Scam letter(s) from Galina to Sanjay (India)

Letter 1
Hello Sanjay. Thank you for answering my message back)) Seeing today, your reply message, I was really pleased. I am hoping that your interest is, indeed, true and sincere. Now i will tell you a little about myself. Since you know my name Galina. I'm 30 years old. I live in Russia, at the city of Khabarovsk. It's placed almost on the border with China.
But despite that I've never been to China. I have many fun. I love life in all of its manifestations. Every day is an opportunity for me to become better and to learn something new. I learned the value of every moment in early youth. Ever since then I like every breath. I am really a very cheerful woman. Jokes and anecdotes elevate mood and true smile is the best indicator of friendliness. By way of instance, I now write to you these traces and smile! I smile at the fact that I was quite happy to get the opportunity to get to know you.
Well... it turned out to be a little digression in my narrative. That's to say, the expression of my emotions) Despite my simplicity, I'm a really significant person. The arrangement should be in all: in business and at the mind. Such a principle I adhere to in all that relates to attaining goals. It helped me complete school with a gold trophy along with the Medical Academy with honors. Right now, my research in the Academy are over and I received a diploma at the specialty of Dentistry. In the long run I will become a full-fledged dentist. Inform me about yourself, about the country, about town in which you live. About your hobbies, about your work, what brings you in people. Thus we could learn if we have something in common. I would also like to touch on a delicate subject. I dance a ***** of plastic. This is what enables me to feel, to feel my sexuality and beauty. I just say to you about it, since I do not not desire in the long run to meet a misunderstanding on your part. If it's contrary to a ethical and moral principles, we could conserve time to each other and to stop communication. I can take criticism in my address. I can only expect that this isn't problematic for you. Whatever the case, write me about everything that's bothering you. In case you choose to continue our communicating, then I would like to ask for your telephone number. This will give us the opportunity to hear each other and I will be certain of your true intentions. On this I complete my letter with hope for your answer. Thank you for read my words until the end! Do not forget me, please whenever possible to write. Gentle embrace.
Letter 2
Hello my buddy Sanjay! Perhaps you have noticed that between us there is some connection?? I dont understand if you felt the same, but I definitely have a craving for you. Every night I remember your letter, and try to envision your lifestyle, to feel that your perception of the planet. I understand that nothing can substitute real communication, visual and tactile contact. Touch, glances, touches, voice. Without this it is impossible to acquire real joy from communication. Any one fulfilling relationship are hopeless without physical senses, without ****** activity. As corny as it might sound. *** allows you to feel that the spouse, to experience an emotional connection. I like ***! Rare to meet individuals who would not adore ***)) I expect that shortly we'll have the opportunity to find every other)) And we do not miss this chance! I hope that my candor is not too embarrassing. Sometimes I believe I'm too openly express my feelings and feelings. When it's for you is a problem, then instantly tell me about it. Now I would like to come back to my internship programme. You probably have a misunderstanding concerning this situation. Firstly, very shortly I will be in your country) For me it is all very thrillingly, as I never was in other areas, along with Khabarovsk. I had been somewhat scared of this language barrier, but I think my English is not so bad. Even though... perhaps only I think so)) Each year that the government of Russia gives the opportunity to the top students to get international practice. Throughout the analysis I had been the exemplary student at the Department of Stomatology, in relation to learning and presence. As I said before the result of all this was that the Diploma with Honors and internship program overseas. I chose your country for the internship not by chance. You have a rather high speed of professionalism in this area and use the most advanced technologies. While in Russia, people remain scared to visit the dentist because it is pure ******, not a cozy therapy. This is the paradox of Russia. There is knowledge, but there is not any chance of employing them in practice as a result of shortage of modern equipment. The length of the internship is 6 months. The first 2 weeks I will be in the funds, to hear this path of lectures. Next, I might have to choose the city in which my whole practice will happen. In the event that I dont have certain tastes, then the location of my clinic will be selected by management. Even today I am writing for you and my heart is rushing with joy. I am madly anticipating this trip! This type of chance comes once in a lifetime! I believe you agree with me. Under the arrangement, the entire trip paid by my government. A complete package that includes accommodation, food and clothes (if needed).
I have another delicate issue for you. How do you feel about more romantic photos? If you do not mind, I'd like to send you more **** photos. I have to know your decision. I feel that we can achieve a closer connection than simply buddies. You're very very attractive) We will need to trust each other 100%. The more we communicate, the more understanding there will be between us. With great trembling awaiting your letter. Kiss!
Your Galina!
Letter 3
Hi my sweet Sanjay! More and more I become addicted to your email. When I really don't see a new letter from you, I open the previous letters and reread it. If a year ago somebody told me exactly what waiting for me in the future, so many highlights, I would have just laughed and not believed it. I never was reaching for the stars and constantly strove to feel the ground under my feet. Now, however, I'm so very happy that everything appears aparticularly beautiful and compatible. Perhaps this is the so called"white stripe" in my entire life. Despite all the turmoil and anxiety about the excursion, I feel serene. I know that "There" at a unfamiliar country, I have a buddy is you!
Thank you for reading my letters and answering them. I feel that shortly our relationship will become closer and closer. How cool would it be to talk on the phone, but recently I'm a little scattered. Last night I went to have a shower and took the phone with me to shoot some photos in the restroom. When I started taking photographs, my phone slipped out of my hands and dropped into the water. I tried to turn it on, but could not. Now I will go to repair it. I hope that they fix it to me. The most important thing is that it is not lost(( There's a great deal of personal information including photographs ((. Something thoughts on the phone haunt me(( Now is not the moment! Need to change focus on something else. Now I will show you my immodest photographs ) Tell me if you want it! It's essential to me I want to know am I bringing you as a girl, physically? May my photographs bring you only positive emotions and a little passion In fact I attempt to maintain my body and figure. Nearly Every day I run, 3 times per week, do home workouts + compulsory stretching exercises. I feel that elegance and plasticity adorn a woman. Sometimes I compare myself with a cat. Soft, flexible, graceful cat which occasionally can scratch the offender)) I Almost forgot to ask you how you feel about Smoking? I don't smoke and think that it's a very bad habit! I can manage a small amount of alcohol. I love red wine or any champagne to unwind, but no smokes! Don't know why, but today I wish to share with you something very personal. I tried to conceal it from everybody and never talk about it( But I think I could be truthful with you. In my youth I was a very notorious kid and the children explained me as I could. From each of the bullying I received emotional trauma and closed out of all ceasing to talk. I spent the entire year was silent and suffered all the attacks in the children from the orphanage. However as a result of the psychologist that has been there for me all this time, I slowly started to recover. This woman taught me to fight back, learned to appreciate myself. I still consider her as the main person in my entire life. Regrettably, she no longer in this world (( But I'll always remember her!!!!! I truly wish we had something personal that connects us to each other. Please keep my secret and open your heart to me. Looking forward to your answer.
Your Galina.
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