Scam letter(s) from Anna Shtukina to John (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello dear Stranger!
Thank you for your interest. I feel you have a very good heart and will make your woman very happy. My friends say that I am very warm and affectionate, I am very doting and once I fall in love I will give everything I have to make the other person sit on top of the world. I am very romantic, love candle light dinners, cuddling and caressing. The only thing I hate about people is when they lie, are not honest and play games.
I am 26 years old. I am from Ukraine.
I live with my mother. She is an economist. I like to spend a lot of time with her as I love her very much, and I'm sure you will. We trying to support each other in good and bad. I want my future husband to be the same understanding and to be my best friend.
As you know I am a student. I study history at Eastern Ukrainian University and my future profession is teacher of history.I think this profession is necessary in our life which is full of complications.
And I like children very much. I am sure that children are our future.
I adore history and I like to visit historical places and my dream to travel all over the world to see different cultures and lifestyles.
Twice a week I work at school I teach children.
Unfortunately I don't know English and that's why I have to use translation services which translates my letters to you. If you wish we can to arrange a phone conversation with a help of her.
What do you think?
I am very simple in my thoughts, love to meet people, am very trusting, have had some bad experiences but most of the time I end up meeting people who are nice, I love my work, I think it is very interesting it makes me meet a lot of different people, I think people are so different but they are the same in a lot of ways and if you have an open mind and are not critical, you can get along very well with people from different cultures.
I am looking for a long lasting relationship, one in which there a little children who will bring joy to our lives, some dogs (I love dogs), a lovely house and a lovely caring loving husband who will be my best friend, my lover, my companion, with whom I will be able to share all my laughs and sorrows, with whom I can confide in and also he can do the same. I want to build a relationship, where we can be soulmates and life is one continual holiday, where everyday will bring joy to our lives, where we can raise nice family, children who are loved all them time, hopefully I can build this lovely relationship with a such a nice person like you, they say pictures do not say much but I think they do, so ,please, send me your picture.
I can tell you that once we can work this out, I will never let you down, love you with all my heart and make you the happiest person in this world.
I am attaching a pictures of mine( hope you like them) Will be eagerly waiting your response. Take care of yourself and write back soon.
Kiss you
Letter 2
Dear Sir, Thank you for your interest in our client Anya Gundareva.
I would like to inform you that she is interested in you too.
Unfortunately, because of financial situation she is not capable to pay for our services. Could you be so kind to help Anya with correspondence's expenses? Please, inform us and your lady about your decision. Sincerely Yours
Marina Konchalovskaya
agency "Konchak"
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