Letter(s) from Olesya Garbuzyuk to Warren (Sweden)


Hello Mac!

I am looking for a man, who will be the one and only for me, a man who
will be always near me, even if he is far from me, a man who is kind,
communicative, reliable, understanding, open-hearted, clever and the
only one... I know that he is lonely and he is waiting for me... I do
want to find him and to devote my life to him, I want to make him the
happiest man in this world. I want to step into the brightest future,
holding his hand... I want to meet all the problems together and solve
them, to meet happiness and be happy together, to sit in silence and
know that he is not bored with me... and know that he understands

If you think you are this man then write me to Alesya_ua@list.ru

Waiting to hear from you soon.

Letter 2

Good day to you dear Warren.

I hope you are doing well today. Thank you so much for writing me.
It's a good feeling to know that you are interested in finding out
more about me, and allowing me to find out more about you. In my mind
I believe there has to be a reason why we were allowed to discover
each other. To think that two people from opposite sides of the world
are able to find each other... there has to be a reason for it. Is it
fate? Perhaps, but we will know that as we correspond and find if we
are a match. I know that I like all that I have found out about you so
far! If we truly have the goal of making our partners happy, I think
we will discover that we have much in common.

I know that it has to be a very big decision for me to look for a
partner from another country. To move such a distance away, to change
life and leave everything behind... family, friends, culture, and
lifestyle. I think I am brave enough to decide this is what I want.
But, when it comes to being happy in life there are times that
decisions have to be made. And change can be a very good thing at
times. And if you want to find the kind of life you want, and to
fulfill your dreams.... sometimes there are risks that we have to
take. So I want to assure you, if we decide we are to be together... I
will make sure I do all within my power to make you happy and to make
your dreams come true. So, let us continue our passage to happiness. I
will always be honest and truthful with you. Only a relationship built
on honesty and trust is going to last.

I think we all learn from life's experiences. Sometimes they are good,
and we hope to enjoy those experiences over and over. Sometimes they
are bad, sad, or dangerous... and we must learn and try to avoid those
things if at all possible. My last relationship did not go well. We
didn't have much understanding between us and... we grew apart. We
found that we did not like the same things, and did not even have the
same friends. So we decided to part.
I hope that we won't part and soon realize that we are meant to be
together because I can feel from your letter that you can be the right
one for me. I read your letters translated into Russian so far as I do
not have enough knowledge to write them myself. I am using the service
of a translating firm and I am very thankful to them for making our
meeting and interaction possible. I hope you don't mind it, but if you
do let me know. I am very serious and determined and I am ready to
learn your language with the first given opportunity.

I hope you are able to send me many of your photos. I know a photo is
never as good as the real thing, but for now it will be all I can have
of you. It allows me to look upon your image, to view your eyes, to
see your beauty... only to hope that one day the smile on your face is
because of me! So please, send me your photos.

I would like to know why you decided to find your wife through the
Internet. I also want to know what you are looking for in your future
partner. I really want to know you better because your words and
opinion are very important to me.

Wishing you all the best... and I hope to hear from you again soon.

Hugs and kisses,

Letter 3

Hello Warren.

How have you been? Thank you for such a wonderful and well-written
letter. You have told me a lot and I am very thankful for that and I
will try to do the same in kind.

I want you to know also what I am looking for in a future soul-mate.
You said some very honest things and I totally respect you for that
and for telling me everything about what you want and not holding
back. It is important to let people know what you desire and want in
the future. I also want to find someone who will be my best friend
whom I can't live without. Someone who will know when things are
bothering me or know when I might just want some time alone. Someone
who will laugh and cry with me. Someone who will try new things with
me and build memories together of new things tried. Someone who loves
nature and the beauty of everything in the forest. Someone who will
just sit around with me in the house or in the park and just relax
with me. Someone who will massage me and have a shower and bath with
me. Someone who will be romantic with me and passionate when it comes
to making love. Someone who will be attentive to me when I feel lonely
or sad for reasons unexplained. I want someone I can make love to and
feel like I am in heaven. Someone who will let me please him in the
bedroom and just trust in me and let me do what I want to please him.
I want someone who will be thinking about me from the time he leaves
the door in the morning to go to work till the time we come home and
give him a great big kiss and hug. I want to have someone who will go
dancing with me or just lay in the park under a full moon and look at
the stars at night. I want to have someone who will make a loving
husband and father to our children.

I am also a very inquisitive person by nature and I am always very
trusting. I will trust anybody once until they betray that trust and
then I don't think I will ever trust that person again. I always find
it hard to say "no" to people whenever they ask something of me. In
that way some people take advantage of me but I don't mind helping as
long as I am rewarded with a smile. I like to see people smile because
a smile can make everything seem alright for a little moment. I put my
all into everything I do and I expect the same from other people. I
expect people to always try their best because I see too many people
always settling for second best and they are not always happy.
Sometimes they are happy but who wants to be happy only sometimes. I
believe you get out of life what you put into it. I also belive that
if something doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger. I am a person
who likes to smile all the time and I am one of those people who looks
at a glass and sees that it is half full instead of half empty. I am
an optimist and I like to surround myself with those people who think
the same. I always look to the future and never to the past. I believe
you should never regret any choices you have made in life, and only
look at those bad choices as learning lessons in life. Nobody is
perfect and neither is life, but we should all try to be the best we
can be.

I hope you like the things I have written here. I hope you have a
better idea of the person I am. I have included some pictures of me. I
hope you like them. Please keep sending me pictures. I must go now. If
you have any questions of me please ask and I will do my best to
answer them. I already miss you and I will be thinking of you.

Sincerely yours,

Letter 4

Dear Warren,

What a wonderfully powerful letter you have written to me. As I read
it I could feel my emotions wax and my heart pound in anticipation of
someday meeting you as we prepare the hearts and souls for that

I want so much to be there, when in our times of recollection and
reflections, a tear is shed, in hopes that it might fall upon our
chests and water the fertile soil of our hearts; I want you to lightly
touch my cheek and dry them letting me know that you and I care and we
are there to absorb the pains we might be feeling; I will offer my
self as a sacrifice for you, to help struggle the grief and anxieties
you are facing and will be your strength in the times of weakness. I
want to cheer you on as you pursue your goals and celebrate your
triumphs and success with you, I want to console you and comfort you
in times of loss and confusion, I want to walk these paths of life
with you, hand in hand, side by side, exploring and overcoming the
trials and tribulations of everyday life.

You are my dream, my fantasy and my heart... If ever you had asked me
"what I was looking for in my ideal partner", my answer in simplicity
would have been "You". I cannot begin to tell you enough of the
amenity that you have blessed me with and how much richer my life has
become since I have met you. I have lived a full and good life,
experienced things, have been my "own woman" so to speak and never
been a follower, but have chosen to be a leader; but you my dear, have
filled a vacancy with your care and attention that I have sought to
close for a lifetime.

I would love to be adventurous with you and explore many things, for I
am sure that you would make them interesting and worthwhile and not
just "conversation pieces". You, to me, are the effervescence of life,
a carbonation that makes the normal, special. You are a catalyst that
set my world afire and my imagination and desire dancing in delight. I
am a simple woman... and have nothing more to offer than "just me".
But since knowing you I am the wealthiest woman in existence. I have a
heart of gold and want to offer myself in its entirety to my
partner... to love him and honor him as life's gift to me for my faith
and steadfastness.

I am so humbled and honored that you have chosen me to be a recipient
of your attention and time. It has me literally awestruck... I would
want us to continue to explore each other in search of that which we
both seek, and maybe, just maybe, that search might come to a close.

I am going to close for this day and am hoping that you have had a
peaceful rest and have a great day tomorrow. I am thinking of you.

With many hugs and a gentle kiss upon your cheek...

Letter 5

Dear Sir,

We bring to your attention that Alesya is using our Internet and
translation services. Her account at our firm has run out and she
cannot continue the correspondence with you due to the lack of funds.
She is still very interested in you and in your further communication.
If you are also concerned with her and your future interaction we can
give you the needed information about our service and prices which are
rather small. If do not wish to continue writing to the lady, we ask
you to keep the information given from Alesya confidential.

We hope for our future cooperation.

Principal of "Lingvo"
Sergey Machulsky.