Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Warren (Sweden)


Greetings! My name is Sveta! It is very pleasant for me that you have paid attention to my questionnaire. I for the first time on a site of acquaintances also am sorry if I shall be mistaken. I shall try not much to tell about myself. To me of 25 years and I am not married yet. But I very much would like it. I want to marry the good person and to give birth to children. I very much love children and I want that my beloved also loved children. Probably it is interesting to you, that such beautiful woman as I does on a site, the answer is simple. I was disappointed in the Russian men and I want to find to myself the husband from abroad. If I have interested you, write to me on my electronic letter box:
I hope to receive your letter soon. Please do not keep me waiting for a long time.
I wait for your letter soon...
Letter 2

Greetings Warren! It is pleasant for me to receive from you the
letter. I am glad that you have paid to me attention and have written
to me. It is pleasant for me that I have liked you. How you? At you
all is good? At me all is excellent! Probably it is interesting to
you, why such beautiful Russian woman searches to itself for the
husband on the Internet on a site of acquaintances? Why she cannot
find to herself the husband in Russia? You can think that rich people
are necessary for me rich the man that it carried out all my desires,
in fact Russia not the rich country and at us in the country a few.
But if you so think, you are mistaken. It not so. For me not the main
thing that my future husband was the rich and provided person. For me
it not the main thing. For me the main thing that my future husband
was loving, understanding and trusting to me. I search for such person
on the Internet. Such person is necessary for me. I think that without
understanding and trust there can not be a love. Warren you understand
me? You agree with me? If between us there will be no understanding
and trust we with you cannot have attitudes. And the most important in
our correspondences is to not deceive each other. We with you should
be sincere. Warren if we with you shall not be sincere., That our
correspondence will be waste of time. Warren you want to spend your
time all for nothing? I think that nobody wants it. I want to agree at
once with you to be sincere. I promise you, that I shall not deceive
you and to speak you only the truth. Warren, you can promise to me it?
I would not like to spend time all for nothing. I have come on a site
of acquaintances to search for serious attitudes. Simple
correspondence is not necessary for me. I have come on a site of
acquaintances not for this purpose. I want to leave in marriage!!!
Warren you understand me? You understand, that I write to you? I hope
that we with you Warren shall find common language. You thinking have
interested, you to me are interesting also to me it would be desirable
to learn you more. You would like the same? I would like to learn more
about your country where do you live? Why you search to yourselves for
the woman on a site of acquaintances? Also it is interesting to me
where also as whom you work? It will be interesting to me to read
about it. I hope you will not ignore my questions. I would like to
read answers to my questions. Probably also it is interesting to you
why I search for the husband on a site of acquaintances. I have
charged extra the searches of the husband 2,5 years ago, then it
wanted to me to leave in marriage. Then I have wanted to form family.
I conducted intensive searches of the prince at myself in city. I
saved money and tried to go on cultural institutions, at me not the
big salary and was necessary to me saves, as in our city of the price
not small, I went on decent institutions and tried to find there to
myself suitable the man. I went on decent institutions not because
there there are rich men that is why that in others institutions,
cheaper, gather drunkards who come to get ***** and acquainted there
with the girl for one night, it it is not necessary for me, and
consequently I went to more cultural institutions. But there I too
could not find suitable the man. Do not think, that I very whimsical
woman. I not whimsical, I simply search the present love. And those
men with which I got acquainted in elite clubs (elite for ours not the
big city), for them I was simply beautiful toy, they did not
understand me, my individuality was not interesting to them. I do not
want to be a beautiful toy, I want that me understood and respected
me. I not only the beautiful woman, but I and still clever (at me
higher education). And these men did not put me there is nothing. For
these reasons I have decided to test destiny in the Internet of cafe
on a site of acquaintances. I think though here to me can will carry.
I strongly hope for it. If you Warren, not such the man as men in my
city write to me. I shall wait your letter Warren soon. I hope you
will not keep me waiting for a long time. Your new familiar, Sveta
Letter 3

Greetings Warren! I am glad to receive from you the letter. It was
pleasant for me to read it. At me has failed to find in my country of
that person for which I would like to leave in marriage. I could not
become happy in the country. It afflicts me. Well that I have
girlfriend who has prompted me to search for the husband in a network
of the Internet on a site of acquaintances. She searched there to
herself for the man and has found. They in two weeks of correspondence
have understood, that they approach each other and have decided to
meet in the person. First time she went to it for three weeks, as the
tourist. They communicated and learned each other better. And after
three weeks of dialogue they have understood that are created the
friend for the friend. She came back home and spoke parents, that she
leaves to live to the groom abroad. Its parents have approved it. Now
she lives abroad and sometimes arrives to Russia to visit parents and
the friends. She arrives with the husband, with that with whom has got
acquainted on the Internet. They are happy together. And now I have
decided to try happiness on the Internet, I can also shall find to
myself of the husband. I strongly would like it. I on character the
trustful person and always try to trust people. But unfortunately not
all people can trust. But you cause in me trust. I trust each your
word. I hope you also to me will trust. I would like to form family. I
cannot live more than one. I would like love. I would like to come
home after work, to prepare for a tasty supper for my loved and to
meet it after work. I so strongly would like it. I also strongly would
like to get children. In fact children this our future. I would like
to have 2-3 children. But we can get and more if you want. I would
like that children had happy childhood that children had loving
parents and that children grew in the normal country. Because in our
country so it is a lot of homeless children, children from
unsuccessful families where parents are not engaged in education of
children. And when my children will go to school where such children
study, I shall experience for them. In fact children in the childhood
absorb in themselves all not only good but also bad. I would not like
that from my child the criminal, the addict or the alcoholic has
grown. It seems to me that almost all parents of it do not want.
Parents wish only the best the children. You agree with me? I very
much love character! At any time year it is possible to think
entertainment. In the summer I with girlfriends and with friends go on
lake which is behind city, to 2 kilometers from city. It is not far,
we go there by bicycles. On lake it is very picturesque. Water pure.
This very beautiful lake. In the winter we go to skate and we leave on
a ski. Also I like to go on exhibitions, to museums, in theatres, also
I go to cinema. I like classical and modern popular music. It depends
on my mood. Also I want to tell not much to you about myself. I am
usual the Russian woman. I was born in 1981, grew and I have grown in
Novocheboksarsk. in the same city has gone to school. The school too
than did not differ from usual high school. After leaving school I
have acted in university on free-of-charge training, it was difficult
for making, but at me it has turned out. My parents were glad for me.
After the termination of university I 2.5 months searched for work,
and after long searches I have found. At us in city the big firm has
opened not, and I was arranged in it in a staff department. Work
certainly not cheerful, but is pleasant to me. And for our city there
pay the normal salary, though and not big. Usually at me day passes
monotonously. I rise in 6 o'clock in the morning, I wash, I accept
souls, I have breakfast and after that I go for work. To me has
carried with work, she is not far from my house, approximately 15
minutes on foot. I as well as at all have lunch break during which I
have time to descend home and to have a bite. After the termination of
my work I go to the Internet of cafe to write to you the letter. And
already after the Internet of cafe I go home. I live separately from
parents. I rent one room apartment. Though she not big, but I live
separately from parents. I since that moment as have left from parents
became much more independent. Usually week I go to the end to the
parents on a visit. I yet did not speak parents about you, but I want
to tell him soon. You not against? Also I want to tell to you about
the parents. At me very good and loving parents. To my father of 49
years, it works as the doctor in a children's polyclinic. Mine mum of
47 years, she works as the bookkeeper. Also I have sister, 18 years
and she studies in it at university on 2 rate. She wants to become the
economist. It would be interesting to me to learn about a life there,
where do you live. It is very interesting to me, because I never was
for border. And it is interesting to me to learn about a life abroad.
To me my girlfriend who lives abroad, tells about the life abroad
much. She speaks, that our life here in Russia and abroad strongly
differ from each other. By the way my girlfriend lives in Canada. You
were in Canada? Unfortunately my time in the Internet of cafe comes to
an end also to me it is necessary to go home. I shall wait for your
letter. My embraces and kisses for you Warren. Sveta
Letter 4

My dear!
It was pleasant for me to receive your letter. I like your letters.
I want to tell to you, that one person is necessary for all my life
for me. I do not want to marry many times. I want to grow fond of the
man really, instead of for some years. The love for all life is
necessary for me. I search for this love on the Internet. For this
purpose I have gone to the Internet - cafe. I want to form family with
the loving husband. I want that we in family had love and that
children have not been deprived of our love that children grew with
both parents. Poorly when children grow without the father or without
mother. I would like that my children had both parents. That the child
had happy future.
I think, that some people do not understand all gravity of wedding. It
is very responsible step in a life. I do not understand those people
which marry in an early age, as a rule their marriage does not last
for a long time, and their children remain without one parent, and
sometimes and without parents. I understand all importance of wedding,
and I want to find love for all my life. For this purpose I have come
to the Internet - cafe. I think, that I can find my love here, in fact
to my girlfriend have carried, and success will smile to me.
I think that it is impossible to hide something from the partner. I
would like that at us in correspondences not deceits and mistrust.
Because if we shall deceive each other it will not result in anything
good. All the same sooner or later the truth will be known. And when
the truth will be open, we shall be afflicted. Also it will turn out
so, that we have spent time all for nothing. I would not like to spend
time all for nothing. To me dearly my time. I have come to the
Internet - cafe on a site of acquaintances not to deceive people, it
it is not necessary for me. I need to find my love and to leave for
him in marriage. If we shall not be each other and we shall trust each
other our attitudes will be good, and we can construct loving family.
What does you think of it?
I think, that each person wants to be happy, but should recognize what
not at everyone it turns out. But I think, that at us should it will
turn out to be happy. We in fact our each other. And it shall seems to
me that we with you are happy. I would like it. In fact at us one
purpose. We with you want to form happy family. And we should achieve
it. Actually not probably will study the person through the
correspondence completely completely. To study the person well, it is
necessary to meet this person in the person. Because one meeting can
replace thousand letters. It is possible to write many letters to the
person, but to not learn it as you of it you can learn at personal
meeting. I think, that if we with you shall be ready to a meeting it
will be wonderful. I would like to meet you in the person. At a
meeting in the person we with you could better study each other. We
could carry out with you a lot of time together, could look each other
in the face. Speak, that eyes this mirror oppress. I would like to see
your soul. Also we with you could walk with you in the evening keeping
for hands, or to have supper together is it would be very romantic.
The our meeting well would affect our attitudes. What do you think of
My ideas only about you. You stand in my ideas on the first place.
I wait for your answer. I hope, that you will write to me soon.
Gentle embraces and kisses for you.
Letter 5

My dear!
It is pleasant for me to receive from you the letter.
I am glad, that we with you have found each other. At us with you
identical ideas. We with you think equally. I think, that it is
destiny. Because seldom you meet the person which you think as well
as. I am glad that we with you on means of the Internet have found
each other. And I would like to learn you as much as possible. You to
me are interesting also to me of it very much it would be desirable.
But I do not have not enough now only your letters. I would like to
meet you in the person. We have already learned about the friend the
friend enough. I think what more to learn from correspondence it is
impossible. Also there would come time for that that we have met you
in the person. What do you think about our meetings in the person? You
want to meet me? I hope that it so. If you I interest what - be the
important things about me you safely set them to me, I shall try to
answer them. In fact we with you want to construct the present and
strong love. I think that at us it will turn out. I want to develop
our relations with you. I would like to move forward in our relations.
I want that we met you. What do you think about our meetings? You want
that I arrived to you to the country? I can make it. I learned in a
travel company as I can make it. I will need to make the international
passport, the visa and tickets. On registration of these documents 14
working days is required. It is not many times. For registration of
the international passport I will need 93 euros, for the visa I will
need 275 euros, the ticket will cost 664 euros. The road is one more
thing about which that should know. It is not convenient for me to
speak about it, but I live in small city and I work on is low to paid
work and consequently I cannot pay my travel to you. For me it is very
big money, I cannot get so much money. You could help me to me with
payment of my travel? You can help me about 1032 euros (1393 American
dollars)? I cannot think there is nothing except for you. You stand in
my ideas on the first place. It is dream which seems impracticable...
But I hope, that we with you nevertheless shall be together, and we
shall be happy with the friend the friend. I so strongly would like
it. It is necessary to begin official registration of papers as soon
as possible. I shall soon have holiday. I would like to lead my
holiday near to you. But we need to meet soon.
I with impatience wait for your answer, and your opinion on my travel
to you in the country!
I wait for your letter soon, I hope that you will not keep me waiting
for a long time.
Yours Sveta
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