Romance scam letter(s) from Maria Kuzikina to Michael (USA)
Letter 1
I do not know what to do. Today I was at the agency, and all took. I'm scheduled for an interview at the embassy. All the documents properly.
But I need to buy a ticket to Moscow and pay for accommodation. And I still have money to spend. Need about $ 300 that would do it. I've made that have to collect and pay. We all took a debt. And now that money. I had not even thought about it. And what do I do not know.
Michael Can you help?
Michael I do not know what to do. All things are collected, all in my hands. Everywhere all assigned. But I can not buy a ticket to Moscow and pay for accommodation there. I have not even thought about it. I was so happy.
Michael I told the agency to find the money. But nothing happened. I'll go through all asked. But no one else there. And I even have nothing to sell. And I even have no place to stay. I'm staying with a neighbor.
Michael If you can help, then everything will turn out. I will wait for your answer. I hope that you'll be able to do this and I would be arriving. And all my dreams will come true. And we will be happy forever.
Your loving and gentle Mariya
Letter 2
Michael What do I do? What should I do? I gave everything. All you have.
I lived with this trip. I dreamed that I would be with you. I have nothing left. I believe that everything will turn out. And I give it all. Just for something that would meet you. Really nothing you can do? Are you not able to help. I still have to pay. All done. Only need to buy a ticket. I just can not do anything more. Do you understand? I want you to try and help. And we'll be together. And all will turn out. I'm sure of it. I beg you to try.
Michael I love you!
Our happiness is in your hands. And I believe you can do it. Because you are the best of men.
Michael I would soon be in your arms. Help me in this. How do I dream about these days. This will be the most beautiful days of our lives.
Your loving and gentle Mariya
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