Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Davidova to Edwin (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Edwin. Today the big holiday. The Valentine's day. It is the Valentine day. I want to congratulate you and your family on this lovely holiday. I wish you all best. That all your desires and dreams were executed this day. I wish you to find your true love if you still doubt that has found her. Let this day your person is not left with a smile. One million kisses to you and warm embraces. Svetlana.
Letter 2

Again I speak you greetings Edwin!!!!!!!!Thanks for your flowers. I very much love flowers. It is very pleasant for me, that you want to meet. Unfortunately, it seems to me, that it is impossible. I have no opportunity to travel. It is very a shame to me to you to speak, but I not the daughter of the millionaire. I do not have money to travel. I very much want you to see, but I can not pay for the international trip. I am glad, that you always share with me the ideas. Each time reading your letter, I all time think of your life, I try to present you sitting for a computer and reading my letter. I understand that with each letter, we learn about each other a lot of new, and we become closer. It is very good because our acquaintance to become on one step above simple friendship. I understand that about gravity of attitudes to speak still early, but I have already got used to your remarkable letters and stories. Today at me the usual working day was. Children were absolutely disobedient. Ran, jumped, any arrangements on them did not operate. I had to allocate one boy to director that it pulled the girl hair. She has burst into tears, and to it was cheerful. I have explained to it, that so to do it is impossible. It seems to me, this girl simply is pleasant to it. In fact at this age children so show attention to each other. And in general extraordinary cloudy day today was. In such days to me the languid mood is very sadly and always. Now to me it became much easier, because I have shared the ideas and an event in the life with you. It is very interesting to me, that today occured in your life? I hope, at you everything is all right. Send the regards to the family and relatives. I hope at them too all well. You remember I to you wrote about girlfriend Veronica? She has sent the regards to you!!!! I have promised to it, that I shall transfer you it. Now I need to go home. I shall wait for your letter. Yours faithfully to you!!! Always yours Svetlana!!!!
Letter 3

Hi Edwin. You already for a long time did not write to me the letter. What has taken place? I very much suffer. With you everything is all right? Please, explain to me why you do not want to communicate with me? I very much wait for your letter. Svetlana.
Letter 4

Hello my lovely Edwin.! I send you a photo of the family, I hope to you it is pleasant. On the right my parents. Further the brother and the grandfather. At the left, the sister of mine mum. Near to it its son and the husband. Today at mine the daddy birthday. To it 53 years are executed. I so am glad, it is good, that today the day off. Since the morning I together with mum went on city. We bought products for a celebratory table, and as a gift for mine the daddy. We very much love it, it the strongest the man. You imagine, it can lift me only one hand and hold. Before my brother has got on service in army, we the daddy could hold on the hands simultaneously me and my brother. Such force has got to the daddy from mine the grandfather, his father. I told to you, that my grandfather was the smith. Since the childhood I the daddy forced me and brother to go in for sports. I together with my brother trained muscles of a stomach. Squated and ran. Thanks mine the daddy, it has imparted to me love to sports, now I do not present myself without employment by sports. I very much love the the daddy. And so today with mum we chose to it a gift. We have decided to present it the new razor and a beautiful tie. Though it hates ties and suits. It is pleasant to it jeans more. And from him always smells as gasoline. Not looking at it, is not present more kindly in the world of the person.:) I know, that it too loves us most of all on the ground. When I both mum have bought products and a gift, we have arrived home to start to prepare for a celebratory table. We have prepared much for all tasty, most of all I like to prepare for salad with crab meat. It is very tasty and useful salad. The daddy has gone to buy wine for visitors. I think, I can drink slightly wine? You will not take offence? I only slightly?:) For health of the daddy. Today probably there will be many visitors. I think, will be cheerful. At me such good mood. I would like, that you now would appear a number and could celebrate together. You could get acquainted with my parents. They would be glad to learn such remarkable person as you. I know and I feel, that you the good person. It is pleasant to me as you you express the ideas. You are similar to the educated intelligent person. I like to read your letters, they are full of kindness and heat. I hope, that at you and your family everything is all right. Lovely, it is very interesting to me to learn what your vital principles? Whether you are ready to help the person who has got in a trouble? Or it is easier to you to tell is not present? I was learned always by parents, that I should help the person if it requires your help. I think, it is correct, whether not so? Well everything, is time to me, me for a house already wait, it is necessary to help mum... I of you the whole strong my brave prince!!!!:) your princess Svetlana!!!
Letter 5

Hi lovely Edwin!.! Unfortunately in Russia not everyone to himself presumes to have to himself a telephone. I should use a public telephone booth if I was necessary for calling. I do not know, I think, that at my appearance there are features of both parents. Birthday of the daddy has passed wonderfully. We had well fun. All is tasty had a meal. The truth since morning there was a lot of a ***** utensils which was necessary to wash all.:) we with mum have rather quickly washed up utensils, and have cleaned all house. Then I was called by my girlfriends and we were going to go today to cinema. I do not know, what film will show today at a cinema, but to us not film is important, and that we shall be together. I and my girlfriends. To us it is always cheerful. I have run in the Internet of cafe what to send the regards to you and to ask how are you doing? I hope at you everything is all right. I cannot write to you today the long letter. I shall tell to you only, that you are very expensive to me. You very much like me, I hope, that our attitudes cannot be named friendship more.:) It, something the greater, than friendship. I miss under your letters and ideas. I would like you to embrace and press to the body.:) You are not confused? I am happy, that I know you!!! I very much like your letters. I every day think of you. Every minute it seems to me that we approach, I very much hope that we was very fast we can together. I shall wait for your following letter and your photos. I embrace also whole, yours Svetlana.
Letter 6

Hello dear Edwin. My name is Veronica. I girlfriend Svetlana. I work at school as the teacher of the English language, in the same place where works Svetlana. She could not write to you the letter today. Svetlana at present is in reanimation in very heavy condition. Yesterday she was brought down with the machine. She cannot write to you, at it a critical condition, operation is necessary for it. Mum Svetlana has asked me to write to you the letter. She has told, that you beloved Svetlana, and should know, that happened.
Letter 7

Hello, respect Edwin. It again Veronica. I am glad, that you have quickly answered the letter. I am flattered with your experience. Unfortunately sympathy and experiences and as your prays will not suffice for recovery Svetlana. Now about the main thing, yesterday I all the day long have lead in hospital. So, condition Svetlana critical. She is in deep coma. Impact received from the automobile has put it heavy physical damages. Some edges two of them are broken have pierced respiratory bodies. Svetlana surgical operation is necessary. Within a week. Cost of operation and necessary medicines has made about 2860$US. Parents Svetlana could collect 1600$US. My parents have allocated 500$US. Now us does not suffice only 760$US. I think correct, that I address to you for the help, as Svetlana to you road. We could not collect the necessary sum of money. Now I and parents Svetlana we ask you about the help. If to you road life Svetlana, you are obliged to it to help. I rely on you. If you agree to the aid, I tomorrow go to bank and I learn the information on how you can transfer money on Svetlana. I hope, that your answer will be fast. I ask you, help me to rescue my best girlfriend and your beloved. Yours faithfully, Veronica.
Letter 8

Hi respect, Edwin. I have received your message. I understand, it is at present hard for all. I hope for your actions. Too it is hard for me, but I shall make utmost to rescue the girlfriend. I hope for you. Your help, as soon as possible is necessary for me. Veronica.
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