Scam letter(s) from Mariam Joy to Harold (UK)

Letter 1
myers,how is work and your day today?i hope u are doing pretty good today.i am always happy to see your reply message to me. i will tell u more about my self.i am 25 years,i live with my mom and brother.i am just graduated from the University (University of Lagos,Nigeria)and i graduated with first class result in Accounting.i am very honest,faithful and truthful.i dont want anyone to hurt my feelings or break my heart.i hope u are everything i am looking for cos when i saw ur message.i hope u are what u wrote on your profile.i also believe u really know what u want.i just want to ask u some few question. are u single? do u believe in long distance relationship? do u have the fear of God? will u be faithful and honest all the time till eternity? will u be there for the lady that will love u for with whole of her heart? i know why i'm asking this question,so that we know what direction we are heading to.i must tell u something,all what u saw in my profile.its all about me.i am a real committed christian and i have the fear of God so much.i want any man coming into my life shud know what his looking for.i want real and true love from the heart,a man that will really take care of me as his wife and lover for eternity and i will do same to him.i dont like games or lie,i am just easy going person and very open mined.i really like the way u look and i hope your inside will be like your outside look.i will be waiting for your mail back.i think i like u. i live in Nigeria not USA,there where no place for me to register as a nigeria thats why i register as a USA.i am an sincere person and i hope u will always be honest to me too.
Letter 2
sweetie,how is work and your day today?i hope everything its going pretty well for u.i am very happy to receive your mail.i keep on reading the both letter u wrote to me.u are right by saying we need to see face to face to know if we really love each other but i must tell u that from the first day i saw your photo and profile,i know u are the type of man i really want in life."do u believe in love at first sight"if u dont i believe on it.
i went to Travel Agencies to know if i need a visa to tennrife,which they said its in Spain.they said i do need a visa to travel down i will like to know when u think we will travelling there for holiday.i wish we culd be there for the valentine day which is next week tuesday being 14 feb.
in life, we receive a wonderful opportunity, and that is to love. love comes in many forms. u love people in different ways and for different reasons, depending upon how they have touched your life. love is a very powerful word and can describe a multitude of feelings, but its main context carries the same meaning.
i want to tell u that the love i have for u is undying. it is a love that is strong and enduring and will stand the test of time. i truly feel blessed that u have become a part of my life and i cannot wait for the day that we can join our lives together. i want to lie next to u at night and fall asleep in your arms, only to wake to your beautiful smile. i want to share in your joys and sorrows. i want to be your everything. u are everything to me.
u are everything i want to do as from today cos u have respected me so much even though u havent see me in person,i really like the man u are. u have summor the courange not to talk to another person contacting u and i want to promise u from the depth of my heart not to let u down.u have lifted my soul and u have fulfilled my day so much that i dont want to know any man anymore in my life just only u..
u see and bring out the best in me with what u just wrote me. u are the one i want to share everything with - my thoughts, hopes and dreams. thinking of u makes my heart feel full. u are such a source of inspiration for me right now and i will always stand by u for better for worse. i will forever be indebted to u for all u have brought to my life. so, to repay u, i promise u my heart and all the love in it for the rest of my life.... lots of love from Nora... P.S sweetie i will like to talk to u on phone maybe later today.this is my neighbour phone number,u can call me later today and they will call me to come receive my call.this is the phone number +234-8026088297.
Letter 3
Myers baby,how is work and your day today?i hope u are doing pretty good today.sorry for the late reply,my computer had some problem but its ok right now.i have being thinking of u so much and i look forward meeting u too.
u said something about that i have being using the site for 3 months no one have showned interest,they have shown interest but i havent found anyone i really liked in the people showing interest and i dont use the site most of the time cos i am always engage with church activities.but the faithful day i saw your profile everything turns around,i dont really know what came into me and i wrote u that mail.i believe if God wants to do his work,he does it in miraculous ways.i know this is going to be a dream come true that we unite us together and be together for the rest of our life.
i went to the Travel Agencies today,so he said the bird flu its not a problem.he said i need a valid passport and spanish visa.which i have a passport but i told him that i dont have a visa.
he told me that since the holiday its for early part of march,he advise me to start up with the process for the visa which we take up to 12 working days.that he will also advise if i can start on monday 13 Feb. so that on 28 Feb.which will be the 12 working days my visa will be ready for pick up.the visa cost its $345.
he checked up flight for Tenerife and said its for $895:99. he said flight will get to Tenerife by 6:55pm.the nearest airport to me its Muhammed Murtala Airport .
i am one hour ahead of london time.i really wish i can be with u tonite so that we can look into our eyes and see what happen next.i told my mom about u and she said i shud be careful but i told her that i really liked the man u are and i know things are going to work out for us,maybe in the nearest future we may come back home here to visit her together.
without a doubt u keep me together and for the first time in my life i have something to believe in,i will always stand by u.i want u to know and have faith in us and see what God we do for us.i really miss u tonite and wish to be by your side.
i love u so much baby,and i will always do lots of love from Nora...... P.S this is my home address
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