Romance scam letter(s) from Nitsa to Jeff (Netherlands)
Letter 1
little about me)) I am a neuro-linguist by profession, I like to read books very much, if I don’t develop it seems to me that everything stops in a circle) I love freedom and appreciate trust and sincerity as much as possible. Do not work for the company, have my own business. I like to travel alone in the equipping in order to split his life with a partner, he must be intelligent. the joint business together would be super to have business together. Don’t live as a housekeeper,although I appreciate the space of the partner. I love sports and visit fitness whenever possible. In the past I was engaged in professional gymnastics. Above education and the status of Associate Professor, neuro linguist, I love philosophy) music, cultures. I’m risky) sometimes,) there are minuses too)) an allergy to onions!)) there is a bit of tradition and respect for values. Here is a short description))) about Nice INSTA. Nitsa1301.
Letter 2
and nice profile you have.
can write in Instagram
good night to you
how was your day?
Letter 3
building some House and small hotels and design interiors
we also have some investors who put money and take 50 % without investment not easy) to do much
Letter 4
Yes, but for that I can do many projects. For example: someone will invest 5000 someone more and in a month they will receive twice as much. and each person someone gives a cache someone transfers [it] back and they are satisfied and we
I build in Italy Moscow Georgia but investment comes more from NL
Letter 5
Yes I do my project distance it’s normal. The investors put money and we back from this money 50% back it looks like if you put today 5000 you get back after 21 days 10000 just it other nothing to do for investors I give blank and make signature like I take depot from you 10000 and give you back after 21 days you give me 5000 but I write 10000 it works online by send Western or by bank account. I’m in Rome now not in Amsterdam but I live there to time to time. Some project are more quickly you put today 5000 and get after 6 days 7500 but it just 25 % if you interesting can try to it works well and you can have simple money) I can help with it it’s very easy and protect process.
Letter 6
yes I have links
I don't know when I can come there is no flights for now
One person per month can invest only once and the size of the skma and the percentage we build ourselves, otherwise I could all become rich, you understand I think. I cannot invest more than one in monthly to on my own twice
And works like for example, tomorrow there is a place for 1750 euros, I will invest them and in 5 days I will receive 2625 euros; but I can’t invest 30 days after it.
In construction, long-term investments and a big sum and this is another it is a microfinance organization and a pawnshop gold is a very big percentage here, but you can invest a maximum of 5000 per month depending on what place you have at the moment
The main thing is good faith on your part, too, of course when you give way and you profit, you have to pay 200 euros for the service after receiving benefits. differently next time you are not allowed to invest, because it is our benefit we cannot invest a lot from ourselves. and we give invest for some good human and he can make profit and we
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