Scam letter(s) from Victoria Kazakova to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi Richard! I really waited and hoped that you would answer me after my letter. I believe so that not what difficulties to achieve the goal should not interfere in life. If two lonely people want to be friends, communicate and build relationships, then distance will not be a problem. I agree? So we chose each other, making the right choice. I hope that our conversation with you will be interesting, informative and serious. I am very serious about meeting you and I have great expectations. I hope everything works out). The main thing is to have a desire and interest in each other. How are you? How's your day? I'm alright. The mood got even better when I saw your letter). Now is the time that it is probably better to find your satellite via the Internet, because it is much easier to do. Therefore, I decided to post my profile on the Internet. I have no desire to meet a man from my country. I have exactly the desire to meet a man from another country. I believe that men from another country than men in Russia take their family building more seriously.
Now about me). I am a free girl and my heart is free). I have no bad habits, I do not smoke, and do not abuse alcohol. I have not been married, and there are no children. I believe that children should be born in a full-fledged family. How about you have bad habits? Have you been married? Do you have children? If you have children, then I am not against it). I am 33 years old. Birthday is April 9th. Aries zodiac sign. Just the age when you need to build a stable, family, calm relationship. And I am ready for these changes. My height is 173, weight 54. I have a university degree, since I graduated from the University. I speak English. Do you know foreign languages? I have a calm character, I am kind, responsible, economic, I like to spend free time actively, I like to read books and discover new places. What kind of education do you have, where did you study?
Yes, I live from Russia in the city of Penza. Have you heard of such a city? It is a big city in Russia. I hope that you and I will not prevent the distance between us, and we will continue to recognize each other. Where exactly do you live? What is the name of your city?
I hope and hope that we will know each other only from the best side). Time will show what unites us, what common interests we have, and what lies ahead. Of course, I hope that we are able to build a real relationship. Have a nice day. I will wait for your new letter. Vika
Letter 2
Hi Richard! Honestly, I was waiting for your letter), I was very happy when you wrote to me again. We will be familiar). I am in a good mood thanks to your letter. How is your mood? I really hope that we will delight each other with letters every day. Indeed, to know each other better, you need to write every day. Have you agreed?).
It's nice that you don’t see any problems in our communication, and that distance doesn’t make any problems. So we will be friends and develop our knowledge) Yes? It is nice to meet a serious man, I hope that our communication will be useful, informative and interesting. I generally communicate for the first time, meet on the Web. This is my first experience of such communication. Therefore, do not pay attention to any minor errors I have). But I believe in such a relationship that we can make friends, and in the future achieve a meeting. Therefore, I believe in fate. Is this your first time chatting on the Internet? I would like to immediately emphasize that I am not sitting on social networks. I do not live virtual time, so somewhere on facebook or in some other services, I do not sit. I think that here it is quite convenient to communicate, and then in the future we will find some other way to communicate. Have you agreed?
I always thought that for a man age is not at all important. Usually a man older than age always wants to see a girl younger than him. is not it? Personally, the age difference does not scare me. I have already decided for myself that I want a man older than me to be with me. for me personally it plays a big role. A man older than age is already ready for a calm, normal family life. Therefore, for me, age is not the main thing, and these are just numbers. And for relationships, age does not play any role. Therefore, there is no problem.
I want to ask so many questions, but I will gradually get to know you. Richard where do you work? What is your work related to? What is your work schedule? For example, I studied for education Human Resources. But it so happened that this profession is not in demand (. I work in a private children's clinic, work as a personnel manager, and keep accounts. The work is simple, I like it. The working day starts at 09:00 in the morning and ends at 17: 30, I work 5 days, and two days off.
What do you do in your free time? How do you spend your free time? Maybe you have some kind of hobby? Do you like outdoor activities? Usually I have free time only on weekends. And of course, I use my weekends to good use to relax and spend time actively. I like to read books, so to speak I am engaged in self-development). I like swimming, sometimes I go to the pool. Like walking around the city in the park. I like camping, or going to the campsite. I love sporting events. I don’t like noisy companies, I don’t go to discos, I’m a home girl. I prefer spending time with benefit, or watching a good movie at home). Do you play sports? Which sport do you like more?
I hope you like me). I liked you, and I have an interest in you as a man. At first glance, you are very good, kind, interesting. I hope it is fate that we met, I hope our acquaintance will bring us a lot of joy! Indeed, for each person there is a soul mate. I agree? Send more of your photos! I will wait for your answer! Vika
Letter 3
Hi Richard! I'm glad that you and I are having an interesting conversation). It's nice to receive your letters, I hope that we will continue to delight each other. How are you? How are you feeling? How do you feel? At first glance, you are a very kind and serious man). I am very glad that for so many thousands of kilometers, we are interested in each other. I am in perfect order, my mood is good. I think it’s not so important where the person you like is located, the main thing is that he is suitable and interesting. I agree? I am sure that we will gradually get to know each other better and get closer. I believe in this because I know that if you go to your goal, you always succeed. Of course, humor must be present in our life, you need to smile).
How long have you been online? Have you had any experience communicating on the Internet? Why did you decide to meet on the Internet? For me personally, this is my first experience of such communication. But I know that in the space of the Internet, you can get to know each other, because the Internet provides such an opportunity, and having met you can arrange a real meeting. This is quite real, I think. What do you think about this? I decided to find a man on the Internet, because I think it is much more convenient, and even more so there is no other option for me to meet somewhere. Yes, I want a man from another country, because I want a change in my life. And if necessary, I’m ready to move in the future. I don’t see any problems in this. But this is in the future). Richard I am pleased with my choice that I met you. The main thing is to develop our knowledge, and to show interest.
Richard tell about your family. Who do you live with? Do you have brothers or sisters? Do you have a big family? Where do your parents live? Do you have your own housing, or are you renting? About me: I live alone. I do not have my own housing. I rent an apartment and live alone. The apartment is nice and inexpensive. I do not know my mother, since I lost her at an early age. My father was present in my life, probably only until my adulthood, and then left for another city, and I heard nothing more about him (. Since then, my grandmother raised me and supported me in everything. I am very grateful to her that it was mine grandmother has opened the way to life. Yes, I have a sister, she is three years younger than me. She has been married for a long time and lives in another city. But we are friends with her. My grandmother replaces my parents with me). Grandmother lives in a village near the city. My family is very small).
I believe that with you everything is just beginning, and there will be more interesting conversations, actions, and decisions ahead). I agree? In the meantime, we will know each other. Have a nice day, and I look forward to your letter, and your photos! Write! Vika
Letter 4
Good day Richard! Every day I check my mail to find your letter. Thank you for writing to me). I am very pleased. I like to read your stories, your stories, what you share with me. I also try to share with you all the things from my life. If suddenly you are interested in something, you can ask me. Good? Yes, we have chosen each other now, I hope I made the right choice by choosing you). At the moment, everything suits me, and I hope that we can succeed in our connection. Yes, we communicate on the Internet, but this is not a problem, because we are still at a distance, and for people who want to truly build love, relationships, there is no barrier. I agree? Therefore, we have everything ahead. I hope you support me. How's your day? How are you feeling? I am in perfect order, I am in a good mood. I am at work, as usual, and doing work.
Richard how long have you been without a relationship? How long has your relationship ended? How long did your last relationship last? My last relationship ended about half a year ago. Since then I am alone, without any kind of relationship. The last relationship lasted about 3 years, and now I believe that these 3 years have been wasted. We parted because there was no continuation, no family, no proposal (. But all this remained in the past, and has nothing to do with our connection. Do you agree? All this time I have not thought about my personal life. But the time has come, that I’m thinking about the future, because I want a family, and I want to be in a relationship. And so I ended up here and met you. And I am pursuing a goal to build a future, personal life. And you have the same goals), so we come up each other. I am sure that in life we look the same as in the photographs, and what we are telling is what it really is. I am open to you. You have a good dream, and you are able to fulfill it in order to hold your girlfriend in your hands. If I become your girlfriend, it will be exactly what we are going to. And this is possible, and it all depends only on you and me.
What is the standard of living in your country? Have you ever been to Russia? What do you think about Russia? What kind of vacation do you like more, lie in the sun? or outdoor activities such as hiking, see new places? Of course I like outdoor activities more, I like walks, discover new places. I like cycling, or going to the theater or museum. Do you like art? Unfortunately, I did not go outside my country, and I was not in other countries. But I think that all my main trips are yet to come).
Richard I want to find common goals, interests, so that the two of us would be more interesting. After all, when people are interested in certain things together, it’s much more interesting and exciting. I agree? After all, interest between a man and a woman provides many opportunities).
Every day opens up new opportunities for us, and we will know each other. I have a very good impression of you. I think you are a very good, calm man. Have a good day. I will look forward to your reply! Write! Vika
Letter 5
Hi Richard! I looked forward to the opportunity to read your letter, and of course to write you the answer. I am very pleased to exchange letters with you. After all, the only way we have the opportunity to get to know each other. The more we talk, the better we get to know each other. I am very glad to give you my attention and time. How's your day? How are you feeling? I feel myself good. I have a wonderful mood. What do you usually do in the evening after a working day? I usually go home immediately after a working day, put myself in order, cook, eat, or watch TV, or read some sort of book. And now I caught myself thinking that my life is somehow monotonous. It’s boring for one to do something, not to go very far (therefore, I really look forward to a change in my life, because I think that doing things together is much more interesting. Do you agree?
I am very glad that there is understanding between us. I think that this is one of the important parts in the relationship between a man and a woman. We are already adults and experienced in relationships, and we will definitely try to show ourselves only from the best side. Yes? I believe that the key to success in such a relationship as ours is the foundation of trust in each other. We will trust each other, then everything will work out for sure. After all, trust is the main factor in our connection. Moreover, we currently communicate on the Internet. I agree? Richard I already see that I can rely on you, and that I can trust you. I chose you, and I only correspond with you. What will happen around me will not be interesting to me. So you can be calm that I don’t communicate with anyone else. I chose you. I want to be open to each other, and this will give us an impetus to move on. And if we at least somehow listen to each other, then this will help us in the future. Maybe it will happen that I will become your beloved woman.
Richard Do you like to travel? How often have you traveled? Have you been abroad? Where did you like most? It happened in my life, I have never been to other countries. My dream is to go somewhere). But I think that my main journeys are yet to come. I want to make new discoveries for myself. Richard did you do any crazy things in your life? Maybe he did some good deeds? What is your character? Are you quick-tempered or calm? I think so that a man should be calm at home, and somewhere else, he should show his strength. My character is pretty calm, I don’t know how to swear, and I don’t like to conflict. I am kind, responsive. household), a little praise myself). And a man and a woman in a relationship should always find a compromise among themselves so that disputes do not arise).
It is very nice to talk with you, to share those things that you still do not know about me. I think that further will be much more interesting, and we will be more positive). Have a nice day. I will look forward to your reply. Vika
Letter 6
Good day Richard! Thank you, you make my day brighter). I am very pleased that you appeared in my life. I am very glad to our communication, and our communication with you bring only positive emotions. Indeed, with each new letter to each other, we learn more, we get closer. I agree? And each letter is like a small step forward, towards success). How's your day? How are you feeling? How are you feeling? I'm fine, feeling good. My mood is very positive and good. I am very glad that you cause me so many positive emotions. In you I see a worthy man who will protect me). Can I rely on you? Today is February 14th, “Valentine's Day”, hope you and I fall in love). Ahead of the weekend, what do you plan to do on the weekend? I agree that humor should be in our lives, it lifts the mood, and helps to smile.
I'm already starting to look at you as a future partner, as a man who will be with me, with whom I want to share happiness, smiles, walk together, spend a lot of time on each other. Honestly, I am drawn to you). You are some kind of special man, and something special is in you that is very attractive in you. I really want to cherish our connection. After all, this very rarely happens when you meet a person who suits you). I'm sure we will get even closer). What are your impressions of me? What do you think of our connection, correspondence? Do you see future prospects? The fact that we met on the Internet, and that there are thousands of kilometers between us, it doesn’t scare us personally, because there is nothing impossible for people in love. The main thing is to have a desire). I agree? Now is the time, if a man and a woman want to see each other, then to overcome the kilometers between us there are airplanes that will deliver them to each other.
Richard What kind of music do you listen to? Which films do you prefer to watch? What kind of sport do you have an interest in? You as a man, what cars do you like? Do you have a car? What color do you like? Everything is interesting to me, what is connected with you). After all, your life is very interesting to me. I listen to different kinds of music, usually of course pop or country. Films I like comedies, romantic, historical. And so I can watch any movies, most importantly with meaning. The color I like is white and red. I am responsible and economic, I have been taught life to cleanliness. I love when cleanliness and order in the house, and that all things lay in their places. Always keep order). And I’m also very economic), I like to eat to cook, I like to cook something new and discover for myself in food. Do you have a favorite dish? Know that my man will always be fed with me).
Richard I really like that course of development of our relations, and I hope that we will adhere to this course with you). Have a good day. Waiting for your news, write! Vika
Letter 7
Hi Richard! Thank you for making me happier every day. Every day you fill me with emotions, and I know that everything is fine with you). We are already in a relationship, have you noticed this? I think that you and I have already chosen our development path, and I hope we will follow each other). Do you have any thoughts, ideas or plans about us, our future relationships? After all, it’s you who is the man who should take everything into your own hands, and I, as a woman, follow you. I hope I can rely on you in every way that you will always support me and will be there. After all, a man should be a reliable support for his girlfriend. And I, in turn, promise to support and give you an incentive in everything that depends on me. I would like to feel interconnectedness and reliability between us. Thanks to these things, we will be able to build reliable, strong relationships. I agree? How's your day? I feel great, because I met such a wonderful, sweet man).
Perhaps you, as a man, are more experienced in relationships, what do you think is the main thing in a relationship between a man and a woman? What qualities do you most highlight in a girl? What do you value most in a girl? What does a girl need in order to win your heart? I believe that the key to a successful relationship is when there is equality between a man and a woman, when a man is engaged in his male duties, but at the same time helps his girlfriend. And the girl, in turn, must create a hearth, comfort in the house, and engage in her female duties, while always and in everything supporting her man. And of course this is trust. If there will be trust between us, then I am sure that we will succeed in realizing everything and moving on to real relations. I agree? A man in a relationship should be a reliable support, friend, interlocutor, lover. Richard if I have a relationship with you, then everything that happens in the district no longer interests me. And you can always rely on me, because in this regard I am a very decent girl. I want to believe that together we will realize your dream, and I will become your beloved girl, and you are my man).
Richard I really like the way our relationship develops, I think that we communicate easily, naturally, and most importantly, we are interested. And our interest in each other is growing. I hope we will make out in each other those people with whom we will be through life)). Have a good day. I will wait for your answer. Write! Vika
Letter 8
Hi Richard! I am very, infinitely happy with what is happening in my life. You appeared in my life, and my life seemed to begin to take on a new stage. Every day, interest in each other is growing, and this is very important. We both realize that we devote time to each other, because we seriously approached our acquaintance. And together we have a direct interest in a real relationship. After all, to be next to each other, it would be great to spend time together, take a walk, have fun. Is not it? My mood is wonderful. How is your mood? How's your day? I'm fine, I'm at work as usual. But I always have time for you.
Richard I look at you as a worthy man, you deserve to be happy). You’re some kind of special man, I am very attracted to you, and I want this attraction to grow and grow into real feelings. And in order to have real feelings, of course you need to think about future steps to realize our personal meeting. Such thoughts are already appearing in my head. And all this is because I don’t want to miss my chance to become a happy couple with you. You and I are already adults, and now is not the time to waste personal time for nothing. I agree? On the contrary, we should use our time to good use. After all, such a chance in life may not be repeated. I always cling to every chance that my fate presents to me. I believed in fate, and I met you, you are so wonderful, I really like you. Do you believe in destiny?
In a relationship, a man and a woman should always have their own personal time for themselves, for meeting with girlfriends or friends. I agree? So when you want to go somewhere with your friends, I will not mind. I generally love ease with respect, and ease. After all, people on the contrary should be attracted to each other. I agree? Do you have a lot of friends? How often do you go out with friends to a bar, or sit somewhere? Are you a romantic man? How jealous are you? What kind of alcohol do you drink? (****, whiskey, or something else?). Honestly, I'm not a jealous girl. The most important thing is not to give reasons for such moments, and then everything will be fine. I always trust my man, and rely on his decency.
Richard I believe that we both deserve great, true love. After all, that’s why we ended up here. And most importantly, we were able to meet each other in such a vast space as the Internet. And everything depends only on ourselves. But I am ready to go with you to the very end. Have a nice day. I'm looking forward to your letter! Vika
Letter 9
Hi Richard! Thank you for appearing in my life), thank you for this happiness. Yes, I gain confidence with you, and I feel that you need me). I am so pleased). You make my days brighter, and I began to smile more often. I am in a good mood. I have a normal day, doing business. How's your day? How do you? It's great that we have chosen each other, and have come a long way to be together and build our relationship. I am sure that we are suitable for each other). The further we go, the more interesting it will be. Why did you stop sending your photos to me?
Richard, what exactly do you expect from our correspondence? What should happen next? What are you ready to do to get us together? Yes, the Internet has given us such an opportunity to meet each other, to learn, to communicate. But the Internet limits us in this connection. After all, in order to build the future, you need to be together, spend some time together to get to know each other. But we are already happy that we know each other. And we must not waste time. Therefore, we must set the highest goals with you in order to meet in person. If there is no problem in the distance, then everything depends only on us, so that we see each other. I agree? We have already come a long way to get to know each other, and now we see how our feelings begin to unfold. We communicate with you warmer, more pleasant, and already make plans. It is so sweet and I am very happy. This was to happen, because we are both very serious. My expectations from our correspondence is a personal meeting, to continue what we have already begun. I told you from the very beginning that I am ready for the changes that are waiting for me ahead. During this time that I know you, I can say with confidence that you are the man with whom I want to go further and build relationships, not just correspondence, but to build relationships and be together to have a full relationship. I think that when you see you live, in fact, you will still be more attractive, and I definitely don’t want to be parted))). Richard are you ready for a real, lasting relationship? Are you ready to build a relationship with a girl from another country (I say to myself)? In the first place for me, this is our connection, and what awaits us next. Nothing interests me so much as our relationship with you interests). I am completely immersed in our communication with you. I'd like all of our plans and ideas to be implemented with you). Perhaps now is such a period of time, you are a man, and probably you should take everything into your hands. But I, as a girl for the sake of my happiness, am ready to take the first steps myself). I believe that we are not in a hurry with anything, but rather we are only stepping forward. After all, time does not stand still, and we are not getting younger. I agree?
We really are worthy of happiness, we should not be alone. Now we are together and we will not be alone anymore. The most important thing is to overcome the distance and be together. I hope there will be no difficulties, and if they do, then we must overcome them together. I agree?
Have a nice day, I will think about us). Can not wait for your reply! Your Vika
Letter 10
Good day dear Richard! This sun shines for you and me). How's your day? I'm fine, my mood is fine. Now we are together, and now we are united by common goals, common ideas, and common decisions). We have chosen the right path, because we have sincere intentions for each other in order to build future relationships. I am very happy that we have become close. Our connection has already entered a new stage, and we will go even further. Yes? I wrote to you that you stopped sending your photos to me. You didn’t react like that.
Our connection is growing, we are getting closer to each other, and most importantly, our communication has become warmer, sweeter, and already with ideas for the future). I don’t think that everything is happening quickly, everything is going as it should. I agree? At first we recognized each other, then we revealed ourselves, now we have become much closer. This gives us the advantage to think about what will happen next. And then there can only be a personal meeting). I hope, step by step, we will go ahead and cover the distance to be together. After all, this is precisely what we are here to feel real feelings, to feel each other. Really right? And from the very beginning we have already outlined the goals that we need a real connection, a long-term, and real relationship. Richard I am very glad that you also think, and that you are ready to discuss our meeting. We already know each other for two weeks, but before we meet, some more time will pass, and this is enough to meet a person from another country in person. I believe that we will spend time together, only this way we will see what lies ahead. Do you agree? If we have a chance to meet, I would like to use this chance with you. I believe that the first meeting should be with you. Because it is much more convenient in terms of accommodation, you will not need to leave your personal affairs. But nothing holds me here at all, work is not so important for me, and I don’t have such a family. Therefore, I believe that it will be better if we decide that I go to you. You will show me your city, I will see how you live, you will meet me with your friends, relatives. It will be insanely pleasant for me. Richard are you ready to accept me? Are you ready to take me to your house? A live meeting will give us an impetus to the future. Imagine how we will walk together, have fun, do common things)). And I believe that this is not a crazy thing, I have to go to another country with a man. I know you, I trust you, and I see in you a reliable man. You have all these qualities, and I am sure that you will make me happy). I have no fear whatsoever to take and go to your country. Because I'm ready, and I'm ready for the changes that are waiting for me. And thanks to you, your support, I can calmly adapt with you. Will you support me?
I know for sure that together we deserve to be a happy couple, that we are exactly the two people who suit each other). You are a special man for me, and you open my heart. I'm happy). Thank you for that! I am very pleased that I was in good hands and I can rely on you. Have a nice day, I will look forward to your reply). Kisses. Your Vika
Letter 11
Hi Richard! This is me Vika. I am writing to you today from a different mail address. The fact is that my account ( has been disabled. Today I did not know what to do. I wrote to the administrator at, but there I did not wait for any answer. So I decided to create a new account, and write to you. I hope you see my letter, and then answer me here at this address. Good? How is your mood? How's your day? I'm fine, I'm at work as usual. But I always have time for you. The weekend went pretty well. I went to the village, had a good time with my grandmother. The weather was good, I walked around the village). We sat with my grandmother, talked, prepared delicious cakes. How did you spend your weekend? Have a rest?
I will wait for your answer, and please send your last letter. Good? So that I can answer him. I will wait! Vika
Letter 12
Good day dear Richard! You are the best man in my life, and I tell you this with all my heart. I see in you support, I see in you those masculine qualities that a man should have. And I think that when we get together, we will open even more. We have great potential with you. And this is our chance to be happy. How do you feel? How are you feeling? I am very happy to share the joy with you in our relationship. We approach each other, we have been waiting for this happiness for a long time, and we must act. Right? I want to ask you to send me more of your photos.
Now is the best time to really think about our meeting. We can already see how Internet connectivity limits us. We need a true and full relationship. I want to see your gaze, I want to hold your hand, I want to spend and spend a lot of time together. I would like to discuss the issue of our meeting with you together. After all, our meeting depends only on us together. Someone alone should not decide what. We will make decisions together. I agree?
It’s more convenient, of course, for our meeting to take place with you. It is more convenient in all plans, amenities, accommodation, you will not need to leave your affairs, my visit to your country will be easier for me. I am ready to go to you, for our first meeting. I want this real date with you. Because I know that you are the best man in the world). Richard are you ready to accept me? Are you ready to plan our meeting? If I come to you, where will we live? I really hope that you as a man will support me and tell me your opinion. We should only go forward so that our happiness is real. I trust you completely, so I don’t have any fear to go to a foreign country for me. I think that I have no risks. Because I recognized you, and I understood that you are the man whom I have been waiting for all my life. Moreover, I have nothing to keep here, and I'm ready. And from the very beginning I said that I was ready to change my life. I want to connect my fate with you. Dear, how do you think your relatives will accept me when they see us together? What is your attitude to Russians in your country?
Richard this is our chance, and I hope that by joint efforts, and most importantly by our desire, we will see each other. I agree? You are an important part of my life, you are in my plan for the future. I hope that you will not leave me here, and I will come to you. I am sure that we can give everything to each other what we need for happiness! Have a nice day. I will wait for your news! Vika
Letter 13
Hi dear! Your letters, your words bring only joy to me. I am ready to give you and only you my heart, love. Because you are my man, and I am your girlfriend). How do you feel today? How are you feeling? Everything is in order, my mood is good. Richard some time ago, I still could not imagine that we would go so far with you. But we are already on the way to our meeting. We have come a long way, got to know each other, and together we came to a decision for our meeting. With you, my life is changing, I began to relate to things differently, and I value you very much, because you are the best man in the world. Let's hold hands and enter our future, where we and you will be, only we)). I would like to get your photos again before we see each other, you send me your photos. Good?
I think that you and I have already decided the most necessary, found out and agreed. Right? I am going to you, and we remain living in your house. Right? I am sure your house lacks a female hand to create home comfort and hearth. When I am with you), I promise to create this comfort for you and me. I am sure we will have a beautiful relationship, and a great future. Now you need to act. I will need to find out how I get to you, how long it will take to get all the documents, and find out the cost of my trip.. Richard for this I will need you to leave all the information. I will need information to find out all the details for my trip to you. And also, when I fly to you, I will need to fill out a questionnaire, I need to indicate where I will stay. Therefore, please send me your details: 1) The name of the city where I fly; 2) The name of the airport where you will meet me; 3) Your address (where we will stay for the duration of my stay). 4) your phone number; I will need these data. So write, okay ?! And when you leave me your phone number, I think that tomorrow I could call you, and we could talk on the phone. Therefore, send me all the detailed information. Good?
I just introduced our meeting, it’s really beautiful, it’ll be so sweet, so many emotions, I just really want this. I really want to be with you so that we show and prove to each other that we are worthy of each other. We are both adults, and this is our personal life with you. And all this will depend only on our personal decisions. Only together we can become happier. I know for sure that we will have great love, beautiful relationships, and a big family. I want to always give you my support. Imagine how you will come from work, and at home I will meet you, feed you dinner, and then together we will do something interesting). This should happen, and I hope that we will give each other a chance. We approach each other, and now is the time to prepare for our meeting.
Richard I need you, and I want to be near you. I kiss you. Have a nice day, looking forward to your reply! Yours Vika
Letter 14
Hi dear Richard! I share with you everything that I feel, and my feelings for you are strong, warm, and most sincere. I want to take care of you, to be with you only. Because with you I open a new world for myself, for us. And I am grateful to fate that you appeared in my life. I feel good, my mood is fine. How is your mood? How is the weather? In my world, there is only you, and now I live with you because you are made for me. I am ready, and I want to go with you to our future, to see you. And we really need a meeting to build a real relationship, and be together every day!
Dear, thank you for informing me, leaving all the necessary information. Now I need to go and find out everything. I will do it today or tomorrow morning, I’ll go to find out information about my trip to you. I am sure that there aren’t any problems applying for a visa, and it won’t take much time. Until our happiness, only one moment shares with you, you need to board a plane and fly to you)).
Yes, I have an important conversation for you, there is a moment that I want to clarify and find out. The question is, what about the costs of my trip? Richard yes this is our joint meeting, and I, and you, we must work together, contribute to our meeting. It will be hard for me to pay such expenses. I don’t have enough money. I myself will not be able to pay for my trip. Yes, I have a job, I have a salary, but my salary is not enough. Yes, I can pay for some part of the trip myself. But paying all the expenses is hard for me. I think that we should solve this issue together. Richard I do not ask you to pay the full costs of my trip. I only ask you to give me at least half the cost of my trip. At the moment I do not know how much it will cost. But you have to tell me, can I count on your help? Can you help me pay for my trip to you and give me at least half the cost of my trip ?? You understand, it will be hard for me alone, and together we will definitely manage. And I believe that this will be true if a man and a woman organize a meeting together. This is our desire, and together we have more opportunities than one of us .. Richard can I rely on you? I hope that we will settle this issue and will carry out our meeting. Our future, our meeting now depends on your decision. I believe that you will not leave me, and we will go to our goal.
I am drawn to you, now I live by you, and our relationship. I really want our meeting to take place. And only then will we see what lies ahead. But I am sure that we are suitable for each other, so that we will be a beautiful couple together). I hope that we will take this opportunity to see each other. It will be great! I will wait for your answer! Vika
Letter 15
Richard Hi dear! Richard how are you? Yesterday I tried to call you, but your phone did not answer. I called, but no one picked up the phone. Of course, I really wanted to hear from you, and talk to you. Well, then this will happen next time. I guess you were busy with some kind of business. I am in perfect order, the work week is ending, and finally there will be a weekend. I would like to take a break from the hustle and bustle. There are no plans for the weekend, but there is an idea to go for a swim in the pool. Do you have plans for the weekend? I am so glad that we are getting closer to each other and this gives me an incentive to move on.
Thank you for understanding the whole situation. Now we will go further and decide what we will do. This decision should be general. You asked me to write you my details and send you a copy of my passport. Richard I will write you all my details, I will send you a copy of my passport in the next letter. Good? First, I will write to you about the costs of my trip, you will decide what you will do, and then we will move on. Have you agreed?
I want to share the news about my trip to you. What I learned to travel to Norway, I will need to open a Schengen visa. A visa will be issued for a period of 90 days. That is, I can stay with you for up to 90 days. A Schengen visa is easier to obtain, and it is a tourist visa. So, the whole package of documents that I will need to do is: Passport, Visa, Insurance. This is the whole package of documents. Documents will be prepared in approximately 10-12 days. For paperwork I will need to pay 380 Euros. I will fly to you from Penza to Moscow, and from Moscow a direct flight to Oslo. I need to book tickets in both directions. Will explain. My tickets must be original, both ways, that is, to you, and vice versa. This is necessary to confirm my visa. I will have a return ticket with an open date, that is, on the last day of my visa. Flights Penza-Moscow-Oslo, and a return ticket Oslo-Moscow-Penza, will cost me 510 Euros. The ticket price is indicated in both directions. To summarize, my trip to you will cost me 890 Euros. This is the full cost of my expenses for my trip to you.
Dear, I am also ready to be involved in investing in our meeting. For my part, I myself can only pay a small part. I myself can pay somewhere 200 Euro. There is simply no more possibility. This is the maximum that I can do. It turns out that I want to ask you only 690 Euro. Richard tell me please, can you send me 690 Euro? Can i count on you? I hope that we will resolve this issue together and move forward for our meeting. If you can send this amount to me, it would be better to send it to my bank account. What do you say? Please tell me everything exactly about this. Good? Our meeting is now in your hands, and I very much hope that we will soon be together! Kisses. Vika
Letter 16
Hi dear Richard! How do you feel? I'm fine, feeling good. I am so glad that we solve all the necessary issues that concern our future together with you. How was your weekend? I hope you managed to relax and have a good time. My weekend was calm, I went for a walk in the city, in the shopping center. I was busy with household chores, and of course I just relaxed and watched TV). Unfortunately, writing on the weekend is not possible (therefore, I am writing to you today. Why have you stopped sending your photos to me? I haven’t received your photos for a long time. They came. I wrote to you that I called you, but you didn’t answer to me. You did not tell me anything about this ((.
Richard Yes, in the last letter I wrote you information about my trip. Did you familiarize yourself with her? You did not answer my questions. I asked you, can I count on you to pay for my trip to you? I asked you, will you send 690 Euro to me? you didn’t answer me anything. You just asked me again to send you the necessary information. Why is she so important to you? Of course I will send you my information. But first, find out what we will do, and when you send me the necessary amount of money. Good? It's important for me. So tell me everything for sure, so that I also know. Good? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kisses. Your vika
Letter 17
Hello my dear. Richard when I see your photos, it pleases me, and raises my mood. What is up today? I'm very well. As usual, I do work affairs. Thinking of you, thinking of us. I really want us to be together, so that we become a real couple.
Richard phone number did not show when I called because I called you from a phone card. Today is Tuesday, let me call you again tonight. I hope you will be available, and I can get through to you. I would really like us to talk to you on the phone. Therefore, I will call you again today. Good?
Look, I'm sending you a copy of my passport. This is a personal document. And you can see my passport. Yes, of course I understand you, so I asked you about these things, for which you ask all my data. I just clarified. No problem to leave all my details for you.
My full name: Viktoriya, my last name: Kazakova, country: Russia, City: Penza Address: st. Liadova, 62. index 440064. This is my complete and personal data.
Richard I would really like to begin the process of preparing my trip. After all, you and I have already discussed everything, decided all our points. And now my arrival is up to you. Yes, I understand your position. I can tell you with confidence that you can rely on me. You can trust me. Because I am sincere and very serious about you. In you I see a real man with whom I want to be close. And now that we have resolved all the issues with you. I would like to settle this monetary issue. Believe me, you do not risk anything, you will gain happiness with me on the contrary. Richard Now I have to wait until you send the money transfer to me. I will use this money exclusively for its intended purpose to prepare my trip to you. Because I really want to get to you. If I leave you my bank account, will you send money to me? I really count on it. Because thanks to you, we can see each other. And I hope you give us this ours. So I look forward to hearing from you. Good?
I'm waiting for your early reply. Kisses. Your Vika
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