Scam letter(s) from Annabel Alex to Scott (UK)

Letter 1
I want to find someone I can have fun with whilst my husband is away working. He can be gone for weeks sometimes so I get very bored and lonely. I need someone to keep me company when he's not there.
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Name: Charlotte Crystoval
Age: 29
Name: Ekaterina Tsaregorodtseva
Age: 27
Name: Anca Diana Paleu
Age: 27
Name: Natalia Kondrashkina
Age: 32
Name: Deviana Yuwana
Age: 25
Name: Ekaterina Egarova
Age: 30
Name: Julia Popova
Age: 28
Name: Inna Nabokina
Age: 27
Name: Morina Villa
Age: 30
Name: Ksenia Ivanova
Age: 27
Name: Irina
Age: 27
Name: Natalie Oyem
Age: 30
Name: Lora Banks
Age: 31
Name: Julia Sotnikova
Age: 22
Name: Sylwia Dzokoto
Age: 28