Romance scam letter(s) from Emine Bahar Hamsik Yildirim to Richard (Germany)
Letter 1
Hi Richard! Thanks for the answer. It is pleasant to me, what you answered me again, I mean is interesting to you? It was very pleasant to me to learn to receive your letter. Now, I will tell about myself a little more. I like sport. It allows to be healthy and to support the body in shape. It is important for me - many keep to diets, exhaust themselves to dump some kilograms. To gain weight and to become chubby I will always be in time. I joke, I want to play any sports always. To me with it it is simpler, I have a fast metabolism. When on the street warmly, it is much simpler because I run though here almost always warmly. When it is cold, I am engaged at home. I turn on the music and I do something. Therefore I have almost always a slender body. Of course I sometimes have extra kilos when I cease to take care of the own life and start eating everything, it happens when I have a stress. I very insistently want to ask you not to ask me naked photos. I will never be photographed by the naked.
Even, when I will have a husband, perhaps you him will be once, but I under no circumstances will not be photographed by the naked. First, intimate photos can get to an Internet network. Secondly, the most important, I respect the body, parents grew up me the woman who will not pose absolutely naked on a camera. Thirdly, it is absolutely silly and illiterate. Certainly, sex and sexuality important in the relations, but I learned by my experience that sex cannot be the base of the relations. There is a set of other more important factors, mutual respect, tenderness, feelings, spiritual proximity and, at last, there have to be feelings. But why I warn you at once about it you will ask? Because a little earlier I corresponded with other man and he asked from me at once naked photos and sent the. In general, friends say that this silly tendency now constantly at acquaintances on the Internet. It looks very silly and disgustingly. I tried to explain to him that it is silly, but he continued to ask. I drew the conclusions and never to it answered any more. Of course, I have photos in a in beautiful linen and if we become better familiar, I will send them to you if you need. It does not mean that I do not love sex. I very strongly love sex and I can speak about it. But I want love and then sex will be the best. After all sex with darling, is the best sex. Also I write from an Internet cafe and will send me naked photos silly. This public place and if somebody incidentally sees how I examine someone's genitals, will laugh over me more here I will not come. My hard drive on the computer broke, and I lost many photos. But I still had some and also I will do the new. I hope that they will be pleasant to you. Tell, please, what do you think of sport, whether you are engaged in something? Perhaps, once was engaged? I like to watch football also, often I watch on TV together with my father if time allows. Recently there was world cup, and was very much intriguingly.
You looked? How you think, football unites people? And how is with it in your country? Though, silly to ask, after all football is now popular almost everywhere. I spend free time generally at home, I read something or I watch TV, various soap operas. Very much I love novels and adventures, comedies and dramas, a fantasy are also pleasant. In general I like everything that good and popular. From music I cannot allocate something special also because I like many music. I like to listen to the different directions and different execution. I think that in any direction of music there are fine compositions. And in principle I choose music on my mood. I like to watch film and I love communication. Though, of course, sometimes at work you will so be exhausted that forces are not present anything to do, there is a wish to look simply at something and to sleep. I work in usual grocery shop, I stand on cash desk and I sell food. And how you spend the leisure-time? Probably, with guys in the bar sometimes? Tell me, what usually you do? What to tell you about my character? It is difficult to estimate himself, but friends say that I am very quiet woman if not to anger.
In people I respect frankness and honesty, and it is unpleasant to me if suddenly I learn that the person to me lay. And what qualities are pleasant to you in people? What it is important for you in the woman first of all? For me the main thing - that the person was kind, attentive. Such that could care of others. You love cats? Or dogs?
Well now I wrote much and I hope, what I did not tire you? Forgive that many questions turned out. There is a wish to tell much about himself and to ask you. I am glad that we continue communication, I wait for your letters and a photo!
Letter 2
Hi Richard! Be not frightened my photos. My hobby is a make-up. I like to do a make-up to myself and other people. I constantly buy something for this purpose. On a photo, it only for pictures. I do not go outside. It is simple for an entertainment and for a photo was made. Today I want to tell about the family. My father is 68 years old and he works as the children's football coach at local school. Soccer is his life, and even despite the age, he does the favorite thing. Mother is 58 years old, she now on pension, and does household chores. She worked all life on a farm, bred lambs and chickens. I very much love and I respect my parents. In the childhood, I, as well as all children attended school. Very much it was pleasant to me at school as I could learn, something new. I live together with parents, and I have the room. I want the private life. Well to live with parents, but more freedom there is a wish, there is a wish that the man was near. We try to live correctly and to respect all. The main thing to remain the good person. How you think? I studied well that gave me chance most to choose further education. I got economic education, but as often happens, here people work not in the specialty. I have the higher education, but I am worked as the ordinary seller in the most usual shop with food. Take place almost all money of shop through my hands. It is possible to tell that I work in the specialty, but it not so. You know Richard, I now very much do not have the understanding man who could listen, understand me that I feel. I had relations with guys, but, unfortunately, most of my admirers needed only sex. They saw in me only an attractive figure, and nobody wanted to know that at me inside. As soon as I to someone trusted and hoped, to me broke heart.
That is why I decided to communicate with the help of the Internet.
Perhaps, during correspondence it will be possible to understand the person better. I am very glad that you appeared in my life. It is interesting to me to communicate with you, and I already want to read that that you will write in the letter following. Tell, please, and you had many relations with women? I had only two relations which ended with anything. I was tired to be lonely and I look for the serious relations, I dream of a good family with the kind loving husband, the reliable partner in life. Perhaps, I want too much? But I still believe in love. I want that you trusted me and I consider that we have to be sincere with each other. I wait for the answer to my questions. On it I finish the letter. Very much I wait for your answer. Emine!
Letter 3
Hi, charming Richard. It is pleasant to me that we continue our communication. I think that to me interesting and interestingly will learn you more better. I want to warn at once you, sometimes it is difficult to me to understand up to the end sense of your questions and the text. I not always completely understand sense of your letters, but I try to respond to them. Therefore do not take offense if you do not always receive the correct answer on your question. Of course, it because of a language barrier and that I awfully know a foreign language. But my opinion consists that if we are interesting to both of us, eventually it is possible to overcome any problem. I trust and I know that always there is a golden mean and hope that we with you will find it. Richard, perhaps, it will be interesting to you to learn something about Turkey? I, with pleasure will tell you about my homeland in more detail. Parents tried that I grew up honest and was respectful to people. I such still. I love the same qualities in other people. I think, you are very honest person and is not capable of treachery.
Earlier Turkey was very attractive country for tourists and we had good development. But as you already know, Turkey to be in the east and near our country of Syria and other countries where there were revolutions and splash in radical Islamists, which the very cruel. I hate these people because they deprive of life of others. Perhaps they were compelled by system, it is possible because of war and revolution they lost too much and became terrorists. But they do not treat religion of Muslims now. There are no such books and religions which will preach murders of innocent people. Of course, terrorists are not only Muslims, are also Christians. Everywhere there are bad people.
Somewhere it is more than bad people, somewhere it is less. Some bad people have money and the power, and they skillfully cover the real face. Generally, it is very deep question and it is possible to reflect over it much. But the most important that in the heart there was a love and kindness to world around. I wanted to tell you about Turkey, and distracted on world problems. Now here the policy of the authorities strongly changed also our country already unattractive.
And life becomes more difficult here and on it there are many factors, both internal, and external. We had good development, and now we take huge steps backwards. I do not want that here war, as in Libya, Syria and other countries began. War to anything good will not be able to lead. Turkey also made the contribution to world culture. But has to tell that the very small. I know some writers of Turkey who were known in the world, but is sure that you do not know them. Earlier Turkey was the Ottoman Empire, but there was a disintegration of the Ottoman Empire hundred years ago. The Ottoman Empire presented to the world more, than present Turkey. Here the internal culture as reception of guests, politeness, cookery is more developed. History actually very rich, as well as in any other country of the world. Tell, please, than your city in which you live is interesting? There are beautiful places? I live in the city Mus. There live about 70000 thousand people. I must tell you that the Ottoman Empire and Turkey is synonyms. There was a rich history and a lot of bloodshed and wars.
But that all are ashamed, it that those years here the population was more Armenian nationality and all of them underwent slaughter (it was the real genocide). I will change a topic of conversation. Richard, I started using recently the Internet therefore not up to the end accustomed. I already said that my computer broke, I go to the Internet cafe which opened one of the first in our city. As it is healthy that there were technologies which connect people at distance! Earlier we about such also could not dream! You have, probably, many friends on the Internet? I know that you have more developed system and the Internet probably at every turn and to a step. Here we strongly lag behind.
This morning I woke up the little sad. I do not know the reason, sometimes at me happens such. At you it happens, what waking up in the morning, without the reasons there is some grief in heart? But then I drank a cup of tea and remembered you, and that I will be able to read your letter soon. To me at once it became warm inside, the mood increased. I like to write you letters. Tell, please, that you feel to me? It is very important for me. It seems to me, I have for you very good feelings. After all you are the good person and, and the pleasant man! You like mine of photos? Do not forget send the photos also. Very much I wait for the letter, I hope for mutual understanding. Emine!
Letter 4
Hi, Richard! It is pleasant to me to receive your letter again. It is interesting to me to know how you live, than you breathe. What men are pleasant to me? I do not need any special qualities, I do not need the super hero. Probably, I, as well as to most of women, need simply reliable man who would care of me and understood me. I have to feel confidence near it, know that it will be able always to protect me and will not leave at a difficult moment. Here portrait of the man, ideal for me. I, in turn, could create to it the atmosphere of heat and a cosiness. I see that you are respectful to me! For me it is simple to cook in pleasure tasty food for the elect. My favourite dishes are the Turkish dishes. I will not tell everything detailed about it because it can do it is taken a lot of time. What kitchen is pleasant to you? Richard, tell about the favourite food. Also I like pizza and know how to cook many different options of this dish. I think, it would be pleasant to you. Also I like to try different kitchen and I like to think out and experiment food. You know, employees at work began to notice that I changed, I have always a good mood, and I look happy. I, of course, tell nothing to them, let it will be my small secret. However I can admit to you that since we got acquainted, at me at heart it is easy and joyful. You are pleasant to me. Unfortunately, I am not able to look forward and I do not know that can turn out from our contact. Anyway we learn it. I am very glad that met such remarkable interlocutor, as you. Richard, it would be good if we sometime met. I very strongly want to travel because I did not travel to other countries at conscious age anywhere.
In youth I sang in school chorus and even participated in the edition of the wall newspaper, represent? And than you liked to be engaged in the childhood? Yesterday I thought before going to bed what you actually, the same that in letters or is worse, and can be even better. Richard, Write everything that it is interesting to you, I will wait and I will surely answer. Emine!
Letter 5
Hi, mine dear Richard! How you there? Thanks you for such interesting and warm letter. I do not have a private life in Turkey. I was not lucky with guys. My history simple. When the man makes a declaration of love to the naive girl, and actually does not even know that such love. I thought, we approach each other, but I was mistaken! It secretly met my school friend, represent? Most of men think only of themselves and of the penis. There can be it only here, I do not know. Earlier I thought that such history is possible only in love stories or women's magazines, but, alas, such occurs here constantly. Of course, that happened, made me more careful. Now I very selectively treat people and I will not throw the arms round a neck to the first comer. Of course, to everything it is necessary to treat with gratitude, after all it is a certain experience which, probably, is necessary to us to move further. I heard about acquaintances on the Internet long ago, but long did not decide to try something similar. And here at last came into an Internet cafe, the benefit it is near my house. I only am able to use the e-mail, and to read news on the Internet. I am not present on social networks as time in the Internet cafe at me restrictedly and in time it is necessary to pay. Honestly to recognize, I did not expect, but you are pleasant to me. Richard, I receive many emotions from our communication as it is unusual to me! It is easy and interesting to communicate with you. I hope that so will proceed further and I hope that we will have a good and romantic development. Now I will finish the letter. Write, I surely will answer you. Emine!
Letter 6
Hi charming, Richard! It seems to me, or we really develop our relations? I made video for you and I hope, what it is pleasant to you? I will be happy if you too give me the video if you can. Recently there was St. Valentine's Day.
I had to work hard this day. But I send you the Valentine's Day card today. Yesterday I stayed at home in the evening and thought as it would be remarkable together with you now to go to any restaurant. It is very interesting to me, what you actually in life. Tell, please, what you imagine me? How often you think of me? Richard, I want to admit that I quite often think of you during the day. I very much want to learn about you even more. What was your family? What most important dream of your life? I want and is ready to begin the serious relations with the worthy man with whom we would have a full mutual understanding. It seems to me, I can judge you according to your letters? You will continue to share with me information, warmth and kindness? You would like to be my man and whether you are ready to it really? What a pity that we are so far apart! Sometimes I reflect that could be the good wife. Each woman needs the man who respects and loves her. After all without it the full-fledged happiness is impossible. I want the man who will be good which will be able to take care with which I will be sure in tomorrow.
That woman who is sure of the partner in life is happy! The head of the family has to care of the wife both in happiness, and in sorrow, approximately as it is told in a wedding oath. And then the woman will be the happiest on Earth. And then it will be able to support the husband always, especially when he needs it. I am sure, what I will be able to give love and care And what for you family happiness? Richard, what do you think of love? I think that the love is very important for the harmonious relations between the man and the woman. I want to love and be a darling. Interestingly, what views at you in this respect? You know, I live not in the best country and I want that my children had more worthy life, than is at me. I even sometimes think that to give birth to children in Turkey this crime and to children we will is prepared heavy life. I hope that our relations will proceed and I think that you are that person who is necessary to me. I can be for you that woman? Emine!
Letter 7
Hi, my charming Richard! Thank you for the letter. Thank you that you share the thoughts. You such surprising, even it is strange that else similar men meet good sense of humour, honest and careful. I see that to you my life is not indifferent, and very much I appreciate it.
Sometimes it seems to me when I read your letters that I know you long ago … Sometimes I close eyes and I represent that you opposite to me.
Would like to open once eyes and that you really were opposite to me. Today I want to open for you even more! I hesitate to tell you it a little, but I took courage and is ready. I want to admit to you that you very much are pleasant to me and it seems to me, I fall in love with you! From the moment of our the first the letter, I every day began to treat warmer and more warmly you. I hesitate now, as the little girl. Your letters work for me oddly. I understand that we know a little, each other and never met before, and we do not even know, whether our fluids will suit us to each other. We will be able to learn it only at our meeting. But I need to think of it very seriously. I think that we will be able to construct the serious relations. If of course we are able to meet. Nearly an every day I found for you the time. I will badly master the computer. You would smile if saw as I write on the keyboard. It takes a long time to find familiar letters. But each time it is better. After our acquaintance I think only of you. You are pleasant to me that you are the kind, gentle, careful and tender man. I hope that I will be able to rely on you the most difficult minute! After all as you already know, I need the reliable man. I think that you will never deceive and will not betray me. I knew that somewhere in the world such man with whom I will be able to fall in love really. And I found you! But I will repeat that I am in love with you, to love I think that else too early. You are very interesting to me and I would like to develop our communication. I hope that you will accept my feelings and will reciprocate! I want to tell you many thanks that you never disregarded my letters and went together with me towards a main goal - to creation of the serious relations. Now we with you as a unit, as an indissoluble chain! I want that our relations developed further. My prince Richard, for me the word love, more, than simply the word therefore possibly I will be able to tell that I love you, only at our meeting. For me love this that feeling with which I now live and I breathe. When I see your letters, in me new breath wakes up, in my soul birds sing, I want to live and smile! I open for you, what to know that you feel and on what I can hope. I to you have one very important question. Today I will think of our meeting. I am afraid of it. But also I do not want to waste time also because if I will fall in love with you even more strongly, and you will not want to meet me.
That to me will be very sick. Before I agree to our meeting, I will have to ask you about our meeting several times. After all I need confidence. Please, tell me, what you feel? You are ready to tell me, what is in love me? Now I opened to you my small secret which I understood only yesterday, and I can freely talk to you on this subject. What a pity that you is far. Sometimes there is a wish to talk to you in reality, really. To descend with you in restaurant, to chat, drink tea. And then to come together home, to roll on a bed, to feel your tenderness on the body. I would like to arrive to you in the future, at least for a while! You became for me not simply the man and the man about which I constantly think. Recently my friend complained of the guy, she forgot to cook to him to him food after work, and he made scandal and offended it. This so ugly history. Unless there can be normal relations when the man does not respect the woman? Whether the love without respect is possible? It is sure that is not present. And you as consider? I believe that you understand me that you are very sensitive man. It seems to me, you can make happy any woman if you love her. Write, I like to read your letters, know that you had very attentive reader. Emine!
Letter 8
Hi Richard! It is pleasant to me to see your letter. I always wait for your letters with big desire. How are you? What your mood? I'm fine. Recently our meeting dreamed me. We happened in some flower district.
We stood the friend opposite to the friend. We stood some time and simply looked at each other. Then we gently approached to each other and embraced! It was interesting! It is a pity that there was no continuation. I think that our meeting will help to know each other better. I think that only this way we will be able to learn our parties of character and life which we never learn through distance. I think that our meeting would be a huge step for our relations and will help to solve our future. I think that the unique meeting, one look in our eyes, I will be able to replace many days of correspondence. We will be able to understand only this way whether to be to us together.
I hope that we will be able to meet soon, and I hope that our meeting will be for not disappointment, and on the contrary pleasure. I long dreamed of travel to other country. And now this dream can become reality. Thoughts of it do me happy. Richard, I think that my arrival to you will be much more useful, than yours. Because if we will decide to develop further our relations and to remain forever together, we will live in your country. Because your country more convenient to live and establish a family. Here everything worsens because of different factors. Also I am sure that you will not remain in Turkey that we have to live in your country. Here even there is no normal work. And if we decide to connect our destiny, I am simply obliged to get acquainted at first with your country closer, to see the atmosphere and whether to understand I will be able to live there. And if we meet in Turkey, we will be able to solve nothing. What if we will solve that always we will be together but when I arrive to you, to me will become intolerable? What then? Then everything will be destroyed. Therefore more logical place of our meeting, it at you. I seriously treat this question. Probably, too seriously. But in such question it is necessary to think of the future in advance then not to be disappointed. I think that it will be useful travel for the future of our relations. You understand me?. I want to know your thoughts on this matter. Richard if such way convenient for you and my presence does not create inconveniences for you, I suggest to choose this way.
For me is not present problems to make travel now. Tell me the opinion. If it is really good way for you also, then we can seriously start thinking of ours of a meeting soon. And I will be able to start studying some things about travel. Unfortunately, my time in an Internet cafe comes to an end, and I have to finish my letter. I again send you the photos. I will wait for your answer with big impatience. My embraces and kisses!!! Emine!
Letter 9
Hello my dear Richard! I thank you for your letter. It is always pleasant to me to receive your letters. Today I ran in the cafe Internet. I hurried up, it looked very funny. I send again to you video. I so worried, when wrote down. Today I wish to ask you again. You have well thought over our meeting?
You are assured, what want, that I have arrived? These are direct questions. I am sorry, that often I ask them. I hope, that you will understand my experiences. After all to go to other country and to leave all in Turkey difficultly. To dare and make this choice not simply. But if all receives only development we become happy pair. And this main thing. It is my dream, to meet the man who will love me.
With which I will be happy. With which I can speak on any themes. With which I will be glad to wake up and fall asleep. For which it will not be difficult to give love. After all if our purposes coincide, at us with you necessarily all will turn out. Also it was necessary for me to speak with my parents on this theme. Yesterday I have made it.
There was a serious conversation till the late night. My parents understand, that I already adult woman and itself should make of the decision. But they first of all parents. They I will always worry for the child. Even if I will be 50 years old, they will find words again to learn me to a life. I think, that any parents behave so. For good and responsible parents it should not be more important than anything, than own children. My parents, see, that I became last time «To soar on wings», They see my smile and constantly good mood. They me such did not see very much for a long time. They have told, that already earlier have noticed, that I have fallen in love also parents waited for this conversation. The most important thing they have told. That you were good and reliable. They ask, that you never offended me. They send for you huge, warm regards. Kiss you in both cheeks and bless our relations. Still they ask, that you have given to me your exact data.
They wish to know your exact address and a name. So they will be more confident. So they will worry less. I think, that it is correct. On their place I would arrive also. There can be you want, that I have transferred something to them from you? It is necessary to sum up. If you agree, that I will arrive to you.
Then I will go to do the visa to you and the passport. I think, that it is two basic documents. After all most important it to receive the permission to visitings of your country. In any case I about it learn.
The most important thing, I wish to read from you accurate thoughts and firm your decision. If there are questions necessarily ask me. Now such sensation, that I had wings. I ask you, do not cut off to me these wings. After all if I lose now wings I at all do not know, that with me will be. I do not wish to think of the bad. I know only that there is nothing worse the fallen angel. I should finish the letter. I will wait your answer with huge desire. I hope, that I will not disappoint you and you also.
Letter 10
Hello Richard! I was madly glad to receive your letter again, you do not leave my thoughts, I want you Richard! You are ready to meet me? At the moment I do not know when I arrive and on how many. Why you did not write a full name and the address? Thanks that you do not doubt me. Tomorrow I will make very important step to our meeting. I will go to travel agency and I will submit my demand for the visa. I hope, that money will suffice me to make it. My parents have given to me of a few money. Also I have some savings.
Most of all I am afraid if I am told that I have to go to other city of Turkey where there is an embassy of your country. I do not even know, in what city there is your embassy. The nearest embassy can be in Yerevan, and it is the neighboring country of Armenia. There I do not want to go at all. In any case it is necessary to listen, that to me will offer in travel agency. Our meeting should become significant event. Today I was completely convinced, that you wish our meeting.
Today I was convinced of the feelings to you. I so strongly worry, that I can not find suitable words at all. For excitement at me appetite was gone. I can possibly calm down, when I will arrive to you. Then that I will make the first, I will eat it. Though possibly the first day I will very shy. After all I similar in the life yet did not do anything. I hope, that you can soften me and that I became more unchained. We will look that will be. Also I think, that when I will see you at the airport I will lose speech gift. Suddenly I will start to stammer for excitement and you will be disappointed in me. Tell to me, how now weather at you? What it is better to me to dress? What it is better to me to make? I am very glad, that our relations do not stand on a place but only develop. I am confident, that we will be happy together. As we trust each other on 100 ! We will create with you the strong union as we will love and respect each other. I with impatience wait for your letter, as soon as possible. But I can read your letter only tomorrow.
I am sorry, that my letter short, but I strongly worry and I can not find the necessary words. We will keep words for our meeting. Emine!
Letter 11
Hi my dear Richard! Thanks for your letter. I want to write you the letter rather. Because I do not know yet how to express my emotions. I am very happy, to receive your letter. At once I will begin with news. Frankly speaking, I do not know how to write you the letter. I will write one after another. I will tell about the campaign in travel agency. Today I went to travel agency. Offered me two options. I can go to embassy of your country. And there to submit the application.
But it is bad for me. After all I do not know where to me to live in other city. Also it is necessary to go far very far. And it will be more expensive to me. But quicker. But also I need to do the tourist passport here. Therefore I rejected this idea. Further the agent suggested me to use their services. But their services are not free.
After all nobody will work also something to do free of charge. They will make for me the tourist passport and the visa. The most difficult is the visa. It the most expensive. If not to go into all details, namely the price for biometric control, the health insurance, photos, various medical certificates and inspections, a consular fee and percent of travel agency. The visa will have the cost of 470 US dollars, and tourist passport 160. I took the following step. I paid for my tourist passport and for part of other documents. My tourist passport will be ready within two weeks. Further I will have to start doing the visa. The demand for my visa was accepted and documents are sent, for approval of the visa. I will have to bring the second part of the sum in 10 days. And then it will be necessary to wait 10-14 more days and the visa will be approved. Unfortunately, at me was not enough completely to pay all this procedure. I hope that in 10 days I will be able to pay the second part and then the first and most important step to preparation of our meeting will be complete. There will be only air tickets and my presence by plane. I hope, what it is clear? If you have questions, ask me. After all you have to have questions. I in good mood, after all I made up the mind to this step.
I descended and started doing documents. I sat there and doubted and thought. But then decided that if I now will leave and I will not start doing documents, it and remains only desire. It is necessary to embody the desires in reality. Tell me, please. You will precisely shelter me at yourself? You will definitely not be rough with me?
Tell, please. After all once again it will be pleasant to hear it for me. Tell how you spent this day? What did you think? Whether you waited for my letter? What dreamed you today? Whether you dreamed of me, also as I of you? I cannot even present that we will speak during the first instant of our meeting. What will we think when to meet at the airport? Whether I though will be able to tell one word the first 15 minutes? It is a lot of questions in the head. It is necessary only to imagine. I now very strongly heatedly. I do not know, whether you feel too most? But my hands shiver and often I write words incorrectly. Then I read the offer and I correct. I the last time so worried in 18 years before having sex for the first time. At last I found comparison in the excitement. I finish the letter and I send you a lot of love and kisses. Now I am ready to shout that I LOVE YOU.
Incredibly. Emine!
Letter 12
Hi, my dear Richard! Thanks for your new, fine letter. I very strongly missed you. All night long I could not sleep. I very much worry about our relations. I wish to construct only the present love with you! I still am afraid and worry. Suddenly something with a meeting or documents will go not so. At night very beautiful, sweet dream has dreamt me. I have appeared in a place unfamiliar to me, on the bank of the river. I sat in a beautiful, white dress, I waited for you. The sun already rose from for horizon, the warm wind blew to me in the person. I with impatience waited for your occurrence. You have approached to me unexpectedly, having closed my eyes a hand. I have felt heat of your hands, your gentle touch. I have told «it you, my dear» and have turned to you.
You stood in a black tuxedo. You have helped me to rise, I have embraced your strong body and you have kissed me. It seemed to me, that this kiss was the most sweet and gentle for all my life. You have told to me, that have ordered for us a little table in one of restaurants. We went on streets unfamiliar to me, the nature and architecture has seemed to me very beautiful and unusual. Then I have understood, that we are in your country. You took me for a hand and have once again kissed. When we have come to restaurant, there practically was nobody. The polite waiter has approached to us and has invited to sit down for the ordered table. You have ordered a red wine bottle. I looked in your beautiful eyes. I enjoyed your society heart and soul. You have asked to bend me to you, you whispered to me on an ear, that you adore me and love. To me it was very pleasant. Then you wished to kiss me, but, unfortunately, my dream has ended, I have woken up. I very much was upset, that now you are not present near to me. You became for me very much the loved one. I am madly glad, that you have appeared in my life! I adore you! I want, that between us there were only confidential and present love relations. I consider, that the trust is one of the main criteria of construction of the present love! I trust you on all of 100 ! I am assured, that you will help me with any situation looking, on what! I know, that I can rely on you, and you will always make everything, that in your forces!
During our dialogue you have proved to me, that you really respect and appreciate our relations. Now I am assured on 100 , that you that person of whom I dreamt all life! Thanks that you have appeared in my life! Please, tell to me, you trust me on 100 ? Please, answer me fairly, I want that between us there were no secrets! Tell to me, what you feel under the relation to me? It is love? I with impatience wait your new letter to me.
Letter 13
Hi my charming Richard!!! Thanks for your letter. My dear, I do not sleep at night, I wait, that day when we meet you.
Day after day I think of you, my dear Richard. How you Richard? My life changed since then when, I met you. I all so - think of you Richard and still I represent you that you near me, caress, kiss me gently! You as if an angel came back to Earth to present me happiness, to warm soul in cold, to replace water in hot heat. After all the happiness is to be desired and loved! I simply could not imagine, what will be if I lose you? I hope that it will not occur. After all then I will not be able to feel you any more, to look in your face as the sea which is knowing no limit and limits, attract me to you Richard, call for themselves. I want to live long, and all this time to love you that we never left you that our feeling did not die, keeping freshness and force for many years. It is enough to me to see of you to feel the happy! When I look in your eyes, they will speak to me about tendernesses, your lips about love, and your body will say that you exist actually, about that that you are reality for the sake of which I am ready on everything! If I was your tear, I would slide to kiss you if you were mine, I would never cry not to lose you!!!! I love you, in my heart memory of you is eternal. I know that we will meet you soon, and I love, I love, and I will love only you, my most gentle and madly the beloved on light!!! My gloomy, cold and a little bit sad morning to become the warmest and joyful at one thought of you.
Without you - it is dark and cold. I, as the little girl during a thunder-storm, in the wood and without mother. Around emptiness, cold senselessness, prickly grief and terrible fear, you after all know as I am afraid to lose you. When I am near you, I will feel as behind "a stone wall"; the same little girl, but strong and sure, happy and loved, and times to impropriety the defenseless. I hope that our relations now forever. I want to see your smile, your look, I want to see how you embraced me with the fading heart, I would feel that, having simply embraced, we became a single whole, and it cannot be denied. I trusted and I believe in the feeling because such remains forever. I do not want to meet others, nobody will cause more than such feeling, and I do not want to get rid of it and I cannot. To me it is sad, very sad today that we now not together. I so strongly want to be with you, to see you, to kiss you on your fine, gentle mouth. Emine!
Letter 14
Hello Richard! It is pleasant to me to see your letter. It does my day a little better. But I do not know as to continue writing of the letter. My mood, not good. Because I have to write you it. Perhaps you will not even read up my letter. And perhaps I have to tell simply you that I cannot arrive. But I will write the thoughts and a request as it is also you decide as to treat it. I will begin at once. I did not want to ask you. And if you not capable to understand me, I do not take offense. Remember, I will not take offense, but you have to understand everything also. Today I again went to travel agency to learn how there my documents move ahead. Actually all with them are good. But I have to give the second part of money in the next 10 days. If I do not make it, my visa - the end. In embassy ask that I paid for all documents and collecting.
Otherwise they will reject to me the visa. They want to see my solvency. If I not capable to confirm, for me the visa am closed. And it will be made possibly, forever, and can be within a year. It is not known. The embassy especially does not explain the reason. But me clearly let know that if once refuse the visa or I do not show the punctuality, in the future even will not consider receipt of a visa.
Therefore if now not to get approval for future visa, probability of our meeting and our dream it will be destroyed. I do not want to lose this chance. With money at me it did not turn out. My parents told earlier that will be able to give me money. But they were mistaken.
Parents could not keep the promise because there were unforeseen circumstances. I have also now no money. I spent all savings and money. If it is interesting to you, money for the Internet cafe, part of money to the apartment and taxes. And I spent savings for documents to come to you. But you already know it. I I will not write, where and as I spent each cent. I think that it not interesting to you. Now the most difficult part of the letter. As I never asked earlier for help.
No, I asked for the help friends or parents in the life earlier. But now it is especially difficult to make it because I am guilty to you.
Eventually, to come to you, it my initiative. As a result I badly planned everything. You demented me and I could not think soberly. I feel the little silly now. Prefaces will be enough, to you possibly it tires already. Richard it is necessary for me your help. I ask 285 US dollars. I can ask for you? You can borrow me this monetary the sum?
If you cannot make it within 10 days, I will try to understand. I understand that it is difficult to find and give money. Around the world a crisis wave which does not come to an end. If you are able to help within 14 days, it will be too late for me.
Because in a stock I have only 10 days for payment. After will already be late and to me will refuse to issue the visa. I hope, what you can understand it? Besides, I went to the best friend today, I asked it the help. But it was rough. I do not know why she made so. It was, very malicious in recent days. I do not know probably I made it something not so. Also there can be at it any problem about which I do not know. But she did not want to speak with me. I do not know more whom to ask money on credit. I apologize one million times. Please, understand that it is heavy to me to ask for your help. I will not insist. I very much hope that during time which we write each other, you perfectly understand my character. I hope that you understand that I will not ask twice. Sadly to write me this letter. Eventually, other letters were completed with pleasure and love. I do not know as you will react to this inquiry now. I am afraid to tell this truth, suddenly you will start thinking of me awfully. I ask, not to think of me awfully. Please, know, I very warmly consider you. I know that you gave me those emotions which I already long had no in life. I even already went to ask money in bank, but to me denied the assistance.
But I asked in bank how to make the international transfer. I was told that I need to expand my Turkish bank account. Therefore if you can help, I will go again to bank and I will make it is necessary. Now I am compelled to finish the letter. I feel not really well. I want that you knew, you are necessary for me and I most of all in the world want to arrive now to you. Write to me at once as you will be able. Emine!
Letter 15
Hi my love of Richard!!! I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I looked forward to it, and now I am happy, to read it. Only your letter a little rough. I told that in the following letter I will send the copy of id. Also I have no phone personal. Write me the and I will call you. Also take off at last from me this dressing gown on a photo. Yesterday was at home the whole day and helped parents of the house. Washed the apartment, went behind products and so on. Therefore could not find time to come to an Internet cafe and to write to you. I was in bank today. Here data which will be necessary. NAME: EMINE
USD IBAN: TR83 0006 7010 0000 0059 8232 57 How are you? As your mood? I hope that at you everything is good that you had remarkable time. My angel I am very happy that you in my life and in my destiny. I try to find suitable words which will help me to express all depth of feelings to you, dear Richard. But likely such words simply were not thought up yet. The most beautiful, sincere and gentle words of all languages of the world will be insufficiently. But you after all and itself know as Richard is expensive to me. I do not represent the life of Richard without you. You and only you in my heart, and in my dreams!!! You could rush into my life a hurricane!
You as the hot sun could melt my heart! You made everything that I went crazy from your tenderness. At you it turned out. Yes it was also not difficult to be made, considering what you are the beautiful person of Richard. I know, you are sent me by destiny, after all the one who presented me you, knew that He not for nothing made it. He presented me you - my guardian angel! The love you preserve me against all evil on this guilty Earth, closing the snow-white wings, my angel.
And I beg you about one preserve me all life, and I will begin to store our love! Thank you that you are Richard! Exactly thanks to you, I learned that surprising feeling Love! I need only you, such open, gentle, and lovely person. Your smile for me - happiness, your eyes - the bottomless sea. You the most necessary to me person. For me you will always remain the most remarkable man from whom heart fights as mad, and the mind is lost at all. I LOVE YOU Richard!!! I wait for everyone our meeting. Your good mood is transferred also to me. As it is fine - to LOVE it! And I, here, Love you. I love. Probably, also, as you I will not fall in love with anybody. You the very best person dear to me on the earth. I will repeat: I LOVE YOU!!!! Ours with you will be the first night the finely, the most romantic, the most passionate. My dear Richard, on it I finish the letter. Write me, I will look forward from you the letter. I love, I miss, gently and passionately I kiss you.
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