Scam letter(s) from Mariam Joy to Kevin (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Honey
Thanks for your mail and real kindness to me ,and i hope all is going to be fine as soon as im there with you,and i will make sure i pay back your kindness to me in love and trust.
Honey concerning the passport im gonna send to you as soon as i scan it ok,i really understood your point as well as your observations
Letter 2
i really apprciate you for replying me back ,and i want you to promise me somethging that .u 'wont let me down cos i will be very grateful to be wth you there in state,wherever you go i will 'go and and i promise you this that this relationhop is going to be fruitful,my mum told me that you will be a nice guy 'to be wth and im glad to know that you re a nice guy. Kelvin im very sure tht knowing is not by accident and i promise you that u will never regret knowing me ,honey my eyes re on the way i want to see you live i want to be wrapped under yur arms i want 'to sleep wherever you sleep ,i want you to take me all over the places in in state .pls promise me that you will ,
However,when do u intyend to send me the money for the ticket ,cos i ve also asked another travelling agent and he told me that he can get me the ticket for 1150$ ,so i will prefer to get it from 'this guy so if you will send the me the money ,just mail me back ,so that i will be doing all the booking with the travelling agent here
Here i pause waiting to read from you
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