Scam letter(s) from Radmila Nikolaeva to Laszlo (Germany)

Letter 1
Jó napot kedves Laci, köszönöm a levelet. Minden nap tetszik a lelkem. Nagyon örülök, hogy találkoztam! Te vagy a lelki társam. Teljes mértékben bízom benne. Nagyon szeretnék hamarosan találkozni a valós életben, és erős családot létrehozni. Ezt akarja? Remélem, hogy sikerül !! Boldogok leszünk. Laci Örülök, hogy kész vagy segíteni nekem. Nélküled nem fogok megbirkózni. Drágám, mikor jobb, ha repülök hozzád? Írj nekem egy dátumot. Most a lehető leghamarabb papírt kell készítenie. Ezután be kell csomagolnia egy bőröndöt)) Laci anyám üdvözletet küld neked. Azt mondta neked, hogy szeress engem és óvj engem. Tudom, hogy szelíd leszel velem. Jól vagyok? Viszont adok neked szeretetét és szeretetét! Annyira álmodtam róla. Végül kaptam egy megbízható embert. Drágám, most 450 euróra van szükségem papírmunkához az ön utazásához. A bank azt mondta, hogy használhatja a számlám. Ehhez teljes információkra van szükségem:

Kedvezményezett bank (kedvezményezett bank) PJSC VTB BANK, MOSCOW,
Kedvezményezett (címzett) NIKOLAEVA RADMILA
számla: 40817978310094016959 (euró) Írtam neked a WhatsApp-on.
Laci, remélem, minden rendben lesz veled és én! És hamarosan élvezhetjük egymás társaságát! Kedves, írj nekem hamarosan. Várom a választ! Óvatosan ölelés és csók!
Letter 2
Hello my dear Laci! I received a letter from you, and life was filled with meaning for me. Of course I enjoyed your previous letter as well. I found it very romantic. I am beginning to realize that my life is not meaningful without you. you are my best man. Today, all day I was thinking only about you, about how I meet you. I dream how you will meet me at the airport, how we will look for each other with our eyes, We will find and rush into each other's arms.
I'm actually very glad that you write. I thought you didn’t want to answer. I sent you a WhatsApp photo. but you have not seen. I was afraid you won’t answer me.
I wanted to come immediately as you return for one reason. I have a vacation at the end of September. it is 30 days. and for me a good attempt to establish our communication. to know each other . that we would be near this time. so we would understand what to do next.
if you want to postpone our meeting. tell me the exact time. when is that ?? convenient for me is the end of September to the end of October. these days I could be with you.
if we reschedule the meeting. I ask you to postpone your vacation. but I have to know for how long. and then I ask about it at work. if they allow me it’s good.
but still my vacation is the end of September. if you really want to. let's meet at this time. to spend time with you.
Laci. like another world, I didn’t even imagine about it and did not think that everything could turn out so seriously. We are always in a hurry too much somewhere, immersed too much in our thoughts the problems that surround us. As if in a dream, we were running to work in the morning, and in the evening, with the firm thought that we would quickly fall asleep in our bed, we were returning home. and never when we look around, as if the rest of this world is a completely different reality, and it does not concern us.
This is my life, although there were a lot of beautiful moments that give hope for the best. In fact, we, where work becomes paramount, also want an interesting life. Everything that surrounds us affects us and our actions, and can also give a lot of interesting and joyful things. I always take this opportunity to give myself another moment of peace by what I write to you, after a long and tiring day, in which there really was only one monotony and constancy of each day. I really want you to think about it, because we are so close to each other. I send you my beautiful kisses to make your day the most pleasant.
Yours Radmila!
Letter 3
hello laci! I received a letter from you, and now in my soul there is only joy and happiness. What are you doing now, how is your day going? My day, as always, is very bright and hot. Today a very pleasant and cool wind blows, which refreshes my thoughts. I look out my window and see how the sun is wind on the road, and the transparent shadows of clouds run along the walls of the houses, and the windows reflect the glare of hope from the bright sunshine. And the gentle embrace of the wind gently touches my body. On my soul there is only peace and pleasure, enjoyment of the day, in which there are only bright thoughts about love and pleasure. And I want that, too, to feel this peace in my heart, so that until the evening there would be only a bright day in your thoughts, and you could enjoy only pleasant impressions.
I'm glad that the call took place. Now I want you even more. I'm busy now with what you look like in life. you are very beautiful . I hope you can decide with our meeting. and it will be in the near future.
I hope that I was able to illuminate your day with my letter. I will be very pleased to know that it gives you joy to read my letters. But this bright day will not end with the arrival of the evening, that is, he will leave, but the warmth and joy that he brought will remain in your soul, and you will fall asleep in your warm bed, thinking only about the good and of course you will think about to me. Will you think about me? I want to be good for you, and I want you to be pleased to read my letters.
Yours Radmila!
Letter 4
My favorite Laci! I am happy to read your beautiful letter again. Your words are again dear to me, they make me happy every day, and I can no longer imagine my day without your letter. you give me so much attention and affection that I feel you. Your words and questions are dear to me, and I will always be glad to answer them.
And even the tears that fall into the darkness of separation when you are not around also make me happy, because my tears are love that awaits you and your touch with a heart that loves me. And let it never bother you that I am a little sad, because you have never been the cause of my sadness, you make me happy and make my world a lot happier. Know this, and always keep my image in your heart. I will wait at my window when the dawn brings me your smile.
Yours Radmila!
Letter 5
Yes now I see your email. I'm sorry I didn’t check it before. I was busy at the hospital. I spent a lot of time here. and looked only at WhatsApp.
although I wrote your address already on the phone. I can repeat it here. I don’t know how much you can help. you will decide it yourself. I am not able to ask you for anything more. you decide everything yourself. if there is such a possibility. I hope my mother herself can thank you. Beneficiary Bank (Beneficiary Bank) PJSC VTB BANK, MOSCOW,
Beneficiary (Recipient) NIKOLAEVA RADMILA
account: 40817978310094016959 (euro) Address Russia. City Surgut st. 30 years of Victory, 9A. apt 54
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