Scam letter(s) from Ludmila to Mac (USA)

Letter 1
hello my love Max! As always, I am glad to see your letter! Today is Monday, April 13th. I think that by the end of the month there will still be quarantine. I'm alright. I'm sitting at home, of course it’s boring, but when I see your letter, for some reason my mood always rises! Now I have a quarantine phone for repair, I gave it for 3 days. and now that store is down. I think as they say until April 30 will not work. I don’t even know whether to buy a new one or wait. what to do? if together we bought a phone or laptop for me, we could talk every day on video, what do you think? and now I’m in a good mood. I always think about you. I know that soon we will be together and everything will be fine with us. we are made for each other. What are you doing today, how is your mood? I just want to tell you good words so that you also have a good mood. I also promised you that I never hurt you. I want to be together in the future, and only then will we be happy. No man is better than you, no friend, companion or mentor is better than you. There is no support more appropriate and stronger than yours, There is no tenderness as deep, sincere and all-consuming. Perhaps the theory of the two halves has its own logic, because sometimes it seems to me that we really were created for each other in order to one day become one. To connect the two halves of one universe, because only in this case it begins to live, accelerates its run, is filled with energy, harmony and cyclicality. I want our love to be as eternal as the universe, so that we are in it, like weightlessness - light, unburdened by the hardships of everyday life. I want our hearts to sing a song of passion and affection in a single rhythm. So that light years fly by us unnoticed, without affecting our destinies. So that feelings grow and expand, like the space of the universe. Please write as you can. I will be very glad to see your letter! with kisses your Lyudmila!
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Age: 37
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