Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Sidorkins to Donald (USA)
Letter 1
My dear Don.
Your letter again has brought light in my life.
How you? I hope, what at you all is good?
My love I very much want to have walk with you in Saratov I respect your opinion that you will arrive to Saratov as soon as I receive my visa of the bride.
It will be also remarkable any time of your visiting of Saratov. But you should know that my parents relatives and friends wait for you to meet.
My love of thanks for search of my work. I think when I arrive we could go and search to me for work and ask them as I can receive it. Nevertheless thanks for your help my love I shall study it.
My love I is happy that you think of me on work also.
My love I would like to see your work. You will take me there when I arrive to you it very interestingly for me?
You know, that it is necessary to pay for me tickets.
Today I have left to agency and to ask, that they reserved the ticket for May, 4.
They have offered me Tickets up to Minneapolis.
My love it is far from you if you cannot go there to meet me inform me other airport and city that I spoke them that they reserved it for me.
They have offered me 4 variants of trip.
When I have seen how many it costs to me there was bad I never not could pay for it independently.
I chose the cheapest variant. And I took from them the information on flight.
I inform you it: USD1473,40

Airline: Delta Air
Lines Flight:
Departure: On May, 04, 13:15,
Arrival: On May, 04, 15:24,
John F Kennedy Intl
Places: Economy class,
places is
City of change: New York
Airline: Delta Air
Lines Flight:
Departure: On May, 04, 17:16, John F
Kennedy Intl
Arrival: On May, 04, 19:38,
Minneapolis St Paul Intl
Places: Economy class,
places is
Time in a way: 15 hours of 24 minutesV Back:
Airline: Delta Air
Lines Flight:
Departure: On July, 04, 10:01,
Minneapolis St Paul Intl
Arrival: On July, 04, 13:36,
Hartsfield Intl Arpt
Places: Economy class,
places is
City of change: Atlanta
Airline: Delta Air
Lines Flight:
Departure: On July, 04, 15:49,
Hartsfield Intl Arpt
Arrival: On July, 05, 10:30,
Places: Economy class,
places is
Time in a way: 15 hours of 29 minutes They have told, I should pay all accusations as soon as possible.
They have told to me, that as soon as I shall bring money for the ticket, they at once will start to reserve tickets for me.
Money, but it - lasts chance, and we should not afflict without it.
Now all this depends on your decision.
Happiness in our hands! Now I feel the happiest girl in the world!
To me it is simple - not, trusted, on May, 4 we can see it each other and to be together!
Don, all of us still have more a lot of time and therefore we should hurry up.
I shall wait for your help these days.
As you remember for me, it - necessary 1473,40 USD $.
I understand, that it - very big sum of money, but it our chance to be together.
My love as soon as I shall receive your money, that I at once I would be, should go to agency what to reserve tickets.
And on May, 4 we shall be together!!!
I think, that the life is not so bad, if there are such people as you mine love.
The large thank to you for it.
You have kind heart and it can do our attitudes more warm.
Now when I have you I think that our life will change.
The world becomes Kind, bright and warm for us.
I think, that everyone requires this world in heat and love.
Why the world such? Why all happens?
I would like to create strong and amicable family with heat and love.
I would like, that you smiled to me each morning and each evening.
And I shall give a smile to you, I think, that it will bring to us a lot of pleasures and love.
I am ready to give back all for this purpose.
To find the present love it is a very difficult thing. But I have made it!!!!!!!!!
I love you my prince.
Whole you. Yours Anna
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