Romance scam letter(s) from Alina to Eddy (USA)
Letter 1
Hi, my dear Eddy!!! Hello, my sweet!!!
I hope you are good today :) Thank you for your sweet letter!!! Thank you!!! I wait for it... but... sometimes I thought that you will not answer...
that maybe you did not like me... did not like my photos...
or something else... Yes - I thought about this because I do not have any relationship for a long time... do not have enough confidence in me and my appearance... do not sure - do men like me or not... But you wrote and it make my day - now I know that I am attractive, sexy and still can be interesting for a nice man like you ;) And what do I want to tell you more... Honey Eddy, I am so interesting in you also!!! You are such attractive man and I will be really happy to see you one day... look in your bright eyes... speak with you... feel your warms... I think it is the best way to know person for sure and understand - is it your soul mate or not... But do you want to meet me?
Do you agree that any letter could not substitute real meeting? And what do you think - when we could have it? What do you ready to do for this? I hope a lot :))) So, I will be so happy to see you in Kiev at the end of July ;) But for now we only have correspondence... And I will be happy to continue it and learn you better and better... But, my sweet Eddy, I tell you this and really want to cry... It is so sad... but I can not write more for now because it is hard situation in Ukraine... And I collected some money for using translation bureau... But now I got know that I will not have my salary for the last month :((( And I do not know what to do, my dear... I do not know how to live... Do I have look for another job or wait for better times? Do you have any advice for me, sweet? :( Of course I have mommy and sister which also work and will take care about me, feed me and pay for my living... But I can not ask them to help me with paying for our correspondence... Of course, I like you, I want to stay with you, save everything what we have for now... And I hope you too ;) And maybe you could help me? Maybe you could support me with some money that we will be able to pay for translation and continue our dialog... But what do you think, Eddy? Well, I will finish my letter... Have a great day and be careful there!!! Write me when you can... And I hope you will enjoy my new photos... Your Alina with kisses and hugs ;)))
Letter 2
To attention of the receiver, This notification refers to inform you, Dear Sir Eddy, about the request of our client Alina (the lady you are corresponding with). Your lady Alina asked us to tell you that, unfortunately, she can not continue communication with you due to her personal problems in financial field. And she can't write you in Russian or Ukrainian because she does not have phone and own computer to do this. However, we can offer you to help your lady with the paying for our services (translation of letters, access to the Internet, scanning and printing photos, chatting, phone conversations, delivery of presents) if you are willing to do this. We are working with limited amount of foreign citizens though all services are available. We are not representatives of any dating or marriage site and deal with the translation and delivery for special clients. Please, inform us about your decision as for about your lady Alina, whether you prefer to wait until she is able to contact you again, refuse from the correspondence or take our offer. Translation bureau "Aliance"
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