Scam letter(s) from Elena to Jack (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Jack
I'm so glad to hear from you!
Firstly I tell about me:) My name is Elena. I live in Sorokyne City in the Lugansk People's Republic.It is near the Russian border.
Before that, it was the territory of Ukraine.
But now it is an unrecognized state with close ties between Russia.
I thing that my language is not perfect,because I do not have constant practice. I'm russian, I was born on September 8, 1982.
I'm 37 years old, I have never been married and I have no children. I am a cheerful, caring, sensitive girl, like good humor, like to smile.
On opinion of my close friends I'm a kind-hearted and sociable)). I live alone, my parents died, but I have relatives in Russia my aunt and cousins-sisters. I rent an apartment some years.
I have a higher education and now I work as an administrator in a beauty salon. As for a religion, I'm a Christian, and I think that everyone has the right to believe in what he wants. I look after my health and go to fitness.
I do not have bad habits and I think that femininity and smoking and alcohol are not compatible things, but I'm not categorical in this regard with other people. And a sip of wine in a friendly pleasant company I find quite acceptable. I have some close friends, Sometimes we go to the sports hall, cinema or theatre. But also I like to be at home and read a book or do needlework.
I'll be very grateful if you'll write me about yourself, about your family, your city and other..
I look for my soulmate and I have serious intenions for our communication.
Sincerely, Elena.
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend Jack
Thanks for your letter, I'm very pleasant to receive your letter again. I'm ok, how are you? I am very glad to meet you!
Unfortunately my laptop broke recently and I now use Internet and write to you in the small computer center. It is not far from my work.
I will be very glad if you send me your photos from your everyday life too.
I'm a simple girl, and my life as a whole is similar to the life of most women, but unlike them I don’t want to put up with the reality, I don’t want to have a husband - an alcoholic or an uneducated boor who swearing and curses every day. Or worse, a ****. You probably heard about the current situation in here. I do not chase after riches, much more important to me the inner world of a person means. Here I still have not met a man with a rich inner world, from whom can to learn a lot, who appreciates such qualities as caring and mutual respect. I want to find a man with rich soul. I would like my man would be for me not only the lover but also my soul mate, I would like not only mutual love, but also trust and sincerity. What do you think about it? Do you agree with it or not? I'll tell you a little more about my work. As I already wrote, I work as an administrator in a beauty salon, to be honest this is not the profession of my dreams, from childhood I dreamed of becoming a kindergarten teacher or a primary school teacher. But nowadays these professions are very poorly paid unfortunately. In the beauty salon, the salary is higher and without delay, plus a nice bonus - every day a new styling or hairstyle :) In my next letter, I will send you my photos in the salon.
Please tell something else about yourself, I am very interested to know you closer. I'll wait you response! with interest in you, Elena
Letter 3
Hello Jack
I'm very glad to hear from you!!! I'm really glad that we have met and that we communicate with each other. As promised, today I'm sending you my photos from my workplace. I hope you like its. Sometimes there are many clients in our beauty salon, but sometimes there are few, like today, for example. How was your day? It is a pity that my laptop is broken and I have to go to the computer center, otherwise we could write to each other more often. And from home it would be much more convenient to write to you.
You're very interesting man and I'm glad that I met you! I want to admit to you that I'm waiting for your letters. You're becoming special to me :)
and I think about you, think about what you could do at this moment.
I often think about how much two people can give each other and why lovers do not value each other and about many other things. I heard that in many country many women more so began to care of the career and they do not want to spend time on care of their husband and family. The independence and freedom are more important things for them. Is it so or not? Tell me please about it. Most Ukrainian and Russian women have other priorities in life. And above all, a woman is a keeper of a home, the founder of a cosiness at home, and I think so too. I'll wait your letter and hope to hear from you soon. Your Elena
Letter 4
Hello dear Jack
I'm very glad to hear from you! With each your letter I feel we become closer to each other, I'm very glad to this!
I with big impatience wait for each next letter from you.
I have very warm feelings when reading your letters.
I trust you and I feel that you are sincere with me just as I with you.
I feel that you are a kind and honest person.
When there are no clients in salon, we are talking on various topics, today we again discussed the topic of the unfavorable situation in our region. Hostilities are continue from time to time, it is very scary to live here. Despite the fact that the election of a new president was recently held, now there is Vladimir Zelensky, the mess and banditry in the country will continue for a long time, I think. DNR and LNR for a long time will not come to the agreement, and the conflict will continue.
It is really very scary and very sorry for the people who live here and who have nowhere to go. The media is trying not to advertise this situation, but information about this can be found on the Internet.
Maybe next weekend, my friend and I would like to go to a nearby town for shopping. I will try to take pictures for you.
I'll wait for your next letter. Your Elena
Letter 5
Hello dear Jack
I am very glad to hear from you, your letters deliver to me the great pleasure!
Yesterday, my friend Aleksandra came to visit me, we sat with her over a cup of ****** tea, talked and I told her about you. I shared with her my good impressions about you and about our acquaintance. Aleksandra is very happy for both of us that we have found each other and she wished us to develop relations :) She tell me news about her relationship with her husband, unfortunately their couple breaks up, they no longer live together, because her husband often drinks alcohol and behaves unworthily in alcoholic intoxication. I'm sorry that I am telling you this negative information ... Let's not talk about the bad, I'd rather tell you about the film that we watched yesterday with Aleksandra, it was “White Captivity”, in the English version it is call “Eight Below”. This film about dogs survival in the Antarctic. Without tears, I certainly can not watch such films. During the movie, we both cried like little girls :) even now when I remembering some episodes, the tears coming to my eyes. I’m probably a very impressionable person :) Which of the latest movie did you like? Or maybe you have some favorite movie, tell me please. I am very interested to learn more about you. You should know that I'm very happy that you are in my life now, you are really very interesting to me and I would like to meet you in person very much!! Thinking of you, Elena
Letter 6
Hello dear Jack
I'm so glad to receive and to read your letter! You are so wonderful man! I know that I can trust to you and I can rely on you, and I know that such man as you never deceive me. I wait for your letters and I can tell that they became for me more than simply the e-mails, it is much greater.
With every letter I understand that you are very special to me.
And I am really happy to know you. Today I decided to scan and send you my photos from my school childhood, I hope you smile :)
I'll look forward to your letter back soon. Your Elena PS: Dear, yes I would like you to visit me here. But it’s still dangerous
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