Romance scam letter(s) from Maria Petrova to Buzz (USA)
Letter 1
Good Day To You! Mysterious the stranger, I wish to look, as you wish to find and to begin acquaintance with new and lovely the woman? My name Natalya. I think, that you from me in delight. I search the person with whom my life to change to the best. I very much interesting, kind and positive the girl. But I still one and I very much have got tired from this vital situation. So I have addressed in agency of acquaintances and have sent to you the letter. Actually, I search adequate the man for serious relations and a combination marriage further. Dream of all my life - to find the beloved of all my life. I wish to believe, that you are this man. I will be happy if we find our common interests, and our acquaintance - the most significant moment in beginning of our relationship. Now I do not know, how much you you are interested in continuation our correspondence, for this reason in more details I will write about myself in the following letter. Interested? Please reply ONLY to my regular email: I will wait your letter with big impatience. All kind, Natalyulenka.
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