Scam letter(s) from Inna to Eddy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my sweetheart Eddy! How are you? How is your weekends? I think about you! It is hard times with pandemia, i am worry how is your health?
I have hard situation in my life, in my family right now..and i need your manly support and care! and i will do the same for you!

My sweetie, have the best weekends and i will wait for your answer today! Smooch!!! Inna
Letter 2
Hello my honey Eddy! How are you? I hope you are in good mood and good health! How is situation with virus for you today? Is it ****** ammount of infected people in your town? We have pro-longed quarantine till 12th of May!! this is terrible! I am wait when it will be finished! can i rely on your not big help as i am really without food, products right now.. How is your day passed, my sweetie? Is everything good?
Even if it is hard days, I am thinking of you and everything becomes alright!
Sweetheart, when we will be together, nothing else will not be metter for us!
I am so looking forward to build our loving and passioned relationship, and if we are blessed, our relationship will flow in a friendly and loving family!!!
I sincerely hope that our dreams are the same ! In the evening I had little rest, stayed in my flat, with mom! we watched cozy families comedy! I am thinking of you always! Inna
Letter 3
Hello dear Eddy! How are you? I am sorry that you lost your job, maybe you will find another better job soon! It will be nice..I have here also bad situation, quarantine, no works, no salary..terrible! But i have real plans to be happy, to meet with you after this is crazyness will gone! I think I am strong woman, I can give you all huge support in our life together, it is very important I think!
Because I believe woman makes a man! It means if woman make every day like celebration, so man will have all the necessary force to achieve heights) Are you agree with me? Real man for me is that man, who can be loyal, caring towards me, who can give me all love! I see this in you! You are my best man,
And I am happy that I met you! What palns do you have for this evening? I will be with my relatives that visit me! I wish you nice day, honey! Hope to hear from you soon! Inna with love**)))
Letter 4
Hello my honey Eddy! How are you? Are you feel good? How was your weekends? I hope that you are ok!
I am thinking about you, my sweetheart! I am at work, yesterday was my free day finally!
Do you observe the mask mode? in our region it will be for a long time. even in the store and the market you need to go in a mask and gloves!
But I believe everything will end soon, the borders will open and the world will be as before! What do you think?
tomorrow traditionally will be my family day. I live in a small apartment in which 1 room. but I always wait for my relatives on weekends, drink tea, discuss the news.
in our family there is no place for envy, anger and other negativity! I cooked cauliflower casserole and make hot chocolate.
What do you prefer to eat on weekends? Or this is the same dishes? My honey, i like to cook very much. I like to make experiments on kitchen.
I miss only good kitchen appliance, I dream of a food processor in my own kitchen to please with pastries and delicious dishes! Today I will just rest after work. I want to read a book! but I would like to spend this evening and all subsequent ones with you, enjoy each other’s company! make love, cook, joke, plan leisure time only with you! Do not survive, thinking about pressing problems, but live life to the fullest, not forgetting to set aside time ONLY FOR 2! I wish you amazing day, honey! And send you a big kiss!!! Inna
Letter 5
Hello, my sunshine Eddy!! How are you, my ****? I miss you, you know this!
How was your weekends? I want to be happy! This is all i want and all i need!
I want to meet with you, to enjoy good ***, to enjoy our life together! I realize that you became very important and part and part of my life, and of course you are a part of my family!
I want you to know, my parents and granny consider you are their son in absentia!
****** part of my thoughts everyday is about you! I see you in my dreams, i always create some story's in my head about you before i close my eyes at night. Sometimes i imagine our first meeting, sometimes i imagine how you passionately making love to me, sometimes we celebrate some holidays together, i mean different options. I hope you will not think that i am woman with pink brain:) I am woman who wants to love you and to be with you in reality!! Can you help me a little to buy a food this month?
My love, i dream of you every minute of my life! I will write you later! Inna
Letter 6
Hello my honey Eddy! How are you? How is your health? I miss you terribly! I hope you will get a work and will be able to help me soon! I miss you! Inna
Letter 7
Hello my dear Eddy! How are you? Are you good? I miss you, my dear Eddy! How was your weekends?
I am now with my parents, i helped with cooking a cake for Birthday! How was your evening yesterday? My evening was quiet and calm! Today i planning to cook after work!
It will be fish with tomatoes and little potatoes! This is Fillets of *******, i like it so much!
This fish is nice for my figure, because it without *** at all! So it will be very delicious! I will be cook for you very soon, my dear! I really want it! Sometimes I am ball of fire, and sometimes I need hugs and kisses with you! I fall in love with you after only 2 our letters, I understood that I am on right way, I found MY person, my man, my KING!
You give me energy, you give me strength and motivation! I know we are strong together, and can do everything we want!
I love you my sunshine! Most of all in this world!
You are m dream, my hope and my future!
I have to go!
Wish you nice day! Inna
Letter 8
Hello my honey Eddy! How are you? I miss you terribly!! How is your life, how is everything? I want to plan our life, our meet.
To see you soon! It is what i want and what i need, honey! Sweetie Eddy, i send you big big kiss!! Inna
Letter 9
Hello my honey Eddy! How are you? I want to come to you..or you want to come to Kiev? Let's discuss it please! I send you many kisses! Inna
Letter 10
Hello my honey Eddy! How are you today? How is your Wednesday going? I hope you are good! i miss you my love terribly!!!! oh i want so much to meet with you my hero!!!!
it is my biggest wish!!! I am at work now! a lot of covid-ilnesses here. how is your job your health your friends? I hope you are doing very well! because now a lot of people are sick with coronavirus and therefore do not want such problems and all kinds of complications! I'm worried about you!
Here in my place is -7 above zero, it is not very cold, but as i have not warm jacket, only autumn one, so it is cold for me! Are you ready for the Christmas? Did you prepare gifts for your friends, relatives?
It will be so sweet from your side to help me with some funds to buy something pleasant from you...I am so shy to ask you, but you are my man, my close person and i really need it from you to feel myself as a lady, as a wanted woman!
Maybe it will be little ammount just to buy flowers, but this is so amazing and so nice for feel myself as a lady for you! My sweetie, i hope i will get your reply soonest time! I send you a lot of kisses! Your Inna
Letter 11
Hello my honey Eddy! How are you? Are you feel good? How is your mood? How is your beginning of the week? What will you do this Monday?
Right now i am at work, it is so cold now, about 5 degrees below zero! how is the weather in your place? I miss you so much!
I haven't written to you in days! there was a very unpleasant situation there was no electricity, water or internet during 2 days! I heated the water for tea with a candle, and it didn't work out to get boiling water!
We have a very difficult situation with shelling and now they have introduced a strict quarantine! I am not paid a salary, sometimes I have nothing to eat!
I am very upset and I am very lonely, my dear! I need your support and love more than ever! can i hope for your help 100$? I really want to wrap myself in a cozy blanket with you, turn on an ****** movie ... pour us a delicious drink, make snacks such as several types of cheese and nuts with honey! I will be a gentle girl for you, we will have unforgettable days and nights))) Today i will be at work till the 10 pm my time. I dream to hear your voice over the phone! Please let's agreed the time to talk!!!!
I want this from all my heart!! My honey, now i send you big kiss and wait for our talk soon! Have a nice day! Inna
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