Letter(s) from Inna to Luc (Belgium)


Hello my dear Luc,

I am glad to receive the letter from you. I know what I want from life
and I think, that I am very perspective and sociable lady with hot
heart. I'll be able to be an ideal partner for my future partner and
I'll give him everything that I can. I want to know you as well and it
is possible and I will appreciate and value each and every information
about you. I want to share everything with you and that's why I want
to know everything about you. I do not know as there will be our
attitudes in the further, but I very much hope, that this beginning of
serious and honesty attitudes. I hope that you have received my letter
and with impatience I shall wait for the letter from you. But
remember, I search serious attitudes, I do not wish to play
game,therefore if you wish to find to yourself the wife, mistress,true
girlfriend then write to me.

Yours faithfully Inna

Letter 2

Hello my dear Luc,

I am so happy to get your message today. Thank you very much for
writing me, my dear. I am very glad that you are interested in me and
so do I - I am a great interest in you and in our further relations. I
search serious attitudes and I would not like to play. I wish to find
to myself the husband, to create family. I hope our desires coincide?
I dream for my own babies for a long time. I dream about family,
loving husband, who will help me to raise them and with whom together
we will share the all happiness and all the sorrows of family life
together. Hope you also want the same. It is very important for me and
to create a family is my goal and my the biggest dream. I am romantic
and tender in spite of in this world nowadays utility and business
grip are valued more. As to me, you know my name Inna, I was born on
the 22th of August, so I am a Virgo by zodiac sign. I was born in
village Brynka, Lugansk area, on Ukraine. In Brynka 1998, I to leave
school, after school I have gone to study in institute in the city of
Lugansk. I still live with my family: my parents and my younger
brother Yrij who is 20. He is a student , he is going to be a doctor
(gynaecologist.) My Mom's name is Sveta and my Dad's name is Yrij. My
brother have named in honour of my father, when mum was pregnant, my
daddy was lost in a road accident, in a month, after tragedy, mum has
given birth to my brother. I know that maybe in nowadays world this
opinion is not very popular, but I am still sure that family, love,
friendship and some other things are the most important. I am sure
that they cannot be bought or sold even in spite that a lot of people
today say that everything can be bought or sold. I know that there is
love, real love in this cruel world and I have my goal to find it and
I will reach it despite of difficulties and barriers. I hope that you
also want the same. For me neither the distance nor the any other
differences can prevent real love. You agree with me? About my
interests, I am fond of reading. The books open a new world of many
interesting things to me. They give an opportunity to travel, to meet
other people, to return back to the hundreds of years and teach a lot
of useful things without going out. Sometimes the best rest for me is
just to lie on the sofa with an interesting book and a cup of tea. I
am also fond of music (almost all kinds from pop till classic). I like
to dance, to communicate with my friends, to go to discos. I like
Nature very much and I like picnics. I like almost all kinds of the
activities which give the opportunity to get to know something
interesting and to communicate with my friends or some new people.I
hope you won't deceive my expectations, because I am really interested
in you. I will wait for your reply with impatience and hope that you
will write me back very soon.

With my best wishes,

Letter 3

Hello my dear Luc,

I was so happy to receive your letter today. Thank you for writing me.
I want you to be a part of my family and all my life. Tell me about
everything you want, about the most of your secret dreams. My heart,
soul and love open for you always. I can't imagine my life without
you. And when I feel bad , I am reading your warm words and I feel
much better. Because I know that I need you as you need me. I missed
you all the time. Your care is so touched my heart. You even can't
imagine. I want you to know that all my letters with love only for
you. Thanks you for support and understanding. Very pleasant to me to
feel your care. I have told to mum about that that I have found the
person which understands me, mum is very glad for me I and she hope
that our attitudes will end with wedding-))). Darling, I need you by
my site, I need you more and more with every moment of my life. I miss
you so much, especially I miss your arms, I miss your sweet kisses and
hot hugs. I need to feel your heart beating, to feel your body always
near. I want to give you all my passion, all my love. I want to give
you my kiss every morning. Today is a very beautiful day, because
today I write you my letter. It seemed to me that even the Sun is
shining more bright today and today it's much warmer outside than it
had been during other days. I don't know if it's true, but the
happiness is just what is happening to me right now. I want always to
be a Sun for you. To light your every day, to make your every morning
happy, your every evening unforgettable....I do really want it. I want
to make your home sweet and calm, to bring happiness into your life. I
very much wish to meet you, you can arrive to my country? If you want
can call to me, but my big problem is that I don't know English, I can
speak in English but I am not able to write and read in English, but I
hope that it won't prevent our communication, because I am sure that
real feelings don't know any differences. I resort to the help of a
firm which translates (and prints or types) our letters and this way
helps us to communicate. I have a strong desire to create a family and
I hope that you will help me in this. Will you? I want to shout to the
whole world that you are much more than a man of my life. You are the
only thing that I love and I desire in my life...your letter has left
me speechless. Come out and look at the sky, look for the most shine
Star .. do you see her?...of course not! Because the one than more
shine...is reading this letter...Take care. I'll be waiting for your
next letter with a great impatience.

I kiss you
I love you

Letter 4

Dear Luc,

we are sorry for disquieting you, but we must inform you that we can't
translate Inna's reply for you. The reason is that the money she paid
us for the translation of your correspondence is over. At the moment
she can't pay us for our service, because of the financial troubles in
her family. As Inna's intentions are very serious and she doesn't want
you to worry, she asked us to inform you about the reason of her
silence. If you are interested in continuation of your correspondence
in nearest future and want to help Inna with the payment. All the
information you can see below. We are ready to help you and hope for
future cooperation.

Here is the information about our prices:
(All the prices are in the USD)

- translation, typing or printing of one letter costs $5

- scanning and printing of one picture costs $3

- phone call translation less than 30 minutes costs $20 + every 5 minutes costs $5

- ICQ service for 30 minutes costs $15 + every 5 minutes costs $5


1. limitless number of the letters (of unrestricted size) + limitless number of scanned and printed photos + unlimited number of phone call translations + limitless number of ICQ
contacts - $250

2. limitless number of the letters + limitless number of the photos + 1 phone call translation + 1 ICQ contact - $200

3. limitless number of the letters + limitless number of photos - $150


Our firm will provide you with following services:

We get your letter, translate it and than print it and give
to your lady. After your lady will reply you, we translate
this letter, type it and send it to you.

To pay for the correspondence you can transfer money trough the
Western Union on the address: kvartal Jukovo 4 Lugansk, Ukraine, 91000
on the name of our financial director Tatiana Bondarenko Vladimirovna.
As soon as you make a transfer, please, provide us with the following
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have sent, money transfer control number and the service you have

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Sincerely Yours,
Director of
Voronin Oleg Nikolaevich