Scam letter(s) from Larisa Vedesova to O. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, I was very glad to get your message!!! I`m so happy because you answer me. Well, i`m starting to write more about me. First of all , I`m a single girl, i have not any kids, i never married before you can wrote this things in my profile. I decided to try to search my happiness in another country, because I can read and write on English. and because i am sure that people in internet don't waste their time for game. I disappointed in russian man, because they need love just for one night. And i am sure that you are, like much another men search women not for just ***, but looking for something more.... I want to find good kind man who will love me and will care of me..I want to have happy family, i think that any girl have right on it. I heard about internet, that it is crazy place and there are much people and hearts who wants to meet each other. I have never made the acquaintance with someone with help of Internet earlier. Because i use internet not much time, just some hours in a day. When i am at work.
About my work in some words.. I`m a teacher and i teach children to Russian language. Well, i want to tell you a little about myself. My name is Larisa I am 26 years old. My birhday is 27 of April 1979. I do not drink and I do not smoke, but I don't mind if people have this habbits. My style of life is very healthy. I love life and i love to live. I would like to tell you about my character...Well, i think i am emotional and some people are scared of that. You know, when i feel fine, everybody knows about that, also when i am not very well, they know it too. But i don`t consider it as a bad quality, because people always know what i feel and i am not able to dissemble. Moreover, I can control my emotions when it`s necessary. But we all realize people are not ideal, so everyone has their own defaults. What about you? Tell me about your bad qualities, if you have such... You know, i am very sociable, so yes, i have a lot of friends, but only a few of them are really close. Moreover I have my best friend, who is the only person, knows about me everything, whom i really can trust and believe. I don`t like people, who is not able to keep their promises, who is selfish and do only what they want to do, not listening to others. I do belive in God, but i don`t go a church every week. I am religious inside, but sometimes I feel a strong need to pray, so i visit the temple. I live in Russia, my town called Zelenodolx. This is Tatarstan Republic, but I will tell you about it in my next letters. Don’t worry, i won’t forget about it.... I had not been marry and i don’t have any kids. I have never visited another countries. I like English language i think that it is very good when someone know another language, for example Lenin knew 8 languagies. Great... I am sure that English it is international language, because many countries speaks english and only one country speaks Russian.. I have studied English at school and university. Certainly my English is not good. I hope that you will understand me very well. I`d like to find not only penfriends. I want to find a person who will be interesting in me, whom I will know and who will know me at the same time. I scanned some of my photos and i will send it to you and i hope that you will send me your photos too... I want to build serious relation and i am sure that our photos will helps us. First of all, it will helps you, because our russian proverb says:“Women like her ears but men his eyes.” I think that the most important qualities that must be in people are trust and honesty. I will be waiting for your answer.... Bye. Bye. Larisa.
Letter 2

HI my dear
friend! How are you today??? You Really, see a picture of me nice? -OK, in the following Messages I shall send you other pictures of me. At me is present to you It is a lot of questions and I would like to ask them in the messages, I hope you Will allow to me answers to them- OK? You for me the nice person, And on this for me it is important to know your opinion on some things. I think, that you read my structure and could see there, that I haves serious intentions to get acquainted with the good person for relations . I shall try to tell a little about my character. I do not know as it to start, I think, that I very romantic person. I like to communicate with people, it is pleasant to me Good humour. I very much appreciate such qualities in people, as fidelity and honesty. I believe in love, and I think it very valuable thing which needs to be protected. I very much The jealous person. I adore, when to me pay compliments and is ready to listen to them indefinitely. For me it is necessary, that around of me there was a cleanliness and the order, I frequently am engaged cleaning. Also to me to like to prepare for a meal, various tasty things. It is pleasant to me romantic relations between the man and The woman, but probably all women dream to get acquainted with good The person to have with him beautiful romantic relations. But frequently such things come to an end Very quickly. I have no intention to spend myself on such acquaintances. While I have not met In the life of such person to which I would decide to give myself and the life. But me it would be desirable to find such person. I think,
that for the woman the main thing to have in a life not Career or other success, and strong family and the favourite person beside what to care of him. Tell please, you dream to meet what woman in the life?
Excuse, that I ask you to discuss such frank thing with The person whom you know couple of days. But it is interesting to me to know It about you. I have shortly written to you my outlooks on life if to you there will be it interesting, That we can discuss these themes in more detail then. I shall wait for yours e-mail. Yours faithfully Larisa
Letter 3

Hello my Dear. We start to learn each other better and for me it is an interesting thing, Yours e-mail. last time at me on soul is present boredom, not Occurs any joyful things and your message now for me As a solar beam. Tell to me more in detail about the family. Whether it is a lot of at You relatives? What at you with them of the relation? As frequently you Gather? In my family very much close relations. I to you already Informed, that I live with mum and the daddy. We live in a cosy apartment, where There are three inhabited rooms, and as kitchen, a balcony and a bathroom. I have a room. I the only child at the parents. A name my Father Vladimir, him 51 years old and he Works the builder. My mother Olga, her 48 years old. Now she does not work some years and Is engaged in housekeeping. We like each other, sometimes We are chosen for city for an entertainment. In the summer we go on a beach and on fishing. During the winter period of time we go for a drive on skates and a ski. This good time for me! In private life I have emptiness. Last relations at me were the last year. One was The boyfriend, but I have left him. we did not like each other and had various interests. Among associates of me of people I cannot allocate anybody for serious relations. Good men to become it is ever less and annoyingly in Next time to test disappointment when you think that has met The suitable person. Likely therefore I also have addressed in service acquaintances. Probably here I can find the person who will be Me to love, appreciate and understand. It is not important for me his financial situation and work by which he makes. I have specified in a structure that I search more Advanced age because I think, that the person which has lived There is enough years, already has experience and has learned to appreciate women and to address With them. I shall be ready to give myself all without the rest to such person and I think, that the main advantage of the woman is fidelity and skill To make family happy, without quarrels and conflicts. On it I I finish the letter. Write to me the ideas that I Has told to you. I wait for your messages. Yours Larisa.
Letter 4

Greetings!!! How are you??? You such remarkable the man. I should admire. Ideas that you are warm to me soul. Thanks the god, that you are in this world. I today all the day have been borrowed. I went today on aerobics. I like the figure. And to you? It is necessary to go in for sports to hold her in a fine tone. I go to a sports hall 2 times a week. Here not so it is a lot of simulators. When warm weather, it happens basically only in the summer, I run in our park in the mornings. As it is fine to breathe fresh cool air, to listen to singing birds, to look as new day begins, it in fact will always bring something new. It is healthy!!! Knowingly Zelenodolsc the purest city, here in fact is so much parks, such pure air, what even intoxicates the transparency a little. I have woken up today since the morning and have decided to meet a dawn. To me was so well, I looked at the sun and smile when it got to me on the person. I have lain on a bed and began to read the book " the Master and Margarita " Russian writer Bulgakov. I read her already some times. Each time you understand her in a new fashion, about itit is impossible to tell, it is necessary to read to understand depth of idea of the writer. The interesting maintenance, the description of goods and evil, the sights at the world, and certainly love that can be better than love like two different people. You read it? If is not present, I advise to make it, you will not regret. What books to you were remembered most of all? With impatience I wait for the new answer, Larisa
Letter 5

Dear! Now I have a new theme for reflection, and these new ideas excite me. I do not know, how you, but for me starts to have importance our exchange of messages. I want to tell, that it is new emotions, In my quiet heart. For me it is unusual to begin relations with the e-mail. Such situation that there is a distance between us, - draws my ideas to you. I for a long time have understood, that if is present, some difficulties to achieve the purpose,- That desire to achieve this the purposes increases. Probably it is one of those things who forces me to reflect frequently about You. I think, that I should grasp your heart and you cannot struggle then with this female magic. What will you answer me it dear. Dear I again want to set to you some questions: That there are main values in your life: family,
work, money Or something another? What your plans for the future? Write also inform your ideas, I shall wait your messages. Yours Larisa
Letter 6

My Cute! At me today very good mood! We with parents I shall go today ski tourist base. We shall be rolled on a ski. This base is located in a large forest. There very much it is pleasant to me! There very pure and fresh air not such as in city! After walk on a wood we shall go in Russian bath! Tomorrow in the morning we shall go back home! It is very a pity, that you will not be near to you! I am sure, that you too to have good rest in free time from work! How you prefer to have a rest? Ok, I now to collect should go my things! Do not lose me! I shall write to you tomorrow necessarily! Do not forget, that I always mentally with you! Let we for the present far apart, but I am sure, that the god to us will help to have a meeting shortly! Yours faithfully and love! Larisa
Letter 7

hello my love! I today have just now come back home from a skiing lodge. I had very good rest. My work very much intense and me it is necessary as that to remove stress. I already to write to you, that I the teacher of Russian and the literature. My pupils different. Some well prepare for employment, and some pupils to not visit at all employment. Certainly it will be then very difficult for them to pass examination, as I very requiring teacher. You remember the first teacher? What she was? I hope, that fair! I never carp to the pupils. I simply demand, that my subject knew, that I not for nothing received the wage payment. I in September have submitted the application on competitors of the presidential premium. At our school of 30 teachers. Our principal has exposed my nominee on this competition. In total with our republic 199 teachers from various schools participate! Names of winners which tonight will be known to receive grants. It is a great honor to receive the presidential grant. This competition will be spent each year. The last year I have occupied only 14 place and have not received any prize. This year I hope to receive prize-winning places. Their three prize-winning places. It is very interesting and important for me as teacher! Please wish good luck me good luck as it is very important for me! If I to win, I quietly shall be capable to go on a vacation from mine works. For me now very important your opinion. My parents already know, that I to write to you letters. They of nothing have against ours with you of relations in the future! They transfer you greetings! I in turn transfer you many kisses and half of my heart! Love! Larisa.
P.S. My full data!
My name. Larisa Vedesova.
Pervomaiskaya 12-45.
Tatarstan republic.
Letter 8

My love! How are you my honey??? You may congratulate me! I have taken the third place in competition. Also has received the presidential grant of the third degree. I certainly dreamed to win first place, but I think, that I am still young and at me still all ahead. My pupils are very glad for me!!! If you knew how many work to me costed to receive the grant. Now I can receive outside of urgent holiday. Also to me promised to give monetary compensation hundred eighty the American dollars. These are two my monthly wage payments. It is very a pity, that at us teachers so earn a little, but I to not regret, that have chosen such trade as it is necessary for someone to be engaged in teaching activity! I love the works, and this money suffices me, as for me money it not the main thing. The main thing,
that inside at the person. That at him in heart! I hope, what you to understand me? I to not want to spend the holiday all for nothing! I think, that I should meet you necessarily! Especially I need to speak you very much. I never was outside Russia earlier, but I shall try all to learn today. I shall go in the transport company and all to learn. Also I shall try to go in the Ministry of Education to ask them financially the help for my trip. I think, that all at me will turn out, as I to not want to refuse with my happiness! You became very close to me for last days. I know, that it is silly so to speak, as I never before to meet you, but I to trust my intuition and my heart, OK, I shall not write and tire much you with the revelations. I shall write to you the information concerning my trip to you tomorrow! I wish successful day! Love and kisses! Yours Larisa
Letter 9

My sweet love! Yesterday I went to the transport company. To me have told, that I need to issue mine international passport and the visa. I have already written the application on reception of the visa of them have sent in embassy. My documents will be made out during one week, but I need to pay for promptness of registration. For all my documents and for the insurance it is necessary for me 456 euro. I yet have not received the money for competition. To me them will give only the next month. Therefore I to want to borrow from you this money. I was necessary to return them to you. I also yesterday have written the application on granting to me of a vacation from my work! Also I have also good news. I yesterday was in the ministry education and have told what to want to visit during holiday other country. Me there have learned that I have received the third place in presidential competition. They have told, that will pay to me tickets of the plane. Please write to me in what airport of yours city to me it is necessary to fly. I should give in the ministry this information till Monday. I need to pay my documents till Saturday of this week. The fastest way of transfer of money western union. You should go in any branch western union and transfer money to my name Larisa Vedesova. 422520. Pervomaiskaya 12-45. Zelenodolsk. Tatarstan republic. Russia. I was necessary to return you money. If you to want that I shall send you a copy of the identification card (I.D.). Now excuse, that I should go. I shall write to you tomorrow in the morning necessarily! Do not overlook, that you are very necessary for me also I on you very much hope. Love match! Yours Larisa
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