Romance scam letter(s) from Ksenia Kushner to Richard (Germany)
Letter 1
Hi Richard! I am very glad that you answered me so quickly. I really did not expect this))). To clarify right away, I will tell you a little about myself. I live on my own in Kazakhstan, a city called Astana. I am now 35 years old. I was born on July 20, 1983. I rent an apartment alone. Well, now I decided to find a friend with whom to correspond and in the future we will meet. I am a very busy person and there is practically no time to travel and travel to different countries on business trips. I work for Air Astana. So I decided to find a friend through the Internet. Maybe fate will smile at me, and I will meet my other half to love him and make him happy, to give him the warmth of the family, tenderness, affection and passion, if of course it doesn’t work out then you can remain friends. I do not speak English badly. I studied English at school, and I know this language better. But I hope that he will become much better, especially since I will begin to practice it with you. But I hope that you understand me and we will not have problems with this. But I want to tell you that I understand you well. Yes, I also want to inform you that I will find you in a dating agency, I turned there and I was provided with your email address. I hope you write me and begin our acquaintance. Kseniya.
Here is my full home address so you know that I want a real acquaintance.
First name: Kseniya
Last name: Kushner
Country: Kazakhstan
City: Astana
21 street. house 10.
post code: 010000
Letter 2
Thank you very much for your answer. Richard and I have a very important question to which I would like to hear an honest, accurate answer. Please tell me what kind of relationship are you looking for ?! And do you look for them at all ?! Forgive me, but I really need and it is very important to know the answers to these questions. Because I do not want to waste in empty, I want a clean, mutual, sincere, serious relationship. I really hope to see your answer as soon as possible, take care please, Kseniya.
Letter 3
Huge greetings to them Kazakhstan my friend to you Richard!
To be honest, I am very very pleased that you answered me - there are simply no words - thank you very much. You know Richard my sixth sense rarely refuses me and it just seemed to me that you are a good person - I hope that you are so - and I wrote to you! You are probably interested to know about me, yes Richard?
And you have a very beautiful name - Richard - it sounds very good and I hope this name suits you yes ??? :)
I want to remind you that I am going to rest soon abroad on my vacation. But I have not yet planned where to fly. If you and I have an attitude, everything will work out, I think that I could travel to you to meet.
What do you think about my proposal? Of course, we do not know much about each other, but meeting us will create strong friendships. The more you see each other, you can trust each other in the future. As I believe that a lot can be written on the Internet as well as there is no trust. I really like you as a man, I am interested in communicating with you, I am pleased when you write to me even though we communicate very little on the Internet, I can say that in personal communication we can get to know each other better, especially since I'm not bad at knowing English. Tell me everything you think about it, I will look forward to your reply.
Letter 4
Good afternoon Richard !!!
I was very happy to receive your letter today. Every day I am becoming more and more pleasant to learn more about you as a person from another country. Yes, it is interesting to me and I will read all your letters with great attention. I also I hope that you write a lot of interesting things about yourself and you enjoy learning more about me. Now I want to describe my character to you as a female person. I am a very calm, simple person who treats everything with great understanding. This is probably why I have many friends, good friends whom you can rely on at any moment, no matter what it may be. But unfortunately, so far I do not have a real partner whom I could count on and trust him. So far I have not succeeded, but I hope you are perhaps the person who can understand me and melt the ice in me. My friend tell me please do you have friends? You have a lot of them? I really do not like unreliable people, deceitful and selfish. It seems to me that such people should be avoided, because they are everywhere. For example, I try to avoid these people, because I already understood after my first relationship. That is, now I have some experience, maybe earlier I was still very stupid. Since I wanted to quickly love, weddings, and now no, I need to know a person well before doing anything. Do you understand me? I hope you are as optimistic as I am.
I would also like to ask you, what do you like to do in your free time? I like to spend my free time outdoors, chatting with friends, work colleagues. Since you understand that I do not have a partner and I am somehow bored with one. In addition to going to the village with my mother and grandmother on weekends, I like to do household chores. Also love to read, watch TV. My favorite books are romance and detective stories. I also love romantic music. And what attracts you the most in music, what kind of music, please tell me, okay? So what are the main movies you watch?
I like to watch comedies, domestic cinema, romanticism and so on. We have a lot of television, as well as foreign ones. There’s just one more show that I really like - it's the name “Around the World,” where to talk about various countries and ancient traditions. I’m also interested in watching a channel called BBC and Discovery. You have such a channel about animals?! A TV on the Discovery channel, I like to watch the program - "Cool Tuning" with Chip Foose, he is great designer for cars.
I also get involved in sports. I like to swim very much, now I visit the pool once a week. In winter, I usually like skiing or snowmobiling. When I have free time. I like to be in physical form, as it helps the whole body and working mood. Do you like to go in for sports? If so, what is your favorite sport??? And even now, with my friends and colleagues who want to work, we go to the gym, you think why, we are there to hold volleyball competitions between us. I really love this sport and always give preference to sports.
I think you were interested in what I talked about in my letter. I think you understand me! I'll wait Your answer very much. Please write as soon as possible. All the best good you evening mood. Your good friend Kseniya. P.S. Here is my photo of Baptism by bathing in a hole made in ice water. 18 on the 19th. There were many people to plunge headlong into the font three times and thereby cleanse their soul, mind and body. This bath tempers our body and soul, strengthens our will, invigorates and gives us a feeling of spiritual purity, which fills us with happiness. This is just an indescribable feeling!
Letter 5
Hello again Richard!!!
I was very pleased to receive your letter now. I am very interested and pleased to read your thoughts and stories right now. Since you are all so a person from another country. How are you? How is your health? What about the weather? As for me, then everything is fine. There is always a lot of work, but yesterday it was 2 times more. When I came home from work, I just didn’t feel my legs, because I had to spend all day on my feet. I think, the more we recognize each other, this will help us and build our future relations in the future. What do you think? Do you like to recognize me and have contact with me? Answer only honestly ok.
You probably already wonder why I choose you and look for a person from another country! I will definitely say I want you to know everything about me. You see, I don’t know whether you had a relationship or not in the past, but all this and 3 years ago I live with a man whom I thought I loved this man. I already probably say that I am experiencing some problems here in Russia with men. Now I don’t want my beloved person to be from Russia - Do you understand me?! And I don’t want to talk about it now, because that person whom I loved very much and cruelly to betray me, as well as my parents. He deceived us, me, and even tried to beat me, as he often drank. But I, as a determined woman, quickly took action with this and now he is in prison. Since I understood for myself what a Russian man means. So here is how you already guess what I went to search and get acquainted through the Internet. Because I hear a lot about friends that they also experienced a problem with men from our country and therefore they also search over the internet. And here is my friend tell me with this. I am very grateful to meet you, such a beautiful, handsome man, and I am extremely interested to learn about you. I am like a normal, mature woman who wants a really serious relationship. I always had everything seriously, because until you make a decision, nothing will and will not change. And now I already have experience in relationships, although before it was just air. I want human understanding, of course trust and mutual love for each other. Since I am waiting for this, I always understand any person, I also want to be a happy person, like all normal loving couples. But without human understanding, kindness, trust and respect, there will be no family happiness. Understand me, I was alone for a very long time and I'm so bored. I really hope for you - I really liked you, and not only that. To be honest, once again I want to test love and experience it, in spite of all the past that I had.
You may be wondering why such a good girl like me is still not married. To be honest, I myself don’t know, because everything is fine with me. I will say without flattery: I am a smart, kind girl, with a balanced character. Reason for mine loneliness, as I think, lies in the fact that men have completely different values now, and according to statistics in men it is much less than women. Only in this way can I justify my current situation. But I did not lose hope of finding my soulmate. I really hope that you will understand me, if I say something, then please correct me, ok. I hope to see your new letter. Tell me a life story.
Your kind friend Kseniya!
Letter 6
Good afternoon dear Richard!!!
Thank you very much for your letter. I am very glad that you were able to answer and report about yourself. I don't know only when you you will receive my letter, maybe it will be your time already evening. BUT still hope you get the letter on time. To me It is very interesting to read your letters, because I like to know more about you and what to surround you. Your letters reveal you as a person and it helps me a lot. You have many qualities that I am pleased to recognize. IN first of all, honesty is important to me. This is probably because people very often deceived me and therefore I value this quality at the highest of all. After all, nothing is more important than honesty and the ability to say what you think and to defend their position. Do you agree with me? I've been looking for such a person.
I’m tired of being constantly betrayed, and that’s why I’m glad that you are honest in your letters. We write to each other yet not for long, but I already learn a lot about you and draw some good conclusions for myself. I am very pleased to communicate with you, since I really miss one and I need solid communication. According to your past letters, I have formed about you very good opinion and I would be glad to know about you new facts that will convince me of what I do the right choice by writing you the first letter.
And I hope that our relationship can grow higher to heaven. I have some dreams with which I would like to share with you because I have no one to reveal my feelings to. My dreams are simple. I already told you about them. I want to be happy not only me and so with a loved one. I want to have your own family. My family may not be the most ideal in this world, but I want to have a family and be that happy. You see what my simple dreams are. I have not yet found the happiness that I seek. What are you looking for in woman either looking for? What do you want from a woman - please tell me ok? also want to talk with you today about how I see the role of women in the family. In my opinion, neither husband nor wife should to feel that their rights are being violated - am I right ?! As I understand it, women should take more care of the family. All family problems lie practical on the woman. She must take care of the children, cook, wash, maintain the house in order. I am raised in the same spirit. I believe that a woman should keep the keys to the family. But the man owes her very seriously help with this. In the first place for a woman should be a family, that is, children beloved man. Women know how to combine both work and family, and everywhere be indispensable. Because here a woman works and leads a family. I I believe that this is correct and ready to do everything so that my future family is happy. What do you think about it, what is your opinion?! I hope I did not bore you with my thoughts. Well, I need to go on working. I will wait for your reply. Your friend Kseniya!
Letter 7
Hi my liked Richard!!!
I am very glad to see your letter, since I always look forward to hearing from you letters. After all, with every letter our relations are developing and developing into friendships, they are growing day by day. They become more than friendship. You agree with me? After all, we still do not know each other enough. My dear please tell me how your going now business?! What new things do you have in your life?! I guess I can guess - it's me :) Beautiful Richard I would like ask you, can you send me your new photos? Since I want to see you more, because I believe that Anyway, photos give more ideas about a person, especially since I am very interested in you about a person like mine friend. I hope you understand what I’m talking about now. )
How is your health?! I really want to know what is happening to you and what you plan in future life, what are you bind it all - tell me ok?! I'm fine, here I am again working today and with great interest to read your letter. I have some kind of festive mood and inspiration soon because the New Year. I think anyway holiday is very good at acting on people. With the advent of the holiday, it’s still inside the soul of the heart that somehow it becomes warm and joy, inspiration, perhaps poetry.
I would also like to talk with you today about one of the most important issues - this is a religious issue. Since I think that if a person has no faith, then this person is more empty, he has no inner wealth, he has no kindness and regrets to other people. Anyway, I believe that the endowment of spiritual value makes a person more human, more rich inner state of life. I do not mean money, I hope you understand me? In general, what does it mean personally for I am rich and that I respect a person very much is when a person is endowed with such qualities as kindness, honesty, respect for a loved one, or generally respect for a person, I understand, the purity of relations, such qualities for me are very important in a person. I represent a loved one who does not drink, who does not change, which devotee is very important to me. Since when a person drinks alcohol, then quarrels arise in the family, raise my voice, which I can’t tolerate, what I don’t want to expect from life, because in the past I was very burned by this, perhaps because she was inexperienced. Indeed, I had no experience, but was just a small representation, silly girl about a good hassle-free life. I just want to say that I really believe in God since indeed I am born in a simple peasant family. I can proudly say that my religion is Christianity. I do not to know this in reality or not, but people have been familiar with God since childhood, since there are books about it. Even in schools now have a special subject that develop the spirituality, culture and faith of children. I take it that right, because now all over the world there are a lot of different acts of terrorism, violence and murder. I take that person who know and realize the whole situation of life, who really believes in God, then his truth will always be pure. I I am very glad that my parents baptized me as a child and I am grateful to them for this. On holiday which are associated with I always attend church. I’m even going to go there in order that God would help me find a man about whom I to dream for a long time. And today I meet you mine! :) You understand - how important it is for me to be in communication with you. I was brought up with faith in God and this faith helps me in my life. But I believe that to believe or not to believe in God is everyone’s personal business and each person’s position on this issue must be respected. What do you think? do you agree with me?! I believe and always pray that God will send help to those who need it. Tell me about your views on this question?
So even now I can give a small example so that you can at least understand me a little about what I want to say. So next to my apartment there are neighbors with whom we communicate well and come to visit. So this family there is a son who was sent to the Army. Okay, the word Army - I perfectly understand that every man should be prepared for life and I believe that the Army is helping this disposition of life. Next, what I want to say this son send to a place called Chechnya (Grozny). did you hear about this republic?! There were fierce battles in Chechnya and fights, there are mostly terrorists hiding with the faith of Islam. Which cook for terrorist attacks, you probably don’t even know but it is so. Here is this boy who went into the army - it turns out to be my neighbor, and so he got to where now there are small fierce skirmishes. We’ll show it all on TV. And he was telling what was on his neck chain with a cross, since he was baptized just like me. And this cross helped him from a bullet wound, that is, a bullet bend the cross and enter only a short distance into the chest. And he told me that before that it’s wrong to believe in God and when all this happened and this cross was saved, now he’s even become so serious and say what God really is. I think that you are not tired and do not get bored listening to me my dear and maybe you are not interested?! I’m not tired of your stories?! :) BUT everything is true and it is a fact that once again confirms that God is on this The earth. Well, I’d like to see your new photos. Of course if you have them? Can you send me them?! They are will help me feel your presence next to me. I want to feel your gentle look, your smile. I become attached to you and I have a very big sympathy for you. The desire to have a family, a loved one nearby, eeling caring and constant support in difficult times, this is what every person in life strives for. It is mine the cherished desire in my life for good honest people to have it that way. My parents tell me that I should always be open. First of all, they say hello to you!!! You them very like and in spite of our different ages it is not so much to embarrass them, but even more so. So all is well ok! They dream that I would finally be not alone and have a family. Yes, and I myself also want this :) Life will show Daroug and a loved one. I hope you will answer me as soon as possible. Once again I want to say that to me It’s insanely nice to have contact with you. Since I believe that you and I are on the right track, you just need to listen to to the heart. Well, that’s where I finish.
All the best your friend Kseniya.
Letter 8
Hello my handsome Richard !!!
and here I am :-) Richard how to go about your business?! What is your mood now?! Probably tired after work?! I hope your mood is good or at least improve after you receive my letter? Your letters improve my mood for a long time. With each letter we get closer and closer - do you notice this is my dear?! Reading your letters, I feel that you are a very good man, with whom you can all find a common language. I had never kept in touch over the Internet before and I'm glad I decided to give it a try. :-) Do you know what I was doing yesterday?! - you will never guess! ;-)
I think you would like to know how I usually spend my days - right?! On weekdays, I get up at 7 a.m. sometimes before. My work days usually start like most people from Monday to Friday. But sometimes you have to work on Saturday, about once, twice a month. Before I go to work, I wash my face and have breakfast, just do a little jog in the park in the morning. At work I have to be 8:30 am and my work day lasts until 17:30 pm. We also have a lunch break, in which I sometimes write letters to you. We have a break from 12:30 to 13:30. To be honest, there is a lot of work, sometimes you have to stay outside working hours. After work, I usually go home, but sometimes we go to rest with my colleagues - it's like playing volleyball or swimming in the pool, for example. After a working day, I usually cook dinner for myself and then watch TV or read, like this. :-) and how are your days going?!
Yes, you know, to be honest, I have a few new questions for you: - can I ask you them?! you see I tell you in detail about your work and you know I want to know more about your work want to feel what you think about what you do and whether you give yourself to the work and with what feelings you do it! Good?! Just like that, I hope to get to know you more to understand your tendency to what you are doing. I hope you understand me yes?! - my English is not the best :-(, but that's the way I try. :-)
Sorry, I still have a lot of work to do today! Now go back to work. Tomorrow I hope to see your letter again - have you agreed?! - unless of course you have time! In the meantime - for now I can send you my kiss, which will fly over a huge distance and give you all my friendship and joy in our relationship!
Your Kseniya!
Letter 9
Hello my best friend Richard!
How are you feeling? How is health, how are you? All is well? At work, too, is everything okay? you know a new day, and such positive emotions - it’s so nice to receive your letter again - we’ve met recently, but when I talk to you I feel completely at ease - it’s easy and simple, I’m telling you everything I think and it’s a surprise even for me!!! Thank you. Your openness made me like that - you are an amazing man. I am very pleased that you write to me and tell me about yourself my friend!!! I see from your letters that you like me too huh? I guess? No, I just feel! Now, to be honest, when I’m already 35 years old, I don’t want to make mistakes in men and believe that I was not mistaken in you - my heart tells me that you are a very very good person - I'm right - tell me honestly!? Yesterday I was given an advance from the salary and I want to go to the store tomorrow and buy clothes for the New Year holiday. I will try to write to you tomorrow - okay?)) In the meantime, my kiss on the cheek comes to you!))) Catch him and don’t be bored!
Your friend Kseniya.
Letter 10
Let's divide the world!
The sun is for you, the light is for me;
The sea is for you, the waves are for me;
Heaven - to you, the stars to me; ...
Listen, wait, and let's get better:
Everything is for you, but YOU are for me?))) Hello Richard! How are you my dear Richard? It was with this little poem that I decided to start today's letter to you - I wanted to write a little poem for you for a long time and today I finally did it! To be honest, of course, the translation was not very successful, but the most important point is I hope you understand it Richard!)) I am a romantic girl and this little poem was written about 3 months ago when I was sad and lonely! I really hope that you will like my work!)) But now there is you Richard - my best my most beautiful friend and I am very and pleasant to communicate with you! There are no words - I just want to say thank you so much that you are what you write to me - thanks for this wonderful letter that I read today! With each letter you give me such wonderful moments - I remember your every word, I remember your every letter! YOU are just a miracle - and I am very very glad that you have my best Richard!
So suddenly there was free time and what to do Richard I absolutely can not imagine!)) You know when there is no loved one it seems that you just lose the time of your life - you agree! To be honest - it would be wonderful if for example you were here now - we probably talked so much - of course my spoken English is not ideal, but I can communicate with you! Richard, let's imagine now that we, for example, are now with you in nature! Presented? We set up a tent, light a fire - what will we do??? Grill kebabs or something else? Introduced the situation? Can you write a sequel to me in the next letter??? I’m very interested!)) Only it seems to me Richard you think that I’m talking nonsense!))) You know, just want to know you more, want to see what you will do in this situation - we can only get to know each other Richard - do you agree? )) Richard if you have any questions - I ask you to ask me and I will be happy to answer them! Ok my Richard?
You know, I’ll make my new paintings for you! Good? And I ask you to Richard if there are new pictures send me - letters with your photos are just super - Ok!
Well you need to finish already! YOU probably already tired of my letter - - you think probably talkative am I?)) Well, tomorrow I hope to see your answer again and I will be happy to answer you!)
Kiss tenderly tenderly - your friend Kseniya!
Letter 11
Have a nice day my dear Richard!!!
I am very grateful to you Richard for your letters. Thank you very much, you are a very beautiful and sweet man!!! I was very happy when I saw your letter, since I lost you all these days. Forgive me the same way that I could not write to you earlier, because when I wrote my last letter to you, my friends and I went to play volleyball. And there I twisted my right leg and I had to move very hard, and you can say why I could not write to you all these days, I really really. It’s a pity, since I always want to devote more time to you and find out about you my Richard! I hope that you will understand my situation and regard it satisfactorily;) And now I’ll get better with my foot, as it’s good that I went to the doctor during the time. In my opinion, while we write to each other, I get very attached to you my dear Richard. I honestly can’t imagine my life without you, your letters and beautiful photos. I understand you very well and maybe we have some friendly relationship?, which is so strong to support and give more strength. In my opinion, you have most of the qualities of a real man. And it seems to me that I'm falling in love with you with each letter more and more. I am a little afraid of this feeling. Because you already read in my past letters what I had before. I don’t even want to touch this topic and remember about it. I also think about our distance with you. After all, you are so far away and God alone knows whether we are destined to meet with you. What do you think of all this??? We do not write to each other for long, but have time to tell each other a lot and now we know a lot about each other, but we are still far from each other. Our relations can only be developed by meeting. But still, the time for a meeting has not yet come. Yes, it’s hard for me to say these words, but I have to because of past relationships and experience. Of course, we can write long and beautiful letters to each other, we can say anything in them. With each letter we can please each other, finally make a smile on my and your face. ;) But love can develop only in person. Do you think so too? My thoughts are only about you and about you and me. My parents are glad that I found love. But they are also a little worried about the distance between us. They want you and I to be reunited, but again I tell them it's too early. That I cannot do this, although in my heart I feel and myself want our meeting! They ask me if I am sure that we can overcome this distance. And I don’t know what to answer. I don’t really know if we can overcome it. If you want for the sake of meeting and love in life, everything can be overcome. How do you think? I think that it is always necessary to take care of her and attention of course!!! We owe a lot to our parents, because they raised us, learned us and give life to live in a new world. I am very grateful to your mother that she was able to give birth to such a beautiful man - this is you my dear Richard!!! Write to me - do not forget me. Your letters warm me like the sun warm the earth. And only your letter to warm my soul.
I am waiting for your letter, it is important for me to know whether you share my thoughts. Have a good mood, Kseniya!
Letter 12
Hello my dear friend Richard!
Now this is the most joyful moment today when I check the mail from you and there is your letter Richard! Now I feel full of strength - your words are positive emotions this is joy and happiness Richard! Our correspondence is so much mean to me. I’m afraid to think ahead, but I want you to know that it’s very serious for me and you’re very I like Richard - very very much! I just don’t know how to put it in words - Richard agrees some thoughts are just impossible to translate into words! :)
Thank you, just a huge female thank you for having me, that you wrote such wonderful words again today - Richard You are a wonderful man. I am ready to tell you about this many, many times! I see from your letter that you have everything more or less good yes? Well then everything is fine!
My Richard is also more or less normal! Life, as they say, is going quietly with us! I have everything as usual - work, the house is a dream, and to be honest, at night I have dreams about you! ;) Yes Richard you dream to me - I especially remember today's dream down to the smallest detail! Even when I woke up, I just didn’t believe that I dreamed about it all! Do you want me to will you tell him? I'll tell you well! (smile) So here is my dream! I don’t know Richard how you ended up with me, but in the morning how I usually go to work and, as usual, I went through the park and then you came to meet me - at first I did not see your face, I just saw a huge bouquet of red roses with which you covered your face - but then you suddenly turned and went to and told me holding out roses - "hello - this is for you!" To be honest, even in a dream I almost fainted from surprises, but then I realized that it was you and so much so happy! :) And then you hugged me kissed me on the cheek and said that he came to me! Frankly, Richard, it was as if in reality - I understood for the first time it is in a dream how happy I am to see you! Richard and then you took my hand and put me on a bench next to me! From amazement, at first I was just silent I didn’t know what to say - but you talked so much fun, told how you came to me and then began to make me laugh! I just wanted to kiss you Richard on the cheek when suddenly the alarm rang and I to Unfortunately I woke up! :( Can you imagine what a disappointment it was to understand that it was just a dream, not reality! You know, I probably then lay in bed for about 30 minutes and tried to fall asleep in the hope that it was a dream
go on! But could not fall asleep! It’s ridiculous, yes - these are my dreams and to have a dream! And you don’t have dreams about me Richard - if suddenly there will be a dream tell me it - okay? Only now I understood why I had this dream! I really like the park near our office. It’s quiet and comfortable, and at times I like to just sit on a bench, relax and not think about anything. Do you have that Richard? Likely now on your face smile yes Richard? I hope now your mood is very good! So? Today I’ll go to the gym with my friends again and we’ll play badminton! The girl should always have a beautiful figure - after all, the truth is and now I'm trying to maintain myself in good figure!) Well Richard need to finish my letter tonight :( But tomorrow I will again very really wait for yours the answer is good??? Kiss gently gently on the cheek! My sweet kiss is just for you!
your best friend Kseniya!
Letter 13
Hello my beautiful Richard !!!
Richard I am very pleased to know that you pay attention to me and write such wonderful letters about yourself. From the moment we met, I constantly think about you. And sending my letter with hope and looking forward to an answer. To be honest, I’m very busy at work, but for you Richard, I always find free time. It seems to me that I'm probably too impatient. But I try to restrain myself. I hope you don't think too badly of me. I hope no. Previously, I could not imagine that so quickly you can find yourself a wonderful person, and even more so on the Internet. I didn’t even understand such women and girls who fell in love on the Internet, went abroad and got married. And finally, now I realized for myself what it is, how important such relationships are, such as letters affecting my soul and the words that are written in letters. Since before, when there was no Internet they communicated with letters, they waited weeks, days to get to read and answer. And now there is the Internet. I met all this in your letters. For a long time I had no relationships, no feelings, no romantic relationships, much less love. But now my female heart, my soul began to come to life after a long loneliness. I "melted" from your letters, words, attention, care. For many years I was tired of going to bed in a cold bed, waking up in the same way. I want to wake up in the morning so that you are there and go to bed in the same way. I want to go to bed already in a warm bed and for you to warm me there with your warm body. I want to feel your care, tenderness, affection, warm hugs and kisses. The bad thing is that there is a distance between us, it is an obstacle between two people who love each other. I'm afraid to say it, but every day it seems to me more and more that I'm in love with you Richard.
Recently, I’ve been thinking more and more only about you and my colleagues say that I have become somehow dreamy and this is true. Even my mother asked me what was happening to me because I seemed to become cheerful and every day now I wake up with a smile on my face. There is one important fact that I would like to know about you. I really want to know your attitude towards me. Please tell me your life incentive, what it is, ok. I will be very pleased to know the answer to this question. I will be looking forward to your letters with great desire and impatience.
Your sincere friend Kseniya!
Letter 14
Hi dear Richard !!!
Thank you very much for your letter. :) I was extremely pleased to read what you are talking about and express your thoughts in your letter. So I had a little free time and I would like to answer your letter with great impatience. Since I was waiting for him and now I have free time at work, I just have enough time to devote time to your answer. But I don’t know when you will receive my letter, because the Internet connection is not very good, but I hope that my letter will definitely reach you.
how are you today? How is your health? I hope that everything is fine - please tell me how it’s not like that and I want you to have everything wonderful. Everything is fine with me, and so far in life everything is still the same, but of course I am very glad that I was able to meet such a beautiful charming man like you Richard and now we can communicate - which makes me much happier every day.
I would like to say that during the time that we get to know me, my life will become brighter, because I already told you that I was very lonely. Because I did not want to build any relationship with men in my country at all. As I understood from my past relationships, men here have a very high opinion of themselves and they are harder, rude to women, that is, it was with me in the past.
Today I would like to tell you Richard again about a dream that I have been having recently. When I woke up in the morning, I was so happy, I dreamed about how you and I ended up on a desert island, built a hut (I really don’t remember how we ended up there), you, as a true male representative, got food, and I created comfort in the “house”. There was such a clear blue-blue sky and air clouds floated over it. They looked like whipped cream the same white with a bluish tint. I am still impressed by this wonderful dream. The whole day I again tried to remember that dream, how I felt good - perhaps this will happen whenever you are! because sometimes people say that some dreams come true, appear in reality. does it happen to you? When you have a colorful, vivid dream and are impressed all day, everything inside is covered by an incomprehensible feeling of either joy or happiness, but what difference is the main thing so good that I want to share it with everyone, especially Richard. It is unfortunate that you are not around Richard, I would drown you in this seething waterfall of passion. I don’t even have anyone to share this feeling with a masculine look. Even you are so far away. It would be enough for me to be at least for a minute or even a second with you; I would have given a lot in that moment. I burn here like a candle alone. I so want to get off the ground and fly the distance that separates us, I want to be in your arms to feel the warmth of your body. Hug you and rise high into the sky and fly to this island of happiness with you. Something I was dreaming about, all day flying in the clouds. :) On the robot, my employees noticed my good mood and envied white envy. I heard so many compliments today. When the most in good mood, shine with joy, then the world around is presented in pink. Well, I will end my letter on this not a bad moment and would like to wish you a good working mood. Dear Richard, please tell me, maybe you can see how beautiful dreams may be for you - I will be very pleased to hear your thoughts.
I will wait for you letter, my dear, your Kseniya!
Letter 15
HELLO MY DEAR Richard!!!!!
Thank you Richard for your letter, it gave me even more confidence that I would make the right choice. I'm glad that my openness to you gives a result - am I right?! Thank you again for being able to reply to my previous letter. Because I always expect letters from you, you can tell me it is very interesting, since I read with great attention every time your thoughts that you try to bring to me.
I'm alright! Life, as they say, is going on slowly! Tonight I wanted to go to the gym again, to get a little distracted from work. I like to keep myself in good shape - this is my incentive in life! You know, my father 20 years ago was the silver medalist of the USSR youth volleyball games. This is a great pride of his father and he told me from childhood that sport is not the meaning of life, but its incentive! and now my father is more engaged in fishing, hunting. every weekend he visits new ponds with his friends and brings good, big fish. I have very good parents, they are always happy about what is happening in my life. So I somehow told you that when I went to the village of my grandmother, I had to tell them to you. Well, what do you think, what was the reaction of my parents with a bang :) I myself did not even expect, they were very happy and now always remind me that I would send you Richard greetings from them!
You know Richard, I really like you, but I think that for the time being this cannot be called love, but friendships can be said. I hope you understand me and not be offended by me?! I think that relationships are based on the time that we have in large numbers. Yes, I can say that I am very attractive to you and I have great sympathy for you.
Do you know I tell you dear Richard that I love to write small poems about love and so I write yesterday. I would like you to appreciate them! Just ask, do not judge them strictly, and submit only a translation to your assessment! Good??? What is life? Sorrows, misery,
Sweet not know, silly dreams
The joy of a new meeting,
The sadness of separation
Happiness and separation are me and you!
What is happiness? Nice smile,
Rose and candy, a cloud of love.
And a ring on your finger, a heart stop -
This is our happiness again me and you!!!
What is pain??? Smoke from a cigarette.
And my eyes are empty, my heart is cold
The stream of salty tears, all dreams are broken -
This will never happen to us!!! Well how?! - Yes, I understand that, for example, in English - this is complete nonsense, but in my language it sounds very beautiful !! ;)
Sorry, my Richard, but I have to finish the letter, I don’t have to start working. I will look forward to your letter!
Good luck and all the best and do not forget that you have a friend, and maybe even more!
I will send you my kiss, soft kiss - Kseniya.
Letter 16
Good afternoon my dear Richard!
Yes, this is me again - your Kseniya and I am writing you a letter again! Are you glad - honestly tell me dear? I think, nevertheless, you are happy because you write me such wonderful letters! :) Thank you, many thanks for your words - for those lines that give me such a good mood! Richard, I am very grateful to you - your letters are like a ray of light - your letters just illuminate my life - for this short time that we have known each other, I felt you and realized that you are a very good person and I believe and hope that we will succeed! Now I’m re-reading your letter 3 times! :) It's so nice when you say such words Richard - you're just a miracle, you are the best man I have ever met! And this is not just a compliment, it is the real truth - I want to always be sincere and honest with you and of course want the same from you! I hope it will be so - do you agree? :)
You know Richard, now I want to write a poem again - I wrote it this morning - again after such a sweet dream about you! It probably makes you smile already - am I right!? I myself just don’t know what is happening! It’s probably something that doesn’t just say that — I really need you Richard — I’m embarrassed to say that, but I feel a huge, just huge love for you! Yes, this is love and I can’t express what I think and feel about anymore - I love you Richard - it seems to me like that! :) Please just don’t scold me - okay? Read my poem better and I hope you like it: When you're not around
My world is seemingly empty.
Please bring back the delight
Sadness of passionate lips.
Where would you not be I know
What are you with me now.
My angel i miss
Without your hands and eyes. These are my verses by Richard - let these lines be like my humble confession that I really like you and that I have inexplicable feelings for you! Please understand me and write Richard what you think you feel - okay?????
Again, I signed it completely!))) I’ll just start to write to you how time is already running out in the Internet cafe!))) It's always like that!))) I’m even funny now - just as soon as I want to express all my emotions and feelings for you - time coming to an end!))) Okay my Richard write I ask you what do you think - okay? And I will try to answer you tomorrow! Good?
I kiss gently gently - IN LIPS (smile) - yours forever Kseniya.
Letter 17
Again words and again smile :)
Hello flies from me!
Richard catch my smile
And a very gentle kiss!) Good afternoon my dear my dear Richard!
Yes - you guessed it - it's me again - your Kseniya! So you answered me and I really hurry to answer you my Richard! I dont know how to thank you - how to convey all my feelings and emotions to you! All these words mean a lot to me, here this is your letter today - this is for me what I have been looking for so long - you are sincere, you are kind, you are the most tender my man is Richard - I will not calm down talking about it - I am happy that I found you, I am glad that you answered me and write now such wonderful words - Richard has never told me such a thing! Nobody - you are the first man to speak such nice words to me - you now make me a happy woman - thank you so much my Richard! Just now I want to soar from such emotions in the sky as a bird and I want you to be near me!)
All that is happening now is that we met with you FAVORITE is the will of fate, this is the will of the Lord God - he gave it we have a chance to meet and now he will make our meeting become a reality and not just our dream - you I agree? Of course, in this situation, we ourselves must think how to meet and recognize each other in reality - but we still have time to talk about this, and now I want to say that I really like you - I love you Richard - I feel so!)) Richard, I’m just afraid of the word - I love the word, I’m afraid and I say it very carefully now! AND the main reason I don’t want to love anymore, then to leave, I can’t stand it anymore! I only want honest and sincere relations - I am always honest with you and for me in a relationship the most important thing is honesty - have you agreed?
And so I have everything in order! I now have more work - but I am pleased when I have a job I like all that what am I doing!))) Yes, last night a receipt came to pay for the apartment where I live - and see what the cost is rent rises! I’ve been living here for a year and have been paying one amount all the time, but here they decided to raise the price! It's a shame, annoying come on! :) What can I do now - I like everything in this apartment and I don’t want to move out of here and therefore I’d better pay as much as you need!
Yes, I'm sorry, but I will finish the letter - work, you need to work - my lunch break is over! I'm running again work! My Richard to you - I want to send you my most passionate, most tender kiss - caught ??? Say - I am very hope you felt it!)) Well, tomorrow I’m waiting for your letter again - okay? I promise that if you write about
I will write and I - ok!)))
Your affectionate princess Kseniya!
Letter 18
Hello my angel, my love Richard!
This is some kind of obsession. You do not get out of my head. The second day already - 24 hours a day - all thoughts are only about you. I read books, work, cook, do cleaning in the apartment - everywhere you are.
I finally understood what I want in life. But without you, Richard, I won’t need anything if you’re not around. YOU are my support, support, my fairy tale. I am only 35 years old and I have already lived a large percentage of my life, and all this time I dreamed and thought of a man like you Richard! The rest of the time I don’t want to lose on expectations, look for a replacement for you, and be with you in my heart. We must live now and enjoy what we have. I don’t need anyone, because I already found you. Please do not let me go, do not give me to anyone and do not leave me alone! I'm so tired of waiting! It is so terrible without you! Now I am reading your letter and I want to cry - but these tears are tears of happiness - I am happy that I found you Richard and now it seems to me that the whole world has turned upside down because I have you...
My character is not simple, and I do not want to be different. I don’t want my life with a person who is next to me to be monotonous, not interesting, without fireworks and emotions. Life is given to live and enjoy, to give my love and kindness, my positive emotions only to you my love! Yes, now I can’t write to you just my friend I want to tell you my love Richard! And this is the most important thing!
Favourite. And when you are alone at night, you think about me, or when you are tired of everything - or trouble, or you made a mistake, or you want to share your emotional experiences with me, or just come and hug me, unless at that moment you think about work? No, you think - yes, everything is lost, why do I need all this if my life passes without you, the person closest to me? Do you agree?)))
I will no longer ask to speak beautiful words to me, although I already know that for you I am the best of all, the only and beloved. I do not flatter myself! Oh no! After all, I see it from you. I do not want to wait for happiness. I thank you for the wonderful moments in my life, for the fact that you are! At this moment, I share my joy and heart only with you, The only man on this planet for me is only you Richard!
Love me sincerely and dearly. With all my heart. Do not be shy. Unleash your potential, hidden love, your desires, fulfill your dreams, be yourself! Trust... I am always waiting for you! I love you very much and believe in you! And most importantly, I'm proud of you. YOU ARE THE BEST!
Darling, I don’t know what is happening to me now - this surge of emotions, this is such a big letter I wrote only because I fell in love with you very much - you are the one whom I have been looking for so long and I am now sure of that! Now I’m just looking at your picture and I really want to hug you very much and kiss you all! I just can not restrain myself...
Sorry dear, if there are a lot of emotions in this letter, but I can’t do anything about it!
Richard, but for the rest, everything is fine with me - I work today! But even if I honestly do not want to talk about it - in this letter I want to talk only about my love for you and that’s all!!!
Love... today, now, this minute and... don't let go!
Yours, always yours, Kseniya!
Letter 19
Hello my king Richard!
You are my king - because you are my greatest master. With your letters you make me so happy that I am already beginning to understand that you are my master of my happiness. I think that it all depends on you, because I will not hide this now and wanted to announce that I really love you, my love is very strong and I would like you to make important decisions in our lives. I feel that only my happiness depends on you. I really want to surrender into your strong hands and be yours forever. I know that only with you will I feel like behind a strong wall. I know that you will protect me and I will not be afraid of a thunderstorm with you and thunder, because you will press me with your chest and I will hug you as much as you do me. My beloved Richard, I'm sorry that my letter yesterday was so short. I didn’t want to offend you, but I had really very important meeting and a lot of work. It was just a nightmare yesterday as the boss was very angry and shouted at all colleagues because of a bad mood. But I do not want to talk about it, because today everything is fine and I have good mood, because I see this hour your letter.
I really love flowers. It seems to me that flowers are a very beautiful and most charming creature, which was created for women. Each flower is like one of the women. Do you agree with me? My favorite flower is forget-me-not and in second place is a rose. Because it blooms when it is looked after and wilted when it is treated badly. I'm dawn because yours letters are the best courtship and care. You are a very romantic person. I will be happy if you give me a flower every day in the morning.
Richard, I really love you.
Richard, I really want to be with you.
Beloved, I will finish my letter as I again need to work. Tomorrow I will wait for your letter because I miss your tender words very much. With love, your Kseniya!
Letter 20
Hello my dear Richard! how are you there? are you all right? I had a computer breakdown and therefore could not write to you. All files, all documents on work, all my photographs were deleted from the computer, just left is your address where exactly I wrote down your address on a notebook. Thank God that I wrote down your address and now I am writing to you. I’m all right. I don’t get sick. I’m sitting at home, where I don’t go out. I hope that soon you will receive a letter from me and you will read it. But in the hope I will wait for a letter from you. Kseniya!
Letter 21
Hello my dear! Today is celebrating the holiday of April 19, the lightest holiday, which is called Easter. For many centuries, the holiday is celebrated in our country. People have been preparing for Easter for a very long time. This is the main Christian holiday. Catholics this year will celebrate Easter March 27, or I'm wrong. I baked Kulich yesterday. Curd Easter is mandatory and the chicken eggs are also colored. I know where the tradition of dyeing eggs came from. By the way, traditionally, eggs have always been painted red. In the church, consecrate the eggs, no longer quarantine now all at home. The service I was at home in front of the TV yesterday from 24:00 and stood the service until 5 in the morning. Of course, not only Christians celebrate Easter, but also followers of other religions, it has become a kind of tradition. They banged eggs, who will defeat whom. It seems to me that no matter who and how celebrates Easter, who prepares for it, it is important to follow the principle. Honestly, standing Easter service is not so easy. In general, the Easter service is interesting! One message from John Chrysostom is worth it! Read once a year.
Here is my dear, I spend holidays at home in front of the TV.
Letter 22
Hi dear! I apologize for my absence for not writing to you since there were problems. I could not write to you because due to the fact that half of the amount of my salary kept my connection with the virus, I had to look for money to make payment for the apartment. I found everything okay. Don’t worry. Are you all right there? How is the weather in your country? I hope that for some time due to the absence you did not lose me.
Letter 23
Hi my honey Richard!
Thank you again for the most beautiful and gentle letter. As always, I am happy to read it. These letters that you write to me make me hope for the most beautiful and long days with you.
How are you doing my guardian angel? How is your day going? I hope everything is fine with your loved ones and with you? How is your weather now? Every day and only your letters give me positive energy and give me strengths that warm me both inside and out.
My beloved waking up this morning was very boring, I did not understand what this feeling was with me. I had a very strange feeling of loneliness and was very bored. I thought what it was and as soon as I thought about you, I realized that it was my love for you that required you to be near me now. It was a feeling of boredom and a desire to be with you. And I thought how wonderful it would be if I woke up now and you lay next to me and hug me. Today I lay in my bed for a very long time because I was thinking about you. I imagined us lying in bed and kissing. You caress my breasts and stroke my body. For the first time in many years I experienced a feeling of desire for you. I imagined how we make love to you. Imagine dear how wonderful it would be !!! I imagined this as the beginning of a candlelight dinner, where we drink wine and have a wonderful conversation and then you give me a hand and we dance to the beautiful slow music. Then we move to the bedroom and without breaking the kiss, we slowly undress each other, because we know that our whole night is long and we will manage to do whatever we want with each other. Then you lay me on the bed and kissing my whole body you gently enter me and we begin to move in the most gentle and exciting dance of love that lasts all night. And in the morning I run to the kitchen, where I cook you breakfast and hot coffee. These are my uncomplicated dreams today, which I would like to come true with us. I hope you do not disappoint about my sincere thoughts to you Richard ?! Since I really want this really, because I haven’t when it wasn’t as pleasant as with you.
My dear, I now have such a romantic mood that I composed a short verse. you can laugh, but that was my first verse, unlike my poems, if he was stupid. I don’t know what came over me, but all these words are dedicated only to you my Richard.
Richard I DONATE YOU !!!
Richard I LOVE YOU !!!
Richard I HUGH YOU !!!
Richard I POSSESS YOU !!!
Richard I WANT YOU !!!
Dear, I give you the billion of the hottest and most tender kisses, I hope that they will reach you all because my love for you is very strong and it is sincere and unique.
Please write me, I am really looking forward to your letter.
Your angel Kseniya!
Letter 24
Hi dear! I hope that everything is in order and you receive my letter. I really want you to write to me. Your photo is also missing. if possible, please send me please. and also wanted to impress you with my photo. hoping to receive a letter from you soon.
Letter 25
I like to be your opposite, like to share my secrets, like the fact that, unlike me, you are not afraid to show your emotions and attitude towards people. It turns out that you and I are far away, and that now all over the world quarantine. It always seemed to me that friendship is not only an opportunity to go somewhere together, but also support, understanding, devotion.
Realizing all this, I still continue to miss thinking about you. I also wanted to inform you that we have been communicating for a decent time, and we wanted to continue our communication indefinitely. But when the quarantine ends, you and I will definitely meet. a lot of things can be written in a letter about love, but I wanted to tell you these words at a meeting looking into your eyes. But you need to talk about this at a meeting.
I do not want to inconvenience you, not trust because of my letter what I write. But I had problems and I have no one to contact with these problems. I am ashamed and not comfortable writing about it but there is no choice. It is necessary to make a payment for the mortgage. Help me with 200 euros in early June, I will send you back this amount of 200 euros. I ask you to lend for a while. I really want our communication and patience to push us to a meeting, and only in this way can we fulfill our desires and future. After the world virus. I think honesty should be one of the fundamental principles of life. And honesty is with you, and I didn’t lie when I didn’t lie and during that time of communication there wasn’t even treason to you. I was honest and will be honest with you. Now, me, my love is very sad that we are not together. I would very much like to have your strong male hug. It would be desirable that it was near a loved one and a native person. With which it is possible to have a good time. Watch a movie on TV, have dinner at a place with you at the table for dinner. I do not want to deceive you, I want to be happy and have a family with you. Forgive me for everything that I have done to you in life if you think so. But I was honest with you and I will be honest with you.
Letter 26
while we continue to quarantine and sit at home. we live until summer, and if the airports open, then I will come to you in the summer.
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