Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana Zuraeva to Steve (UK)
Letter 1
Hi how are you? I got your address from an unknown destination to me. The letter stated that it is a free service. In the world there are volunteers who help the girls find love. I live in Ukraine, Since the men in my country do not show any interest in women, I decided to write you. We can chat and get to know each other better and at the moment this is the most important thing. Now, our only happiness is in our hands. Let me get to know you closer. I am confident that we will succeed. Svetlana
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend, Sebastian !
I want to build only real, trusting relationships, therefore, I will tell you only the truth.
Probably you have a question, why did I write to you? Very soon, I will go to your country for an internship in the specialty of a dentist. I would be pleased to meet you. I hope that we will succeed, and we will be able to build a love relationship. I decided to try to communicate with you, because foreign men are more caring for women. I am sure that I was not mistaken in you and my choice is correct.
I am a creative person, so I love being photographed. I like to pose for the camera. Unfortunately, I lost most of my photos when my computer was broken. Therefore, I will send you only those photos that remain in my personal archive. All my photos were taken by my friend Kara. She is a wonderful girl. Kara is my childhood friend.
I love animals. My favorite animals are horses, tigers and lions. I never rode on horseback. Maybe in the future, we will ride together on horseback? I adore cats and dogs. I think dogs are our best friends. I had a cat whose name was Cesar. My cat died 2 years ago. My cat was a true friend to me. It is a pity that pets do not live long.
In the area where I live, not the most stable "home Internet". Because of the mountainous terrain here it is difficult to deliver high-quality wired internet. Therefore, I use a 3G modem. This type of Internet connection in some regions of Ukraine is at the stage of development, so the speeds are not the highest. I can only dream about such modern means of communication as Skype, facebook and various types of messengers. Internet pages are loaded for a long time, then the connection is terminated.
Hey, wake up Sebastian :) I hope you do not fall asleep reading my letter.
As you already know, I live in the city of Lugansk. I adore the nature of our region. I love to sunbathe and swim. I like to go to the beach. There are a lot of beautiful lakes here.
At the age of 18 I left an orphanage and began an independent, adult life. Since I did not have my own housing, the state allowed me to take a mortgage at a lower interest rate. Now, every month, I pay my credit obligations. In any case, it is better than living in a rented apartment.
I lead an active lifestyle. I like to run in the morning and swim in the sea. I love swimming. What are your hobbies in life?
I look forward to your new letter to me. Please do not forget about me.
Your lioness,
Letter 3
Good day my favorite Sebastian, how are you today? I hope that everything is going well with you, it is a pity that we were not together these days, but I am sure that soon we will spend all our days together. I love you, you are always in my heart. I'm looking forward to the day when I can hug and kiss you. thank you so much for your care and attention I am very pleased. regarding the transfer of money, I told you I need $ 240. to transfer money, you need to use the MoneyGram office, as it is very convenient and reliable when sending, after your transfer, I will be able to receive them in a few hours and immediately make payment of my debt, and tell you all the information. I love you. to transfer money, you will need my full details, and you must also send me your full details, your full name, surname, exact address, and a special transfer number so that I can receive your money without problems. NAME FOR THE MONEY TRANSFER. Surname: Zuraeva
Firstname: Svetlana country: Ukraine
Kyiv city
street: Saksaganskogo, 147/5 I imagine our first meeting every minute. can you send your money today or tomorrow? as I told you, unfortunately I have very little time. write to me soon I look forward to your letter sincerely your Svetlana
Letter 4
Hello my Prince Sebastian. how is your mood? I hope you're doing well. I spent the night at the airport without sleep. I feel very bad, because I haven't eaten anything for a day. how did you meet your friends? I hope you had a good time. what time will you go to MoneyGram?
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