Scam letter(s) from Volly Zaletkaa to Albert (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Albert. How are you?
I am not very good. Today is Tuesday and I write you from Kiev. Sorry for my short message on Saturday, but I did not write you more, because I did not want to make you sad.
As you know, on Friday early morning I wanted to go back to Belarus from Lipovka. All was good and on Friday early morning about 5.30AM I told "good bye" to my grandma Tatsiana, after that I sat in car and leaved Lipovka. At first I drove to gas station near Kiev, at gas station I filled up car with gasoline and bought some food and juice for me. After that I was ready for my trip back to Belarus and I drove from gas station. I still can't understand how it happened...
but not far from gas station I did not notice car in front of me and my car crashed into that car, it was green BMW. I do not know why it happened, maybe I was tired and that is why I did not notice that car in front of me, I still cant understand it, but I know that it was my fault. First minutes I was in shock and I did not understand what happened. It was terrible.
After that I left car and I saw driver of green BMW, he was very angry and he shouted at me, but I can understand him. I tried to talk with him, and I told him that it is good that we was not hurt, and also I told him that he do not need to worry because I will pay him for repair of his car, but he did not want to listen to me. I looked at cars, and I saw that car of Dina had several damage in front part, but I saw that damage was not very seriouse, and it is good. But when I looked at green BWM, I saw that it have a lot of damage in back part. But anyway I was glad that nobody was hurt, it is most important. After some time road servise arrived to place of acident. They talked with me and with owner of BMW, and they wrote several documents. I did not deny that it was my fault, because it was obvious, and I told that of course I agree to pay for repair of BMW.
After that we drove to Kiev where we visited car's repair shop. Wokers from repair shop looked at BMW, they checked all and they told that it will cost 1300 us dollars to repair it. We talked a little bit more, I told to owner of BMW that it is ok and that I will pay it. I told him that I cant pay right now, because I did not have money with me, I told that I need 1-2 days. He was little bit angry again, but he agreed with me, and we decided that we will meet in this repair shop on Monday morning at 8AM.
After that I came back to Lipovka. My grandma Tatsiana was very surprised when she saw me again, but when she understood all she became very sad, it was very terrible for me, because I cant see her sad. She love me very much and she worry about me a lot. But I explained her that it is not too serious, it is simple car acident and that I will solve this problem.
I had 500 us dollars, and that is why I decided to contact with my friends in Minsk and Brest, and ask them to borrow me rest of amount that I need to pay for repair of BMW. I had weekend for it and that is why on Friday I did not worry a lot. On Saturday early morning I came back to Kiev. At first I wrote you that sort mesage from internet cafe in Kiev and I hope that now you understand why I did not wrote all this to you, because I did not want to make you sad. I contacted to all my friends in Minsk and Brest, and explained them my situation, it took all weekend. But I got not good result, some of them told me that they do not have money now, and some of them told me that they want to help me, but cant do it now. I was very sad, because I helped most of them many times in my life, and I did not expect it from them now. I was very sad, because it showed me a lot. It is a pity that I cant contact that woman from Poland who will buy my piano. I think that this weekend was most terrible weekend in my life and I tired very much. On Sunday evening when I came back to Lipovka from Kiev, I felt myself very terrible, it seemed to me that life is over and I was very sad. I did not sleep all night, because I thought about my meeting with owner of BMW, I thought about what I will tell him on Monday morning. Life is very difficult, all was great, I was very happy past weeks... and in one minute all changed. Why it happened with me? I asked myself about it many times. And I did not find answers. Everytime I am very careful on road, it is my rule, and I cant understand why I did not notice that car.
Yesterday, on Monday early morning I came back to Kiev. At 8AM I came to repair shop, owner of BMW allready was waiting for me there, at this time he was not alone, he was with his wife. I explained them my situation, I told them that I cant pay them all amount now, I told them that I can pay them 500 us dollars now, and that I will pay other part little bit later, I explained them that they need to wait for a little bit more. When they heard it, they became very angry, they begun to shout at me. I tryed to explain them all, but it seem to me that it is not possible, because it was very difficult to talk with them. They told me that they will not take 500 us dollars, they told that they need all amount. They told that they will go to curt, because they do not want to belive me. When I heard it I became very sad, I do not need any problems now, because soon will be my move to Los Angeles and it can break all my plans. I tried to explain them all and I told them that I do not need any problems now. I asked them to wait for a little bit more. They did not take 500 us dollars and man told me that he can give me time till Friday, and that if I will not pay him till friday he will go to curt and will not talk with me anymore again, because he do not want to risk. Ofcourse I can understand them in this situation and I am glad that they gave me time till friday, anyway it is better then nothing. I feel myself very bad after meeting with them, and I am very tired now.
After my meeting with them I though about my situation all Monday. I thought about what I can do now. I do not need any problems now, because it can break my plans. I get all thigs ready to my move to Los Angeles, it was not easy and it took a lot of time. If I will not go to Los Angeles now, it will take a lot of time to get all things ready again, maybe 5-6 monthes. I do not want to wait again! And I lost my work in Minsk, I cant come back to music agency again.
I feel myself very terrible when I think about it.
It is very hard for me to write all this to you. But I hope that you will understand me. Do not know how to start... but I want tell you that I decided to ask you for help. I though about it and I know that I do not have other ways. I decided to ask you to borrow me 800 us dollars. I will give you all money back, I swear! I am woman of my word. When I worked in Germany, several times I sent money to my grandma Alexandra in Brest, to send money I used MoneyGram service, it is very fast and very easy. You can use it too. To send money you need my full name, name of town and name of country where I will get money. Here it is:
My full name: Volha Zaletka
Town: Kiev
Country: Ukraine
When you will send money, MoneyGram will give you 8 digits number and you will need to send this number to me, because I will need it to get money here. Also, I will need your full name too, and your full adress, please write it to me without errors, because I want be sure that I have it correct.
I will send you money back on 27 of June when I will get my pay for my piano. Or, I can give it back when we will meet. I will do how it will be better for you. I hate myself that I wrote you all this, but I do not have other ways and I hope you will understand me.
Please write me as soon as you will be able, because I will be waiting for your answer here.
Sorry for this sad letter... Kiss. Your Voly
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