Scam letter(s) from Yana Ivanovna Yamneeva to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi Richard!
I glad for your move!
You responded me! Sorry to surprise you with my expression.
There is a lot of skiffle in my life and I forget to devote time to my private life.
I live in the city of Uvarovo, Tambov region in Russia.
My height - 5'2'' ft, Weight - 48 kg.
My birthday is January 28, 1985. I am Aquaris on the sign of the zodiac. I was married once.
But this marriage did not bring me children and luck. Now I divorced and free.
And I hope to find love abroad to leave Russia.
Are you ready for a serious relationship with a woman?
And, of course, tell me about your education and your work and attach pics.
Waiting for your answer!
I wish you a nice day! Yana
Letter 2
Hi Richard! Thanks for the photo, you look very beautiful in the photo.
Sorry i dont have and use Skype. I like that you did not keep me waiting long with your answer. I will tell you as much as possible about me today. I am a medical professional by education. I graduated from the Tambov Medical College with a degree in General Medicine. Now I am a therapeutic nurse and work in the Uvarov District Hospital. I dedicated 20 years of my life to my profession and have never regretted the path I have chosen. I like to help people. I do not pursue gratitude, it is important for me to know that people's life has become better after my work with them. And I was also very lucky with my colleagues. Of course, the only thing that can be frustrating in the conditions of my work in the chosen profession here in Russia is a very small salary of medical workers. What can not but upset us. But I am enthusiastic and believe that I can be realized as a specialist in my business outside my state. I'll tell you about my family. I was born in a beautiful loving family. Mom and dad were 28 years old when I was born to them.
Later, after 4 years, my younger sister Vika was born. My mother's name was Natalya, and my father was Vladimir. I say that they were called because they left this world last year. This is a huge loss for me and Vika. We worried for a long time, and still in my heart there was an emptiness from the loss of my dearest people. Dad had problems with the cardiovascular system and his heart could not stand it at one moment. In less than three days, my mother also died and the strangest thing is that she never had health problems. And the doctors were surprised. She passed away due to the fact that dad was not around.
She could not live without him. Not even lasted three days without him. This is the strongest love that can only be recognized in this life. They have always been an example to me and my sister and others, as the most beautiful couple of two people together. The most amazing union of two people who understand each other, which can only happen.
But this did not become an accidental blind opportunity for them. They tried and worked on relationships all the time.
This is a real role model. And, of course, I still hope that this happens in my life. And I know for sure that I am ready to work on this and be a reliable support and ally for my future chosen one.
I want to tell you so much, but I hope that our communication does not end today. I would really like to know what you do in everyday life?
What do you want to see in your future wife? Maybe some qualities that are defining? And, of course, it is important for me to know that you like to eat? It is very important to know the potential spouse. I wish you a pleasant day. All the best. Waiting for an answer. Yana
Letter 3
How do you do Richard? Thank you for your answer.
Thanks for the photo, you look very beautiful in the photo. You always give me food for thought and color my new day with a new interesting mood. Today I want to introduce you to my pet and my beloved friend. This is my smooth chihuahua. Her name is Kitty. I know that cats are usually called like that. But I like to call my sweet dog like that. My friends and acquaintances say that with a dog I replace the absence of my children. Most likely they are right. I always need to have someone around ... For whom I will take care, love, feed, hug and kiss. I envy my sister a little. In a good way I envy. She got married early and she was very lucky with the man. They have a happy family and have a wonderful child. This is a daughter. Her name is Anechka. We often play together and I also want to have such a beautiful daughter. But I understand that I need a reliable person nearby. My ex- husband was very fond of money rates and gambling, and once I came to a completely empty apartment and realized that it was impossible to build a future with this man and certainly you should not give birth to children, because this is the last thing he will think about. I need a person who will devote himself to family well-being and will try to make a truly strong happy family. Because it is the most important thing that can be in life. A family. This is the basis of society and there is nothing more significant. Can you tell me some interesting story about your family? Or maybe even a few stories. I really want to know more about your surroundings. And do not forget to supplement your letter with photos! I also want to ask your phone number. And be sure to give me the code of your country. I want to call you in the coming days. I want to explain to you that I don't have various applications and I don't have registration on social networks. Because I decided that my private life is just mine and I don't want to share this with a crowd of strangers to me. All I have is my personal phone number and several numbers of relatives, colleagues and friends. I believe that this is enough for me. I hope that your phone number will appear in the lists of my contacts too soon. Remember to add it with the country code in your next letter. Thank you for reading my letter. I wish you a wonderful mood. And do not forget to think about me when you fall asleep today. Bye Bye. Yana
Letter 4
Hi Richard! How are you today? I am pleased to receive your letter. This is always a joyful event for me! You fogot give me your phone number.
So many scary things are happening in the world. And I want to think about something more positive. It's good that at such a moment I can read your letter. They talk so much about coronovirus on TV. And it scares me a lot. We take the necessary precautions in the hospital.
And I try to follow all the rules. You must also have heard about it.
What do you think of all this Richard? It is important for me to know your opinion. I noticed that now I think that if only this disease had not affected us. I think about what is happening in your country and often look for the name of your country in the news feed on TV.
When I return from work, I don't have enough loving hugs .... I turn on the TV, and there are constant murders, violence, terrible diseases and various shows that scare me. At such moments, I want to talk not with the TV, but with a loved one and I need my favorite hands on my shoulders, a gentle kiss before bedtime and a couple of gentle dreams ..I'm tired of being alone .. I need a man nearby. So I will be much calmer. Do you want to be this man Richard? Just answer me honestly. I say goodbye to you until tomorrow. Waiting for your reply. Bye.
Letter 5
Hi Richard! I am glad to see your answer.
I hope that I did not spoil your mood with my letter yesterday? For some reason, I feel that I can tell all my true experiences to you.
And I am ready to listen to all your thoughts too. Therefore, you can speak frankly with me. Remember the time when you were a kid? How many years have passed since then? What did you dream about? Has all of this become your reality today? What did you want to become when you grow up? I remember my childhood as the brightest and most beautiful! I grew up a happy child and my parents gave me a lot for this. They supported all my hobbies and activities. It was a great time. I always dreamed of working in medicine. And I can call myself a happy person in terms of choosing a profession. In my personal life, I have always been unlucky. But I do not lose hope and really want us to be lucky together and at the same time. Can you send me baby picture of yourself? I am attaching baby picture of myself to this letter. Hope you enjoy it.
I forgot to tell you about my best friend. Her name is Olga. And I am very happy that she is in my life. She is my closest friend and colleague, and I can share all my experiences with her. We have been friends for 15 years and have never quarreled with her. She is a very kind and helpful person. Do you have a best friend Richard? Tell me. Olga always asks about how our relationship is going. It seems that I can say that you and I are all well and have mutual pleasant feelings? Can i say that? Because it is interesting to me too, my dear Richard .... I was very glad to write to you today. Do not hold back with an answer.
Kisses. See you tomorrow. Bye.
Letter 6
Hi Richard! Thank you for your letter. You give me nice positive waves.
And I smile at this world, thanks to you. I already called you, but you didn't answer the call.
You are like my personal guide to the realm of pleasant enjoyment. I hope that this continues for us and succeeds! Behind all my emotions and experiences. I completely forgot about the "daily bread." Do you need a good housewife nearby? Right, Richard? I can tell you that I devote a lot of time to self-improvement and keep my body fit. And so my ration usually looks like this. I attach photos! I made duck and spaghetti. This is my favorite dish. Are you ready to share dinner with me? Hope so. Because it is a lot for me alone and enough for two days for me. I want to be a diligent wife and am ready to do the most pleasant things for my beloved husband. It remains only to find a husband for me :) Who can be my husband? Let me think? Do you have any options, Richard? Sorry to write a little today. I need to prepare for my duty at the hospital. Waiting for your reply! See you! Kisses! Bye!
Your Yana
Letter 7
Hi Richard! How are you today? Each new day is filled with warmth and care when I see your letter. Thanks! I am very pleased to realize that you have become a part of my life. Hope you're glad to see my letters too?
In the morning I had a dream about our kiss. And it was the most pleasant moment in my life lately! I felt your touch, as if it were in reality. Tell me honestly. Do you represent us together? I would love to hear your "Yes". It is important for me to know this. I am happy that you are in my life. And I definitely don't want this connection to end! Thanks to you, I meet a new day with a smile. I took a selfie for you and hope you enjoy it! I'm waiting for your letter and a selfie from you too! I am kissing you, bye! Your Yana
Letter 8
Hello my dear Richard! I called you several times, but you dropped the call as soon as I spoke my name. And it seemed strange to me.
How are you today? I am glad to see your warm words on this good day! I am pleased to read your letter. I decided to send you a selfie again and record a short video. I hope you will be happy to receive all this from me !? I want to admit to you that I am a little afraid that you found in me only a beautiful body. It is important for me to know that you like me not only for this. I think about it because I realized that it is really important for me to know that you value all my qualities in me and not only my appearance. Am I attractive as a person to you? Just please answer me in detail. I think of you constantly now. And I am firmly convinced that the most wonderful feeling that can be between people has awakened in me. This is a feeling of love and a desire to take care of a person! I want to talk to you, cook you tasty food. To take care of your state of mind and your health. To hug and kiss you at bedtime. Here are my sincere wishes now! I want to listen carefully about the events that happened to you in a day and to know what you think about during the day. I feel that my feeling of falling in love with you has grown into true love! Please tell me what you think about it. I need your words! With love. Kisses. Your Yana
Letter 9
Hello, my dear Richard! Of course I know that you live in Norway.
And the telephone code of your country is +47. I called you. Is this the correct number? You wrote this number to me. I read a lot about your country.
And you live in a good place. How are you doing my sweet Hope you are well today! My mood is a bit spoiled because I returned from work and feel completely empty. The head nurse shouted in public today at me. And it touched me to the core. I know that she was wrong! Accused me of incompetence. Although it was her mistake! She mixed up the medicine as prescribed for the patient and decided to lay the blame on me in order to justify herself before the doctor. Can you imagine that? Is this possible in your country? I can not do this anymore! I am terribly tired of this attitude towards me! My colleague said that she is jealous of me because I have a relationship with you and that you are from abroad. I realized that I am surrounded by angry and envious people. Why can't they just be happy for me? This is very strange for me. I look at this life openly and joyfully. Especially now, when I realized that my feelings are stronger for you every time! You give me a smile and a boost of energy for the whole day! I want to caress and kiss you. Our names are different, and I like to pronounce and feel how delightful your name sounds. I want to whisper your beautiful name every day and do it gasping for you to understand how I feel about you. Once I could not believe that love exists. But then you appeared, and the world turned upside down. Everything that has been so valuable to me all these years has lost its meaning. You gave me a fairy tale.
You opened a new life for me. You have become everything: day, night, my dream and reality, my past, present and future. Without you I can't see myself, I can't feel ... I was waiting for you. Waited all my life. You are a man. The man of my dreams. My affectionate and gentle.
My far and near. My serious and funny. My! I LOVE YOU! Do you hear I love you more than anything, more than myself! I know that you will read this letter. You will read and understand that not everything is in vain. Our meeting is not accidental, our acquaintance is fateful.
And I do not want something to stand between us. You are my beloved man, and I want to be with you! I love you and hope that our feelings are mutual ... Kisses and hugs. Waiting for an answer. I really miss you. Your Yana
Letter 10
Hello my dear Richard! Yesterday we went to the sauna with my childhood friend Irina. We have not seen each other for a long time and talked a lot. I shared with her my love and relationships with you. I attach a few photos from there. Thank you for your answer. You are always so gentle and affectionate with me. I love you for this. But this is not the only thing that attracts me to you! I see in you many wonderful qualities. The very qualities that I was looking for in a man! You are kind, sincere and so reliable! I feel that I can trust you and will be with you “like behind a stone wall”. I understand, and you also understand that we need a meeting to test and understand our feelings.
I want more than just one date with you! I know that a date is not enough for us. We need to spend time together to understand our interests and our behavior in everyday life. So we will understand a lot about each other and will be able to feel each other in real life! What do you think about this? How do you see all this? How do you see our first meeting? Please share your thoughts with me. I would like to know what I should prepare for our first meeting. Or rather the first date! I see and feel our first touch as the warmest and most gentle feeling! Our first kiss is like touching our lips to a gentle cloud in the sky. I want to tell you that my intentions are serious and first of all I would like to fly to you for our first meeting. Will it be convenient for you to accept me? I want to ask for a vacation at work and I will tell you the news tomorrow! It is important for me to know and understand you, and our first meeting is a very important event that needs to happen in the near future. I just don't want to waste time, because I feel and see that you are my man and I want to be with you and spend time with you. I do not see other men and candidates for the role of my man. And I do not want to see anyone but you! Please, I'm waiting for your reply. I kiss you sweetly and hug you. Waiting for an answer. Your Yana
Letter 11
Hi my love Richard! How are you today? I have great news! My vacation was approved and it will start in 10 days! I want to come to you, I do not want to stay here in Russia! I want to start a new life with you! It will be a crucial moment for both of us! I would like for us to be a single whole, to be a family and to develop our relations further. You understand that we need to meet and it would be better if I would visit you! I see no prospect of staying here and a recent incident at my work has confirmed this to me again. I want you to think carefully about our meeting and give me the exact answer tomorrow. I have made up my mind and will go all the way because I want to bind our lives, I promise to love you in sorrow and in joy, in wealth and poverty, in illness and health, while we have each other! I love you and hope that our feelings are truly mutual. I feel like you are my man. A man from my dreams! Sometimes I feel so sad in my soul, because I can't take your hand and just talk to you when you're around. But then I understand that waiting is also a pleasant process, because in the end we are waiting for a reward. You are my best reward! And I want to feel your love completely and unconditionally when we are there. You light the stars on my way so that I will not get lost, and I will go to you to love and be loved. I am glad that you appeared in my life.
And I really want to believe that you are the same person that I thought and dreamed about for a long time. I believe that we will be a wonderful couple, and our love will be an occasion for pride. I like to feel your care and love. And I want to feel it always! I like to share with you my emotions and feelings. And I live my love to you and the powers that you give me. I wait for your hugs to touch my body and you will fully feel my warmth. Love you! Hugs and kisses. Your Yana
Letter 12
Hello my love Richard! How are you? Thank you for your words.
I'll tell you right away that I have savings for my trip to you.
I am an economical girl and do not spend a lot of money on myself.
It is always important for me that my family and friends feel good first of all.
I do not demand expensive gifts for myself. And gifts in general! I like to give.
And I want to give my love to you! Check for me the name of the airport, which is next to you.
And write me in the next letter. I'm going to fly to you my sweet. My vacation is coming soon!
And tomorrow I will go to Tambov city to find out about all the papers that I need for this.
In my small town there are no places where you can buy a trip to your country.
I want to see happiness in your eyes, and know that you need me.
My beloved, we must understand each other, support and protect.
I love you very much! Wherever you are, no matter what you do.
I want to tell you that I completely trust you.
And when our relationship will be in bed and everything will be decided together in bed. I know that you want it right away and I want it too.
I am waiting for this moment more than anything.
I want to be with you and feel you caress me. For me there is no feeling better than to love and kiss you! You can feel what kind of fire is inside me and I want to share this fire only with you! Love you.
Kisses and hugs. Waiting for your letter!
Your Yana.
Letter 13
Hello my dear Richard!
How are you today? I read the letter and noticed that you did not leave me the exact name of the airport where I need to fly.
What's wrong? Why did you ignore this? I hope that you will correct your decision in the next letter.
I remind you that I am serious and my plans are unbreakable. Do we want it together?
I hope that yes. Waiting for your reply and, of course, the name of the airport.
Yours Yana. Kisses.
Letter 14
Hello, my love Richard! I came from Tambov. I traveled by bus about 250 kilometers in total. I have news for you: I went through several paperwork procedures for my passport, visa and medical insurance. The travel agency deals with all applications and filling out documents, booking tickets - they control the entire process. Only I will need to get a visa separately in Moscow and go through another interview there. I will receive them within one week and for the speed of registration and for all the work of the tour of the company + tickets I gave 48200 rubles! So I had enough money. But I spent almost all my savings ... I still have 25600 rubles left. Also in the travel agency they told me that in the visa center I will be asked to provide proof that I can live in your country for the period that will be indicated on the visa, namely 1 month of residence in your country is 72700 rubles. This is the cost of living for the duration of my visa. This requires the government of your country for every citizen of the Russian Federation and this procedure is mandatory. They control it.
You don't have to spend this money, but simply having with you is easier to say having as a “pass” to your country for the duration of the visa. It turns out that now I do not have enough 47100 rubles to get a visa. I do not know where to get this amount of money. I have already spent all my savings. And I could not imagine that your country has this rule for entering Russian citizens. It's hard and sad for me now. Because I tried to get a loan in Tambov for this amount, but it turned out that my salary was negligible to get such a loan for a short period. I called to sister and Olga. But, unfortunately, there is no result either. I have nowhere else to turn except you. If you can help me, then I can fly to you in 10 days. My love, this money will not be spent by me. I only need to show this at the consulate to confirm my financial stability for the duration of the visa. After they give me a visa, I will immediately return them to you. I don't need a cent for any expenses from you, my love. I ask you for a loan and immediately return the money back! I hope you could understand my letter correctly. Because I feel that fate leads us to each other and directs us to the path of shared happiness. I love you very much and I know that I made the right choice for my man. You are reliable, loyal, strong, sensual and right! I want to be with you only. If you want to know, now I feel locked in the bird cage here in Russia and the key to this bird cage is in your hands. Please do not lose this key and open me the door to the world for the two of us. Waiting for your reply.
With love. Kisses and hugs. Your Yana
Letter 15
Hi my love Richard!!! Nice to read your response my dear. How was your day ? What's your weather? I have a bank account. But I don't know if you can use it from your country.
I live in dreams of our meeting. I am really looking forward to seeing you live. Today I spent all day at home, doing cleaning. spent all day on it. Then I thought that I should go to you soon. and I realized that I do not have a suitcase)). I'll ask my colleague for the suitcase tomorrow. She often go on vacation with her family. I'm in a very good mood, I'm already with you. I close my eyes and imagine how we met and walk together by the hand. Really looking forward to this moment. Write me which things I should take with me? I also saw on television how people meet each other at the airport. They are holding leaflets with the name of the person whom they meet. Maybe you'll make such a leaflet too.
And do not forget to write to me in what clothes you will be. better dress something bright so I can see you from far away. I have never been to the airport. Suddenly I'll get lost there)). I seriously thought about it. Well, I believe that our meeting is not accidental. So we will succeed ... Beloved, I miss you very much. My heart always wants to be with you. I want to hear your voice, see your eyes. Your kind, gentle, full of love look at me is so lacking now. I want to be near you and look into your beautiful eyes close, close, at a distance of breathing. I miss you so much. We must be together !!! I wish you good mood !!! I am always with you! kisses and hugs .. Your Yana
Letter 16
Hello, my love Richard!!! Yesterday afternoon, I went to the bank while it was open. And I found out that you can use my bank account. Below in the letter I will write you the details of my bank account.
And then on Monday you can use it. Yesterday my work colleagues came to visit me. We sat at home and drank some wine. I told them about our relationship. They are very happy for us. Surprised that I'm going to you. My friends are very happy. we even cried with happiness. Everyone wishes me well. Hope, now with you my life will change. I will never be alone again. I completely forgot about myself. It's like I'm born again with you. I fly on the wings of happiness, because you are my love and my meaning of life! Every moment, every day is incredibly bright and sunny, even if the weather is gloomy, because you are my personal sun, which illuminates the road of my life! I love you madly and will do everything so that we are always happy! Even now, when I write a letter, it is very easy on my soul. I know that I'm not alone, it's like you're nearby. I'm happy. I really look forward to our meeting. I want to hug you and never let you go. my heart and my whole life belong only to you. never hurt me. I hope you feel the same as me !!! Kisses . Now I'm going to work.
Today I work on night duty. hug you my beloved. Your Yana P.S. Here my bank details in euro Beneficiary Bank - Tinkoff Bank
Beneficiary's Bank Address - 1st Volokolamsky pr., 10, bld. 1, Moscow, Russia, Zip code 123060
Beneficiary's Bank SWIFT - TICSRUMM
Beneficiary - Yamneeva Yana Ivanovna
Beneficiary's Account - 40817840700001195544
My address is Sovetskaya St., 24 Uvarovo, Tambov Region, Zip code 393460
Letter 17
Today I was so cold without you Richard.... So empty in the room .... And I hate bed and room because you're not around right now. I can't say that I hate the whole world, because there are a lot of good and bright things in it. But you are the most expensive of all and everything. Expensive. You know about it .... Everyone knows about it: walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, doors. They pity me, they see how often I cry. And the pillow is a girlfriend, every evening, bathes under the waterfall of my tears ....
I can't help but cry. We are very far apart. I thank you for being with me. Yes, you are close, despite the distance. I see your eyes when I close my ... They are so beautiful, so charming .... You are always there .... You are in my heart, in my soul, in my dreams, in my thoughts, in my mind, in my life. I feel bad without you, sad, bored, sad. Sorry, I apparently forgot to write you the information you requested yesterday. I made a copy of my passport and will send it to you now. You also asked for the exact amount, it is 600 euros. You already have the details of my bank account.
If not, write me, I will send it to you again. My phone number is +79379348295. But I don't know if it will work for international calls. I will be waiting for your next letter with good news.
Rather, our meeting. I miss you so much.
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