I think in yours too!!! What do you think of it??? We long waited, and there came the moment when it is possible to start taking the first step to our further future, new life in which we will be only you and I!!! I wanted quicker that would pass time when I start taking all documents and the first steps to our meeting! Now I cannot wait any more! I already want that would pass quickly time when all paper work with documents is ready. And visa. Henrik, I can learn some information? For filling of documents and the questionnaire.
Your full name
Your address
Your phone perhaps at you not one phone? Mobile, house, working? If that, what not to lose you!
And name of the airport. That in which to me to fly. And in which you will meet me? You are going to take away me at the airport? I very much hope that we will begin the way from the airport. I know nothing in your country. And I want that you would take me at the airport and accompanied! Well?
It is desirable to know an IATA code of your airport. That there would be no mistakes. I nevertheless have to understand precisely where I go. The route. And also for my family it will be easier if they know where I am precisely. And your some data. I finish the letter. I hope, what you it is good? I will keep you informed all affairs! As soon as I have advances in documents, I speak to you at once. Your Olga
Letter 17
hi my love! Thanks for your letter. How are you? I'm fine! I think of you constantly! But I all days off work! It is a lot of affairs, at work. I'm sorry. But I write today shortly! Tomorrow I will be at work also. Also I will write more! Well? Do not lose me please! I will write tomorrow. I embrace! Kiss! Your Olga
Letter 18
Hello, my dear! Thanks for your letter. I already said that I live your letters, recently. And I am very grateful to you that you continue to write me. It gives me confidence, in development of our relations!!!
Henrik, we now every day, become the close friend to the friend spiritually. I am very grateful to destiny that we found each other. I consider that our acquaintance happened not incidentally. Every morning I wake up and I think of you. I began to have a bright smile on my face more often. And when time by the evening, I before a dream, also think much of you. I pray to destiny that at us all would turn out. And our relations, were stronger every day!
Henrik, I also learned, concerning the visa. It is not difficult. And I have every chance, what to receive it. I well approach, in work, in a salary. I have a real estate in Russia. I have elderly parents who demand care. And I will not become the illegal migrant. All these facts, allow to convince visa control. That at me is what to lose. And I will surely return. But nevertheless, despite it. Can not give the visa. But it is an exceptional case. Now there are some toughenings for the visa. But I very much hope, on that. That at me all has to turn out! Tomorrow I took a compensatory holiday from work. Thereby, I will go tomorrow what to submit the application for the visa! But before submitting the application for the visa. There are many references which needs to be collected and prepared. There are things which need to be paid. But it does not look very difficult. All complexity that I do it the first time. I have no experience, on such trips. But I will use the best efforts. Tomorrow I will make it!
Henrik, money will be enough for me, what to collect all documents. State duty, health insurance, visa, and return tickets. Not a problem!
BUT! How many I money need to have with myself? How it is expensive, there is a life in your country? I do not know so far, how many cash I can have with myself. When I go to you. Also I am afraid that I will have no lot of money in a pocket. For expenses. Therefore if I will arrive not rich! Some hundreds will be possible at me. It will be a problem for you? I do not want to be a burden for you. But everything, I have to ask. You will be able to take care of us two?
Henrik, I will report, all my movement with documents. What to keep you informed, all my affairs. I think, what it is interesting to you? Also I think, what you also worry about me?
I am going to go to you. And of course now there is a lot of talk on it. In my family and among friends. I know everything that I met you. Also I go to you on a visit! Therefore my parents are a little concerned. I understand them. My friends also, with different opinions. One say that I have to go on a meeting to the of happiness. To risk and go to you! Other friends say that it is dangerous. To appear in others country. I understand all opinions. And of course it is very difficult when there are a lot of different councils, from all parties …
But I am sure that to me there should not be nothing bad. I am sure that you are very good and kind person! Perhaps, I am too naive. Or madwoman. But it seems to me that I have to come, what to see you. As it is possible to write one million more letters. But they will not give, a real picture, about each other. And in general to understand, we approach for each other. Or we are absolutely different people. But it seems to me that you are my person. And I make big plans, for the future with you, and our meeting!
My dear, I will finish the letter. I need to go, what to work. I embrace strong! I send you a photo again of my family. Me with the father. And photo, my cousin and her daughter Victoria. She for me is the beloved niece! Very much I love it!!!
Letter 19
Hello, my dear! Thanks for your next letter. How your day today?
Henrik, I am always very glad when I see your letter. You write me and it is so pleasant, for me. I know that I have a man now. Which writes me and worries about me. Which always nearby. Let and between us there are some thousands of kilometers. But your letters, always very much approach you!
I took day off today. As had to collect documents and had to write the application and the questionnaire, on registrations of the visa. There is more desire, to go on leave rather... But I am glad that today I have opportunity to read your letter. And to write you the answer! I very much wait, the holiday. And opportunity, it is rather to meet you. I hope that all at us it to turn out. And we will carry out, excellent time together …
I came to work now, just to read you. And to write to you. Came on the box, what to check mail from you. And I see not the first time, in the box. Very strange letters.
Henrik, and it began already a few days ago. With constant frequency, I receive letters from Africa. And it bothered me. Generally it from Nigeria. In these letters, suggest to share inheritance of the person. Also it is, about very big money. About millions of dollars. At me it raises big doubts. And it is similar, on spam! Really, in Nigeria, there are a lot of millionaires who have no successors? I simply laugh!!!
All this seems to me roguish activity. I of course do not respond to these letters. As I am not silly, what to deal with these people.
It's totally ludicrous! But having read this letter, I smiled. For me it was very strange. As I can help, to these people. I do not understand … All this is very strange …
Henrik, it is fine about the important now! I submitted the application for the visa. I was told that terms of consideration take up to 15 days. But can give the answer earlier! All this depends on a season of holidays. And from loading in embassy. Therefore it does not depend on me. Now I need to wait only. And having crossed fingers, hopes that to me will approve the visa! As soon as I receive the visa. We with you discuss dates of my arrival.
My dear, I dream much. I am such person. But to build on the future, still early. And I understand it. I said to you that I read about your country much. And of course I will be glad if you could give me, small excursion when I arrive. I very much hope for it...
Also, it is very interesting to me. Whether you see our life in the future? If we in the future decide that we will live together. And I will have to, arrive to you on a constant place a residence. I could find work in your country? After all, something, I have to be engaged?!
Or I will have to stay at home? And to watch a household? To watch purity in the house, and smooth clothes, cooking? How you would like, to see our life? It is very interesting to me to know your opinion. To what you the woman present me? It is very important for me, as for the woman. What you see me, in the life?
I understand that I very much hurry and I run forward. But I said to you that I think of you much! I think of our meeting much. I always dream and I represent, us together. How it will be? How will occur? As we will live. In the head, mentally I make plans. And you? It is very disturbing for me! Also it is 24 hours in my head, now! Such at me still never was! And I am happy, again to feel the woman! And to feel that I am necessary! I am grateful to you very much that you give me this feeling!
My dear! I will finish the letter. Also I wait for your answer.
Your Olga
Letter 20
Hello! Henrik, my dear! How you today? How are you? As mood? I'm fine, the mood excellent, all is remarkable!
Henrik, as always, the greatest pleasure! What to see your news. And know that you as it should be. And where that nearby, in the letters! At me everything is normal. I live now, only thoughts of you. And about our meeting. Really I think, how we will live together. Whether I am good in housekeeping in the house. Or I will be engaged in something in another. Whether I will be able to be pleasant to you? We will see then. Also we will discuss all this at a meeting. But now I really want to meet you. Let will pass time which separates us. And let it will pass quicker.
I can even tell that I test strong love to you! Perhaps, it can seem a little strange as we never before met eyes in eyes. But I have such feelings, this attraction, at distance!!! Love it of course very serious word it is also necessary to understand and distinguish it. But I set to myself one and that, a question. Constantly. I think of you every day and every minute. My thoughts only of you! My look, now always to be on the West. Even, when I sit at work and I look out of the window, in the office! I think, that you live, somewhere away for many kilometers which divide us. And it is very interesting to me, than you are engaged every day? When you wake up? How goes, your day? Whether you think of me? And how you act when you fall asleep? These questions, I set to myself, every day. After all I know that let we are divided by distance. But I feel that there are you where that there … And that once, our dream for a meeting can be feasible.
Henrik, my dear, the other day I watched the movie. I saw this movie several times. But always I watch it with great pleasure. The movie is called as "Pride and Prejudice". From one of mine darling of actresses - Keira Knightley. You watched this movie? The movie tells story of two lovers. It was in the Middle Ages. All business happened in England. And I very much liked this cinema. There is no platitude and debauchery. Everything is very gentle and romantic. Really very beautiful history, about love. And as loved each other earlier. Even were afraid to kiss each other not to offend. And for all movie, there is no kiss. And men and women, were very timid. But men, were ready on a lot of things, for the sake of the beloved. At us, for example in Russia. There were many duels earlier. On guns or swords. When, honor of the woman was touched. The man could challenge to a deadly duel, other man. Our great poet, Pushkin. Too died on duel when it was fatally wounded. Protecting the honor, the wife. And it was severe time. And there are a lot of victims.
One more of my most favourite movies, is Titanic. I watched it already time 100. But every time of a tear!!!
I love historical movies. I love history. About a middle century, for example. Or me very much to be pleasant time, to Ancient Greece or ancient Rome. Sometimes it seems to me that I live not at that time. Also had to be born in those days. What movies, are pleasant to you???
I know that not all men, love such movies. And to men to be pleasant other movies. Perhaps, something from Film action? Or detectives? Perhaps thrillers? But I would advise to watch that movie. It is really easy and beautiful history, about love! I even several times cried! As there are really strong moments, in this movie. And, I am very sentimental person. And always with wet eyes when I watch similar movies.
Already of course not that time. And the world changed also people too. Already there is no that romanticism and tragedy, in love. Avidity and money is now more increasing. But I very much hope. And very much I want, what our history, at least slightly. It was similar, on something high and strong!!! My visa in way. And of course I with big look forward to hearing excitement from embassy. I hope that to me will approve the visa! Then we will meet and we will begin our way together! I hope that everything will be good. Though very much I worry. I think that at us everything has to turn out. After all both of us it want! Right? And I am sure that you also worry about me. And the thoughts, also you help me!?
Henrik, I will finish the letter. I hope, it turned out not too lyrical today? I think that I simply the romantic!
I look forward, yours the answer!
I embrace, a kiss!
Your Olga
Letter 21
Hello, my love! Thanks for your letters, again! How are you? I in the days think, what things can be useful to me? All the same, this trip not close. And I already plan, in what clothes I will go. And what clothes I should taking with myself. You can advise me?
Henrik, I have no information on the visa. And of course, to collect suitcases, ahead of time. It is a bad sign. Therefore I collect, this suitcase, in the head. And in mind, I scroll the clothes. Also, gradually, I study plane tickets.
I already talked, with the administration. And I receive, the vacation, without problems. Therefore, business is absolutely close, to an outcome. It was necessary only to hope that with the visa everything would be good! And I received it, soon. I very much hope! As soon as I receive the visa. I am let go on leave.
Therefore my holiday will depend in many respects on the visa. As soon as I receive it. My boss, without problems releases me.
I very strongly worry. And than closer, time to my departure. The this disturbing for me! But I so want to see you. And with each letter, I fall in love with you more and more! And our meeting has to, occur, despite of everything! Also everything is over has to accompany, for my visa. And then, I would like the second meeting in Russia. That I could, acquaint you with my family and friends and parents! It is very important for me. What to show you, my house and my life. And I would like, what for ours 2 appointments, you came to Russia. If you don't mind?
Henrik, my dear! If the visa goes well. And me will approve it. Most likely, I will need to go to Moscow. For receipt of a visa. As in our region, there is no your consul. Also there is no representation, your consul. And the closest is Moscow. But to Moscow, I will need to go anyway. As weeds, goes through Moscow. I will not be able to fly direct flight from the airport. To me anyway, it will be necessary to fly up from Moscow.
Besides, most likely I will have small affairs in Moscow. On work. If I go there. That on the way, I will have to solve them. Quickly.
Henrik, my dear! I also break the head, concerning a souvenir. What would you want, to receive from me as a gift? Though is not present! Do not speak! Otherwise it will not be a surprise! I cannot go on a visit, with acceptable hands. And without gift. At us so it is not accepted. I have a personal gift, especially for you! Which I will bring to you, and it will be a surprise. But it is possible you have preferences? What would you want, what I would bring from Russia? There are wishes?
Everything, I will finish on it. I will wait for an early reply!
I kiss you! And strong I embrace!
Yours forever!
Letter 22
Hi my love!!! how are you doing? I hope, what everything is all right? There is no answer from you. And I decided to write today itself, without waiting for you! Thinking of me and of our meeting.
Henrik, according to the visa, I still have no news! I do not know when I get approvals. And I look forward. In any case, I very much hope that everything is good. And my documents which are not lost and them will surely consider. Actually I think that at me all it to turn out. As many people go tourists. I hope that I am not worse. And me will approve my visa. I have good characteristics, what to receive the short-term visa. I study much, all this. And I read responses at a forum much. Where people say, how there are documents and that is necessary for this purpose.
If everything goes well. And me will approve. I will need to go to you, through Moscow. What to receive a stamp from consulate, in the passport. Also, to fly to you, it will be simpler from Moscow. I watch tickets, and of course, through the Moscow direction, there is more choice under tickets. Nevertheless, it is the most central airport.
Moscow is the center, all roads, in Russia. And many flights are more convenient and cheaper, through Moscow! Nevertheless I am rather afraid Moscow as it is simply huge city a little!
Henrik, my love! I hope, what you understand about what I speak? I hope, what you understand, what the notice according to the visa, can come at any time?
If the notice according to the visa comes. I need to go quickly to Moscow, for interview. Without postponing! As the visa will not wait. And of course if I fly up to Moscow. That I do not want to come back home from Moscow. It not the close road to fly there and back. If I depart to Moscow for interview. I want from Moscow, to take off to you at once! Without coming back, home. You understand about what I try to tell you? Here such plans at me...
As soon as I receive the letter from embassy. And if my road is open. I break and I go to you. Without tightening. Quickly! Not to lose the visa. And to see you as soon as possible! With work I solved everything. The administration lets me go on leave, at any time.
Also I hope, what you wait for me also at any time??? Also you give me the free schedule, for flight??? So it will be easier for me to be guided, with the visa and holiday. You understand???
Ohhhhh, my love! I start worrying very strongly. Thinking that is necessary to me a long way. But on the finish it will be pleasant. As we will reunite, at last! From it my excitement only grows. Probably, it is difficult to you to understand me. As I cannot describe, the internal fire! Which in me, everything inflames more strongly and more strongly.
Henrik, my love! I will finish the letter! It is necessary to work.
I send a photo. How you think to me there is such hat? It seems to me, it looks on me simply awfully! Simply played the fool with the girlfriend, in clothing store...
Kiss, very strong! I wait for your letter!
Forever yours!
Letter 23
Hello my love!!! Thanks for the letter! How are you?
Henrik, I received the notice, from migratory service. Probably, my inquiry came from consulate. Today, after work I plan to go there. What to receive the post notice. What to understand that want from me. If today I am not in time, I go tomorrow morning. Probably, my visa has to be approved. Or not. Other options cannot be.
As soon as I know more, I speak to you! To tell the truth, all this bothered me with order. All this paper work, very long and exhausting. Everywhere bureaucracy! Constantly, what - that references, the state taxes, extracts from work. But most of all, tires me, this expectation. When you worry very much, and you do not know everything for certain.
I will finish the letter. I will try to write tomorrow, about the results. But if I am not able to write to you tomorrow. But I will surely write to you on Monday. Well?
Very much I worry! Wish me good luck …
My dear, I wish you excellent day! And pleasant evening! Once again, I apologize, for the short letter.
I kiss!
Always yours!
Letter 24
Hello, my love! How are you? As your mood? I have a high mood. Because there are you! And our meeting is close, and it has to take place. In any case, I want to trust in it! I have good news! My love!!! To me the notice according to the visa came. Generally, it in a good stage. Everything is good! And most likely, there will be no problems. As, approval is! And it cannot but please! But to tell the truth, I did not doubt that to me will approve the visa. To tell more precisely, I assumed that will give. As many people travel, and receive visas. The only inconvenience that is necessary for me personal presence, when receiving. That is I have to visit consulate, at personal presence. Identification of the personality, in other words. What to receive a stamp and the passport. And in our city there is no your consul. Also there is no representation of your consulate. I already spoke to you about it.
Henrik, I every day, only with thoughts of my trip and of you. Also I study all rules, for movement. I now, have a small problem. And it to treat my clothes. I nevertheless have to take, some clothes. Also it is necessary to provide so that it would be easy and necessary. For the woman always the problem, is things. As everything wants to have at once, at itself. I studied, governed, about baggage transportation. To the international flights. Also it is no more than 20 kilograms, for a suitcase. And no more than 5 kilograms, for a manual bag. At us in Russia, the same rules for planes. Therefore it is necessary to find room for everything, and to forget nothing.
So. I also, will look for rent in Moscow. As, I think that I will be late there per day, or two days. And I need housing. What to appoint, time for interview. And to pass it. I look, on the Internet, the rented apartments. Hotels, apartments or Hostel. That would be cheap also conditions, pleased. Generally, what to correspond to the price and quality. And to remove not in the downtown. And, where that on the suburb. As prices not cheap absolutely! Than farther from the downtown, subjects the price, sharply decreases. But it is better to take care of housing now. Suddenly I to be necessary to be late in Moscow, for day or two days. You understand?
I study in the Internet, announcements on rent. Wrote out some numbers. I want to ring round. What previously to discuss all nuances. This question, is very important and it is necessary, to solve with housing. I do not know, you understand or not, what I wrote to you? And as there will be a translation. But I now really very much worry, because of a trip. Also I want to prepare everything that would go smoothly.
My dear, I hope, what you understand? About what I try to tell that to you?
My dear, I also have a lot of talk with my family and my friends. And of course my family, very much worry about me. I went much across Russia. But out of borders of Russia, one, I never went. Therefore, it is a big stress for them. Especially for mother. Therefore they very much want to have acquaintance, with you. What to look at that man to whom it is so strong, pulls their daughter! All right, I think, we will have a lot of time. What to discuss everything, in personal meeting. For me now, the first task to reach you!!! And I will not release you, never any more!!! Henrik, my dear! Again about dates! I want to buy tickets on September 29 to Moscow. 30 I visit embassy. Also I fly up to you! How to you plan? Whether dates for you are good? I can already receive holiday the other day! Not a problem! I said already to you that with my work everything is solved.
My dear! I wait for your answer. For my part, everything is ready! I prepared all documents. I am ready to take the last step. And to arrive to you. I wait for your answer! Everything depends on you now!? If you give me green light? That I arrive already soon!!!
Very strongly I worry! Strong kiss! And stronger embraces!
Yours forever!
Letter 25
Hello my love! These days, I think of you, and of our meeting much. In total! We will be with you soon! This real happiness!!! Tomorrow I will be in Moscow. And still every other day I will already be at you!!!
Henrik, I officially already on holiday. But today I came to work. Only for this purpose, what to write you the letter!
I will have a quiet evening, what to collect the thoughts. Everything is solved with work. Everything is solved with a family. Everything is solved with documents! I collected already all suitcases! And I am ready to fly up! I have a plane ticket Arkhangelsk-Moscow.
From Novodvinsk to Arkhangelsk, nearly 30 kilometers. Not far. I go there by bus.
My plane to Moscow, for 11:10 mornings.
Flight to Moscow, nearly 2 hours. It will be short flight. And soft I hope! I am nervous a little, before flight by plane. Though was never afraid of planes. And in the life I had to fly much. But I am nervous all the same a little. I plan to land in Moscow at 13:00, day. In the afternoon.
I already phoned to the hostess of the apartment in Moscow. She waits for me! On telephone conversation, she is the pleasant woman! I hope that with the apartment will not be, troubles. In any case, to lease the apartment, is much cheaper. Than hotel.
By the way the apartment, in the settlement - Lobnya, in the Moscow region. It is the suburb of Moscow.
Next day, I reserved electronic turn. I do not want to be late long in Moscow. I will try, to finish procedure with the visa, as soon as possible!
I will contact you from Moscow. I will surely let know as there are my affairs. On the Internet. Or by phone! What to tell you date, time, and flight of my flight. You understand? I will find the Internet. Or I will call to you from Moscow. What to give the news. And number of my flight, to you! You understand?
My love, here such news at me, for today.
Henrik, I very much hope that you will read this letter, soon. Today to me, it is necessary to go to bed early to sleep. And to get up very early!
I very much worry. And I ask you, to be vigilant.
To hold, the phone nearby!!!!
And often to check, the mailbox!!!
It is very important for me as I have to contact to you constantly!!! And to stay in touch! What to speak about the movements. Also I want that quickly would pass time! And all this vanity! What it is rather, to see you! Wait for my news from Moscow!
I kiss you! I hope that your thoughts, with me!
Your Olga
Letter 26
Henrik, my love! I in Moscow, now. Everything passed well, reached softly. Good landing, in Sheremetevo. I love the plane. I consider, it is comfortable, safe and fast transport. Never understood people which to be afraid of flight by plane. I dread to think, how many I would spend forces and time. If went to Moscow, by bus. Or by train. And here 2 hours of flight, and I already for 1300 km, from the house. Now I, accustomed to Moscow a little. Though, I lodged, is far from the center. And it is more exact, to tell that I in the Moscow region. Near the village. In the city - Lobnya. Moscow, big and beautiful city. It is the real business center. All city and people here, very much differ from life, my village. Here everything rustles, hoots, continuous vanity. People move very quickly and somewhere hurry. Probably here it is valid, time is money. With the apartment, problems are not present. Here is, everything that is necessary for life. From all necessary, electric devices. Also, there is a good bathtub, with the water heater. And it is very important for me. As I do not represent life, without bathtub. Generally, I'm fine. Do not worry … I also already reported to my family and friends. As all on needles! Also are nervous not less me. I now near Moscow. 30 minutes, in way, on an electric train. From Moscow - Lobnya, But in general across Moscow, is very difficult to move. Awful traffic jams. And there are a lot of people and cars! Big movement! High buildings, and big shops. All very big. And it, very much differs from my city! Because of all this movement, on the road leaves, it is a lot of time. I took a taxi today. But understood that the taxi is bad transport! Very slowly. On the road, a lot of time leaves. Much quicker, I think, to move on the subway, and an electric train. It is the best transport here. Henrik, my love! Yesterday night I, almost did not fall asleep. And very much early, left to the airport. Therefore, I now fall from feet. I want to take a bath, with hot water. It is necessary to go to shop, what to take a few products. To have a bite a little, and to go to bed. In any case, to try to fall asleep, on a new place. Tomorrow, early in the morning, it is necessary to reach the consul. And I very much worry! Tomorrow I receive the visa. From thought that I will be able to be at you soon! In your hands! In others country! It of course, everything very much excites me! I will go now. I was really strongly tired. With me everything is all right, do not worry. I love you! Your Olga
Letter 27
Hi my love. I am in Moscow. If I can, then I will write more later in the evening .. kiss!
Letter 28
Hi my love! I do not know with what to begin this letter. So I am afraid to write you a little. My visa is approved! But to me it cannot be given out. As I have an insufficient bank balance.
I wanted to receive the visa today and to buy tickets. And already today or tomorrow to be with you! But my problems appeared today …
The matter is that for foreign citizens. Which cross border, there are indispensable conditions. To have at itself, or on personal account, the necessary sum of money. It as material insurance. I was told that I have to have 2100 euros, at myself. Otherwise I will not be able simply to leave Russia. To buy tickets and to receive the visa.
This money is necessary, for this purpose, what to be financially secure in the territory of the foreign state. And to have opportunity to take care of itself, in case of unforeseen situations. It as insurance. With which each tourist has to have at himself. I knew that there is such law. And I took with myself 600 euros. I thought that it will be enough! But it appeared that minimum monetary coverings, according to my visa. Makes 2100 euros. These are money for expenses. I have to have this money at myself as the tourist!
I tried to explain to the authorities today that I have a beloved! I do not need money. As I go on a visit to it. We got acquainted on the Internet. Long corresponded and decided to meet. I go to it on a visit. He waits for me. And he will not throw me, under no circumstances. He will always feed me, and will give a lodging for the night. Also will not give, to spend the night under the bridge!
I tried to explain all this. But I was answered. That the invitation or the certificate of a shelter, only the relative can give. Only the relative can take full material security for the foreign citizen. If you were to me the husband or the brother, for example. Then I would be passed. But we with you foreign people, for the authorities. Therefore I have to have the money anyway.
Henrik, my love! My documents as it should be. The visa I will be given! But I will not be able to be registered and the visa. Without this money. I very strongly was upset today! It everything is not fair in relation to me! I have even wet eyes. As I have now no such money. I should find 1500 euros. And I do not have them. The annoying in that. What is money it is not necessary to pay anybody. They should not be spent anywhere. They need to be had simply at themselves. What to prove to the authorities that I have them! That's all …
My love, I called the parents already today. Explained a situation. But to wait from them for the help there is no sense. As they at me old people who live on modest pension. And they simply have no 1500 euros. And where to find them quickly, they too do not know. I also rang round friends. But nobody can help me. As there is no such sum at anybody! I know that I need to find money in short terms. On credit! And I will be able already to give them in 1-2 days back! But where to find the person who can borrow such sum? Even for 1-2 days. I do not know.
Henrik, my love! You can borrow me 1500 euros? As soon as you meet me to the airport. I will give them to you back. In total to the last euro.
I do not spend them anywhere. They have to be simply in my pocket. What to convince the authorities that I have them with myself. As soon as I arrive to you. I will have this money, at myself. I will give them to you back!
Therefore I ask from you 1500 euros on credit. For very short term! You can lend to me? Understand me truly. I will bring this money with myself. Also I will give them to you at once back, directly at the airport. to you in hands. Now this money is necessary to me, it is simple as formality! It is simple to show and prove to the authorities that I have such sum. That's all. You understand?
I always said to you that never I will ask your money. But differently I will not be able to arrive to you. I became a hostage, this situation. Not on the fault. And I have no other choice. How to ask your help. Except you I do not have anybody.
I very much want, to find the solution!!! As, it is important for me! For us! I think what exactly from this meeting, we could begin, other future, together! And you do not represent as I want to arrive to you. And to see you! And I am sure that you too want! I feel it! And of course, I very much am afraid to lose you. If I had, this money. I of course would not endure that. But I do not know what to do now!?
My love, I now write from library which to be not far from my apartment. There is an Internet, what to write to you. I now will go. But later I will be again here! I beg you. Answer as soon as possible. It is necessary, something to do!
Strong kiss! With love!
Your Olga
Letter 29
my love! My name - Olga Zinenko. How you are going to do it? I need to give you listing of my bank details?
Letter 30
Ok my love! my bank details: SWIFT: ALFARUMMXXX
IBAN: RU40817978207240000806
Name of Bank: AO «ALFA-BANK»
Adress of Bank (head office): Kalanchevskaya 27, Moscow, Russia
holder name: Zinenko Olga Nikolaevna Kiss Olga
Letter 31
my love! I don’t know what paypal is. I do not have such. Is this some kind of account? I only have a bank account. How many days do you have to wait? What did they say in the bank? Maybe we'll wait then? Since there is no other way ... What then to do .. I'm waiting for an answer! With love!
Your Olga
Letter 32
Hello my love! I'm catching on. What do you want from me???
Letter 33
My love! I wait for the answer from you! Please, answer me. What I need to make? What information I have to provide? Time goes. And the next day goes on a decline. we did not make still anything. I so worry therefore to an occasion.
I wait for the answer!
Your Olga
Letter 34
my love! That I still wanted to tell. I investigated today, ways of transfer of money. Bank which to be near me. in it there is an office of ria money tranfer. It is the company is engaged in money transfer worldwide. They told me that it is fast, safe and very convenient translation. That is you need to know only my name. And confidential code. And I can receive money to Moscow, in 30 minutes. After sending. What you think? You in the city have ria money tranfer??? I very much wait for the answer. With love! Your Olga
Letter 35
my love! I read your letter. But I ask to explain to me? What not so? In what risk? I also asked you in the last letter. What data are necessary from me? You tell nothing to me. I do not understand, what occurs? In what the risk consists? Henrik, all this time, I was engaged in search of money. I spoke with the house. With a family, native and friends. With fellow workers! Explained them the problem! All very strongly worry about me. But nobody can help me, such money! It is a lot of! And simply they are not present! Nobody has such sum at present!
If parents, had such money. That they would help me, without problems! But at them is not present unfortunately. They on pensions, are also not rich at all.
I in a month receive slightly more than 500 euros. And I need 3 months, is not, not to drink, and not to live at all. What to raise such money! Therefore I am the bad borrower!
Henrik, my love! At present, I do not know what to do! And where to take such money, in short terms. With this trip, I already and so was spent very strongly. I made much for this trip. Also was spent very strongly! Enclosed everything! And if I knew where to find money. I would do it immediately!
And at me simply is not present, it is more than money. Generally, my state is strongly suppressed. I without force, in this situation. And of course dream, what to be near you and at last, to see you! This dream leaves! I have tears in the eyes!!!! As I had to be with you already soon! And now I have a problem! Which I cannot solve without you...
But I do not want to allow such thought! And even I do not want to think of it! I have tears in the eyes! I do not know what to do!
Wash love! I perhaps wanted to receive yours council! As at the man! What to do to me in the circumstances?
Henrik, my love! I understand that we spoke that we will not speak about money. And I said that I will make everything! As I understand that money can badly influence our relations and our love!
But it turned out so that I did not expect! I thought that I do everything correctly! Understand me truly! I ask for help. Only because except you, I have nobody will address!!! I still hope very much that we will win against these difficulties! Also we will be together, as well as wanted. as I am sure that we can have a big future together!!!
I expect your news!
I kiss you! As well as always!
Yours forever!
Letter 36
and still. I made scan of the passport, for you. This additional information was necessary to you? Or what?
Letter 37
Hello my love! Night passed awfully. I almost did not sleep. As I read your letter yesterday and very strongly was upset. As I understood that you do not trust me. I here in return trust you for 100%. Otherwise I would never risk to go to others country. But I trust you. Also is ready to risk, for the sake of our future. What to meet you. And to recognize you in reality.
I in general sleep since the moment, my travel badly. As it is all nerves and a stress. These flights. And here still there was a problem with money. And my experience amplifies even more!
Henrik, my address - the city of Novodvinsk, Dvenskaya Street, 26\33, 164901. My number - +7 964 623 75 84
At me were never secrets from you. And I always told the truth, and hid nothing! You simply did not ask never, these data. Therefore you do not have them.
Now that about money? I have to have this money with myself. As material insurance. This money has to be on my account, it is simple as the proof of my solvency. I am a tourist. And I have to have money for housing, food, trips and an other expenses.
Then I spoke to them: I have a beloved. I go to it. It takes on me full care! I trust it! It will provide me to all necessary. Food, water, will give housing. Also will not allow to spend the night under the bridge! I also asked them. That perhaps my man will make to me the invitation. Or certificate of a shelter. I was answered: Who is he to you? I told, all as is. That I got acquainted on the Internet. We long communicated on the Internet. Also decided that have to see each other in real life. On what answered me: That where as you tell guarantees of what there will be everything? It to you who? Father, husband, brother, uncle? If we with you had related communications. That you could do me the certificate of a shelter. And to take for me full material security and care. But we with you foreign people! For this reason you cannot be charged for me. And you cannot take for me a full liability. And responsibility for my health. You understand? For this purpose I have to have the personal means. What can take care of itself. And to depart back home without obstacles. Without breaking migration regime. Henrik, in other words this money only formality. What to show to the authorities. That here! I have them. then they to me put the visa. I buy the ticket and I fly to you. You meet me at the airport. I right there give you your money back. All 1500 euros. In total to the last euro. As stranger it is not necessary to me. You understand? You lose nothing. Even 1 euros. as I do not pay and I do not spend them anywhere. They have to be only at me, at that time so far I do not receive the visa and I do not arrive to you! That the authorities would be seen that I am the solvent tourist. You understand?
I will wait for the answer! Give our dream we will make reality. I would be in your embraces for a long time. If you did not doubt me. I will arrive! And you will be convinced that you in vain do not trust me!
With love!
Your Olga
Letter 38
my love! I in the days wait for your letter... You can write a thicket me? I simply look how pass days there are nothing in general. I in Moscow. And the whole day to wait for your one letter. It is not good in general. As my rent too spends money for the apartment. I cannot simply sit and wait for your answer, 1 ra zv day. My love! Please give the answer. What do we do? With love! I very much want to see you! Your Olga
Letter 39
Hello my love! I did not receive any sms from you. I also tried to send SMS to you. And I even tried to call to you. But I every time am answered on that end that your phone is switched off! Or it is not gone out of a network area of coverage!
I do not know that this such. Time goes. I have one question. What to do to me? To go home? To me it is very sad, but I think that you are not going to help me. Right? Olga
Letter 40
my love! You gave your number to me. I just sent the SMS
Letter 41
(I demand honesty.). what means? You again of what that suspect me? I try to call and write the SMS right now. But to me every time is said that the subscriber out of a network area of coverage!
Letter 42
My love! I gave you all the correct information... About phone, I now spoke with the mobile operator. I was told that novodvisk the provider does not support mine, the international call. Therefore I cannot call and receive calls from abroad. I can only try to find post office or the payphone. Which will be able to connect me to you. Thereby, I can call. You well speak English? Now that about trust. I now am in library, from where I write you. I now took the picture, for you. That you would understand at last that I it I! And your mistrust to me is not proved in general! I do, it that my conscience would be true before you! You know that in Moscow at me is not present friends and acquaintances. What even to take the picture. I was in library today. Also asked, strangers to take the picture me. I took a leaf, wrote your name. People whom I asked did not understand for what it is necessary for me. Also looked at me as on the idiot. It was never so a shame to me. But I made it, what to clear the conscience before you! I send you this photo. I hope, I wrote your name truly?
I love you! And I do not deceive you!
Your Olga
Letter 43
I do not know, what pictures on a wall. Possibly it is library workers. or some holiday. I then and? I come here, just to write to you. As there is an Internet and the computer. It to be near the apartment which I rent. I do not know that for pictures. To you wash pictures not enough? More and more questions from you. It it not to be pleasant to me in general!
Letter 44
I am now in Lobnya, the Moscow region. I spoke to you about it. What is necessary from me?
Letter 45
Henrik, you have my passport. You have my address. You have my bank details. I to you today as fool! Stood with the poster and your name. Passersby people, looked at me AS ON the FOOL!!! and I made all this for you! That you would not break our love mistrust! I made it everything, what to show that I it I. I explained that my operator cannot call the international call. I live in the village and my mobile network operator, is bad for calls abroad. I offered you that I can go and call you from the payphone... Henrik, you asked from me more information. I provided everything to you! You know about me, more, than I about you! All that you asked. I made everything. Now I got stuck here. and I have only tears in the eyes. As I do not understand that you want from me. Or we meet? Or me to go home? Today 5 days as I in Moscow. Tomorrow Friday! If I do not fly up to you tomorrow. It means that I remain in Moscow on the whole days off. Till Monday, here everything is closed, days off and works nothing. It means that I will not be able to make anything. Neither the bank, nor embassy does not work. I begin a panic already. Now you say that I have to go to money transfer office. Where? That? In what office? I understand nothing. My love Henrik! All this strongly upsets me. I did not plan that everything so will develop. I simply asked your help. And I did not expect that it will be so much mistrust to me. I wait for the answer. Olga
Letter 46
yes I understand... not the destiny means to our meeting... to me it is so sick that I have tears in the eyes. I do not know you trust or not to it. but I am sincerely sorry. I do not know what to do. though gave all proofs as you asked. I do not deceive you. I would arrive. and you were convinced of it. the world is full of bad people. which disturb, normal to achieve the dream. I cannot long sit online, I so already almost whole day here. if I am able to wait for the answer, it is good. if no, I go to the apartment. I do not know that I will do today. I have no plans for tomorrow. and to be in Moscow, just like that I too cannot long. I love. Olga
Letter 47
we have to talk on the phone. When can I call you? what time will be more convenient?
Letter 48
Hi my love! Why do not you answer me? What should I do? I am waiting for your letter, like mana from heaven. Why are you silent?
Letter 49

Hi Henrik! Day passed, the answer from you is not present... I probably already bothered you probably. It is simple to write, I think always it is possible! If the person is really important. Generally, me to become obvious. That everything goes to the deadlock. My sister when saw off me at the airport. When I departed to Moscow. Made a photo of my ticket for memory. I send it to you. Look if I try to fool you. As you speak. Then what to me washed away was, to come here? I wish you good days off! Light sky and excellent weather. I hope that you have a good time!? It is a pity to lose you. Because of such nonsense. When everything could be differently! Olga
Letter 50
Hello Henrik! I will be able to call only on Monday. Everything is closed. Days off. Where I would not come. Works nothing.
Letter 51
Hi dear! I do not understand your question. About my visa. you know, what problem at me, what to receive the visa. But you do not trust me! How I spend days off? I would like to answer that is good. But I will not deceive. As my mood very bad. This trip became very big problem for me. And I am sorry that my beloved does not hurry to help me. Olga
Letter 52
I want to speak by phone with you. Tomorrow, new week. it will be open. I go to the payphone, what to call you.
Letter 53
Hi my love. I was happy to hear your voice yesterday! But it seemed to me that you really speak English very badly. Our call was interrupted. But I did not call back. Henrik, one thing I want to understand. Are we planning a meeting? Or not?
Letter 54
my love! Nothing is out of date. My visa is still open. I have left money of 500 euros. And yesterday you sent 500 euros. To pick up a visa, I need 1100 euros. And tomorrow I'll be with you!
Letter 55
my love! I was not going to buy tickets for money from the very beginning. I have a corporate card, from work. Our colleagues at work, often fly by plane on a business trip. And on this map, there are accumulations in miles. With this card, there will be no problem. I can go anywhere in the world. And go back. Without problems.
Letter 56
if I stay in Moscow for two more days. Then I have enough money to pay for the apartment.
Letter 57
it's not a hotel. this is an apartment that is rented for a day. I eat food that I buy in the store and cook myself. rent an apartment costs me 1000 rubles.
Letter 58
I've had enough! I'm really tired! I'm like an idiot, stuck in Moscow. and only and do, this justify themselves! I've had enough. I'm going home one of these days! You don't need this meeting..
Letter 59
Hi Henrik! It seems to me, I answered all your questions. I gave you documents. I gave you the photo with a leaf and your name. I gave you the address. You have my bank account. You have all information on me. I also always spoke to you. That very much I want to meet you! also it is ready to arrive! And to get acquainted with your parents first of all. I too want in total it. I many times explained you a problem. but you have questions which do not come to an end. then I decided to call you! As thought that it will be simpler to discuss by phone. Than to write everything in letters. But your English not good. And to speak even more difficultly, what to write letters... I told, to you that I rent the apartment. Daily apartments. And rent, 1000 rubles. (these are about 15 euros a day). I told that I specially stopped in the suburb of Moscow (Lobnya). It is the suburb of the city. Here low prices of real estate. If I rented apartment in the center of Moscow. that I would pay a lot of money for rent. I told you that of course I did not fly to Moscow without money. I to you from the very beginning, told. That I will have 600 euros. And some thousands of rubles for expenses. From this money, I paid rent of the apartment, bought food, paid for the Internet, what to write to you. also paid for a call to you. I told you that then I exchanged 100 euros for rubles. What to support expenditure here. Thereby in euro at me remained to currency at the moment 500. And you sent me 500. I told you that I have 1000 euros. But what to receive the visa. my balance, has to make 2100 euros. then, to the full sum I do not have now 1100 euros! If you can send me them! I fly up to you tomorrow! But I still in Moscow. And still, we turn on the same place. What's the problem? Henrik, though I told you. What is money will be at me. That is they will be necessary to me, what it is simple to receive the visa. And to show to the authorities that I have them! As soon as I arrive to you. As soon as you meet me at the airport. I right there give you your money back! All 1500 euros which you sent. In total to the last euro! The stranger it is not necessary to me! I do not spend this money anywhere. I their do not pay anybody. They simply have to be in my pocket. What to convince the authorities that I have them! It is clear? You ask, what is the time I will be Finland. My visa for 90 days, is open. But my holiday will come to an end on November 11. Thereby I can be in Finland, up to November 9-10. Then I will depart to Russia! If it long for you. I can depart earlier. With tickets of problems will not be! Henrik, why I did not go to other foreign countries? For various reasons. When that, did not give holiday in summertime. When that, was not simple money! As I am not rich! But I wanted to go this year. As saved up a little money. And even made the international passport last year. But got acquainted with you! And here decided to meet you! What to tell you? What else there will be questions to me? Olga
Letter 60
Hi Henrik! I simply do not know that to answer you... You with me play game? You really play with my feelings?
Letter 61
(Would you like to spend the weekend there again in Moscow?)... you is serious???? you really think, what it gives pleasure to me to be here?
Letter 62
(42 days * ?30 = ?1260.) - and here 42 days? And? My visa of 90 days. For these 90 days, I have to cover the sum of 2100 euros. Nobody will watch me. How many days I remain in Finland. 42 days. or 7 days. The visa is open 90 days, for it I have to have the full sum. You do not understand it perhaps? I already explained everything to you it seems...
Letter 63
listen. if you still did not understand. You offend me very strongly! you give out all this so! As if I hunt for your money! also you hold me as a mouse, on a short lead. with these checks and codes! You know that to me to spit on your money. I see, already that it simply game such.... If you still did not understand, my feelings to you... I was bothered by your checks! You humiliated me already enough...
Letter 64

(90 days visa (90 days * ?30 = ?2700.) Why now only 2100 euros? Is it calculated correctly?
That's what I wondered at this. That's why I asked you and you did not like my question.)
sum correctly! So I was told in embassy. That I have to have 2100 euros on the account! Everything, I cannot tell anything any more. What do you want from me?
I will go to embassy tomorrow. Or I will go home. Tomorrow all to decide.
Letter 65
well I understood. I two weeks in Moscow there are nothing in general! simply the holiday spent time also. And you all this time, simply fooled me! As silly woman! Can be so to me and it is necessary. And I really silly woman. That it was moved again on the acquaintance Internet. And I again simply was hurt! Bravo! You beautifully played. It is not similar to how the real man behaves. In general!. 500 euros, are not necessary to me your money. to me it will be necessary information on your bank account. I will translate them back! Be happy!
Letter 66
Hello dear! I have not gone anywhere. I'm here. I just have nothing more to say. I am very lost ... Also stuck in Moscow until Monday. I can’t even fly home. Since the owner of the apartment, she suddenly left for her grandson, in another city. I need her to transfer the rent money and the keys to the apartment ... Everything is tired of madness. I want to go home. To Mom..
Letter 67
I was in banks. Well! It is the very first thought at me was when I understood that you are not going to help. I wanted to take the loan in bank. I bypassed many banks, what to submit the application. But I will not be let out from the country! I did not speak to you about it. But did this way! Some banks refused to me the loan. For the reason, a low wage! At once! Some refused - for the reason that I have no Moscow registration. Though my country. But the Moscow banks, give only to residents of Moscow and the Moscow region! All right! State, All-Russian banks. I was agreed to help! and to grant the loan, in 2000 euros. So much I asked. They are ready to give more! Not a problem! I was delighted. At once ran in banks where to me approved the credit by phone. In big hope that today I will be able to issue the credit. And to arrive soon to you! To my beloved! But! Again deadlock! In bank, I was warned. That they are compelled, to do the report in tax service. And for this reason, with the credit on hands, I will not be let out from the country. In Russia, the law works. About that. If you owe the state money. You have no right to leave the country. Until, until you pay money. In other words. So far you are a debtor. You cannot go to the foreign state. Here so we also live here!! It simply deadlock from all directions! I was so tired, from these problems! From all directions, obstacles. I do not know any more what to do! Honestly! I try also that, both there, and there. But anything it is impossible to me. And all right! I lose time days. I lose money. There are nothing. And it seems banks authorize the loan. But under the law, so far I am a debtor. I cannot leave!
Letter 68
I told you that I tried all imaginable and not imaginable ideas. what I on yours do in Moscow? You think, I simply there sit, I drink tea and I watch TV. I bypassed everything. All commercial and non-profit organizations. I addressed to all acquaintances, what to borrow such money. But there is no such sum at anybody. You understand? No! If I had a magic wand... then there would be an exit.
Letter 69
Hello dear! Thanks for a photo, your place and your mother! I loved very much. It looks, very cozy and cross place! And I see that your nature, is very similar to the nature, which in Russia. What about the photo of my visa? I cannot give you I do not have what! I several times explained to you that mine of a look will be approved! But I it will be given out, only after when I have a positive balance on we wash to the account. Henrik, I do not know why you do not hear me. As I explained all things to you several times. (I want to make sure i know you're genuine Olga Zinenko). You have all data on me! You even have a photo, with a leaf and your name. It seems to me, this best proof of that I exist. But you continue not to trust me... You have more information and documents. I do not know about you even so much. Olga
Letter 70
we could be happy!!! But for me it was always important to trust each other in the relations. You do not trust me. Means between us there is nothing! It is a pity...
Letter 71
Hello Henrik! I have an offer today. I seem to me could find money. It is a little in loans, at the sister and the girlfriend. I also was in a pawnshop yesterday. At me is gold dyeing, on me. It is a pity for them a little. But at me is at itself a chain, earrings and couple of rings. I was in a pawnshop, and tried to estimate their cost on the security. Now, at me taking into account my and your money. Including money which you sent. I do not have 540 euros yet. Thereby, if you believe me. Also you will be able to borrow me 540 euros?? Then I come to you, this week. It is a maximum that I can make. I am ready even to put on the security, the jewelry. What to see you. I wait for urgent news from you. Olga
Letter 72
Hello my love! I late read your letter. Today as ill luck would have it there was a failure of the computer or the Internet, in library. I will take away money only tomorrow. As I was not in time today. Anyway, I seem to me received time in embassy on Friday. Thereby, I will be at you on Friday evening. or Saturday in the afternoon.
With love!
Letter 73
Dear dear. Yes, I'm still in Moscow. Where am I to be? I'm waiting for the reception at the embassy now. To get a visa. This is 100%. I have now fulfilled all the conditions that they wanted from me. Thus I go with money to them. They give me a visa in my passport. And I'm flying to you!
Letter 74
am I at the Embassy? Henrik , in Moscow 22: 36 PM. I'm going to bed soon. But the Embassy is all closed already. I'm going to the pawnshop tomorrow morning. I'll write to you tomorrow. Today it is not. Very late. I have to go. With love!
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