Scam letter(s) from Natalia Semenova to Patrice (France)

Letter 1
Thank you for your interests.I would like it very much to start a correspondance with you for knowing each other and build up a wonderful relationship.
I 'm going to tell you about myself:
My name is Natalia.
I'm 21 y.o. ,172 cm.,54 kg.,grey eyes.
I am attractive,model type figure,elegant,sophisticated .
I live in Khabarovsk that located in the east of Russia.
After finishing school I studied at the city's university.Now I am preparing the last detals for my diploma work.I'll get a degree very soon.My future profession line is tourism and the tourist service.
I speak English . It's difficult to describe my own character.People,closed to me consider me reliable,loyal,trustworthy,honest,optimistic,tender,caring,sensual,affectionate and adventurous person.I am also sociable and open-minded person,very romantic and have a good sense of humour.
I have hobby and interests,like sport,books,music,nature,dance,animals,art,concerts,theatre. I go to the sport-club and to the swimming-pool.I often go to theatres and different concerts.I like to cook,I collect different recipes and I like to try to cook something new.I enjoy Russian,French,Italian and Japanese cuisine. I also enjoy social gathering or a quit evening at home,reading an interesting book.
I would like to share with you my expectation and my dreams:I would like to create a loving and long-lasting relationship,based on mutual respect,trust,support and understanding.Most of all I praise love and deep feeling to each other.I believe in honesty and opennes.I hope to find my man in my life,to whom I can give all my love,feelings,devotion,support and understanding and with whom I will build up a wonderful family.Being a passionate lover,best friend,loving,caring wife is something I have always wanted and dreamed about.In relation with man,first of all,I appreciate love,loyalty,reliability,support and understanding to each other.
The main thing for me in my life is to creat a strong, healthy family based on harmonious,warm and sincere relations. I see an ideal future for me in devoting myself to the family.
I hope to hear from you.
I am sending my another photos.
With sincere greeting,Natalia.
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