Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Sergeevna Shurmina to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Arthur. My name is Tatyana to me of 38 years, I to live in Russia the cities of Samara. I am very glad will get acquainted with you, I am glad that you have written me a prompt reply. I also was are surprised to accept e-mail mail and to write to you to the first. I think that you want will get acquainted with me more close. +++ I?i aic?ano : The age of the person for me is not important. The good person who would love me is necessary for me and would understand me as the person. We in Russia have a proverb: " Love all age are obedient. ". This proverb completely reflects that sometimes age at all does not reflect a private world of the person. I think this world connects of people and supports their strong connection and understanding always. For you my e-mail to you, probably, was absolutely unexpected. I search for serious relations, money is not necessary to me. Money it angrily and if you do not trust me do not write me. I wish to find the love and happiness, instead of money. Yes I will call to you as I learn better. I on all of 100 percent am serious. And I of a straight line surprised which maintained Internet-cafe to reach acquainted with the person. I am very happy to see your letter and all ideas have been mixed, in general I do not do know from what and to begin. As you know my name is Tatyana my height does 167 My weight see does 52 Kg. On a horoscope aquarius my birthday I was born on january, 28th in 1982 and to have in the city of Samara. It approximately in 934 kilometres from Moscow.
A lot of cultural and educational institutions, the enterprises various Industries. You ever were in Russia? If yes, where it is exact? Tell to me, make to you, travel The pleasant? Now it is a little about you? Tell to me about you directly? Where you studied, and you have that work? To pleasantly you? I not to time was not outside of Russia, I travelled only across Russia in different cities was. I wish to learn you better and to be closer. I do not play game and want serious relations. I have got tired of Russian men, and I want to find the love abroad and to live out of Russia. I write from the cafe internet, the manager has helped me with a hall to study some computer. And here I have decided to write you the letter, I think that you will be glad to read it. I not time was not tried by relations through the Internet, it is my first time. I would like to answer at once to you why I have decided to try to find love in the Internet. I have decided to find love because I am already tired from Russian men. They are not capable to solve with girls, they is very strong rough and can offend the girl, can offend or strike ****. The Russian men always think out different stories, to deceive and drink much and a smoke alcohol. Such person not necessarily me. Healthy as the kind and fair person is necessary to me. I speak to you only the sights, and I think, what you heard about such stories? I think, what you not such person and with you it is possible to cost friendship?
Further the destiny will show to us that will be further. I would be glad that the destiny has reduced us, and we were with you together and the happiest people on it this world. I will a little tell about myself. I the children's doctor the pediatrist, work in children's multiclinic am more than three years. It are pleasant to me my work very much, the truth, a wages is not big, but sometimes it is at a leisure probable to earn besides. I do to separate massage of people in the house. Basically too the small child children of a ******. Now many children are transferred the various arrangements and my work are required. However I study children of a ****** from first days of a life to float in a bath. I already am them for a **** and in a month of such employment they it is independent perfectly to hold water. It is separately paid also, therefore it is enough for a life. I love children very much and the deposit trades also. I would like, to know more about your family!? Mine parents have been lost, when I was very small, our house in which we living, has burnt down completely completely. Only the miracle has rescued to me, life, I then have made only 3 years. I do not do, remember parents. And I am an orphan. My grandmother brought up me. But also and and it has died when I was 19 years. And now I live one long time. From time at the right time which I bitterly shout because I did not have any happy childhood together with parents. Me I have refused to me directly, have not checked up do not love to the father and, mothers. And it is very difficult as me think of it now. But it is a life! I wish to tell that I very much The serious person, it for me all it is serious and under the truth. I the adult girl and in any games I not to play. I wish to find a gift the person, does not depend on age and from position in a society. For me it not important poor or richer that he loved the most expensive both respected me, and all the others is probable to reach together, would be health and love. About the big impatience I with impatience wait reception of news from you. I hope you, you will not be a holiday without questions on the attention, interesting me. I hope shortly to the letter sees. Sincerely Tatyana.
Letter 2
Hello Arthur. How are you? How you feel? Well! Many thanks for your answer to my last letter, it are very remarkable that we write each other. I have read your letters with the great pleasure and all I learn you more close. That you the person, and each of races you admire me that such remarkable, clever, good and decent person! I would like, you ask. What you the person? Or that you - type people concern? I write from the Internet of cafe and there is no chamber and is not present skype. I can soon call you on your phone as I learn you better. You can always trust me. For example I am a romantic person!
Not the irritable the person, the optimist and during also time the realist. I will tell you about my hobbies. And also I would like to learn mutually also about your hobby, at leisure, where you spend? And about myself, I am very occupied a person, work party every day in multiclinic, on area. As each children's doctor the pediatrist has an area. Thus, some streets, certain area city in which observes all children living there. And therefore, except for daily reception of sick children in multiclinic, I continue calls to patients on apartments. Well and at a leisure, if those appear I try, spend my free time by the nature. I adore a camping! For me fresh air and the nature, it does not depend on a season pledge my health and beauty.
Also I am engaged in sports meets, to name good it it is impossible sports meets because it at level of an amateur kind takes place all, it is good probably to tell, easy suitability. I go to a sports hall where above smothering there the trainer and forces to make exercises.
After sports meets hall, which I go to unite and there I have, relax.
I especially choose evening time, after work that it was possible, will be weakened to arrive the house and to fail in a bed without a supper. It is a true diet and care from occurrence about my person my body. It rather variously for me. Actually I the young beautiful woman, and I wish to look always good. Probably to tell, I appear even very sports person, in any kind. I like favourite kinds of sports meets very much. But, possibly, figure skating for me the most favourite. I always try to observe on the TV, all championships, all olympic games, with participation of our Russian sportsmen. They are good companions also many talented guys. Tell to me please!!! Also that your favourite also is not present favourite kinds of sports meets? Whether you observe from the party, on TV from sportsmen of it or such sports meets. Or like to be present and live to observe for a case in stadium or in other places. I like the car and motorcycles.
And especially old models of cars which have restored also are in an excellent condition. Most of all it is pleasant to me foreign cars, especially german models, but in our city very few such cars. They only in very rich people. But in the big cities, such as capital Moscow and another them are a considerable quantity from. Also that cars as you? Whether you in a condition to conduct the car? I will finish the letter. Today I had, many work, and it has come time me to run. I will be wait very much the letter. In the following letter I will write about my hobby. I speak good while to you. Your girlfriend Tatyana
Letter 3
Hello my dear Arthur. How are you? I am very glad to receive your letters, to learn all about you, about your country. I am very glad, which you are interesting to inform with me and to learn about me all secrets. Though in each woman should be, though one unresolved secret.
Otherwise it will be not interesting communicate with such woman.
Therefore my secret remains, only for me nobody will know it Two cultures meet, and at this meeting they can enrich each other I agree.
The humour is very important in relations I also I think.. But you already know about me very much. I promised you in last letter which I will tell about a hobby. I do not have any special hobby as I love many of very much, all depends on my mood, during it or during that moment of a life. I cannot imagine a life without music. It takes important and essential place in my life. I like to listen to classical music very much. It is pleasant to me here still, Mozart, some symphonies of Bitovena, and it Known «the Lunar sonata». Vivaldi and its seasons, simply mad me, may Vanesa is especial in work. I cannot tell, it I listen only to any certain music, it is pleasant to me in many directions. For example, destiny an opera «Unona and it is possible» so has insistently mentioned mine the emotional world, on my heart that I could not listen except for them arias, something to another. I like to listen to Pugechevu Alla Borisovna that, Seignioral, to Valery Kuzmin and many other things, about which you for certain could not hear at all. From foreign executors I prefer: Witniy Houston, Selin Dajon, Mary Keri, Tarkan, Shakira and many others, now even not to remember all. One more of my hobbies - cinema!
Cinema, cinema Cinema. Yes, many favourite films and actors, what even the whole letter It will not be sufficient that everything to list, for example, such as Last dance, With Kertom Russell, the fair courtesan, Kingdom of heavens, Don Zhuan Legends about autumn, leon, the temptation, the taxi, the Embodiment and many other things. As though to TV and TV, thus I almost do not see it. Thus I am very occupied on My work and when I come home after the work, already good on TV except for the message of news do not show. It is pleasant to me, go to cinema and theatres. And how you concern to art of theatre and cinema? As often go to cinema or theatre? And as in you of business with the prices for tickets? I have heard, it abroad, foreigners very much Love an opera. And you? About me. I cannot tell that I love it. It Possible even to be expressed more precisely, I do not understand. I As, as wonderfully sing arias talented singers, but special I in an opera did not notice game of actors, and finds of the director. Except for my favourite destiny - operas «Unona and it is possible» the directed The Moscow theatre "Lenkom". There actors play, thus it begin to sympathise all heart and soul now I wish to speak with you about food! In us many traditional Russian dishes about which you possibly also did not hear even. For example, on easter holiday in each orthodox family it is accepted to bakee easter cakes and to present them on a table together with eggs from red colour which we, to draw in onions feathers. And visitors, who enter into the house, should bring with itself eggs to exchange them also says that the christ has revived, and we answer them, has really revived. Such interesting custom exists in Russia more than one century on end. And in general time has already come to run. On it I speak good while to you. I ask, that you have answered all my questions, it is very important for me. I will wait for your letter. Your Tatyana.
Letter 4
Hello my dear Arthur! It - I your new friend from Russia)). I miss on you and your good Letters. I require your letters every day as fresh air. I am good. And you? How there was your day? What news with you?
It is interesting for me to know everything that s continue you.
Frankly conversation of it is very grasping to observe your life. As you it is far from me. I would like, you ask, I can to hear your voice once??? Arthur write me the telephone number, and I will try to name you. I will go to office of telegraph and to name you. Well? What wonderful beginning of day and what wonderful end of day and at you very well passes all. I cannot wait to hear yours voice. I have a cellular telephone, but I cannot listen to an appeal from another the country because I have refused such service. I, never have think that I can meet the person from other country. I so regret. But all is good, because I can name you from a telegraph place when I will have a possibility! I think that you can give me to me your data and phone.
My address: Nountry Russia.
Nity Samara.
Samara Pushkina 268.
Street Pushkina 268 apartment 79.
443001 index. Now I have not enough free time, and I apologise at once that I cannot answer the letters at once. We have a big flu epidemic now. And also any illnesses of a cold of others. There are many sick children. And I stay in my work by the end of evening. Nevertheless it is many inquiries buildings. And I should go to the house with sick children.
Parents cannot go with sick children in multiclinic with a heat, therefore I have to their examinations on the house. I very much become tired, but it is my work, I should help children. Always it is a pity, when sick children, they always much more helpless than adults. And now simply huge flash illnesses. It is a lot of schools and kindergartens are closed on quarantine and in us in doctors the big work. I have a girlfriend her name is Elena, we with it together work. I send to you to a photo with it, it is glad for us with you and transfers you greetings. I would acquaint you with mine friends and would be an entertainment together with you. Would dance and laughed.
All my girlfriends will be with husbands. I will think of you all day long and to miss on you. But you will be in my ideas and me it It will be easier! I dream, of which you have made me the happiest person on the world. But with that end in view we should be together. I very much Insistently to wait it. Promise to me which we will be together!
The promise me that you will think of me every day! I will wait your letter. Yours Tatyana.
Letter 5
Hi my sweet Arthur. I have received your answer and as usual, I was so happy from your letter again! Arthur, I want to tell you, that your letters began more than simply words and friendship. I think of you all the days long and nights. Once I will not go in loneliness, but to a kiss my favourite one kind night in the evening and to a kiss my favourite one good morning in the morning I want it. I wish to be your wife. Thanks for your number, I wait your data a name a surname the full address. And you do not leave my head! I always write to you with all sincerity and care and I receive in the answer still the big heat understanding and respect. You have arisen in my life, and I receive pleasure from corresponds with you. It seems to me, that something the greater, than simply friendship. I for a long time was afraid to admit to myself it, and especially to you. There can be we hurry events and we need to find out more about us that get acquainted closer. But it seems to me, that has passed many years, that I know you as myself. I do not want, that you thought of me, that I the thoughtless woman. All that occurs to me, all this is very serious. From your letters I too see, that we are not indifferent each other. And I every day thank the god, that we could find each other in this big world. I very strongly to want to be with you in the ideas. I am very happy and I do not want to hide it from you. I cannot already without you, I am attached to you all closely and closely with each letter. You are necessary for me and I am necessary for you. When I was small, I frequently thought of desires when saw how from the sky the star fell and sometimes they to be executed. I shall make it again, and I want to think, that we were together and for ever. My friend Elena speaks me, that she even did not suspect, that it is possible to find the man thus on the internet.
But, she has asked me, why all of us yet together. And i said to her that she to hurry up and thinks on before. That there is a set of problems, both we shall soon speak by phone and I, probably, I shall die of happiness! But I as think, that for us not will exist what barrier. I searched for the man, favourite, full romanticism, tenderness, trust, understanding and cares about each other. And as it seems to me, I have already found him! I want to be with such person with whom it is possible to live all life and to have the happiest family on light. I want that we cared about each other and helped in all difficult circumstances. Certainly earlier I wanted to see all this in my favourite person, but he has me. And I more shall not go through it. I do not want to live in the country in which there is no my man, in the country full of a deceit and meanness on the part of people and lives. Now I shall be very attentive and I shall not allow to whom and not to that to destroy my happiness. You agree with me? I not so a lot of time know you, but I understand, that you the fair person. That person who is necessary for me also to which I shall be necessary! I with impatience shall wait for your prompt reply the my dear friend. Sincerely yours Tatyana
Letter 6
Hi Arthur. I am so happy to receive your letter!!! I could not wait for your letter. Your letter as a drink fresh air for me. Your letter is thin thread that connect you and me. The wonderful beginning of day and what wonderful end of day, I agree. I am always fair with you.
This thread going through thousands of kilometers, through the oceans and seas. And, gee ****, your letter comes to me and I can see it, I can read your tender words. I am so much happy! I am so happy to have this opportunity for dialogue. Words to from your letter make me happy. I'm grateful to you. I wish you to tell me more about your ideas and feelings. he is very important to me. I will be able to learn more about you if you tell me your feelings and ideas, inside of your world. I can know how you live. I would like you to see and hear your voice, I want to feel and observe you. I hope you understand what I meant? I need you in my life. I want to say that my heart is happy.
I have love in my heart. I feel that my heart loves, the purest and tender love. My heart want to be near with other loving hearts. You tell me understand? And I need it too ... I need to be with you. I want to feel the warmth of your heart, and the offer of your hand. I want to feel your smell. I want to feel your lips. I would be like to fall asleep and wake up with you. I'm crazy? :) You to know Arthur life is alone. And I want to live and be happy life. You are a unique man and intriguing qualities of this disc my desire for you, far beyond any imagination. Never in my life until the day I met you online have everything to share, to offer all my love unconditionally, and to grow old with someone, one day, to remember the year hared us together. Just the thought of the offer with all my heart and spend my life to cherish every moment with you, brings these incredible emotions to I have never known before. I dream about you in my dreams.
I feel close to you with me, by far, at this time. And I want to cry!
Or our distnce. You have changed my life! I just wanted you to know that I'm the luckiest of the woman in the world, if I'm going to be with you. Also I understand that it happened very quickly. I feel great sensations and I never have to see anyone. I'm afraid of it! I feel that I I became another person in this short period. I am become to feel the most tender and loving part feelings for you. I do not understand what's going on with me, but I can tell you that I need you, and you are very dear to me. My ideas are confusing and I can not write the same letter you have now. It is very difficult to think! He is very difficult to express my ideas now. When I think about what our life could be like together in the future, I have butterflies and chills everywhere - it's so exciting! I think that something like this happens to everyone; I am so lucky he has happened to me now. You are essentially everything I think, honey; when I'm not thinking about you, everything what I am thinking about is to do with you. You are my everything, my existence, my love, my mental state, everything, and I want you thank for that! First of all, I want to thank you for come into my life. You caught me by surprise, I would never have think I would be so lucky to have you but now that I have to you, I never want to let go. Brought you so much love, joy and happiness that no other guy has ever to show me. I feel that I love you !!! In your letter, I see that you feel the same way for me. Please write to me do you think of my ideas ??? It is very important to me Arthur! Before I met you online, I knew what I want from my life. But now, it's so hard. I do not think about from my job, but I have because I have very responsible. Now, I can think only of you. Every moment, every minute, every second that you in the mind. Mysterious strength attract me to you. It's all ok. But one cause makes me very sad. It is long distance between us. I believe in destiny! And you? I never think I met a man from the internet and love him. But I I'm so happy, he had arrived.
Now, I'm afraid of You lose. Thank you for the smile you gave me. I have really felt lit up inside that I melted. I wish we could go out together someday and we could to have our nights out of the bay and that I could pour my feelings for you rigt now. Thank you, to awaken in me, deep inside. Even if you do not like me, I will tou days wait for you and no matter what, you are in my heart ... no matter what happens. I hope I'm going to be in able to hold you in my arms and tell you that I love you. That's all I need from you. I love you and it's a promise. What do you think of our meeting Arthur? It is therefore important to know for me. Please do not ignore this Questions. I'm finishing my letter, and I'm going to be at the Looking forward to your answer very impatiently! With tender hugs and kisses,
Letter 7
Hello, my love Arthur! I am so happy that you have answered my letter.
I'm so happy that you feel the same way. I feel like your ideas like mine. I do it feeling that we both are soul mates, and maybe more. I am so happy that I have to meet you right here. You make me happy.
Probably, I'm the most happy the world, because I have a handsome man like you. Oh, I dream to be in your hugs right now. You can not imagine how I want you near you with me now. Every day, I have reread all your letters, then I dive into my own little world where, together, we and you look at me and listen to me. And I can not stop talking. :-). In my own world, I tell you tell him I'm so happy to see you and feel. It is therefore easy. And even easier if we are going to live in our own world. Nobody will not stop us. And most importantly it is of our world. I would like to feel your breath, to see from your eyes, to hear your voice Arthur you know how difficult it is to explain all the feelings in the letter? I have a lot of ideas in my head. And I can not write everything for you. I can to you to say more when I go to see your face to face. I want to forget the mine shame and pride and rush to my love. You change all my life. You come from my life as a fresh wind blows and to make me happy in short period.
Thank you Arthur! I was all at different from the woman before I met you. I could turn the page of my sad past and forget all the pain that I had. You presented to me a new life. Now that I am very strong, and you give me that strength. I'm grateful to you. Brought you joy in my life. Yes, you give me life is full of paintings and flowers. And I do not want to think about this right and what no ?! From now on, I would like to live with you and observe how you sleep and how you wake up That dream that you have when you sleep. I want to think that. I want to fall asleep in your embraces every nite. I want to talk with you when I can not sleep. I would like to observe the sunset and the sunrise sun together, and many others .. and of course, this is not possible because you are away from me. But sometimes, I want to forget the long distance. You are mine, the man I love. You is my air, my sun, my sky! I would like to be together and to live together and love each other. It would seem there is not difficult to be together, but we both understand that we are far away. I do not want a barrier between we. I would like to destroy this barrier. I do not want to be in the separation. And you? I dream about ardent passion, I want realize all that we have in our letters. The most of my friends think I'm crazy, because I change very well. My friends know that no man could win my heart, for quickly. And they are right. But you did it.
You could win my heart! I am happy Arthur! You destroyed all my illusions and prejudices and let me feel like a little girl who want to find support and protection. And I live in my own world that I create myself. J ' can not hide admiration about you Arthur, what my move. I have already decided everything. And I'm ready to visit you.
Tomorrow or maybe today I'm going to try to find all the information I need for the trip you. If you agree of course? I have never traveled before and I do not know what documents I need. I must say that you want to meet me or not. He is very important for me. I would like you to feel the same way. And please help me learn your country. On one side I'm scared of, because I never left my house and my country. It's here long distance. On the other hand - it's happiness. Because I go to the man I love. Arthur, I have time for you. I look forward to see your love and adoration in your eyes. I took a long time to feel the comfort and peace of your loving arms. I long for feel the sensual passion of your kisses. I took a long time to feel the love and desire of your offer touch. I put long to swim in the warm, calm sea of your love, to be surrounded, to be wrapped in it, to draw strength from it. I put long to keep you close and never let you go. you miss.
I want to be with you and to stand. I want to gently touch your face and the cut of your cheek, in my hand when I look in your beautiful eyes. Iwant to snuggle, and cuddle with you, to be just close to you.
I want to rub your legs and look across the couch as we talk about our feelings one for the other. I want to hold your hand across the table at restaurant. I want others in the jealous restaurant of our intimacy and our tender affection for each other. I wish rest beside you in front of a fire and look into your eyes while I rub my back. I want romance. I want you know how beautiful you are to me. I want you to know how much I cherish and adore you. I want to give my heart to you.
I want your heart, I want everything. Now I have finished my email and I can not wait for your return email. With the fund of affection and desire thoughts, Your Tatyana
Letter 8
Hello my love Arthur. Thank you very much for your letter, I was very happy to receive him, as usual. My heart beats faster to every time I open the letter of you, I am so happy. I do not can not explain all the feelings that I in my heart now. I like crazy. I can not be without you. I have need you so much It's great pleasure that I you. I need from you like air, like water, food. You are unusual man in the world, and I'm not understanding what a secret you that I love you very much. I lose my head your sweet words in the letters. You are like the other world. When I read your letters, the whole world stops for me. I want be with you at one time and look at your eyes and see your nice smile. Oh, that dreams. Why are we here? Arthur I have already told you that I decided to be with you. And the only thing What I want now is to be with you. And a way to if I come to you or you come to me. I found everything I need now. The information I have in the trip the agency will help us overcome this long way. I entered one of the travel agencies in my city. I spoke to the portion of the travel agency, and he talked to me like it's best to do everything to get the visa for you! The employee of the travel agency said, that it will be necessary for me to collect documents and information. I should attribute all the necessary documents and information in travel agency. In addition, it will be necessary for me to conclude the contract with the travel agency and to pay for the work of tourist agencies and visa fees. The employee said that the visa fee 160 dollars, the embassy Norway takes consular collection of 60 dollars.
Also it is necessary for me to make the international passport, it costs 110 dollars. The travel agency takes 40 dollars to work on the registration of all documents. Write me exact airport? I will learn the price for the air ticket. I will do all through tourist agency, it to me will help to receive all documents and the ticket quickly. Money for my documents and the ticket are necessary to me only. You will help me with arrival to you in the country? When you can send me money and where? I think that our hearts will be together.. The employee said that when I will bring all the documents necessary and as soon as I will pay money all my documents will be sent to the embassy in Moscow. There is an embassy Norway will review my documents. After a while, about two weeks I will go to Moscow in an interview at the embassy I understand that everything is not as easy as seems. But I am ready . I'm ready to go any difficult way because you have close to you with me and help me. I understand all the difficulties which may be because I am going to have different lives with you. I am ready to change my life for you. If you wanted the same way that me, and help me, that's all. I believe you are going help me to be with you. I trust you. I trust you all my life. Every your email I read as crazy about the women. Every your sentence that I examine and try to understand your ideas. You come to my dreams every nite. You are like a obsession. And I love you. You take a special place in my heart Arthur! I want us to be together. And you? You is my destiny. And I will do everything I can with you. Nobody can ruin our happiness. It is very difficult to be alone here. My friends see that I suffer, and they are to understand what I feel. They understand that soon, I left them. And they are sad, but they are happy because I am happy.
Sometimes I weep because we can not be together right now. I Has found love and suffering simultaneously. I want to connect my life only with you. I want to love you and take care of you. I know and I feel that if I'm writing anything beautiful and noble in the future, I can only do this by listening to the door of your heart. I would like to go through life side by side with you, telling you more and more until we have grew up to be a being together until the time came for we to die.
I have more than you love, and can not stop you like. Think of me, sometimes, when thousands of kilometers away separate, but they will never, unless you wish. At our first meeting, I did not even consider you as real. You were just a pixel on a screen. We have spoke more and I became so confused. "How could I have real feelings for someone I have never met? " I had to ask myself. Since then we have met. I will never forget the first time I looked in your letter, that's when I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. For your ideas I saw everything I needed to know. It's summer is not a lot of days. Things have not been easy. I love you, I love you. Mwe Arthur I can not reiterate too often I can never express it as much as I feel it. I see and I admire you are all! You are not only the solar spectrum with the seven bright colors but the sun himself, who enlightens, warms, and awakens! That's what you are, and I am the humble woman who adores you. I can not wait to be with you Arthur. I need you. Please respond to my email. Write me all your ideas about my trip, and you will be able to help me? Please, let her live! I am finishing my mail and waiting for your answer With love, your Tatyana
Letter 9
Hello my love Arthur!!!! How are you??? My love I'm so glad to get your sweet and beautiful letter. It brought me so much joy and happiness. Your words like sugar. They are very sweet and give me so much strength and energy. The necessary sum of dollars, but you have not written me your data a name a surname the full address and the exact airport. How I can write to you what sum if not I know what airport? I learn the price and I will tell to you exact. My phone is broken, but I can give my girlfriend if it gives the consent. Now I live only for you my prince and for the sake of our love with you! Love - is what makes live person. And never to forget that the very strong sense! My love - a feeling of great affection to you Arthur. Tatyana Shurmina
Nountry Russia.
Nity Samara.
Samara Pushkina 268.
Street Pushkina 268 apartment 79.
443001 index. When that you and your letters do not
close - it is sadness and sorrow, and great Fortunately, when you write to me and I can see your most beautiful letters, full of sweetness and tenderness. I can not be without you and minutes, as well as you do without me, my prince. Love a passion, it is standing extreme. This is what we live. Arthur You are to me everything on earth and for you I'm ready for all that, for I might. I love you and I do not hide this, because this sense of should not be ashamed of and hide from each other. My love Love should not be lamblike, it can only be between two young hearts, full of tenderness and care for each other. I love you! Very often, many people say those words without thinking their true value! But true love is found so rarely. Often confused with its affection, passion or addiction. But LOVE -- is something more. She inspires, makes forget everything in the world.
And, unlike other senses, it does not pass, but steadily taking root in our hearts. LOVE is in all respects: it covers the sun, even the most dull day, it heals all wounds, and severe illness. At first, I also think that between us just a strong feeling, but now I understand that this is the most true love. For his love I am ready at all! I am ready to wait, if necessary, I am even ready to die. If it is indeed true love, she will live forever in the heart of this rights, it will never be forgotten in this man and he will always be to remember its most expensive second half. Arthur love - is the free treatment without any coercion, full of care, warmth and dedication, this relationship, in which people absolutely and unconditionally loved, they are dedicating themselves well-being another, his comfort and development, they give each other the opportunity to avoid the pain of loneliness and boredom, the other possibility samorastvoreniya. My love is my understanding that in our relations are such minutes, when we do not understand each other. But it temporarily. Over time, you understand that you can not live without her prince! I love you! you for me everything on earth! My love is another very good feature of the most robust love - it is hope! You can not ever lose hope, if you like. We need to believe and even to wait the sake of love. But hope is always to be! My love Arthur forgive me for such a letter, if it seem to you boring! But I write it as I imagine my love for you and what should be my love in the future !!!!!!!! I love you and look forward to your early reply!!!!!!!!!!! The most sweet and tender kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Tatyana.
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