Romance scam letter(s) from Ludmila Gudzenko to Otto (Sweden)
Letter 1
Hello my Dear Otto, Thank you for your letter and your photos! I am very serious about us, so I don't want everything to be destroyed, because of possible rush or wrong expectations , which you can fantasize not understanding the reality and then give up on me and refuse , because everything was not how you expected. It is my first experience to date a foreigner after a long and very hurtful past relationship. I don't want to be used or heart broken again. I am so happy to find such serious man, as you are, so I want to follow step by step. I need to work on language barrier by taking some intensive course of elementary speaking. It doesn't mean that I need to study for many months. No, the course takes just couple of months, but it is very important for creating the contact between each other, when we meet. Then I need to take the vocation, so we can spend not an hour together, but many days sharing each together, speaking what are our expectations. Do you agree that it is reasonable? You should understand that I am not the woman, who can leave everything, forgetting about job and other deals in one moment running to a man making all his dreams true, as spreading legs and having sex in the first night and so on. It is important to understand it, as I am here for serious, so I ask to respect my dignity and my wills. My man will never be disappointed, as I will give all myself to ONE man only, but I don't want to be pushed. I want to meet you in May, when the weather is much better and when I have the vocation for it. This time before our meeting, I want to use for learning English,as it is the investment in our future. I want you to help me,because it concerns me and you and our future. Yes, I need your support and care, as my life is not easy at all. Can I relay on you, my Dear? I really always want to know the truth from you, even if it were something that you felt would conflict with our love. I want to feel I am truly your best friend, that you can tell me anything that is going on inside you rather than have to just ignore a real part of yourself, because you think I would not like it. You know, I want to hear everything about you, I am interested in everything you have to tell me, your work, your friends, your dreams, your fantasies, your happiness and your sadness. I want to truly be your friend, as well as your lover, as well as your confessor, your supporter in life, your heart. I ask you for your patience, for your kindness and your support for organizing our meeting. I am totally sure what I feel to you and it is not the waste of time or costs, as you will not be disappointed completing our steps to each other. With love and kisses,
Your beloved Luda.
Letter 2
Hello my Dear Otto, Thank you so much for your answer.Unfortunately, the number of ill people for coronavirus is increasing. Ukraine is not able to stop the pandemic,especially having such a poor methods and low quality medicine service. Ukraine is not Europe to control everything. Our government and president Zelenskiy are stupid ,so they don't know what to do.
It is a big tragedy for all Ukrainian people and it worries me a lot. It means, if you are poor, have no medical insurance or money for treatment - you will die? Nothing good happens in Ukraine. Sorry for my panic,but it is another reason, why I don't want to stay in this county.I dream for a decent life, which I may never have in Ukraine. Yes ,I want to change my life and relocate. I don't know English and have never been abroad. Dear Otto, you proved me that no matter distance people,who want the same can be together , as we both want love and serious relationship sharing good or bad times. So I wait for our meeting. Sorry for misunderstanding, but can we meet after the 24th of May? You can come to my city, but it is more secure if you come to Kiev. I don't want anything bad happened with your,as I live near the war area. What can you say about it? Thank you so much for trying to help with education. I think that the fastest way for me to get the costs, if you send the money using the account of the agency. They can pass me the money in cash . Is it possible for you? If you want to send on my name, you can use MoneyGram, Azimo or IntelExpress, Ria.However the transfer wise should have the lowest commission.
What is the most comfortable way for you? If I start learning English ,I will find the time for sure. I will not eat or pay for some bills,as I am ready for any sacrifices to become closer to you and understand you directly,when we meet in person. I really need your help and support to make it possible. Please don't let me down. Thank you so much. I should confess that now, I dream about your face all the time . When I think about you, I imagine you in that moment. I imagine your caresses and your kisses, and it helps me to overcome the hardship of us being apart.
When I am at home, I close my eyes to imagine your eyes. They are so calm, not having the bottom. They cover with the light unweight tenderness.
I can watch them unlimited. They have no evil, no insult, just kindness.
Your smile is sincere. Somewhere in the tips of your smile hidden childish naivety. Your smile gives me an impression of something magical in my soul, something I want to live.
When I think about you, my eyes drown in the tenderness of your sight.
Your eyes bewitch with the magic light tenderness and burning passion... When I think about you, my feelings overwhelmed with emotional desire, my body wants to enjoy the tenderness and fantasy of your caress. With love and kisses,
Your Luda.
Letter 3
I am sorry, but it is my last paid letter, which I can afford, Dear Otto.
I would write you in Russian or Ukrainian with a pleasure as you say you can translate it yourself, unfortunately, I don't imagine how to do it without own Internet and computer?????? I have the contract with the agency and it is for Translation only! Don't think that I am so silly to pay for all our previous letters translation, if I had the way to write you for free! I have no such opportunity

I don't speak English and have NO own Internet and computer at rent apartment, using the service is the only way to be in touch! So.... NO Google or writing you in my language, since my smart phone was broken. It costs about 300 Euro to buy the new good smart phone with the Internet service. I don't have such money, as it is my month salary now, so that's why I was paying for all our previous letter's translation saving the connection, which is so important for us. You see that I don't want to lose you, as I am ready to plan our meeting, which is very important! I am very serious , but if I don't refill the translation account it will be closed and deleted.
Dear Otto, you really became my light during such dark time in my country.
I am here with you, because of true feelings and want continue so much! I feel uncomfortable to ask you for something, but only you can save our connection now. With kisses!
My Full name and address is:
My full name is Lyudmila GUDZENKO/Country-Ukraine/City-Melitopol
Address-Yaroslav Mudryi street 5/Zip code-72301
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