Scam letter(s) from Julia Ivanova to John (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear John It is such a great surprise for me to get answer on my letter so fast.
Thanks a lot for your letter. I've heard a lot about acquaintance by the Internet, but I'm timid by nature and that's why I couldn't venture to act the same way. But when I got to know that one of my good friends found her Man of Dream exactly by means of Net, I decided to try my fate. Thanks for the photo, I like blue color. Are you still interested in me? I'm a **** girl of 25 with dark brown hairs. I don't smoke and take drugs. I try to keep fit, so adore sport style of life. I'm 164 sm height. I work as a bank economist. Among my hobbies are also fashion and style, music, and psychology. My priority of life is emotional poise. I like travelling very much, but unfortunately I have never been abroad. I'm a native of Lugansk, which is situated on the Eastern part of Ukraine. I was born here and love my city very much. I enjoy walking down its streets. During such walks I dream about my future mutual understanding, care and love in my life. Someone may walk somewhere and dream about the same... So again to my dreams. I'd like Him to be intelligent, decent, open-handed, solicitous, and, at last, reliable.
I guess it is you!:) The age in relationships isn't important for me, I think it's only number. As for my family, I have a younger sister, she is 22. My parents are pensioners live in the country side. I love them very much and try to visit them as often as my job allows me.
Nevertheless we are very close and enjoy spending time together. We are always together during the holidays of New Year and Christmas. I want to know more about you. It is so great to get your letters. As for others questions of you, I will answer them gradually in my following letter, OK? Your Yulia
Letter 2
Hello, my dear John I'm so glad that you decided to continue our correspondence. When I found your letter I was so happy, because I like you. Excuse me for the late reply. Maybe I'm too fast but I think that we'll become friends, because I felt something special inside me when reading your letters. Thank you also for the photo, I liked this one too. I dream to hear your voice too, but unfortunately I haven't any telephone right now. I want to tell you more about myself. I graduated from Eastern Ukrainian University and got the profession of bank economist. But nevertheless I have a hobby which doesn't connect with my job. As I've told you, I like fashion and style and try myself in it. I like dress up brightly but not provocative. I enjoy create new models and make them myself. This let me to stand out against other fashionable girls.
When I create some new dress I always dream that exactly in it I'll meet my future husband. That's why I make it more perfect to strike Him. When I got your letter, I made new dress, and now I wonder wether you like it or not? Of course, I can send you photo, but there won't be the same effect then in life. Maybe some day we'll meet and you'll see it, I promise. You probably can ask me why I am still along?The huge problem of our country is alcoholism. As for the men in Ukraine, I don't know if they are jerks or not, but plenty of men here are fond of alcohol. Besides, I dislike men in Ukraine because of promiscuity (having ****** relations with many people), disrespect for the opposite *** and last, but not least irresponsibility. I believe there is another kind of men here as well, but I've never met them. That's why I decided to seek for the man of my dream all over the world. And I'm happy to have found him. :-) It doesn't matter where he lives, I'll follow my beloved man everywhere. I like travelling very much, but unfortunately I have never been abroad. Your Yulia. P.S. Oh, my dear, I Forgot to tell you that I don't know English enough to communicate with you independently. That's why I appealed to special agency for aid. Isn't it distressed you? There is nothing awfully, but I still hope that one day I learn English and will myself write to you.
Letter 3
Hello, my dear John, First of all, thank you very much for your letters to me. They are so great, and While reading them I understand that we are resemble each
other. Sometimes I think that I finally found similar soul.
Unfortunately, I can't send you such a number of photos, sorry. But to continue our relations I want to ask you about something. Are you sure that you really want to keep relations with a girl who lives so far from you and even doesn't know your language? As for me I would like to continue, because I become attached to you so much! And any distance won't make me break relations with such a great man. These relations mean so much for me. I didn't mention about another my hobby. Sometimes, I'd like to read love stories. So, While reading I imagine myself the main heroine. It is such a great sensation to dream about my future family. I imagine our home, 3 or 4 children and a husband, who cares about me and our children, who loves me so much that can give his life for me. I dream about endless love, which like a flash springs up, burns up and flies through all my life... It is so hard to find such love but I sill hope that one day it will spring up and in my life... Your Yulia.
Letter 4
Dear John, we are sorry for disquieting you, but we must inform you that we can't translate Yulia's reply for you. The reason is that the money she paid us for the translation of your correspondence is over. At the moment she can't pay us for our service, because of the financial troubles in her family. As Yulia's intentions are very serious and she doesn't want you to worry, she asked us to inform you about the reason of her silence. If you are interested in continuation of your correspondence in nearest future and want to help Yulia with the payment, contact us and we will send you info about our service and our prices. Sincerely Yours
Principal "XXI century"
Valentin Kravchenko
Letter 5
Dear Mr. John, Thank you for your letter. We are glad you want to continue correspondence with our client Yulia Ivanova. She is also interested in you very much. We have already informed her about your letter.
She is waiting impatiently for the continue correspondence with you. Here is information about our prices: -translation and printing of one letter - 5 USD
services of translator - 2 USD;
Internet services - 2 USD
printing of a letter - 1 USD
taxes and other payments - 1 USD
-scanning of one photo- 2 USD
-printing of one photo - 3 USD
-phone call translation- 6 USD 10 minutes If you interested in our unlimited service the prices is:

"Unlimited translation" - we provide only translation services
without printing or scanning photos:

- one month "unlimited translation" - 150 USD
- two month "unlimited translation" - 300 USD;

"Unlimited correspondence" - we provide not only translation of the letters but also printing letters and scanning and printing pictures:

- one month "unlimited correspondence" costs - 200 USD
- two month "unlimited correspondence" costs - 350 USD

Cost of phone calls is not included in any service. How it works:

This service works like this: you e-mail a letter to your lady,then we translate and print it for her. She replies to you, we translate and print this letter. We type and send it you to your address.
We will notify you if a letter is returned to us for any reason.
While your account is over we will send you a balance with detailed report of your expenses.

You can send the money through WESTERN UNION.
You should write in your document: name of the receiver: Yulia Ivanova
address: 91016, Radyanskaya Street,4
city: Lugansk
country: Ukraine.

You can use also your credit card to send payment through the Western Union service. You can do it on line on web site

We are open for all your suggestions. Sincerely Yours
Principal of "XXI century"
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