Scam letter(s) from Oksana Marhele to Charles (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Charles,
At last I know the whole information about getting the visa. I am ready for all the steps.
It is delightful that soon we will meet each other, I will see you and will able to touch you in reality.
I can't help waiting for this moment.
Please, don't laugh at me and but I have such a strong desire to see you.
I will get all the documents and bring everything personally to the Embassy.
At the Embassy I have to show everything and to pay for the visa.
Well, I have no idea what to do with it and where get the money for it. I hope you will help me.
I told you that I had been saving some money for traveling.
But unfortunately my money is not enough for the visa and I don't know where I can get it right now.
I can't wait for our meeting any longer.
I thought that I would pay for the visa at the end of the procedure and hoped to save money to that moment.
Probably you could support me with my problem?
I will have the following documents: - the international passport;
- the certificate of criminal record;
- the medical certificate,
- the papers from the bank, from my work and some others. All the papers in this list will cost 500 USD.
I will get everything on hand and the visa in my passport.
I know that it is not a small sum of money.
The rest of my saved money is not enough.
If I stop the procedure of getting the visa now, they wouldn't approve it to me later.
They told me this at the Embassy.
You can see the copy of my ID in your e-mail and you know that I am a real woman from Ukraine.
You can trust me because you have known me well and I have never told you lies.
I must pay for the visa during 10 days.
As soon as I pay for it I will be able to fly to your country.
My visa will be valid for 3 months.
I won't be a burden for you because I'm going to find a job during this period and earn for living.
I promise you that after I get a job in your country I will return this money to you.
When I get the job I will prolong my visa for unlimited period
and we have a lot of time for being together.
I ask you to lend me 500 USD. I will return it to you, don't worry. There are some possibilities to send money to a foreign country.
My mother, father and stepsisters sometimes send me money like this.
It is convenient and fast. There are such systems as Western Union, Money Gram, WorldRemit, RIA, Azimo transfers.
I think RIA, World Remit, Bitcoin and Money Gram is the best way...
Also I was told that we have Visa Direct and Master Card direct.
They are the quickest way of sending money.
Will you be able to send money by one of these systems?
You need my personal data for it: my address and full name.
You remember I have sent you the copy of my ID before, so you can also use it. Oksana Mekone Name of the street - Danyla Scherbakivskoho Street, 59A
Number of the apartment - 45
City - Kiev,
Region (state) - Kiev,
Zip code - 04128
Country - Ukraine You can search the detailed information in the following web-sites: Also I can open bitcoin wallet please look this video. its very easy to buy bitcoins via bitcoin ATM you need only to scan my QR code wallet and put the cash at the ATM... You can find all the information about nearest offices to you or you can make the transfer online.
I need your help and I appreciate your understanding.
I don't want to delay the process of getting the visa or have any risk in the future.
Could you send me 500 USD as a loan?
Please, tell me about your decision. P.S. There is additional important information for you.
Workers in these systems will ask you for the purpose and destination of money transfer.
If you want to send money without any delay or any further questions you should say that the money is being sent for your relative. I had a bad experience when I received money from my mother and father.
When I tried to get money from the bank they just blocked it
until I told the ****** worker that the money was from my parents.
I tried to borrow money several times but no one believes that I will return it to them.
If you were the person from whom I asked money here, you would certainly refuse me.
I am going abroad and there is a possibility that I won't come back.
My parents and relatives are poor too and their average salary is about 300 USD (like mine).
Banks refused me to give a loan by the same reason as I'm going to leave the country
and will never give the money back.
It is a stalemate for me and I hope you to understand me correctly!
I need your help so much. Give me your answer as soon as you can!
Have a good day! ---
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