Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Kral to Martin (England)
Letter 1
Hello my friend Martin ! I am glad that you have answered me my small letter.
I never before did not correspond with anybody from other countries and in general it is my first experience correspondences through the Internet. Now presently when are widely advanced high technologies, speak much and write about acquaintances through the Internet. I too have decided to try to search for the happiness on the Internet. I want to tell to you about myself and about that where I live. I live in city Kazan. To me almost 28 years and I work physician in ours to hospital. Our city is in republic Tatarstan. Summer at us warm and sometimes even hot. But unfortunately winter at us cold. But we have already got used because people which are born here they are very accustomed to sharp changes of weather. I was born and have grown in this city. My parents have arrived to this city before I was born.
Earlier they lived in city Ufa, but they have moved in Kazan because to the daddy have suggested favourable work and he did not begin to refuse. My father worked as the engineer on one from the enterprises of the heavy industry of our city. My mother was simple the teacher.
Unfortunately now they are not present with me. They have died. And now they very much do not suffice me. I have not wanted to be neither the teacher nor the engineer and consequently when I have left school began to study in medical university and now I work physician. My growth of 168 centimeters, my weight of 52 kgs. It is very interesting to me to correspond with you. It is very interesting to me to learn about to you and about your way of life. I hope you to me will write also it will be fast. I I shall tell to you more about myself in the following letters.



Letter 2
Hello my new friend Martin !!! It was pleasant very much to me that you have written to me the answer-back letter. It is very interesting to me to learn more about you and your country. In general it is interesting That we with you are copied because I for the first time communicate with the man from another countries. I hope what to you as interestingly to correspond with me? To me are interesting to learn wrote to someone else except for me before? And still you now with by somebody except for me correspond? It is interesting to me because to me always did not carry with the men. I do not know why but they always threw me when learned me on - better. I think that all business in that that at us the man much and frequently drink vodka. On mine it is a common problem of Russia. For this reason I has addressed to the Internet. I know that in the western countries there is no such problem and man concern to the women more validly than at us in the country. I write you from Internet - cafe. It is usual library in which, except for the books still some computers stand. Unfortunately I do not have own computer because I can not afford it to buy. I work the doctor and it as you know a trade which is paid from the budget of the country. And for the country it is difficult to pay work of the doctors, because as explains our government the budget Russia tests deficiency. It is interesting to me to learn what from you hospitals and as financing hospitals is arranged. It is simply my professional interest. Not looking on that that we have some problems to me mine all the same is pleasant work. Because I in childhood dreamed to treat the people. I the doctor - anaesthesiologist and my duty is that I should support viability human organism when it without consciousness.
And consequently frequently in my hands is life of the patient.
Certainly it on would be much easier if our hospital was is better equipped on - better. But it is not present again because of bad financing. But we already have got used to this and we do all that probably with that that we have. I work in various time basically certainly as day, but once per three days I work as night in night change. Sometimes there are very difficult days when much hardly patients. Per such days very strongly get tired. I want to know what relations at you with native to you by the people? Whether there are at you brothers and sister, how frequently you with them meet? I have older brother to him 32 years and at him there is a family. He married two years back and the year back at them was born the son his have named Pasha. He such interesting. When my brother come with the wife and small son to me I always am glad because I very much love of children. And you love children? Besides it is interesting as you will spend the free time and whom you work? It is very a pity, but I should finish the letter. I hope that you will answer to me soon and will answer my questions. With impatience to see your letters your friend in cold Russia Olga.
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