Scam letter(s) from Olga Srigina to William (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear Willem! I thought about you all the time. You have become a very important man for me. I’m glad that I can easily communicate with you. I’m really happy that you invite me to your home. But baby, I have a problem. I never been abroad, so i don't even have international passport. I've asked my friend about doing the passport, she said it's not a problem. But this operation needs some costs. I don't have enough sum, and I need your help. Could you please send me 400 euro for documents? I really feel bad asking you for money. I understand that we know each other not so good yet. But our short time communication became very important for me! Of course, you can refuse, I will not be offended! But trusting me, you will show yourself as a real man. I’m very pleased to understand that I could meet such a gentleman. I think I’m very lucky!
Waiting your soon reply
Sincerely, Olya
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