Romance scam letter(s) from Lina to Eddy (USA)
Letter 1
Good evening my beloved man Eddy!! How is your day was started? now is a middle of the week! and i spent my time on my work! i miss you sweetie!
how was your day yesterday? i invite my colleague and we eated home-made pizza in the evening!
i finished work yesterday at 9, so we had 1 hour of relaxing and nice talking! i told them that very soon will be our meet for real!! this is so amazing!! I believe virus will be over soon!
my honey, can you help me even with not big sum this month to buy products? As i am in hard situation, without salary, my dad is in hospital, they cannt help me at all... I like everything that you telling to me !! I see we have so much in common !! we have common goals and desires !! My desire to create strong and serious relationship) I know how to make my man happy, treat him and take care of him if he gets sick.
To support him morally, if he was in a difficult situation, never lie and leave at the sight of difficulties! we will Solve all the problems together!!
Our family and you are your bay, safe haven. where always calm and stable, and at the same time fun and interesting! sweetie, i wish you amazing day today!! Kisses!! Lina
Letter 2
Hello my honey Eddy!! How are you? How is your day? How is your week started? I miss you terribly, honey! During this weekends my connection was not perfect, i was came to work this morning, and we will talk over the phone today as connection is allow me this!! my love, can i rely on your help even to buy a products?
How was your weekends? I am sure you had nice time at home! Do you stick to isolation? In my war zone we do not have strict quarantine and isolation, markets work, grandparents ride buses to fairs, and there is no general panic. but I don’t have much contact with people, only with my mother and I go to the hospital to my father. Yesterday I spent all day on the road to him, and they did not let me in. as I said he suspected Covid, but the test is paid and is very expensive! I am a little desperate when I think about all the problems. but as you know, it's my birthday very soon! it gives me strength and joy that everything will work out, everything will be fine! everything is just like in childhood, you wait for a miracle and your parents try to organize it for you!
and more the child does not need anything! I want to think only about positive things, about you and me, about our future meeting! it also gives me strength and faith in the future! I want to wake up not alone, but with you every morning! lie on your chest, do you prefer what to sleep in? I can sleep even if you like it)) mmm, my love, my mood improves when
I think of you! today is amazing weather, 22 degrees Celsius! you can go crazy, real summer! how do I want the craziness with the virus to end faster! and again we lived a normal life and spent our summer days on the beach! MMM, you and I are in a closed bed on the beach with glass of cold limonade or champagne! WOW! It will be line in heaven, sweetie!! I want to get your responce as soon as possible and to hear your lovely voice!! Muah!! wish a nice day!! Lina
Letter 3
Hello my honey Eddy!! How are you? How was your weekends? I am good, try to stay positive always! I thinking about you, honey!
And yesterday we celebrated Easter in my place! As you know i am Orthodox Christian! my honey Eddy, i want so much to be with you my love!
I eat 1 times in 2 days, i asked you about help but 2 letters and no answer! My mommy visited me, and we sintered 2 cakes with her and painted boiled eggs! all according to tradition and so on the family! all that was missing was my father, who is also in the hospital now!
This is so sad and bad! but I hold on and try not to fall into despair! Yesterday my mother and I sat in the kitchen and talked, looked Worship online.
I really lacked warmth, love, and support! because we worry about dad very much! How did your week start? How is your mood? please take care of yourself! in our region there is no strict quarantine, I do not work, but nonetheless everything works, the market and all the shops! I really hope that this nightmare improves soon! I can’t wait for the moment when we will have dinner together in the kitchen, about candles, talk and joke, and share news over the past day! I can’t wait for the moment when I come up to you and say "I WANT YOU RIGHT NOW" and lick your body from head to toe!
because when I love a person, I want to literally eat it and love every cell of the body! I am waiting for your answer today, I dream of you! kiss! Lina
Letter 4
Hello, my sweetheart Eddy!! How are you, my honey? How is your day?
Here is hot weather, today it is 25 degrees Celcius!! This is really awesome!
Real summer is here! But unfortunately nobody cannt walk parks, forests, streets!
We have not real quarantine here, but it is prohibit to walk parks!
How is your health and situation with virus for today in your place? My love, i asked you about help not for my Birthday actually, but to buy a food and medicines..i am unable to buy a food even! this is very hard..can i rely on your not big help? Sweetie, i cannot stop think about us and our future! I believe you want to be with me so strong as i want, and our plans for future is really great! I always imagine you and me, in car! You driving and you show me beautiful sides of your place. of your country! For me it is something great, magic moments to enjoy culture of your country, to meet with history of your family! It is something very dear to my heart and at the same time, something breathtaking! You took my breathe away from the first letter, from the first photo and i cherish of our relations! My love, i have nothing more dear, nothing more serious for me than our relations. I put everything on a map, because i really trust you! And i want to be your woman for ever! my honey, i wish you amazing day! Lina
Letter 5
Hello my sweetheart Eddy!! How are you? I miss you terribly!! I am wait for the news from you every day! I cherish our relations and all i want always is to be happy near with you! I hope you are safe and healthy despite of this terrible virus around!
Please write me today.. and let's plan our meet soonest time, i believe this quarantine will be over very soon! I send you big kiss!! Your Lina
Letter 6
Hello my honey Eddy! How are you? What's news do you have? I miss you honey!! I thinking about you all the time! Airports is closed now everywhere, but soon it will be open! My honey Eddy, if you can help me financially to get my military pass, we can plan our meet for real after pandemia, we can meet in Kiev! Now is terrible weather here, rains is all day long! It is also cold! How is the weather in your place, sweetie?
In this cold weather i dream to feel your warm, to be in your embraces and to simple be with you! This is what i want and what i need! I am adult woman, but i have human values, family values. I love my parents, and grateful them for everything! They did do everything possible to raise me up honest, kind person! I raised up in totally love. I saw how my dad loved my mom, and in my own life, private life, LOVE IS the most important! I cannt live with man who is not love me, who is not respect me. I choose life full of love, care, suport, help! This morning i wake up at 7 am and i was so happy to meet this new day with smile and gratefullness! I made meditation to feel my energy!
Do you like meditations?
I dream about see you after pandemia!
To come to picnic! To fry meat on the fire!
In the evening to visit cozy restaurant! Or to stay at home, I want to prepare for you only tasty
Delicious dishes) With glass of red wine! Oh my love!!)))))
It is dreams dreams dreams! But soon will come true! Tell me how are you today?? How is the weather in your town??
I am so missing you!
This evening I will spend at home with my girls) I invite my cousine to watch movie)
So I need to buy Microwave Popcorn after work and Mulled wine set)
So we will talk and watch some film! Sweetie, I love you so much!! Please write me so so soon!! LIna
Letter 7
Hello my honey Eddy!! How are you? How is your health? How is your mood? Here it is Tuesday, nice warm weather outside!
Saturday we celebrated Victory Day, the day when USSR was win in this terrible war. My love Eddy, i want to come to Kiev after pandemia is over, but i will need your help 50$ to be able to get my military pass, honey!
I am grateful to my ancestors, and to all the inhabitants who fought for our freedom! if not for them, I wouldn’t be there now! And I would not be born into the world, I would not have the opportunity to enjoy this life! I am very, very grateful! I miss you so strong! I want to be with you right now! Maybe to drink hot chocolate together and to watch nice movie?
Do you like this? I have a lot of ideas and inspirations! I am sure we will never be bored together with you!
My sweetie, what plans you have for the rest of a day? I hope you will have nice time! I will write you tomorrow and now i wish you great week! I think about you! Lina
Letter 8
Hello my honey Eddy!! How are you? How is yur day? Here it is rainy day, little bit cold! I am so tired of this cold weather, but this season willbe not so warm and hot! Climate was changed during last 2 years! What do you think about our meet for real? tell me what is happening in your life now! What do you do in your free time? I love to take a break from work and home affairs, sit down with a cup of coffee and just relax during the day.
On Sunday, my cousin visited with my husband and children! it was very noisy and fun! I like the family of my cousin, she and her husband have been together for more than 10 years. and there are still feelings, despite the difficult financial situation, life and 2 small children, their feelings are still strong. I told you about my parents, my dad calls mom his bun, kissed and gave flowers until the illness all the years. I grew up in a family saturated with love and I have something to give, give you every day!
I so dream to touch your cheek, kiss your lips right now! soon it will be possible, my honey! I really want the sea and warmth, sunbathe in the sun with you, drink a glass of cold champagne, take a dip in cool water! my desire is to enjoy a beach holiday with you, even if it will be a short period! Dreams dreams dreams)))) My honey, i wish you really amazing succecfull day today! Let your plans will realized! I wish you from all my heart!!! Now i send you a big hello and wait for your reply!!! Lina
Letter 9
Helllooo Eddy!!! My bunny, how are you today? What's new? I really miss you, as we did not talk few days!
I have problems on my work, as it is last days of a month and i have many things to do, especially towards clients of our center. I also invite future clients by the phone. My sweetheart Eddy, i want so much to be with you!
If you can help me to get my passport, it will be so good! This Sunday i visited my aunt and uncle, they have a big garden with vegetables! I collected a small crop of strawberries!
It is very delicious, i like it so much! I cooked jam and sat in the summer kitchen, drinking tea with fresh jam from berries! I adore it!
I miss you and my dreams are very bright! I dream of preparing dinner for you, and you'll sit and look at your sexy woman!
I dream of wearing beautiful underwear and a silk dressing gown! you will watch as I erotically top my hips and want to take me right on the kitchen table! I want be your's for real and soon i know we will realize our dreams! I wish you good night and sweet dreams! Your Lina
Letter 10
Hello my honey Eddy! How are you this day? This rainy day i am at work! How was your week started? I miss you, my dear! my honey, passport will be ready in 6 month. now countries is open, Turkish available from the 1th of July. many countries is opening. i need to prepare my passport and ask you for help!
Few days we were not in connection, and i want to know everything. How is your health? My honey, Yesterday I was at a children's birthday. My niece is 5 years old! there are no magnificent celebrations, as wartime plus coronavirus. but the baby was happy, I bought balls and a gift, her favorite doll.
she wants to have a collection! children rejoice in such trifles, this makes them happier.
Now I drink coffee with milk and stevia. do you like this sugar substitute? I really like sweet tea and coffee, but I follow my figure. so that on the day of our meeting you will be pleasantly surprised that your woman is beautiful! I miss you like a crazy, honey! Situation is becoming better, honey! I hope for our soonest meet! I really value our relationship, my honey!
what are your plans for today? I will wait until the rain is over and I will prepare for a meeting with my friends. my old friend and her boyfriend will come to visit.
I have a rollaway bed for this case without a mattress, so I’ll sleep there! Now i have to finish my work, dear. And i wil write you today! Think about you!
Wish you amazing day! And send you big kisses! Lina
Letter 11
Hello, my sweetheart Eddy! How are you, my bunny?
I was on my work today! I was very busy in the morning! My love, i will need your help anyway! As i live in war zone and to get to Kiev i will need to get my military pass. I cannt afford myself to get it, as i do not have salary, to rent a flat, to buy a food..i rely on your little anly help!
Now we are experiencing an incredible influx of people, because boss made a large-scale advertising, And all of people start to call to us, to know about discounts, promotions and cheapest deals! SO I had very stressful days, full of communications, emotions and others! How is your day passed, my sweetie? Is everything good?
Sweetie, when you say about your feelings towards me, I am melting and land out from under my feet!
Your words are so wonderful in your letters and they make me feel very happy. Your words are so sweet and told from your heart and this is another reason why I love you so much. You are very special to me! Even if it is hard days, I am thinking of you and everything becomes alright!
Sweetheart, when we will be together, nothing else will not be metter for us!
I am so looking forward to build our loving and passioned relationship, and if we are blessed, our relationship will flow in a friendly and loving family!!!
I sincerely hope that our dreams are the same ! In the evening I had little rest, stayed in my flat, with parents! cooked a little bit, and watched cozy families comedy! I am thinking of you always! Lina
Letter 12
Hello my sweetheart Eddy! How are you? What's new? I sit at work and dream about you! I miss you, my dear! I have a lot of emotions and feelings to you! Now is so hot weather over there! Today is 32 degrees Celsius! I dream about visiting beach. We have here a river)
it is very dirty! I cannt swim in it. But I enjoy of sunbathing with fresh coctail!
Tell me about you, about your plans and work for today! I am so interested in you, in your activity! Today I wake up at 5 am, and started to run! At 6 am a was back home, took a shower and dressed. Then I cooked an easy breakfast for myself.
I boiled egg and drank yoghurt. And of course cup of cofee. Today I will have long working day, till 10 pm, and after this we can talk over the phone! My dear, I send you a lot of kisses! Have a nice day, I send you my positive thoughts and wishes!! Lina
Letter 13
Hello my biggest love Eddy!! I am so happy to find your letter this Sunday morning-) My Eddy, how are you? How is your day? How was your Saturday? I want to talk about serious things, about you and me, and about our future))))) My love Eddy, all i want is to come to you...Will you accept me? I love you so much, i cannt believe that in 36 finally i am find a good man, intelligent smart, honest and sexy as you))) How are you imagine our life together? I dream to spend weekends, weekdays..I like to cook, and will cook dinners. WHat you prefer to eat in the evening? I will wear sexy costume, sexy underwear and will organize canddles everywhere on kitchen)))) To wake up together in the morning, linger in each other's arms for half an hour, soak up and enjoy) My love, i need to organize my documents first. This is first step for our future!! I am wait for your reply and send you big kiss!!! Lina
Letter 14
Hello my honey Eddy!! How are you? Thanks so much for your email! My sweetie, i am lookinng for our meet as soon as borders will be open! I miss you so strong! How is your health, honey? I send you big kiss! Lina
Letter 15
Hello my sweetheart Eddy!! How are you? How is your health? I hope you are good, my sweetie! How was your weekends?
I feel myself not so good, I have an allergy season for ragweed blossoms that's why it's not very pleasant for me. how is the weather in your place? it was very hot here, over 30 degrees outside.
And today it's cool, there is a refreshing rain and I drink my coffee during work break! I miss you so much!! I dream to see you as soon as possible my dear! Yesterday my day passed calmly, I met with my relatives! I love to see my cousin and her family! I love my niece! children are such pure and innocent souls!
It was a cozy evening with delicious hot chocolate and conversation. what are your plans for the coming days, my dear?
tomorrow, if the weather is nice, I plan to go to the river to get some sunburn and relax, rest! I worked yesterday, it was 7 days seven days a week, so tomorrow, most likely, I will have a rest with a friend on the river!! It would be great to meet you, I dream about it! make love, cook breakfast together, shower together!
enjoy each other to the fullest, feel the unity of our souls together! I believe it will happen soon! I wish you a wonderful day and kiss you! waiting for a quick answer Lina
Letter 16
Hello my dear Eddy! How are you? Is everything good? How is your Saturday going? I hope you are feel yourself very nice! I am at work for this moment!
How is the weather for you? I miss you so strong)))) I want to sit now with you and to talk, to joke, to smile, to have simple family dinner.
Is this much i want? I want simple life, simple things. I think happiness in small things, in details. I do not need luxury life, jewelery, brand shoes or bags.
I want to be with my beloved man, and to make our life cozy and comfortable every day! Today will be long working day for me, i will leave my work around 9 pm. And yesterday was my wanted weekend. I went to the village for whole day.
I helped my granny on the garden and helped to make canned cucumbers and eggplant salads for the winter!
My granny loves to cook. I love her sun-dried tomatoes in their own juice and also jams. One day hopefully we will visit my relatives together, you and me! You will love all of them!
You are part of my family and they dream to meet you one day) My honey, i want to wish you sunny week, i send you my positive vibes! Be happy my dear! I am wait for your reply!
Letter 17
Hello my sweetie Eddy! How are you? How was your weekends? I miss you terribly! Tell me how was your day? My love Eddy, maybe i can rely on your help next month?
Now day time here, i just doing my work right now and what are you doing? The weather is so hot in my place,
it is around 35 degrees every day! How is the weather for you, my dear?
I was going to write you email yesterday, but expected for Internet. Now my boss will call to Internet provider to know what is going on. My sweetie, i need you by my side! I miss you so strong, and all i want now is to be with you, to hug you and to kiss you.
To make love. When i see enamored couples, i feel happiness for them and my desire to be with you in reality is much more. I met my relatives, my cousine and my mom couple of days ago. It was amazing time together with them! How did you spend your evening yesterday?
My kitten, i imagine one evening from our life. I was free from work and came home. I was wait you, you had long day. I took shower, wear the most
sexiest underwear ( i dream about Victoria Secreet ) to have few nice complects. You back home, i am wait you near the door and run into your embraces!
You also took shower, and we came to a nice restaurant, i always choose small and cozy places) So we have choose fish restaurant together!
I like to order shrimps and little ammount of white wine! We go home, and walk over the night streets) My sweetheart, when i think about this,
my heart is jumping like crazy! I want to make love, do you like fast temp or not?
Sometimes i want to enjoy of your body, do not hurry up, only slow understand what do you like and what you are not)
My sweetie, we will have a lot's of days together and now i need to back to my work with thoughts of you! I wish you really nice day and good mood! I am wait for your reply! Lina
Letter 18
Hello my honey Eddy! How are you? I miss you so strong! Now it is rainy day here, only 12 degrees Celcius! Very cold and i am not ready for it!
It was hot summer, and so sad to came to a colder period! But i am staying positive as always! My honey, just tell me about your daily activity? What plans do you have for today? I am at work right now, but need to take 1 hour free
to back home and to accept a master! my gas water heater has broken and I have been without hot water for 3 days!
I was very upset because these are material costs, and a salary that I am not paid due to the coronavirus! my love, it's so hard to be alone without you, without a reliable shoulder and care! we'll be together soon, won't we?
I really look forward to this day!
I am now drinking coffee at work and thinking about you! please write me today! I'll wait! I send you big big kiss!! Lina
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