Scam letter(s) from Elena Alekseevna Malinina to Richard (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello my friend. Nice to meet you. My name is Elena. How is your day? I would like to communicate with you. I very like you and I interested you more. Because I think you nice person. I I send you now my picture. I'm 34 years old and I i live in Russia. Ok, I will not write much, because maybe you are not like me. But if you want to know me then answer me. One detail I know many guys not serious online. So I want to find only serious and adequate guy. Also I need man not younger than me. I hope you too seek only serious relationships. Interested? Please reply ONLY to my private mail box: I will wait for your news. Elenushok
Letter 2
Heyy Richard! I thank you for reciprocating my short letter. You met my expectations. Now we only need to know each other better and to understand whether we need to continue our communication. I hope that we can become good friends, and maybe even more.
I am a single woman. I have a kind, caring and responsive heart. I am looking for a man who can give his warmth and care and so with whom I can build a strong family. I hope you share my thoughts and my intentions. I would like to ask you not to speak on a topic related to coronavirus. world has gone mad. I have a clear understanding that this is a temporary phenomenon and in a month or two the pandemic will end. I do not want to discuss this, because all people talk about it. I do not want to discuss coronavirus. well? I want our acquaintance to develop further. I am 34 years old. I was born on January 16, 1985. My height is 162 centimeters, weight 51 kg. I was born and live in Russia now. My city is called Aramil. This is a small provincial city in Russia, which is located in the Sverdlovsk region. I sincerely believe that distance cannot be a problem for our acquaintance. I would like to find a special man with whom I can find real female happiness.
I am ready to leave my country for love. I can love. I would never look for a man in another country if my intentions were less serious than building a serious relationship. It will be especially pleasant for me if you answer me and tell a little about yourself, about your intentions in relations with a woman. What exactly do you value in a relationship? Do you have children? With this letter I am attaching a few more photos. In response, I ask you to also send your photos, preferably taken this year :) I hope for your understanding of my language, as well as your answer. I'll be waiting for your letter. Elena
Letter 3
Heyy Richard. I am very glad to receive your letter again. I think you are a nice and good man, I hope you send my expectations. I can't always answer on time, as I am writing you letters from my work, but still I find free time to answer. I hope for your understanding
I would really like to know more about you. we still have a lot of time for this. I have serious intentions, I do not want to play games, I promise to be fair! I'm all alone lately. I understand the great distance between us, but I don't think that for real relationships this is a barrier - an obstacle! What do you think? Your opinion is very important to me! you, like me, are trying to find a lover, the other half ... I'm not guilty that I was born in this country, which is much different from yours., of course I tried to build relationships with Russian men, but so far I haven't met that whoever everything was serious. who would be loyal to me until the end of days, I sincerely did not meet a sincere man. for relationships I consider it important to be sincere and honest. What is important to you in a relationship? and also what is your character? I guess if you answered me, are you also looking for a serious relationship? I am ready to move on, life does not stand still, a person must arrange happiness for himself, am I right? I would never get close to the Internet, if not for my girlfriend. it was she who advised me to try to find a man through the Internet. who knows, maybe this is the right way :) I can continue to share many things with you, but I do not want you to be tired .... so I will wait for your reply. I personally want to continue communicating with you. could you send some more photos? I will be glad to see your answer ... Elena
Letter 4
Hi Richard! I am glad to see your answer! I really like that we continue to communicate, otherwise we will not be able to get to know each other! Honestly, I can't explain to you why I chose you. I just for a moment felt that you are a good and right person. I hope it was the right feeling ?! As for my family, I was one child in the family. probably having a lot of siblings is fun !? I was raised by one mother. Dad died when I was 7 years old. mom died 6 years ago. it's not easy to talk about, but such is life. in my country, unfortunately, mortality is very high. this did not push me to find a man in another country. I want respect and understanding. I don't want to be afraid anymore of being deceived. I think I can trust you more than any man here in my country ...? cheating in a relationship is too hard and painful. sometimes it's even unbearable, because it seems that you will be with him forever, start to make some kind of plans, and after a sad end .... I'm afraid of this ... have you ever experienced something like that? Is there something in your heart that still hurts? I have friends, friends, work colleagues. but, among them all, I do not see anyone who would be that person to whom I can fully open. I work in a large enterprise in my city. my work is related to accounting. all of us, about 20 women work in the office. we deal with papers and documents, the work is not difficult for me. I understand everything perfectly in this matter. yet I have a university degree in economics. I'm not rich, but not poor either! I have enough for a living! Of course, prices are rising every day, of course it is difficult, life is not always sweet like sugar. do you like what you do Richard, in general, I consider money wealth not so important for happiness in life! you seem like a good man, I feel it and hope I am not mistaken :) I really want to find my love, a reliable man who will not cheat on me and in which I can be sure. It is very important to be confident in the second half, do you agree? Could you tell us about your interests, what books you read, what films you watch, maybe you have a hobby? What is more important for you in a woman, her beauty or her character? I ask you to highlight all the factors important to you in a woman. I look forward to your reply. Sincerely Elena.
Letter 5
Hello Richard. I am glad to receive your next reply. I really want to see more of your photos, can you send more photos? I will try to do the same. I do not have special classes, everything that I do depends on my mood. I like all styles of music, I listen to any music, depending on my mood :) We mainly listen to Russian artists, and I also prefer to listen to foreign artists such as Scorpions. I like his music. Scorpions music gives me some great feeling, I like to dream of his songs ... When time allows, and the mood goes to the movies. I like to visit theaters, operas and similar places. One of the favorite genres of films is comedies - I like to laugh, they say that laughter prolongs life, in fact, by laughter we show a state of mind, as well as a good mood. I hope our morals converge? it is obvious that a strong and serious relationship should be built on love, romance ... understanding and, of course, trust. these are the most important factors in a relationship. today I want to talk about relationships, highlight important factors, share thoughts ... it seems important to me to be myself in relationships, I will believe and I will strive to be what I really am. it's difficult. It seems at your age you think about it. the older the person, the more thoughts in his head, am I right? I want to ask you to be with me in communication exactly as you are inside. such as your soul, what your heart is. openness and sincerity is a great quality! Of course I will be open, sincere and honest with you. they say a man loves with his eyes ... and also through his stomach :) it is not easy to build a relationship, it is sometimes a very difficult task. Richard, I understand that perhaps in the future I will have to leave my country to live with a person. I can certainly do it! I know that I will have to leave my friends, my old way of life, change my culture, language, it will not be easy! But for the sake of happiness, I am ready to make any sacrifices. man is a creature that gets used to any things. if only this happiness was mutual. I want to have a normal, measured, and most importantly full life. I'm not looking for easy ways. it becomes nice when you achieve something. it's wonderful to share joy and sadness with your beloved man, overcome obstacles and share happiness for two, strengthening relationships! sometimes it seems that these are just dreams ... but if you think about it, you understand, everything is in our hands ... we manage life, actions, desires ... do you agree with me? I hope my letter was not sad, because I touch on serious things. Now I have to continue to work. I will be waiting for your reply. Regards Elena
Letter 6
Hello dear Richard! How are you? I am very glad to see your letter again! I think you should know this, my best friend Katy advised me to do it, because she sees how difficult it is for me without a good, reliable man who could love and respect me and protect me. I believe that I, like any woman, have the right to love and be loved. I really want my man to give me warmth, tenderness and affection on cold nights. I think I can be a good wife to my husband. I really want my man to respect me? but he didn't think of me as a doll to play with and then toss. I really want our relationship with you to be at the level of not friendship, but at the level of something more ... do not think that I am ******, because I am telling you about such things. just, I sincerely want to be happy! and I hope that you are the very man who is able to understand, support me in this. Are you probably a little shocked by my words? here in Russia, a man's true love for a woman is not practically expressed. it looks more like primitive actions, there is no romance ... I think you know that any woman loves flowers very much! it is so simple, but so nice and romantic :) it does not require much effort, just a little money. even any flower plucked from a flower bed will be pleasant ... and the men here do not understand these things. it's a shame when flowers are given only on holidays, it seems that men need a reason to make a woman nice :( for real love and relationships, you don't need a holiday or reason. It's enough just to love, respect, appreciate, and just be sincere ... In a word, I'm looking for a man who will be a good husband to me and a good father to our children. And I think that love, mutual understanding and support of each other in difficult times are very important for a relationship between a man and a woman. My thoughts coincide with yours? You should know that I I don't live in a better country. it's very difficult for a country to meet a worthy person! Almost all men in our country do not respect women, they just use them. I can't imagine how to build serious relationships with such men! I want my children to have a better life than mine. I I don't see a prosperous future for my children and me in Russia. I think that you are the person who suits me and is necessary. Tell me please, what should the future wife be like? Are there really no worthy women in your country? I think the women in your country are very ****** because they don't see what a wonderful man is next! on this I end my letter. I will be very glad to see your next letter! Your letters give me energy that helps me live. I wish you a good day, your Elena!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Richard. How about your day? I am very happy with your letter. I hope that I will see your photos again soon? I want to be honest with you, you seem to me a man whom I can trust. You are a serious man who can support me. Is that so my dear? I want to say that you are a very attractive man! I find that you are not only attractive in appearance. I am talking about the inner beauty that is within you, the beauty of your inner world. This quality is very rare in people ... I want to say how I feel, we become more than friends and I really enjoy it! I am very interested in talking with you! I think that we are close to develop something more than just friendship !? I want a man who would always be with me and support me, and also not to cheat, appreciate, trust, give his affection, kiss lovingly. I know many men are looking for a woman for ***. I want to warn you, I'm old enough for such games! Of course *** is important in a relationship, but the main emphasis is not on it, do you agree with me? I do not want to play ... Are your intentions really serious about me? I strive to study you, your character, your feelings and desires more and more every day, and I dare to hope and believe that you have such an idea that our relationship can develop into something more than just a pleasant acquaintance . I hope you understand me correctly, and - do not be afraid of this letter. Now I am finishing my letter. I look forward to your reply. With kisses your Elena
Letter 8
Hello dear Richard! I made a video for you when I was cooking dinner today. I hope, you like it.
I understand that there is a great relationship between us now, and this allows me to breathe easier! I cannot tell you with confidence that you are my ideal, but you also cannot say that I am your ideal, because we have not seen each other in real life. I see that you are a sincere and serious man who can take care of his future wife and family. I think you are close to ideal. I really want to believe that you are the man I have been looking for all my life. I don't want to rush you with any conclusions, in general I don't want to hurry, and I think we should get to know each other better! I want to ask you to speak always only sincerely. in return, I promise that for my part, it will be the same with respect to you! If you feel like I'm not interested in you, tell me right away, okay? I hope my words do not confuse you! I want to tell you that you are a wonderful man, you should know this! :) thank you for your warm treatment with me, for the fact that you are so kind! sorry that my letter is short today .... I do not want to bore you with a lot of words. tell me your thoughts about how you would like to see our relationship. I want to discuss this with you! I think a lot about you now, and I am happy to see your letters always! I look forward to hearing. tender hugs, Elena
Letter 9
Hello my dearest Richard. I am very glad to hear from you and have made some videos for you. I hope you enjoy them :))
I think we are all ahead, but do not rush, please understand me. we do not communicate badly, and it will be better if we continue communication. You are very pleased with me, and it seems I am starting to feel something for you, no, it's not because of regret for you, as I understand it, I just like you .... I ask you, let's not rush things, but continue to talk on such topics . you really take a place in my life, every day more and more ... each of your letters brings much more than just delight and joy. this is a lot of emotions, I think all this is no accident. When I leave my work building, I go to the bus stop and think about you. I want to think that now I will come home, and you are waiting for me in the apartment .... I go home, but there is nobody in the apartment, no one is waiting for me ... :( this is my modest life at the moment. I'm happy, I look forward to receiving your letter, I want to know how your ordinary days go !!!! Let me give you a modest, gentle kiss! A kiss from a woman who thinks about you, although she is far away ... Elena
Letter 10
Hello my dear Richard! How are you today? I am very glad to see your letter again! I really appreciate your attention to me!
You are a very attentive, serious man who can support me in difficult times and warm me with his warmth. I always look forward to your letter with great impatience, your letters fill my soul world with feelings ... I am very glad that I met you! The only thing I need now is warmth and affection! These are exactly the things that I miss! Richard, I hope you get me right! I had a man, there were relationships, but these relationships were not serious. so I decided that I should meet an older man! I no longer want to live in the hope of meeting a worthy man in my country. I know that men outside of Russia are very responsible and reciprocate with those women who are faithful to them and honest with them. I think you are such a man !? I will never disappoint my loved one. I will do everything for the two of us and so that my man does not even have other women in his thoughts! I hope you understand me? I am very grateful for your words, and I am very touched by your attention.
I ask you only about one thing, do not forget that one nice girl, who is thousands of kilometers from you, in Russia, thinks of you! It is very important for me that you accept me for who I am. do you think you have a feeling for me more than sympathy? I look forward to hearing from you ...
Sincerely, Elena
Letter 11
Hello my dearest Richard! Despite the quarantine, I have to work. In the morning I have breakfast with cheesecakes and drink coffee then I go to work. such is life, work is home! When there was no epidemic of coronavirus, I went to the fitness room after work. You know, I want to say that I often think what our life together will be like. I am ready to give you all my tenderness and warmth, which accumulated in me, this is sincere! I am so worried when I wait for your new letter, I am very afraid that you will not accept my feelings ...? It seems to me that this bright and clean feeling fills every part of my heart every day more and more. Now I want to live a new life with a new meaning, because you are in my life :) You are my beautiful, new world! I hope that my words do not seem too loud to you. I say what I think. no more. I want to be your lady! I have feelings now, which I did not have before either a man ... Maybe this is due to the distance, which does not allow us to be together now. I don't know, but these are very pleasant feelings! :) I trust you in this and will never be able to think badly of you. I know that you will not offend me. the world is full of different people. But I am grateful to fate that she gave me a chance to get to know you, a special person and a wonderful man :) Apparently it will be difficult for me to find a job, you will help me do this! Do you think I can work in your country? I'm not afraid of anything, I'm not afraid that the culture of my country is different from your culture, the main thing is that we be there! I am ready to change for the sake of a man, it seems to me this is a big step! don't you think so? It seems to me that I can easily adapt to life in your country, because I'm still young and energetic! I do not set predetermined goals, in fact the most important thing is that we will be together! I wish you a nice day, kisses, your Elena. P.S Can we use skype to see each other on webcam and hear a voice? I think our communication will become easier if we can talk in real time.
Here are my skype data, I hope you can add it to skype soon and we will talk there.
live: princess_zotti
Letter 12
I was at the doctor today, they took my tests, in a few days I will know the coronavirus. now I have to stay a lot and sleep a lot so that my body can recover. I am terribly afraid that I might be sick with a coronavirus. In Russia, medicine is just awful, more than 3,000 thousand people have died from this infection. I am very afraid
Letter 13
Hello Richard. When I woke up in the morning, I felt unusually light and fresh. Probably because I slept all day yesterday and drank a lot of water. By the way, for all these days, while I was sick, I did not drink any pills, despite the doctor's recommendations. I drank a lot of ****** tea with lemon and honey. If you have mild symptoms of a cold, then I advise you to use this decoction, there are a lot of vitamins that the body needs during an illness. And now I want to tell you the most interesting thing about how medicine is organized in Russia. I just realized yesterday that Russia is completely unable to fight the coronavirus. Arriving on Friday at the hospital, I didn't see even half of the doctors wearing masks. Because the state is absolutely not ready for this kind of epidemic. Coronavirus tests were taken from me and they are still not ready. The hospital said that the result will be known only next week. Now I understand that I may have been ill with this terrible virus or was not infected at all by it. And now I'm not at all afraid, because my body turned out to be really strong and now I feel much better. It seems to me that this coronavirus infection is aimed at the extermination of people with weak immunity. There is an opinion that our planet is very overpopulated and people and upper layers of society want to reduce the number of people on the planet. And what do you think ? Do you have acquaintances who are now infected with a cow virus? I took some photos with ******, this root now costs 30-40 eur per kilogram, and once it cost only 5 eur. In Russia, I am doing everything so that ordinary people die from this disease. I hate my country. On this I will end my letter and will look forward to your reply. I hope you have not forgotten about me and thought a lot about me. Because I really value our acquaintance and I think that we will meet one day, because only at a meeting can we really get to know each other. I hope you think the same. Elena
Letter 14
Hello my dear Richard. How is your mood ? How is your job ? When I woke up in the morning I did my exercises, then I made a delicious breakfast and now I want to work a little. My boss asked me to do some work at home. I am very glad that I have the opportunity now to earn at least some money. While many of my friends were familiar with their work, their firms for which they worked were closed and most likely unlikely to open. Small business is almost destroyed in Russia, medium business is having a very difficult time. Only people who work for the state now get good money, but this does not apply to doctors. My friend works in the police, they raised his salary by 100%. Police are the only people who earn good money right now. Now about 15,000 police officers have been sent to Moscow. It is expected that in Moscow there may be a strong rebellion due to poverty and complete devastation in the country. Terrible things are happening in Russia now. I could never have thought that a civil war could begin in Russia, but this is indeed so, and the civil war is starting to gain momentum. I feel fear for myself, I do not want to live such a life. I want to be happy, I want my man to take care of me. I want to discuss with you our meeting in real life. Tell me, when would you like us to meet? When do you want me to fly to you? I really want to see you, take your hand and hug you. I feel that you are the very man whom I have been looking for all my life. Quarantine in Russia may end on May 1, which means that the borders will be open and I can fly to you. What is the situation in your country now? Do you want me to fly to you as soon as quarantine ends? I am really very afraid of being locked up in Russia forever, I am already starting to see and feel how much people have become very embittered with each other. I am very afraid to be alone. I hope you understand me!
Letter 15
Dear Richard, today on the news the president of Russia said that they will be able to extend the paintings until June, which means that I will not see any money until this time. I slept tonight because I had a bad feeling that in my life the worst was only beginning. And waking up in the morning my dream came true. I talked with my boss, he said that at the moment he did not receive any help from the state, which means that he can not pay me any money. I do not know what to do. Now I feel so weak and not protected. My dear, I so want to feel your warmth and care and care now. I hate the whole world because of the coronavirus. After all, if it were not for this tragedy in the whole world, we could already plan our meeting and most importantly I would have a job, from where I would have a stable income. Thus, I will be without money until mid-May or until June. It's not so convenient for me to ask you for help, but can you give me $ 700-800 USD? Before I asked you for help, I tried to get a loan from the bank, but the bank refused me. I feel very sorry and I am terribly ashamed in front of you that I ask you for help. Tell me, can you take care of me? I understand that this is a lot of money, but I really have no one to ask for help from. We must take care of each other.
Letter 16
my dear, I understand how difficult it is to trust in such a situation, but you cannot but doubt my intentions. From the very beginning, you saw my sincere interest in you. I believe in our future when the epidemic with coronavirus ends, and now I really need your help to pay debts for utilities and other needs. With this letter I enclose my bank details and passport. You may need it when sending a bank transfer. Beneficiary name: Malinina Elena Alekseevna
Beneficiary andress: st. Karl Marx, 33. Aramil, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia, 624000
Beneficiary account: 40817978910060001437
Beneficiary Bank: ALFA-BANK
Bank address: 107078, Moscow, 27 Kalanchevskaya str.
Letter 17
1.letter 17 apr I am extremely grateful to you for taking care of me. I have never been in such a situation and I feel with everyone more and more how the earth moves away from under my feet. Those people whom I considered friends, I can't call that anymore. Because not a single person can give even 10 eur. It's scary to realize that all the people who surrounded me turn out to be completely strangers to me. Why is life so arranged? When all is well, people reach out for me, they want to be my friends. But as trouble happens, everything immediately runs up and everyone cares only about their comfort. I am very grateful to you, it is a pity that I can not tell you all this personally. You are a wonderful person with a big heart!
2.letter 17 apr Tell me, how much will you send today? I ask you to help me with at least 500 $ USD. I hope this is possible ...
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