Scam letter(s) from Olga to Jack (USA)

Letter 1
How do you do!
Very happy to receive an answer from you. Sorry for my long answer. To enter the Internet I use my old notebook it broke so I could not write to you at once. Give thanks you that you took the time to write to me.
Maybe you have a lot of questions. I will be happy to answer them but unfortunately not in this letter because I have very little time to write to you. I can now tell me about yourself. We were in no hurry and we can meet as close as possible to each other)) Unless of course you want to get acquainted)) I worry and don’t know what to begin with) As you already know, my name is Olga. I was born and grown in Moscow, the capital of Russia and a very big city with rich history.
But few years ago I had to move in another town. It is called Dzerzinsk. It’s a small, quite town not far from Moscow. In another letter I'll write you a reason for the move. As for my job, I’m a hairdresser. I do hairdo for men and women. I like my job very much, it allows me to earn money. I really want to open my own beauty salon.
As a little girl, I dreamed of becoming a stylist. And so I combine work with pleasure)) Despite of it, I have a degree in teaching and know English well, to improve their skills, I still go to language courses angiskogo! Well, it’s time to finish, I was very happy to answer your letter and I hope you will write me again! Next time you will learn more about my life. I hope you will tell me much more about yourself too, I really want to get to know better and send me some your photos? Now I should leave you. I look forward to your early reply!!! Olga.
Letter 2
Good afternoon how are you Jack !
I am very happy to receive your letter. I am very glad that you still have desire write to me. I am glad that you are not against communicating with me even though I am at a great distance from you.
Your country seems to me very interesting and completely another than ours. Most likely you want to be interested in why I think so. I was abroad several times, I visited Turkey, Egypt, the Ukraine. Of course, these are not rich countries and are not so well developed, but still in Turkey there are a lot of visitors from many countries. I am interested in tradition and culture of other people of the world. I was very interested if you can share the history of your country? I’m happy that I have a foreign passport but unfortunately I don’t have possibility to travel very often. Of course, if you invited me to visit your country, however much I would like, I would not do this, because we still do not know each other. Please, don’t offense at me, you should understand me. I’m afraid I’m not ready to it. But in future when our relationships will become closer, it will be real and I’ll meet with you with pleasure… And there are so many kilometers between us. But this distance only seems a big. And I was not scared, I on the contrary want to feel new experiences. Don't you think so? I have read in newspaper (it was already probably for a long time ago) that in other advanced countries (Europe and Northern America) meets situation, that women are more thoughtless (not so serious) than men.
Is it true? Your opinion is important to me, and I would also like to hear why you decided to look for a woman in social networks.? I like to visit cinema. Oh, I love it! I like to read books. In my free time I like to read, when you read a great book, time goes unnoticed. I love various love stories, detectives and very, very much I love classical russian literature. Another of my favorite activities is listening to music, a lot depends on my mood. When I'm sad I listen to slow, sensual music. Jazz and blues. When I have good mood I listen to modern music. I like pop, rock, dance. American music is very pleasant to me (Jennifer Lopez "Baby I love You" and Aerosmith "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing", and many others.), as well as Russian. Bi-2, Rondo are Russian rock-groups, but it is not all my favorite groups, it's a lot of, at once all of them will not remember. Jeniffer Lopez, Aerosmith, Moby and other American groups. In Russian cinemas, foreign films are shown most of all, since we love to watch them because our filmmakers have not grown to the current level. I love American films, and I love many American actors. In the warmer months, I enjoy cycling through the woods, hiking and spending time in the wild. I have my own bicycle. In the winter season, we love to go with friends to ride the hills, these are very funny days, you don’t have any problems and you forget everything at once. So what do you do, when you have problems and when you are sad? Now I should finish my letter. I wait with alarm your answer. Did you have a friend from another country? Is it important for you a nationality? Jack , what foodstuff do you like? I hope you tell me in your letter what you prefer to do on your weekend or in your free time, for our acquaintance you need to know more about each other I want to know about it to discuss it in the next letter))
Your girlfriend Olga.
Letter 3
Good afternoon, Jack .
I am very happy to read your letter, my mood immediately rose. Jack if you are not against i would like to ask you something. For me, this is a new way of communication. Really i don't know how everything happens but i heard a lot of times that people find each other by internet and often it comes even to the marriage. I have only one question: is it possible to love a person by internet? and how does it happen? And do you believe in such love or don't you understand how it's possible?
Suddenly it will happen in a short time that you will have feelings for me and the ability for you. But what will happen then? Are you ready to begin serious relationship with a woman who lives in other country? As for me, i worry about this topic, and you? Simply, if you are not ready and you don't look for your second half (love), in this case i don't see the sense to continue our communication further. As for me, i am looking for a serious man for creating a family and it's not interesting for me plays in feelings or a simple correspondence.
Do you understand what i want to tell you? I hope that yes and that you'll answer sincerely for my question. I have already begun to write about my search and i probably continue this topic. I think first we should find out our compatibility with you to continue our communication. May be we don't suit to each other and if it's so there is no sense to continue, am i right? Yes Jack , i am not a princess and i don't look for a prince. It was so far when men do exploits for women's sake, but i still believe that these qualities live inside of us and espessially in men. Jack , frankly speaking, physical qualities are not so important for me. Yes of course there are sometines not so beautiful or worse. For most of people age plays a big role but not for me. I’m already 29 years old, and I still haven’t started my family, I have been thinking about it for a long time. My friends have already married but i am alone. I can't say that i have no admirers here. There are men that tried but i try to reject their attention.
May be you think that i am hard to them. Yes may be it's true but what can i do if they are not interested for me. Here in Russia a lot of men drink *****, like to be unfaithful to wives or simply abandon them. The marriage in Russia is not stable and it hurts women very much. My friends tell to me very often that there is no happiness in family life. I am sure that there is a person who can make me happy.
Jack do you believe that everybody must have a pair? I believe that each person should have a soul mate. God created us for a reason and we must have some sense of life. For example, first people on the Earth were Adam and Eva. God created them for each other and this pair was as the whole. They were happy together and their life ia as example for all of us. I know that a man was created for me, and I just need to find him and understand that this is the person I'm looking for. Who knows, may be it's even you and if it's true we'll understand it very soon. Jack i'm not very sure that you understand about what i am writing to you. Excuse me for my philosophical thoughts. I only wanted to let you understand that i don't want to play in feelings and that i'm very serious in searches of my man.
These words are the end of my reasonings and i hope that you can understand me. Excuse me if this letter will seem difficult for you. I know that it will be better to write you about my life but this topic is so importent for me that's why i wrote you about my search. I hope you'll appreciate it and write me what woman you are looking for. Well I am at work now and must continue to do it. Hope to see your letter tomorrow. Kiss you!!! Your friend Olga
Letter 4
Good morning my new friend Jack .
How joyfully to receive your letter. I'm always very glad receive your letters. In this letter I want to discuss about my favorite dishes. I very much like preparing. Cooking is basis of health, cherishing life of family. Throughout my cooking history, I have found so many recipes. I love tasty and healthy foodstuffs. Yes, meal should be useful for health, it is most important. I very much love potato and various, diversified dishes from this vegetable. When I come home, at first I go on kitchen and I start preparing for myself something tasty. Mhh... I very much love those moments when my friends come to me. I always try to make guests shocked by my recipes. I always try my friends estimated my abilities in cooking, and almost always it happen. Also I very much like to bake pies. Jack , do you know what is it "russian pies"? It is a stuffing grocery, wrapped up in a dough, and baked in an oven. The most important not use a microwave.
Otherwise taste becomes absolutely another, besides it is badly baked thoroughly. If everything make correctly it is divine taste!!! You should eat this thing sometime... My friends have all appreciated my passion for cooking. I started cooking at a young age. My mother taught me to cook, and I am very grateful to her for that. But no one can estimate it, except for my friends. I very much love my friends.
Now YOU in my life... You my friend too. Can I so think? I very much would want think you my FRIEND. I really want to know you, to speak with you, to take your hand and see your eyes. I'm used to speaking honestly. And I wanted you to know about it. It is very painful for me to watch when people start to lie and not trust each other. I very much like to dream. I am a dreamer.... I do not know good it is or bad. Since the childhood I dreamed. My teacher somehow told to us: "You must forget about your dreams!" He said that dreams are pain, and they bring no happiness. May be she was right. Actually dreams come true not always.Of course, you can invest in your dream, but there is a chance that this will not happen. Not everything in this life depends on us. Destiny! Her strong and invisible hands easily rearrange lives and hearts people. When a very long time you are haunted by failure to the path of your dreams, then your dream begins to fade. But my opinion is that without a dream it is not possible to live. When you have dream, our lifes is filled with sense. Dreaming, life becomes more interesting and more various. You start to think, analyze, choose and make decision. And each small victory, each defeated obstacle on your way to dream, each following step to your dream brings great pleasure. Your heart is filled with belief and hope. And you are inspired with thing, which waits for you in the end.
You remember pleasure of victories and the defeated purposes better than a pain of losses and disappointments. And so I dream And of course I would like that dreams come true as often as possible. I am surprised, that I write to you all this. Your letters - a part of my life now. And to be frank, I am afraid to lose you. Forgive me for my frankness. Sorry if I wrote something wrong or somehow upset you with my letter. Do not stop write me. Write me every day, even if I cannot answer you every day. I shall answer you anyway. Jack , when your letter arrives, I am extremely happy that you answered me. I shall wait for your letter with impatience. And now I want to ask you some questions: do you love people and what do you think about children living in a orphanage? Jack , I heard, that in the Europa and USA, women don't like to prepare for tasty and healthy food and make homeworks, is it valid so? Do you belive in love? Love at first sight?
I look forward to hearing from you).. Your friend Olga
Letter 5
Good morning, how are you Jack.
Thank you for your new letter, it always does my day brighter and i love reading your letters. May i call you dear Jack? You can also may call me as you want but not rude. I hope that you don’t be upset if I call you with kind words, during this all the time of our communication you really liked me. I'm so happy and greatful that we found each other through the internet. I ike you very much and i hope that we'll be together. With a constant quill, I'm getting closer to you. May be ... I hope that we'll find our love and happiness. I need in it, i feel very lonly but i don't want to be single. I'm so sad that we are far from each other but we are together in our thoughts. I mean when i'm writing you a letter. I wait our communication by phone with impatience. Well, my dear, yesterday i spoke with my my friend and she told me the most unpleasant news. It seems that my teriff plan doesn't allow me to receive and do calls abroad. She has already had problems with it. Yesterday I was looking at the phone all the time.
Don't worry, i have foud the decision of this problem, send me your telephone number and i can call you from my friend as soon as it's possible. And finally we could hear our voices. Tell me what you do at weekends. As for me, first of all i do the cleaning around the flat.
Then i go to my friend Marina. We think what to do during the day.
Usually we go for a walk around the town. If we go for a walk, we go in our favourite cafe where we always spend time. Also at weekends i like to go for a walk in the parc. I like to do it very much. I also like to go to the cinema. But sometimes i stay at home in front of TV.
What channels do you like to watch? I like to watch cognitive channels like "Discovery" or "Animal Planet". I like historical channels too. I would like to ask you about your character. Tell me how your friends and relatives would characterize you. Only don't write yourself. I want your friends or relatives to answer it. As for me my friends characterized me like this: kind, Soft (but not always), sometimes a little silly, but usually enough smart, loving, romantic, honest, and I expect it from others, open, dreamy, carful. I hope that you will love me like that. I hope we'll know each other better through each letter. I would liko to walk with you on the beach in future. I love the sun, water and sand. May be? What do you think? Well, here I am dreaming again. I hope that our relationship will be more serious, I hope so. I must go now and i'll wait for your nice letter tomorrow, dear Jack , kiss you with tenderness. Your beautiful Olga
Letter 6
Hi Jack.
I want to wish you a happy new year! I wish you all your dreams come true this new year. I hope you write to me. I really want you to be able to continue our communication with you. Olga.
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