Scam letter(s) from Natalia Matsenko to Max (Austria)

Letter 1
For now Im waiting for goodish male;-) I am single superior Mistress from Russian Federation:-) Response me at:;) I can reply to You my photo attach
Letter 2
Hello. I like talking to you. I spend a lot of time at work, so there is almost no free time. I work as a women's hairdresser, I do beautiful hairstyles. For me, my work is like creativity, I love my own work. I can talk about my own work for a long time, because it's really exciting. Actually, what do you like about your own work? I graduated from the College of small business and entrepreneurship. I studied a foreign language there. Do you like the way my letters turn out? I try , but if you something will be not clear, please correct me and clarify... And to whom you studied? I want to tell you about my Hobbies. I like to go to fitness, but if I have time for it. And in warm weather, spend time outside, riding a bike or running in the morning, and I really like swimming, as I said my city is located on the banks of the Volga river, it is very large and clean. After doing sports, I feel much better. I like to keep my body in shape. After such classes, you have cheerfulness and energy for the whole day. What Hobbies do you have? I will describe myself, my height is 170 cm, Weight 56 kg. I think that love needs feelings and actions that we make. Giving smiles and confidence in the future. Really appreciate the honesty in men, and courage. For me, a man should be wise and passionate, but only for me. I am a strong girl, but my man, with whom I want to be a weak and beloved woman. What do you value in women?
I am sending you my photos again, and I hope to get photos from you. I wish you sweet dreams. Your Lily.
Letter 3
Hi, Max.
It's nice to read such a letter from you, filled with meaning and a desire to communicate.
Of course I don't mind if we first get to know each other on ekxit? and then we can call you on the phone. I won't be able to answer you often, because I type on my work computer, and when I have time, I will answer you. I liked you.
I won't say that I speak English perfectly, but I'm glad that you understand me.
Russian words Like (love, be loved) - probably these are the main words that everyone wants to experience.
Reading and sports, this is great, so you develop for yourself, and even very wonderful.
I also enjoy working out in the gym for a figure, and I like to walk, well, sometimes shoot with a gun, when I come to my father, he sometimes takes me with him to shoot.
I want to know more about you and what you want in the future, because I want to find a loving man who will love me.
With best wishes.
Your Lily.
I am waiting for your letter, dear Max
Letter 4
Hello, my dear Max. I am glad to receive your letter. I am pleased to read your letter.
I like your attitude to relationships. You are open and I love this quality in a person.
Of course that we are communicating enrich each other, I am pleased to know you more and more, my friend Max.
We are very similar that we want to find love.
I really hope that we will be open and honest. Our age difference is not a hindrance at all.
I want a man older than me, it probably sounds strange, but it's true. I also like to keep in shape, frequent training and walking, for the place of urban transport, allows you to keep my figure in good shape.
I won't say that I read a lot, because I don't have much time for this, I try to spend more time at work, and earn extra money, it's a little hard for me alone.
I rent an apartment, and it is difficult to exist in this world alone. I hope you understand me.
What's new for you today?
How is your week going?
I fully agree with you that live communication will not replace anything, but it's probably too early, although I feel like we are starting to get closer. I'm glad to know that.
I will wait for your letter.
Hugs to you Lily.
Letter 5
Hello, my dear Max. My day today is very difficult, I had to work a lot, but I understand that it is very difficult for me now, that I need money to rent an apartment and live on, so I work almost seven days a week.
Of course I want to continue our communication, I feel that we are ready with you for something more, and our communication is very touching in some way, because we are very open. I am glad that you are the man who wants a serious relationship.
Of course, we could plan a real meeting, but do not get me wrong, to do this, you need money to fly to you, while I do not have such an opportunity. And this is a big step in the relationship. But I like you and I would like that.
Of course, in reality, it may not be possible to talk like this, because when we write we think about our thoughts, and here we type, but I think there may be some kind of stupor, but it will quickly go into the fold, and we will easily find common topics.
My thoughts are with you, and of course with the fact that we will be able to see each other someday. Sleep is great, we rest there and gain strength, of course, as well as training, there we relieve our stress accumulated over the week. Jogging is great, and you can sort of reset your thoughts and just keep your body in good shape.
I am very glad that we met and communicate easily, I am pleased to read your letters, they are open, and we are like two identical people just at a distance. Would you like to shorten it to see and talk? Personally, I do!
So far, I can't say that we will become a perfect couple, but the fact that we think and reflect the same way is a fact that does not give me peace of mind, I constantly think about you.
I want to hear more about you. Write me how you will spend your weekend.
I will wait for your letter, your Lily. Kisses
Letter 6
Hello my sweet!
How are you today? what's new for you? I'm always waiting for your message.
Today I was at home first, cleaned up and prepared food. Now I came to work to write to you. I was so happy to get a message from you.
I'm very glad you're in a great position. A good house and everything in life is arranged perfectly.
I'm certainly happy about this, but it's probably too early to think about how we'll be together.
Although I always imagine it myself. Your thoughts are very sweet.
There are several entries for today and then rest after such a difficult week.
How will you spend your weekends, my Max?
your Lily. I kiss you
Letter 7
Hello my dear friend Max . I think we like our communication. Isn't it? I want to tell you why I chose you. I hope you have read my letters carefully. I said that I was from Russia, from the city of Kazan. I'm not attracted to Russian men because they drink a lot of alcohol. And they're disgusting to girls. And they lie all the time.
That's why I started searching the Internet. But to my surprise on the Internet, there are also a lot of those who try to cheat. And impersonating other people. My girlfriend was tricked into sending intimate photos. I can't stand lies. And that's why I'm sending you photos of myself showing you how I do sports, as I promised in my previous letter to you. And I want to ask you to do the same for me. I ask you to treat me with understanding. I just want to make sure you're really who you say you are. Thank you in advance. Your Lily.
Letter 8
Hello my sweet Max. I'm very happy to get a message from you again.
Your communication lifts my mood and gives me a smile. Our mutual understanding is growing every day. I keep having romantic thoughts about how wonderful it would be if we could share time together, my dear. Max well, just imagine us walking around the Park holding hands. How we go to the movies for a romantic movie. Or having a nice conversation over a home-cooked dinner made together. Or just spend time together, lying on the bed, just imagine it. How wonderful it would be to enjoy each other. Do you think so? What are your favorite movies and what music do you listen to? I love Ariana Grande, but I also listen to a lot of different music. I prefer various genres of cinema, such as: science fiction, horror, Comedy, melodrama. I like the movies exchange Vacation and Vanilla sky. These films have a deep meaning. Did you watch them? Max Yes, I like to cook. When I'm in the mood, I want to cook a delicious dinner for two. It is a pity that we are not near..... I want to please the person who lifts my mood and gives me a smile on my face. It's you Max. I prefer my grandmother's recipe for meat and potatoes cooked in an oven. There is also a wonderful folk dish I cook very tasty borsch, this is a Russian soup. Have you ever eaten such a dish? Russian Russian restaurants in your city? I'm sure you'll love it. It is a pity that my dreams are only dreams for now, and I want you near, you are far away, but despite the distance that separates us, I get this energy of happiness from our communication with you, my dear. Do you want to spend time together? What do you think of this, my dear Max? Hugging, your Lily.
Letter 9
Hello my dear Max. I am very happy to receive your letter again. I am happy to meet you.
I hope that we will have a good relationship in the future.
What do you think about this? When I re-read our letters, my mood immediately took off. Therefore, even now at work, I am always happy.
Yes dear, I also think about us often and imagine that we will be looking into each other's eyes together, I really want this.
I don’t watch YouTube or any social networks at all because I don’t have time for them. Everything is absorbed by the work.
And when I can, then I’d better go for a walk or go to training.
Remember, I told you that my dreams were happy. My dream is to find love. I just want to be happy. I'm so tired of being alone. Sometimes I just want a hug. Loneliness is a very scary feeling. Max, there is Have you experienced this? Time passes quickly. I want to stand in morning with my man. I want to wake up from kisses. Start day in a good mood, have breakfast together and make plans for all day. Spend the weekend together. What is your dream now Max? I do not know whether these dreams will be or not. I
I look forward to hearing from you. Kiss Lily!
Letter 10
Hello, dear Max. In the morning I woke up in a very good mood. I was satisfied.
with your letter and the weather outside. I was walking in the Park., and when I saw the ducks, such a favor on a winter day, I was very happy.
My life changes every day when we meet, for the better. Our thoughts the meeting doesn't leave me. I didn't think I'd be so happy to talk to him.
you. Share your thoughts and tell us about your life. But I was wrong. I often remember our first meeting with you. In the end, this step can change our lives. What do you think about it? Tell me how your day went.
come on, what are you doing? I'm very interested in all this. I'm very it's interesting to hear about moments in your life. I'm not young anymore.
girl and I always say what's in my heart. I think you're more than a friend.
I have very strong feelings for you. I think about you all the time.
I want your phone number so I can hear your voice.
I'll kiss you, Lily.
Letter 11
Hello my dear Max! All your letters are like a holiday to me.
Probably, it's too early for us to talk about love, but I don't want to hide my feelings from you, you have become much more than just a social friend for me. I want to tell you, I really like you. I can't even imagine that in such a short time I will think only of you. It seemed to me that you had to see the person behind the feelings and communicate with them for several years. I was wrong. It seems to me that the time has come, and you owe me more than just a friend.
Although we communicate at a distance… I can't believe it's such a miracle that long-distance communication can be so enjoyable and unforgettable. More and more I want to write you letters Max and get answers to them. I really think about the future and that we will be together. Can you tell us what the future holds? Did you want to make it clear that I'm not too Intrusive on you? Doesn't that scare you off? I have not been so close and pleasant with a man for a very long time. I will wait for your letter. I kiss you. Your Lily.
Letter 12
Hello my sweet and dear Max! I'm so happy to read your message for me.
I also madly want to be near you to share care and happiness, I also love you, and I want to feel you next to me. It would be great to spend time together, enjoy and be around.
I wanted to call you yesterday, but I couldn't, because the call center said they had no connection to Norway, and they gave me the opportunity to make a call on Skype. If I have time to get your answer with your name on Skype, then tonight I will go there again to hear your voice.
I very much wish to be near you soon, you have become a very close person to me,I feel your care and how my heart treats you with warmth my dear Max!
How did your day start today?
I will wait for your letter
Your favorite and the only one Lily!
Letter 13
Hello, dear Max. I look forward to the moment when you write me a letter.
As soon as I have time I will go and call the center to contact you on Skype, I love you very much and I want to be near my sweet!
This morning, when I woke up thinking that talking to you gave me a chance to feel good. As I prepared Breakfast, I found myself thinking: you were standing next to me. Something strange is happening to me., maybe it's love. You give me positive emotions. We share stories and moments of our daily life with you. And we get to know each other better.
better with every letter. Now I think we were just friends.
I made for the conclusion is that I want a real relationship. That's why we met.
I want a serious relationship with you. I would
I would like to end my letter with a short story from my life. If you remember, I wrote to you that I live on the Bank of the Volga river.
So, my wonderful friend and I were walking on the beach, taking photographed, bathed, and enjoyed the surrounding nature. I really dream about it.
one day we will spend time together, enjoying each other. I'm in love with you, my dear Max. I will wait for your response.
Kiss Your Lily.
Letter 14
Hi honey how's your week going?
I hope you were busy working.
Your Lily
Letter 15
Max, Thank you for responding All right. Work
What are your plans for the weekend?
Today is like a normal day, girls come in, I do their hair. With a colleague recently drank tea with a cake (I ate a little). It's her birthday.
I still follow the figure. And in General, everything is great.
I will wait for your letter. Lily
Letter 16
Max my love, how nice it is to receive your letter as soon as I get to work. I'm happy to have you. Of course I always think about you, not that I just miss you, I want to be near you every second.
Oh Yes, pancakes are my weakness, my mother often made them when I was going to school, it's like Breakfast, very tasty. My favorite cake is again my mother's, she made it for my birthday, honey. This is when I add honey to the dough to make cakes. The filling is very tasty.I really never did it myself, it was a small gift for my birthday.
How did your weekend start? Tell me, are you feeling better?
I want to be around you and take care of you all I need is you in this life, because I love you.
I will wait for your letter I hope that I will see it soon.
Your Lily
Letter 17
Good morning Max. My love, what a strange thought that I exist. Who writes to you from me? This is a very interesting argument, and I am even a little offended to hear it.
If I had a computer at home, I would be happy to communicate, because I want to see you myself. It's better to feel it.
We would have made beautiful pancakes together, for each other, it was much tastier, because we cooked them with love
I wish you not only a good morning, but also a good day, so that your classes will be successful. I believe in you you're my big fellow.
Your love Lily
Letter 18
Hello my sweet Max. I am filled with pleasant emotions about you when I read your letter. I think about you, and I want our relationship to be good. I don't want our correspondence to be just messages. I want to have a relationship in real life. Do you understand me, do you want a real relationship?
Only you and I decide our destinies and our future depends on us. You have no idea what you mean to me. Now the main event of my day is your letter. This is actually true. Nothing is more important to me now than your letter. After meeting you, I began to see the world in other colors. It seems to me that everything has become much brighter for me now. I think all these changes in my life are related to you. I am happy with these changes. I have no desire to meet Russian men, I wrote to you about them, that they are the last thing that can be for me.
Today was very changeable weather. It was cool enough in the morning. And after lunch, it got a little warmer. The weather is constantly changing. But it doesn't matter to me. I keep having thoughts about you in my head that keep me warm. The thought of you always makes me happy.
It was a normal day at work. Nothing interesting. She did her clients ' hair.
Have you thought about the future with me? I often think about how you and I will meet for the first time. I think about our first hug. The first kiss. I think about how we spend time together. We walk with you on a beautiful evening, a warm breeze gently passes through my hair. We walk with you along the alley holding each other's hand. When I think of you, I imagine how we spend our evenings. You do not let go of me from your strong embrace and gently kiss me. I often can't sleep thinking about you. But I like the thought of you. Of course these are dreams and you can only dream, tell me your thoughts. What are you thinking? I really miss you. I'm thinking of you. I will wait for your letter.
Your Lily
Letter 19
Hello my dear Max. I don't see any "pitfalls" this is a Russian proverb. In our relations with you, everything is open and clean.I'm sure everything will be great. And there will be a time when we will call you.
If today I can and will work I will get to the center where you can use Skype. It turns out I have to make a profile there, or as it is correct and I will call you.
Today is a very difficult day, so I'm really tired, but know my dear Max, I like to communicate with you and I want to continue, as you do. I like you. I promise, I will find a way to do this Skype and call you.
I hope your day was more successful
I wish you all the best
I embrace and kiss you my sweet Max
Letter 20
Hi, Max. I am very happy that our relationship is developing. With each of your letters I feel very good and I feel your serious intentions towards me. I was glad to hear from you yesterday, and I would like to do it more often, but I don't promise anything yet, as there will be such an opportunity, everything will work out.
Unfortunately, in emails, I can't explain everything that
this happens to me when I get them. And I can't tell you everything I know I want to tell you. I just don't have enough time to do this use to write to you. When I get a letter from you, my heart is ready to break free and fly to you. I know it's impossible, but I've really always worried about how it might fly out of my chest. My heart can't live without you, and it dreams of a future day when we can finally be together and never part. For me, only you are important, only my dear Max, and the rest seems to me nonsense.
Because everything that happens in the world is nonsense, except
for love. Because in this world, everything can be changed except
feeling of love. You can change the President, you can find another job if you are fired, but the only thing you can't do is forget the love that bothers you every day. If you once fell in love with a person, then they will remain in your heart forever, and your heart will always beat faster next to this person, and will always look for an opportunity to meet this person. I really want to meet you I want to live and enjoy life, because only with you with you I will be happy and only with you my heart will calm down and will no longer feel the pain that it is experiencing now. I think that when we can be together, then we will really be the happiest.
And I really want to continue our relationship in the real world. You want this Max? I look forward to your letter.
Your only and favorite Lily.
Letter 21
Hello, my beloved Max!
My relationship with you is driving me crazy.
I can't imagine my life without you. I think about you a lot.
I'm sorry that I can only Express my feelings when I come to work and write to you. Honey, that's the only way to talk. I wasn't told any other option.
I can't work quietly, I think about you all the time. I want to tell you about my day. I woke up this morning and then he looked around. I think you can guess who I was looking for.
Correctly. I was looking for you, my love. Because I had a dream about you, and I thought it was really happening to me. When I woke up
I got up, washed, had Breakfast, and went to work. I've had a rough day. Ahead of the holiday, and very many girls. Do you celebrate March 8?
You are something special to me, because I have never experienced such strong feelings. However, none of us know what the future holds for us. One thing I know for sure. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I love you Max! When we share our innermost thoughts, I know that I have found what I need.
the right person would make my heart soar with happiness. I don't doubt it.
I was given one of the most beautiful expressions of the joy of life through you, your love. Do you know what your love does to me? It
every second brings so much happiness. Every minute. Every hour of my life. I'm so proud of you, my love. Before I met you, I never did that ...
I believed in perfect love, but I thank you. You made me feel what love is.
is. I know I can't Express all my gratitude for you in words, but I do ...
I hope you will see more than I wrote. I don't know what I would do
without you. Let me know who I really am. Thank you, my love, for what you do for me. I hold you tight and kiss you. Your love Lily.
Letter 22
Hello, my beloved Max. I hope you will understand all that I have to say to you in this letter. It's so strange and nice when you Wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night, I miss you so much. I will follow you into the fire and into the water! I will catch your every breath, every smile from the bottom of my heart, because I love you very much ! I will give you happiness! I can do this because you are my life! I believe in you, I fear for you, I love you, and I know that no matter what, I will be there for you!
Yes, the situation in the modern world is strange, but I'm sure there are ways for us to become one with you, Max.
You know, it's hard when you're not around. That sense of separation is stronger than me, because it slowly kills me, depriving me of sleep and joy. The romance you give me lifts me to heaven, where I want to stay with you forever.
My dearest, most beloved, I just need you to always be there for me. If it were in my power, I would give you the Universe, the sky, the moon, and the sun. It would be so romantic, and you would understand how
I really need you. Only once in your life is there such love, when you know for sure that it will never pass, never end.
My dear, without you my heart was like ice, my soul never saw the light. But you melted my heart, took it for yourself, and became yourself. I need you like air, I'm dying without you, like a flower without water. You are my life, my ray of light. I love you! So much, so crazy! You are my whole life, and I just can't live without you!
I hope you understand my emotions. I really want to meet you. Because without you, my life doesn't make sense. I love you my beloved Max your favorite Lily
Letter 23
Hello my love Max
You are a wonderful and very close person to me. I so want you to be happy, and I would be grateful if you would allow me to participate in this. You are my happiness, my heart, my life! I love you Max! I'm sorry, but I can't find any tender words. I just want to say that I love you.
You warm my soul, you light up my life, I am with you as in a happy dream, you are a miracle, I love you!
I love you every second, minute, hour, day, and night. Weeks, months, years, and centuries. We found each other among a million, and now we are two halves of one big heart. My gentle angel. From the moment I saw you, my heart has been held captive by you for centuries.
I want to snuggle up to you Max, touch my lips to yours, warm my hands on yours, hug you and never let go. My darling, you are the most precious thing in the world to me. I love you madly. You are the most precious person in the world. I value you and our relationship very much.
I never thought that you could know someone so well and at the same time feel that there is still so much unraveling in this person. I have never met a person with whom hours passed like minutes, and with whom I never wanted to leave. I didn't find someone so close and dear. Dear Max, I have never loved as I love you.
All the gold of the earth and all the wealth of the world I would give to be near you. Only from your love can I be happy, and this will always remain with me. Only for you my love, only about you I dream! And every time, over and over again, I say, I need you, Max.
I would very much like to be near, perhaps we need to do everything together to make sure that I ended up with you, do you agree with this?
I want to make you the happiest man on earth. I want to enjoy you every minute and I want to give all my tenderness, warmth, care, affection. With love your Lily
Letter 24
Good morning or already day have you my love Max! I love you, I love you, and I love you madly, with all my being, with every cell of my body, with every atom of my brain, and with every particle of my soul. I adore you Max!
Honey, I would love to spend not only lunch with you, but every meal with you.
With your appearance, my life was filled with meaning, and I was able to feel how necessary it is for me to realize that you are on this Earth, and how important it is for me to live for you. And how divinely beautiful, deliciously beautiful, to hear your words of love when you say my name so gently and so excitingly.
I can feel you close to me when I close my eyes. I can hear your breath, your intoxicating smell, feel the warmth of your skin, the tenderness of your hands and the passion of your lips. For a long time, I have been living in another dimension, somewhere beyond the clouds, where I could climb on the wings of your love. I no longer have the pull of the earth, and the laws of this world no longer have any power over me. I dream of you, Max, and of our meeting.
Believe it or not, honey, I don't want to remember anything that happened before you in my life. I crave nothing in this life but your love, you are like a SIP of cold water in the desert. There is only you and what is connected with you, Max. I am now out of the world, completely lost in your essence, in you. I want to be happy with you when you're doing well, sad when something doesn't work out. I want to be in your blood, in your soul, in your heart, I want you to possess me. Your face, your eyes, your hands, your lips intoxicate me more than the most intoxicating wine.
I look forward to our meeting. And then there will be a merging of two souls, two hearts. I miss you very much, Max. I hope we will take action to meet. With love your Lily
Letter 25
Hello Max, my sunshine! God, if you only knew how much I miss you. I don't sleep at night, I don't have a single free minute, I think about you all the time. I want you so much Max! I want you so much! I can't live without you.
During the time that we have known you, I realized that I will never meet such a good and sincere person as you! I love you for being you. And there is no other one like it. I don't need an ideal. I need you, Max. Everyone has their own shortcomings. And love is not when you like the qualities in a person. Love is when you are ready to accept a person as they are with all their shortcomings and qualities. And you don't care about everything. You only care about this person. And for me, that person is you.
You know, Max, I have a dream. It is very kind, and therefore must necessarily come true. I want us to have a real strong family, so that we love each other always and the further the stronger. Let the years only harden us and make us more tender to each other.
Max you have no idea how much I want to run up to you, press myself against your strong, masculine chest, and smell your body. My love, my darling! Believe in the sincerity of my words, because before I could not tell anyone what I'm telling you. Why? Because I've never loved anyone the way I love you! I'm surprised at it, but I can't help it. I don't want to! You are the best, you are the most loved, you are the most expensive person for me, for whom I-and in fire, and in water! Even to the end of the world!
I kiss you very gently and wish you a good day. Kiss you Max. Your love Lily
Letter 26
Hello my sweet love Max.
You're just my girl and I'm just your girl. You are a lot to me in this life - you are everything, you are my universe Max!
I hope that you will understand all that I want to tell you in this letter.
It is so strange and pleasant when I Wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night, I miss you so much. I will follow you into fire and water! I will catch your every breath, every smile with all my heart, because I love you very much Max! I will give you happiness! I can do it, because you are my life! I believe in you, I fear for you, I love you and I know that no matter what, I will be there for you! You know, it's really hard when you're not around. The feeling of separation is stronger than me, because it is slowly killing me, depriving me of sleep and joy. The romance you give me lifts me up to heaven, where I want to stay with you forever.
My most native, desired, beloved Max, I just need you to be always there for me. If it were in my power I would give you the Universe, gave the sky, the moon and the sun. It would be so romantic, and you would understand how much I need you. Only once in your life is there such a love when you know for sure that it will never pass, never end. I know that, don't you?
My dear Max, without you my heart was a cold ice floe, my soul never saw the light. But you melted my heart, took it for yourself, and became it. I need you like air, I perish without you like a flower without water. You are my life, my ray of light. I love you! So much, so madly! You are my whole life, and I can't live without you! I hope you understand my emotions. I really want to meet you Max. Because without you, my life doesn't make sense. Your love Lily
Letter 27
Hello my love. Max, I love you madly! You are the most native little man for me! You are the clearest sun that pleases me every day! Thank you for your words of support. I love you so much.
Honey, how's your mom doing? You told me about her, next time you're at her place, give her a hug and give her a huge Hello from me!
I really want to be close to you and I need you like air, you are my universe Max!
I want to be near you. Always, everywhere, day and night. You're the best, you're a miracle! Without you I cannot live, without you I am deprived of happiness, I cannot love another, I am in your captivity, in your power! I want to make you the happiest man on earth. I want to enjoy you every minute and I want to give all my tenderness, warmth, care, affection... I love you! It's good to have you in this world. I am not afraid of storms or snow. My beloved Max, I Want to be with you always! I talk so much about my feelings. Because I can't control them. They overwhelm me.
I want to come to you and be with you always. I want to connect my life with you. So that we never break up. I will not allow this to happen. I think that you will help me in this. The negative is something that should pass us by, not near or through. I'm soaked in you Max. My skin is your skin. We are the whole. We must strive to be together.
As time passes by. How the lines run. I hope that my letter will be in your spirit. Don't laugh if something goes wrong. If you don't like it, admit it. Don't be afraid to offend with the truth. I love the truth. And you, too.
I don't want to fall asleep without you. You are not there – there is a sea of emptiness. I want to come to you and be with you Max. I want to feel the touch of your hands, your lips, your eyes. I miss your whole body. I miss you Max. Your love Lily
Letter 28
Hello my love Max! Thank you for letter. I trust you in a way I've never trusted anyone before. You are my greatest love, and my destiny.
I don't want you to get the idea that we're not going to be together. I love you with all my body and soul and we will be together.
And your mother will see the grandchildren and maybe there will be a granddaughter. I miss you Max!
I understand that you are the person I have been looking for all my life. The first time I wrote, I was afraid you wouldn't answer.
But when I received the letter, something turned over in my soul. I'm glad we met each other.
Max, I want to ask you. Do you want me to come to you? I think I'm ready to meet you. I can't live away from you anymore.
I want us to finally meet you, and that we really give each other love and care.
I really want to see you soon. I dream of you and us, and I hope that my dream will come true and we will be together.
Max now on this virus, travel prices have become less, but again, to be with you, I need a visa.
I would like to start making our documents when the virus passes so that we can be together right away, what do you think about this, my love?
I love you more than life, and I would like to make you the happiest person on this earth Max. I dream of the day when we will join our destinies. The day we meet will be the most memorable day of my life.
I'm happy to have you, but I'll only be really happy when I'm around you. I want to see you Max!
My friends tell me that I always talk about you. I don't notice it, but all our conversations are about me starting to talk about you.
My friends are happy that I have found my love and my happiness. They support me and wish me happiness with you.
Max, tell me. How will your family and friends react to my coming to you? I really want to meet your family.
I'm happy that you and I have found each other. When you and I are together, I will not give you up to anyone!
I will never let you go anywhere. You will only be mine! I love you! Your Lily
Letter 29
Hello, my sweet Max. My sunshine, my life! How nice to live and realize that I live for you, with you, you are the meaning of my life. I realized that before - it was not life, it was waiting. Waiting for your smile, your eyes, your warmth! I lived only in the dream of your arms, your kisses, your laughing sparkle in your eyes. How many times have I seen you in my dreams, how many times have I tried to see you in a crowd!
I'm glad you took us so long to get together. It was such a happiness to look for you, to believe that soon we will meet and will not part! We don't need anyone. You're the only one for me, I'm the only one for you Max. We have found each other, we have been together for a long time, and I do not get tired of admiring you, writing to you about my love, feeling the warmth of your words.
Now as the situation with the virus gets better and air travel is available, we will solve this problem with our meeting.
Max we have a question about our work being resolved, they want to switch to the 5/2 schedule so that there is less contact with people. But again, this will affect our income. And so there are not so many clients, so they also want to reduce the number of working days.
I'm sorry that I complain and pour out my heart, but to whom, if not to you, my dear future husband, I will say this.
It is really cheaper to get a visa now, because the prices are reduced. Do you want me to find out what you need and how much it will cost?
I miss you and I want to be in your strong arms as soon as possible
My dear Max the only one, thank you very much for what I have. Only you can make my life truly happy. I am ready to give everything in the world for your "love" and that you were happy with me. Wherever you are, whatever you do, let my love protect you! Thank you for your strength, your wisdom, your beauty. For what with you I learned what true love is. I am very glad that we have met. For me now there is no more happiness than to love you Max to be loved by you. I'm terribly afraid of losing you. I want to see happiness in your eyes and know that you need me. I want you to trust me. Dear Max, we must understand each other, support and protect each other. You and I have been through a lot together, and we still have a lot to do together. I love you Max I'm looking forward to the day we meet. And when we meet you, we will never part. A special kiss for you. Your love Lily
Letter 30
Hi my love, Max. Every person in life meets someone special, who attracts them as if with a magnet, without knowing it. And maybe this person does not even know how much he is dear to someone. But I want you to understand, Max, that you are dear to me. I can't live without you.
While I'm at work, today is my workplace cleaning day.
There will be less work, and people who want to make beauty accordingly, too. Our work is being transferred to the 5/2 schedule , the salary will fall and I don't know what to do. What do you do at home, Max?
My love, I found out about the purchase of a visa.
They do it within 10 days and they need a passport, my photos, and medical evidence to make health insurance. A ticket reservation is also required when getting a visa. And so that I can fly to you with a written invitation from you. Where it will be written who you are, where you work, where and how you live. (the conditions of your life and whether I can live there according to your square meters, if I stay with you).
My love but most importantly, the only problem that I can't come to you now is the payment for the preparation of documents. I'm upset.
You need 18.914 rubles. The Agency immediately transferred to your currency Max, and this is about 2640 kronor. I understand that for you this is a small amount that is required to obtain a visa.
I like your sincerity, I like the way you write to me about your love. Thank God for creating life. Thank your parents for having you. Thank you, my love, for being what you are! I love you Max and I don't know what I would do without you. How would I live on? What did you do? What did you do? I cared too much and worried about something, fussed. I couldn't find myself in this life. Although I was sure everything was going according to plan. I thought I knew what to do and what I was doing. I was wrong. I realized this when I started talking to you Max. I saw the world, people, and life differently. But it was scary to change everything. It turns out that I was in a hurry, running, and not happy. Now I'm with you Max! You're good. I love you and I'm happy with you. You are the only man who is so dear and loved. And life changes-forever! I know who I live for, why, and thanks to whom! I love you Max! Thank you, my favorite and only one! I am grateful to you, and what you are doing for me and our meeting means a lot to me. I want to give myself completely, I want to give you my love. I love you and I won't stop talking about it. You are everything to me, you are my life, you are my destiny.
I hope very soon we will be together with you Max. I want to kiss you Max and tell you in your eyes about my love for you. It's very hard for me without you. But my thoughts about you help me live. Your words of love warm my heart. I look forward to your letter. Your future wife Lily
Letter 31
Hello my love! I thought I would read your letter with care. As well as your creativity, I really liked that you so sincerely convey your love, I'm delighted and you make my day more beautiful and brighter!
Yes you are right you need to protect yourself from these viruses so that there is less chance of getting sick.
Honey, I have news for you from our country. We are going through some kind of delirium. With this virus, while reducing our working hours, I do not know how it will continue, but they said that it will affect our salary.
We have very different countries and I told you. Today, the news announced that there will be compensation and then only for pensioners in the amount of 4000 rubles (this is about 50 dollars).
And only for those pensioners who live in Moscow. When the US government says it will issue support in the region of 1000-3000 dollars. This is data from the news.
This is a huge difference in the approach of the state to its citizens. I am honestly shocked by what is happening. Moscow is the capital and all the money is there.
I don't know what will happen, but the number of clients has dropped significantly. Nothing is said about coronovirus, in the open, the data is hidden, but the number of people has become much smaller on the streets and in stores. I hope very soon we will be together with you Max.
Honey, I will send you this data, but the visa is issued by us, we submit documents and they already issue a visa.
This is the cost of a visa, initially as I was told that it is important to get a visa, and after that, tickets are already purchased. So I think we should start doing everything together.
I love you, Max. I look forward to the day of our meeting. And when we meet you, we will never part. Special kiss for you my love. Your love Lily
I was at the Bank, and the Manager said that if I want to get your support, it's easier to use the moneygram system.
This one was recommended to me. This data is required for sending.
Name: Liliya
Surname: Gafiyatullina
Country: Russia
City: Kazan
Zip code: 420095
Home address: Vosstaniya 81 - 9
My number: 7965235770
Letter 32
Good morning my love Max, thank you for your message and for your support in our relationship. I am always happy to come to work and read letters from you my dear beloved Max.
Yes you are right my love, we are made for each other and we will be together.
Thank you my day today is not very good. We had a lot of snow and had to travel longer than usual, a lot. Although I noticed a lot of interesting things, one of the pensioners, apparently missed skiing and decided to ride. It's funny to see a man with skis in the spring. How's the weather, Max?
My love I also want to be close, but for now we are at a distance and I want to stop this quarantine soon and we were together.
All you need now is to get a visa and after buying tickets to you, you need to make an invitation. That's how the travel Agency Manager explained it to me. I don't know how to send you a photo of my passport, since I gave it to you to get a visa. Now some of the documents have been collected, there is still a medical certificate and payment. Tell me if you have heard about quick transfers of the moneygram ecosystem? My love I need to pay on Friday under the contract so they can start doing. Can I expect to get your support on Thursday?
My love I love you madly my sweet Max, and I wish you a great day.
Your love Lily
Letter 33
Hello, my love Max.
How did your day start today my sweet?
Now everything is getting very difficult in the country and I am afraid that there will be restrictions with work, but for now I will not think about it, so as not to lose heart once again!
My love, I submit the documents here at the Agency, and they need my details for processing the transaction, as well as payment. I gave birth on may 12, 1984.
My love, they ask me, when can I make a payment, when can I answer them? Because the contract has been drawn up and now it remains to make the payment.
Tell me have you heard of the Moneygram system? I have an office not far from work.
I understand that we will be together and I constantly think about you my love!
I love you my love Max
your favorite Lily
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