Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
This is Anna!. I am 29 years .
Probably you are interested where did I have seen your e-mail? I am looking for serious relations, I want to have the partner in life and I have applyed in agency of acquaintances. They gave me yours e-mail, and I guess, I have written correctly your e-mail address. And my letter will ba addressed to you . This is my first letter to you just to to see your correct address.
Also, I am sending you one photo so you will be able to see me . I will write you a little bit about myself, and I will send some of my photos in my next e-mail to you.
Maybe, you will be interested, when I will tell you that I am not living in your country. I live in Russia. I hope it does not frighten you. I am the same lady with clear soul, big heart and high spirit that living in other different countries.
I hope you will contact me and we will start to correspond . If the destiny will be successful to us, we will see each other . I hope you will write me a little about yourself and will send me some photos.
Feel free to contact me on my
Best wishes , Anna.
Letter 2
Hello my dear, my loved Steve!!!
I today am very glad to receive your letter. Today I am very happy, that you have again written to me. I waited your letter with the big impatience, and now I am happy, to read it. To me to like with you to communicate and have with you the general interests. And I completely agree with you, I am madly glad, that you have the same feelings to me.
When I receive your letter, on my person always arrive a smile, and I feel high temperature in my soul, thanks for it.
Thanks for filling of my soul pleasure, thank you for filling my heart of the most pleasant feelings!!
I am madly glad, that there is such person as you which always will understand, will support me, will calm. I am very happy, that you are thanks your parents, that they have brought up such good person as you thanks them for it.
It is a pity to me, that I not near to you I very much would like to be with you to be beside when to you are bad also could calm me when badly I very much would want it to me
To learn you it is better to know your merits and demerits though I think, that at you, they are not present.
I do not know, that with me I go on work and constantly I think, girlfriends speak about you, that with me, something not so but when I him have told about us they very much for me were glad.
I very much miss under your letters and always I wait, them I want to tell to you, that now is not lonely and that you have the person to whom you are not indifferent.
On it I want to finish the letter, but know, my unique, that I shall always think of you and very to miss on you.
Write to me soon letter, I shall wait for it very much.
Up to a meeting.
I like, I miss.
Yours Anna
Letter 3
Howdy, Iam Emma. I have found your page at a wedding portal, so I took a chance to contact you. I have looked through quite a lot of websites of this type that I cannot tell you exactly what its title was. If you are adventurous and you wish to enter the world of pleasure and desire, if you are ready to turn your gray and uninteresting life into a real love story, do not hesitate any longer! Please drop me a line right now! I would be happy to meet you in real life and get closer. By the way I shall visit your country soon, it would be wonderful to start sending letters to each other immadiately. You will become my first friend in your country thenâ?¦ I cannot imagine my life without ***. We can write to each other breathtaking things and append pics, even 100% secret and **** ones! Cheeck out one of my pics. In no time you will receive many of them and will get a chance to get closer to me. I hope you will answer my letter and will not delete it without reading. I will be looking forward to your letter. Have many enjoyable moments every single day. If you are interested Please write ONLY to my personal e-mail: Keep dreaming of you, Emmulya
Letter 4
Hello. Unfortunately, I have problems with my old e-mail address.
Therefore I write you this letter from my new address. I hope, that we and further can continue ours with you dialogue, I wait for your letters on my new email: I wish to continue ours with you dialogue. I'm glad you chose me to write, and don't mind to talk to. My name is Emma. The most common Ukrainian name. I must say that I do not want to deceive the interlocutor, hiding behind false Internet nicknames. You know, many people want to look better than they really are, and to do this, choose something exotic, completely ridiculous names... I live in country Ukraine town Kiev. I like my city, there is a very beautiful old architecture, even a nature reserve nearby. I'm 31 years, however, many people say that I look younger. Don't know if this is true. Here you are, looking at my photo, what do you think about this? If interested, I can say that with the growth of 174 cm weigh 54 kg, with such indicators can be a model, but this prospect, to be honest, I should be sorry. Just in country Ukraine this business is not very good reputation. Besides, I have a good work - I am a fitness instructor. Aerobics dealt with since childhood, I like to move under lively music. It's just great when work is a pleasure!
Boast is not in my rules, but I note that dance for me is life, not just a profession. Of course, this is hard work, and often, a clothes wet from sweat until the end of the lesson, but what a thrill to see that people learn from your example, master movement, first, then more complex, build composition. The main thing is that the work is rewarding, and this is no problem. It is easy to guess that such a tight schedule requires all the time to be in shape. So I have no bad habits, I do not smoke and do not use drugs, I don't really need it.
Sometimes it happens that during a vacation in the company of friends I allow myself a little light cocktails, and more for girls. Married never been, no children. Perhaps, will tell you later why. What I'm all about myself yeah! Please, tell us all what you think: how you live, where they work, what are fond of. I will gladly send you my photo! I hope that you will enjoy. And look forward to your letter, and your photo! I really want to look at them! Looking forward to your letter! Your new girlfriend Emma!
Letter 5
Hi my loved Stephan! Thank you very much for such kind letter. I'm so glad we have a full mutual understanding on important issues such as marriage and the family! You're so amazing, even strange that even meet such a man with a good sense of humor, honest and caring. I see that you care about my life, and really appreciate it, really.
Sometimes I think when I read your message, that I know you very, very long time... My love, today I want to reveal to you my heart! I a little embarrassed to tell you this phrase, but I took courage and ready. I want to confess to you, my Prince I LOVE YOU! I loved you from the very first letter. I felt that we could build a serious relationship. Every day I gave you my time. After we met I thought only of you. I love you for what you kind, tender, caring and affectionate man. I know that I can to rely on you in the most difficult moments! You will never cheat and not will betray me. I knew that somewhere in the world is that man, that I could fall in love for real. And I found you! My love to you the most pure and gentle. I kept my feelings for you in heart, but today I decided to open you my soul.
I hope that you take my feelings and reciprocate! I want to tell you thank you very much for what you never had ignored my letters and walked with me to the main goal - to build a serious relations. Now we are with you as a whole, as an unbroken chain! I I want our relations to develop further. My Prince, for me the word love is more than just a word. For me love is something the feeling which I now live and breathe. When I see your letters, in I wakes up a new life, in my soul birds sing, I want to live and smile! My love, I have revealed to you my heart and soul and I hope that you will not deny me! Please tell me what you feel? You ready to tell me that you love me? Now I have told you my secret, and able to speak with you on the topic of love. I want to talk about *** and ****** dreams! I will do this in the following letters. How sad that you're so far. Sometimes you want to talk to you in reality, really. To go with you to the cafe to chat, drink a glass of wine. And then to come home together, to lie in bed, feel your tenderness on his body. I would like to come to you in the future, at least for a while! For me you were not just a man, and the man of my dreams. Recently my girlfriend complained about her boyfriend, she had forgotten him to prepare him a meal after work, and he caused a scandal and insulted her. This story is ****. Can it be that normal relations, when a man has no respect for women? Is it possible to love without respect? I am sure that there. What do you reckon? I believe that you understand me that you are a very sensitive person. I think you can make any woman happy, if you love her. Write, I love to read your letters, know that you have a very attentive reader. A whole. Your **** thing Emma
Letter 6
Hello my love! I'll write you a letter again from my friend, who lives in a house next door to me. I already wrote to you that the Internet café is closed, and so I ask my friend to use her computer.
How are you? I sincerely hope that you feel good, and you cannot be reached COVID-19. For me every day, it's like a nightmare because I wait every day for it to end as soon as possible. I can't be home anymore because it's hard for me. I'm thinking now and dreaming of meeting you and me. I imagine how to meet me. I imagine you hugging me. I imagine how our first romantic night will go. I'm just thinking about you, so we can meet later. I will pray that our dream will come true. You know I'm very uncomfortable writing these words because I want to ask you for a little help. I'm not working right now, and that's why I don't have the money to buy food anymore. And also my parents can't help me with the money because they don't have any money left either. Our government is not helping me with the money.
Our government can help with money exclusively to pensioners. I want to ask you for a little help in $250 money to buy food, and pay for accommodation. I understand that your country is also in a difficult situation, but I have no one to turn to. And so I want to hope you don't deny me help. I'll write you all the details right now so you can send money for me. I'm asking you to use the Money Gram office. I hope you can find a post office close to you with the Money Gram office. Or you can transfer money from home online. All you have to do is go to the Money Gram website and transfer online from there. My name - Emma,
My last name - Lapina,
My country - Ukraine.
My city - Kiev.
My address: Bazhova Street, 2. I 'll be waiting for a good news letter from you. I'll be able to understand you if you can't send money for me because I understand you're in the same difficult position. But still I will hope for your help. Once you make a money transfer, you will need to send me the full money transfer information. Write me a letter, I'll look forward to it. My kisses! Emma!
Letter 7
Hello my love Stephan! I will now come to my friend 's again to write you a letter, and also send you my picture you are asking for from me.
I let you know that unfortunately I can 't send a copy of my ID because it 's not safe. But I want you to send a picture now, and I want you to trust me. I sincerely ask you not to think bad of me because I write you this letter with love for you. Stephan, I will now go and come later to get a good news letter from you. I will believe that today you will go to Money Gram, and send money for me. I will expect all details of the money transfer from you. I love you! Emma!
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